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  1. Congrats! Welcome to the team
  2. Some of my photos from the recent 000 Magazine Rare Shades #4 event in LA. Thought you guys may like the colours 🙂 They have one heck of a Porsche scene over there!
  3. Favourite shot from a great drive on the weekend out to some dams south of Perth.
  4. Beau

    Battery charger

    Ok, potentially silly question ahead... I’m a little paranoid about leaving items plugged in and turned on whilst away from home for extended periods (yep, one of ‘those’ people) - with my CTEK I have been giving the car an overnight charge once a week and then unplugging the charger - just to keep the battery healthy as I generally drive intermittently. My thinking initially was that it was good to give the battery a full charge every now and then (as my battery is now almost 5 years old)? Am I doing more harm than good? Is it actually helping?
  5. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Yep I definitely wanted OEM/Porsche BBS wheels and was happy to sacrifice the weight. Else HRE FF01 or the R series would've been the go-to (pricing does make my eyes water though...) Will have to weigh my old set (unfortunately with Tyres still fitted) - I'm curious as when I was unloading them just now them seemed very heavy.
  6. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    These are Cayman fitment wheels so actually 0.5” less than the Turbo-design wheels I had on the car previously. Didn’t weigh them unfortunately but web research indicates as below (without tyres): Carrera S III (20”)20 x 8.0 - 22 lbs. 7 oz. (10.17KG)20 x 9.5 - 24 lbs. 15 oz. (11.3KG)
  7. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Found a set of second-hand Satin Black 20" Carrera SIII wheels last year, after looking for about 6-months, so picked them up quickly; not the best for motor-sport as I understand there are better tyre choices with 18" and 19" wheels, but these are a good compromise of looking good on the car every day, being OEM, and also means that both sets of wheels wear the same size tyres if I wanted to swap them around at all.
  8. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Thanks. I needed a second set as I am running two sets of wheels - changed out the OEM wheels but wanted to keep them as spares for driving events (and thus keep the TPMS within them).
  9. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Thought I would come back and close this off as I've just finished this little 'project' today. In case anybody else is looking around for these TPMS sensors - I ordered from this eBay seller below - total cost was about $260 AUD inc shipping for 4 sensors and valve stems. Placed a message to the seller telling them what my car was. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HUF-Black-TPMS-Sensor-PORSCHE-OEM-replacement-433mhz-7P0907275-997-Panamera-911/ Sensors arrived in a little over a week from the USA. Placed into the new wheels this morning, reset TPMS on the dash and the sensors were picked up in about 30-seconds. All in all it went very well so I'd recommend this over the more official route ($$$). Photos of the sensor below in case anybody with an AU Cayman 981 needs them.
  10. Liking this shot from a recent Classic Cars and Coffee Event - full credit to the photographer (AXVM)
  11. Nice looking car! I have the same in Carmine Red 😍 The CGTS are rare, I’m just coming up for my 12-month anniversary and I’ve been watching the market consistently for about 18-months. Like you I also wanted PDK so some of the highly optioned cars on the market back in 2017-Early 2018 weren’t a good fit, likewise a GT4 wasn’t going to tick that box 🙄 I think the recent silver example was an oddity, I remember it having high KM, and I’ve heard of a few selling before they hit Carsales (yours included). Anyway, great looking car! I’ve certainly got no regrets, I’m sure you will love it...and yes I am jealous of your reversing camera! 😐
  12. Good luck with the search spats. It is worth looking/waiting for the right car, a bargain basement price (as above) often is that way for a reason. I would advocate the GTS personally, last I checked there were a few 981 Boxster GTS that have been on market for some time. I know you said manual, but don’t altogether discount the PDK, in the 981 it really is an amazing match to the rest of the car.
  13. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Hi all, I am in the process of acquiring a second set of OEM wheels without TPMS, so will need to source this system (preferably not from the dealer, only due to cost...) - can anybody provide me with some direction? Anybody have a part number for the Australian TPMS system, is it different than others? is it as easy as just buying this system? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F262422100931 Not sure if i can ask my tyres fitter to source them as I’m a TPMS newbie... Thanks, Beau
  14. Absolutely! Although to be fair that yellow car was a high spec example too. The ‘new’ Red one (From Victoria) was there previously, the owner has just changed the advert and added different photos... and made the headline photo a rendered Red GT4... not sure what to think about that... Spotted a nice white GTS at PCBrisbane over the weekend, had the gloss black exterior trim finish, 12,000km with a sticker of $149k, not yet up on Carsales (in case anybody is on the hunt presently).
  15. Some nice low mileage 981 Cayman GTS examples coming up for sale recently. Has anybody been tracking sale prices?

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