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  1. Andy73

    992 GTS spied

    ooh nice. I'm a big fan of the 991 GTS. This looks great.
  2. Damn this is fine! Thanks Alan for discovering this one!
  3. Got a good group together for an Australia Day run, finishing with pies for brekky. Doesn't get much more Aussie than that right?
  4. Hmm, fair enough. Well @TINGY996 link to Carsales will probably serve you well then. Good luck.
  5. Welcome to the forum Abe. You after a manual coupe I assume? Depending on what you're planning to do with the car, don't discount the C4. Not sure what your budget is but I wouldn't discount a good car if it's a C4 rather than a C2.
  6. Hmm, updated the Insta link. I got Euro plate surrounds from Vicroads. You just call Vicroads and say you want Euro plate frames. Not sure they do the slimline version though. They're brilliant as they have a million holes on the back. Even if they don't have one that lines up, you just drill an extra one. Super easy to install, no screws through your number plate but also no perspex over the plate. This was my preferred look.
  7. What sort of plates did you get? Slimline, standard, euro?
  8. Have loved this car since the get go mate. Best of luck with the sale.
  9. Hah, nobody has ever noticed that before. I always use the font from Porsche's print ads in the 80's and 90's. Subtle tip of the hat. Cheers Jeff. Always fun to cut and relive the weekend to a certain extent. 😇
  10. If you’ve read @Simonk ‘s great, article you already know that 14 of us headed for Victoria’s Alpine region for three days of twisties and good times a few weeks back. The trip wasn’t without drama but we all agreed it was the best yet. As said by others, get some mates, plan a route and get out there! Ease into your Friday morning with a bit of video. Here’s how it went down.
  11. Andy73


    So nice!
  12. Looking lovely mate. If you’re considering ohlins (“few small revisions” 😂) one thing to check is that the fronts will fit, given your upgraded rims. Couldn’t run them on mine without custom springs as the spring diameters on the fronts don’t allow much in way of clearance.

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