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  1. Was lucky enough to chat with Darin Fister for my review of the Fister exhaust. Shooting drive by's in lock down was a bit tricky but managed to cobble something together...
  2. Got the Bigfoot LHR 15 from Ultimate Finish in the UK. It’s a full kit with colour coded compounds and pads etc. For general detailing it’s probably overkill but brilliant for correction. My 964 has a few areas which I’ll correct with it.
  3. It's not outrageous money for a C2. And I'd expect some wiggle room in that price. Whether the car presents at a standard to fetch that money or not is another matter entirely.
  4. I did think about going to a body shop and getting an old door or bonnet to practice on but then decided to just jump in the deep end!
  5. Love it. Sadly, as a daily, gotta go with factory ride height. All Rupes. The coarser compound, a combination cut and finish and then UN1 for protection and depth. Slapped on a coat of Autoglym HD wax at the end for good measure.
  6. hahah Me mate. First time doing paint correction. Bought a Rupes Bigfoot, watched a bunch of Larry Kosilla videos and got to work. Can’t believe how effective it was. Oh here’s how the whole car looks...
  7. Three stage paint correction on my new (to me) 2012 C2S. Black paint was in pretty bad shape, with swirls that showed extremely poor washing practices. First time doing a correction but was well pleased with the results... Before... After...
  8. Same combo as mine. Pics are not helping with this guy's sale.
  9. Thanks a bunch. I drove a 991.1 base Carrera in LA last year and really enjoyed it. BIG difference from my 964! Really looking forward to getting to know this one. I think i may have seen a manual example early days of looking but I wasn't really on the lookout for them as I wanted PDK.
  10. I'm lucky I've got a short, twisty road between home and the supermarket (within 5 k's) so I've managed to take it there but it's over in about two minutes. Really want to do a proper run and put the car through its paces. Frustrating! Thanks so much. Working on two new videos which should drop in the next few weeks and, once we're out of lock down, will go back into production on some bigger, more interesting stuff.
  11. Gotcha. Thought you were referring to the specifics of whether you could drive a car already on club plates or not.

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