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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some great people through this very forum. And I’m pleased to say some of them have become great mates - dare I say ‘true mates’. Frankly, the nature of that friendship cannot be characterized by somebody peering in, based on what I included in a video. I take your original point - as mentioned in my previous post - and you’re entitled to your own opinion. So I promise to never film you driving (or anyone else who doesn’t want to be filmed). 😉 cheers 🤘🏼
  2. Hey @Peter M fair enough questions I won't address the SMT point as I think it's moot for the following two reasons. 1. Every SMT I've ever participated in I've seen drivers doing the kind of "sloppy driving" you refer to. 2. This isn't an SMT. It's a group of mates, organising a weekend away, outside of the PFA and the rules all of us PFA members are (or should be) aware of. I've never taken any in car footage on an SMT because I'm well aware of the Guidelines and Etiquette thread. As far as the particulars of this video and use of the shot of 4 minutes, yes I did consider whether i should use this footage (not taken from my car) or not. To be honest, if I cut this video again, I'd probably ditch that particular shot for the exact reason you outlined. I always try to opt for footage where there is no demonstrable breaking of traffic laws. Have I always nailed it? Apparently not but will keep it in mind for any content going forward. As for the participants of ARR2, I've had regular contact with all of them and not had a single complaint with respect to the portrayal of them or their driving within the video.
  3. Have you changed to lowering springs as a starting point? It's a cost effective way to tweak the stance while not having a massive impact on the handling of the car. Particularly if you're already happy with the way the car drives, coilovers do have a rather significant effect on the way the car sits on the road. Suspension recommendations are tricky - the performance and handling characteristics will have differences depending on the car. Personally I've not been happy with the ride of my Bilstein PSS10's. Drove the same car as mine with KW V3's and felt the small bump compliance was nicer but then KW do have a reputation for reliability issues (have read this on multiple forums as well as being told by more than one mechanic, including one the worked at a shop that sold KW). Not wanting to talk you out of a decision mate - just worth having some info at hand and perhaps starting small first...
  4. Andy73


    Ah right - my little local loop.
  5. Andy73


    It’s forest green metallic 👍🏼 Did you pass me coming out of 7 Eleven? 😂
  6. Andy73


    Thank you sir 🙏🏻
  7. Andy73

    My new RS

    Great call on the clear coat for the wheels. that bit of extra pop will be lovely. Stunning car.
  8. Kris Clewell was posing the same question on his podcast. I think you answered your own question. The wait is immense and, if you have the money, then you can justify the spend. Also I think the Singer DLS is both limited in production numbers and quite possibly intended for a slightly different buyer. I think that car possibly competes more directly with something like a Ruf CTR.
  9. Here's the line that kills me with these cars... "This reimagined 911 has seen little use since it was delivered three years ago"
  10. It’s interesting isn’t it, that notion of ‘slow car fast’. It’s easy to think that it means you’re not actually going that fast. It’s all relative and one can still get themselves into trouble (either with plod or if you overcook it). Slow car fast is still fast.
  11. Cars with Luke tends to drive more modern stuff but here he is on a stunning Swiss pass in a white 964...
  12. Haha! That's okay mate, I don't like them either!

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