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  1. Just depends what kind of experience you want really. This very thought has crossed my mind lately with values being what they are. If it was just about performance and dynamics then I’d be turning my attention to a GT4 for sure. But for me many of the reasons for loving my car come from a far less rational place. It’s the feeling of something old, it’s the styling, it’s the fact that the Mrs loves it. It’s the fact that it’s age lends me a little bit of forgiveness from those who may otherwise call me a Porsche wanker. And I’m just too bloody emotionally invested in the stupid thing!
  2. I actually quite like the combination of low ride height with D90's as it's a bit unexpected. But for it to work they just need to fill the guards far more than they currently do.
  3. Agree. Dig the D90's but like i say, just wants some spacers to get that stance right.
  4. This one is back at weltmeister. Looks nice but boy I wish they'd but some spacers on those rear wheels... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1989-porsche-911-carrera-2-964-manual/OAG-AD-16879323/?_ga=2.13601459.50629510.1552874982-203283691.1503556322
  5. Amazing roads up there! How'd the heat effect the air cooled cars?
  6. Actually I'm out guys. Looks like I'm heading to Phillip Island to watch the historics with my old man. Me in the Porsche, him in his E Type. Enjoy brekky!
  7. Driving up from Marysville to slake Mountain yesterday (in the Jeep with bikes) saw a gorgeous pale yellow early 70’s car coming the other way, absolutely hauling. God it looked good! Anyone here?
  8. @philbee is my memory serving me correctly that your engine is from a 993?

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