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  1. I think those strakes/fins/slats (whatever you call them) all came in black for the S for all years (along with a body coloured front lip), and then came in body coloured for the base (unless optioned as black) and then from 2015 onwards they were black. All base models came with the plastic black front lip. As @vin said, you could try plasti dip if you ended up with a car with body coloured fins.
  2. Hi @Bugs77 Congrats Phil! I noticed that one disappeared after being on the market for a long while, I'm sure the seller was glad to finally sell it and you're happy that you get to benefit from the 2 years warranty since the seller would have had to have spent at least $3k to get that sorted! Let us know how it goes! P.S. I finally ended up with a lightly optioned base, manual 981 Cayman myself Definitely down on power/torque (about 25%) from my previous (and newer) car, but it's much more engaging sitting low, being able to rev the engine without having to worry about backing off and breaking the speed limit... as well as actually having to downshift to get into the power band when overtaking, whereas before, I could just step on it in any gear and not have to even think about downshifting (made me a lazy driver).
  3. Anyone interested in a pre-release 2013 Cayman GTS with the "GTS body kit & engine delete" option? πŸ˜‰ https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-porsche-cayman-981-auto/OAG-AD-18532599/?Cr=5
  4. All good mate, feel free to jump on board glad this thread has been of some help @Prodigy! Rev matching / auto blip was introduced in 2014 I believe with the sport Chrono option only. As for pricing, I don't think we should be paying more than low $90k for an S and low $70k for a base... They are still overpriced at the moment (with lots of stock) which might explain why many have on the market for a very long time like the white manual S since 2019 July. Only lightly optioned. Best to see it in person as @nytelfersuggested, as there have been some examples in the past where a member or two here have inspected and found some discrepancies/issues. It's a buyer's market so take your time and don't over pay! Good luck with your hunt! Thanks @nytelfer and @rego for clarifying about maintenance too!
  5. Good to know @rego - thanks! Michelins and brakes would be a given to prep for the track anyway πŸ˜‰ For warranty extension purposes, are aftermarket pads and rotors OK? "Factory" ones are usually way overpriced... Although it may be possible to find OEM ones cheaper and fitted elsewhere, and being a consumable, they can't really cause a fuss about the warranty...? P.s. still got the Boxster S?
  6. Thanks again @nytelfer and all! Colour aside, what would be more desirable when comparing an older 981 S model (say 2013/2014) compared with a newer base model (2016)? Price is starting to narrow between the two. Assuming the example S had its major service done and still under warranty..... Are there parts on the 981 that need attention/changing coming up to its 7th/8th year that would make it more costly to maintain? Personally I'm leaning towards an S in that scenario for the extra torque. P.s. the Sorrento VIC manual GTS in DBM is now back at Porsche Melbourne(?) as a Porsche approved car ..
  7. Thanks for your thoughts @nytelfer as I know you follow the market really closely! Good point re: the GTS 4.0 being still a huge jump. It looks as though they are priced similar to the 981 GT4 when new, and Porsche are just making sure that market isn't priced out by the 718 GT4 prices...? So being a different market, it may not have a huge impact on the base/S 981... But only time will tell πŸ™‚ In your experience guys, are white cars harder to sell privately? As pointed out, there's just so many white 981s that seem to sit on the market for a long time...
  8. The white base stripper Cayman finally sold at Porsche Canberra. Had Canberra style mileage on it too over 70K KMs. Probably sold for under $70k as it was on the market for a long time. What do you guys think a fair price is for a 981 Cayman and Cayman S these days? High 60s for base, high 80s/low 90s for the S? Keeping in mind the 718 GTS 4.0 was just announced, do you think an increase in the supply of flat sixes will push 981 prices down? Thanks!
  9. LOL yes! So much so I started foraging forums for pics of flat White vs Carrara White in case I couldn't wait anymore for a preferred black or red
  10. Thanks @nytelfer. Now I remember (the Sorrento VIC part). Yes, agreed re: Alcantara - the tan leather with DBM is more of a classic/mature combo which some will like πŸ™‚
  11. @NBTBRV8 looks like @nytelfer has seen it before too lol mentioned about 6 months ago in this thread
  12. Manual 981 Cayman GTS in DBM... Looks familiar. Might have been in Sydney before? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Porsche-Cayman-GTS-981-Manual-MY15/SSE-AD-6471545
  13. @MrMud so sorry to hear about your car mate, gutted for you as I recall you were waiting for a long while before it appeared in the spec you wantedπŸ˜” Hopefully you have moved on to your next dream spec by now...? As for me, plans for 2020 didn't quite work out - I'm now after a base 981 Cayman in the interim. Must haves: Manual, warranty, PSE (can be retrofitted) Desirable specs: Black or Red, 2014+, Porsche Approved, 20" Carrera S wheels in platinum/satin/black, Sport Design steering wheel, Sport Chrono Pack, clear/GTS taillights, Sport Design front bumper, rear camera, folding mirrors, PASM, PTV. Obviously I won't find all of these in a base model and a few can be reasonably retrofitted. Was eyeing a black 2014 manual Cayman at PCSS (sold for <$80k driveaway) which was a good spec but it had some strange scrapes on the tailpipes and front bumper. Please let me know if you guys hear of anyone looking to sell privately or trade in a 981 Cayman. I'm already well across the 3 listed on carsales as I have like 20+ alerts set up! Thanks and Merry Christmas 😁
  14. Anyone know the history of this 981 Boxster Spyder advertised for $150k EGC? Saw the original owner list it privately for over $200k a couple of months ago. $150k seems priced more fairly given the kms. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-porsche-boxster-981-manual-my16/OAG-AD-17492748/?_ga=2.149185398.1388589522.1565411816-1639208229.1553734821
  15. I think it might have been manual as I remember being gutted by it LOL. Black 981 GTS Manual - Porsche Approved https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-porsche-cayman-gts-981-manual-my15/OAG-AD-17417854/

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