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  1. Andy73

    964 Market Watch

    There's also one at PorschaDen (along with Matt's red 3.6 964 Turbo 🤤)
  2. Andy73

    964 Market Watch

    Wide body Jubilee... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-Porsche-911-Carrera-2-964-Manual/SSE-AD-5880520
  3. Drove back from Warrnambool today and took this route to check the roadworks situation. Apart from about 400 meters of line marking being done, it was a clear run all the way.
  4. Dan I’m going to jump on with a Philbee and co. Might even have some join us while rolling at Todd road. Should make one hell of a sight!
  5. Says “maintenance”. Perhaps not as bad as the endless works on Princess hwy
  6. Read Henry Catchpole's review today and found it both enjoyable and enlightening. He more or less admits to going into the test feeling a bit anxious about it and then goes on to explain his relief at discovering this car really is very, very good. Personally I can't imagine it being any other way but I just think there's something in the styling that makes this car look less - I don't know... fun! Sounds like the opposite is true once behind the wheel. I'm really looking forward to seeing one in real life. Suspect it'll take on a different persona in the flesh. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/reviews/2020-porsche-911-preview/
  7. Interesting to see Harris driving the 992. Sounds positive but doesn't exactly gush...
  8. Can't remember to be honest - sorry mate. It's not too far (those roadworks have been going for 20 bloody years) but as Hugh says, they're a bit of a ball-ache and will props see your freshly waxed P Car looking a little less glossy (if you worry about that sort of thing, which I clearly don't).
  9. Allow a bit of extra time on the drive guys. Drove through Colac yesterday and there’s a good few k’s of roadworks prior to Colac.
  10. Andy73

    964 Market Watch

    But did it actually sell? If so, maybe the market for blue 964's with D90's is on the move...😂 In all seriousness though, there seems to be a bit of a shortage of supply right now. If you’ve got a good manual coupe to sell and a realistic expectation I reckon there are still dollars to be had - even if you undercut the few cars available.
  11. Andy73


    Sick shot!
  12. Andy73


  13. Andy73

    AC Regas

    Thanks Steve. Mobile is a nice to have. Quality service is key though so appreciate the recommendation.

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