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  1. This is the purple car that Scuderia Graziani Tony just sold a few weeks ago. Can the learned people out there explain why it would now be for sale in Qld again?
  2. It looks as though there is damage to the centre console, near the driver's side seat belt buckle on the Agate grey 991.2 car in Adelaide. Would this be caused by 6pt harness buckle?? Thoughts. 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 991 Auto MY18-OAG-AD-19551263 - carsales.com.au
  3. Quite a few RSs starting to appear. Up tp 14 on CS
  4. Couldnt have said it better. Reduction in BAS payments also for us business owners.
  5. Market has peaked and coming back down. 991.1s not moving at all. RS prices starting to come back down also. 992 will drive prices back down slowly. Granted they are still 10% or higher than earlier in year.
  6. It is the one with steel brakes that sold a few weeks ago for $320k that is back up for sale. That website gt3rs is old and sold a few years ago. Absolute prestige only keeps his instagram page up to date, so check it out on there.
  7. The purple one sold for $320k. Is now also back up for sale with Absolute Prestige.
  8. Worst recession since great depression and people rush out to buy a Porsche and sellers start putting their prices up. Crazy times.
  9. So I assume he means G spec engine if replaced in last couple of years....
  10. it was really well optioned that car. Stock in 991 Gt3s and RSs is becoming thin on the ground. Covid has certainly been interesting. Booming stock market and rising porsche prices....
  11. Interesting. The car has also been campaigned in recent years extensively by Tim Hendy in Targa, hill sprints, etc. Its certainly had a interesting life thus far! Some would say being used as they were intended however.
  12. Engine has been replaced and is ex press vehicle. Was first registered in Syd as DAI-96s. Press vehicle. Engine replaced at 2000km. Seized. Could be a cheap buy for someone.
  13. Anyone know much about this white 991.1 RS car for sales at Hogans in Sydney. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-porsche-911-gt3-rs-991-auto-my16/OAG-AD-18770325 Previous owner Bruce Hibbard so wondering if car has been extensively tracked and had a hard life or not. Anyone know? Has been with Hogans since June and still for sale.

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