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  1. New arrival today from Momo. Custom Mod 07 in premium leather. Can't wait to fit this tonight!
  2. Andy73

    First big road trip

    Sounds bloody good!
  3. This one's going straight to the pool room! Want, want, want!
  4. Andy73

    First big road trip

    Good to hear - might have to make a trip.
  5. Andy73

    First big road trip

    Yeah that's what I've heard. Wondered if mid week might be a different story...
  6. Andy73

    First big road trip

    Be interested to hear your thoughts on the GOR. I've not driven it in my 911 and, to be honest, have somewhat steered clear of it. Hope that you get a good run on it.
  7. Opal Male fashion catalogues are next I reckon.
  8. Nice work Kale! That place was awesome!
  9. Looks brilliant mate! That’s insanely optimistic given we had 10 and 14 year olds in the group! 😂
  10. Weren’t you too busy choosing wheels?
  11. Agreed. Ripping run. @Philbee nice shots mate!
  12. @RA987 was the man with the plan. Worked a treat!
  13. Awesome run this morning with a great crew. Seemed like every man and his Porsche was out this morning! Bumped into another crew at Launching Place (not the CPA crew - others) so there were more P cars out today than Mazdas! Nice to mix things up a bit and give Reefton a miss, instead heading for Noojee. Figured if i didn't grab some shots it never happened!
  14. I needed to drive one, so I popped to a dealer just to "see what one felt like". After 5 minutes I silently thought to myself "This was a mistake". I just love these two sentences. Welcome to the forum mate. Your car looks bloody fantastic!