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  1. What an inspiration Niki was. Truly. RIP sir...
  2. First few snaps from me. Insane photo ops at every turn. Sometimes it just requires some patience.
  3. Doors closing. About five minutes I’d say. 😂
  4. I'll be in. Got a car sorted. @KG
  5. I reached out to Drew (after which he did that post on Insta) and he helped me out. We found a guy who needed to offload his ticket. Was tricky to secure as they’re really tight this year on who’s name is on the ticket.
  6. Unlikely Hail Mary, but... Anybody got a line on extra tickets? When I originally floated the idea at home, it received a somewhat icy reception so I'd given up and moved on. My wife (bless her cotton socks) said yesterday that she really believes I should go. So here I am with permission, flights available and Luft completely sold out. Anybody got any / know of any spare tickets??? Like I say, unlikely Hail Mary I know but worth a crack.
  7. Yes the interior is just gaudy as hell! Originality be damned, I'd be swapping out all that wood grain.
  8. Nice car. Interior is bit much for me...
  9. Nothing too dramatic. Running on Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers. Hasn’t been an easy relationship with them but I’ve got them in a good place now. Softer springs for slightly better compliance and sitting slightly lower than RS (it’s pretty low but I love it looking that way). Camber has also been tweaked to get that stance. Some more change on the way too...😉
  10. Haha. It’s always a fair point with the valuations mate. Like I said, doesn’t always make rational sense. For me it’s simple. Just always wanted one. I loved the styling from day one and always will. Love how well they take to customizing too. Oh here’s mine!
  11. You’re right on both counts. 996.2 GT3 is bloody great value. What a weapon. But you’re also right - it’s an apples and oranges comparison. If values were only a representation of performance, I’d probably be driving a WRX. So much comes down to irrational considerations. For me, it was the 964 being the current shape when I really started to obsess about all things Porsche. I never lost that love and when the time came, a 964 became the only choice for me. Yellow calipers and E88’s with black centers and that thing would look perfect!
  12. A few more on Carsales. I do like Grand Prix white...
  13. Along with my will and instructions for my estate, I’ve prewritten a Carsales ad - including price and photos. Just in case! If you’re reading this thread and considering inspecting Fraz’s turbo, I can tell you from experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a more fastidious owner than him. It’s greatly reassuring when you’re buying a car from him as it’s been incredibly well looked after.
  14. my biggest fear is that I'll die and she'll sell it for what I told her I paid for it.

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