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  1. Totally get this mate. When I was looking for a Cayman S, I found the same challenge (particularly if you start hunting for a manual!) I think the moments of GTS sitting for longer are also on the way out. I know there was a yellow one on CS which just sold. I say, if it feels right, snap one up. I've never seen a bad report on that car (in fact, watch Dickie Meaden's review on YouTube and you'll decide it's the only car you need).
  2. G'day @KZC Welcome to PFA. This is a tricky one... GTS models in that age range do tend to be a bit of an anomaly in terms of pricing, holding value exceptionally well but often sitting on the market for a longer period (historically at least). Up until a year ago, 981 Cayman S could be had comfortably for $90-$100K. I passed on a beautiful, low mileage PDK example that I wish I'd snapped up. At that moment in time, the idea of throwing an extra $30K ++ down to get a GTS didn't seem to make much sense, given the difference in spec is not massive. However, S model 981s are experiencing upward pressure in terms of pricing so the difference between them and the GTS is now a bit more realistic. Will rising S prices push GTS prices? Who knows. I suppose the point is that the GTS always seemed to me - as @rego said above - to be maybe overpriced for what you get. at this point though, maybe it's a bit more reasonable. That said, $25k is $25k so if you can pick up a decent S for $110ish you're getting most of the GTS features but for a good chunk cheaper. It's true, you could get a 991.1 for around $140+ (I bought a 991.1 S) but I'd say it depends on how you plan to use the car. I bought the 991 as I needed to daily it as well as enjoy weekend runs. But i can tell you that for the weekend driving I do, in most instances, I'd prefer a Cayman over the 991. Particularly on the super tight stuff where the 991's comparatively large size becomes apparent. If I had my time over, I'd have chosen the Cayman S over the 991S.
  3. Good review. Really enjoyed that. Would love one of these for the days when I want to car to make up for my lack of skill and courage.
  4. Ah right on. Gorgeous colour and, as Lee said, great note!
  5. Nice vid Scott. Also was wondering about the ice green car. what a ripper!
  6. Oh wow, now this is getting interesting! All cars I’d love to drive!
  7. Reach out to Alan. Was super impressed by how much grip his car had and how confidence inspiring it was. He told me post the vid being shot that there is some adjustability in the Koni shocks. Reckon they could be softened ever so slightly for just a fraction more compliance.
  8. Finally got to drive a 996. Fair to say I was impressed...

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