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  1. Mine's a 1990 (89 configuration) C4. Earl from Rothsport informed me it'd work but I just may need to bend the hydraulic lines. Will see how we go.
  2. Bugger. Mine just arrived yesterday! hope it fits!
  3. In other, more important news, on Friday I ditched the Bilsteins and installed (the guys at NineAuto installed) KW V3s. Plenty of testing over the weekend. Initial impressions are extremely positive.
  4. It's all good mate. It was a flippant comment - yes, self deprecating - but if someone's seen the serious side of a condition like OCD, I can understand they'd want to call someone out on it. Especially in light of how freely people use the term. Anywho, I'll say this, my car is bloody filthy right now on account of all this Melbourne rain. In an odd turn of events, I don't mind it and may leave it for a few weeks!
  5. Not at all - sorry to have offended. I took a look at the link you provided and gave myself a bit of an education. Thanks.
  6. VERY late to the party on this one (sorry). Congrats on 10 years lads. This forum has introduced me to a much of great people, many of whom have become great mates. And, as new member, the sense of open arms welcome into the Porsche community (or this specific arm of the porsche community) was completely unexpected. Great forum, great community, great people.
  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets all OCD about detailing my 964!
  8. "Never driven in rain or on track. Sunny fairway driving only..."
  9. I've been watching this car for months. I'm always amazed by how poorly people represent their cars in ads. Rubbish photos etc. This is a classic example of that (albeit not as bad as the images of the car below). That said, at under $100K it's not hard to look past the crappy photos, crappy wheels and safari stance, or even the fact that it's an import. Well worth a look for a serious buyer in my opinion.
  10. Once in a while I try to write something that makes sense!
  11. Huge call! But I love it. I’m always a little bit surprised by how many practical and rational arguments are presented in this thread. The heart wants what the heart wants. If I didn’t own a P car and was buying my first, I’d still want a 964. Is it as good a driving experience as a 997 GT3? In purely dynamic terms, of course not. Does it have that insane howl you only get when hitting 9000 RPM. No. But it’s way too easy – when making rational arguments – to ignore the obvious. As enthusiasts, most of us are looking for cars that just light that fire within. For some, it’ll be a modern GT car. For others a long hood. For yet others, a 964. Love doesn’t make sense people. I want three Porsches. My 964, a long hood and a modern-day GT car. Because I want all of those experiences. But would I sacrifice my 964 for a GT3? Nope. Does that make sense? Doesn’t have to. I go into the garage every night before bed to “check that the back door is locked” and stand there just looking for 60 seconds. And that’s what I was looking for when I decided three years ago to get another Porsche.
  12. Haven't experienced either car but look forward to hearing responses. I'll offer this thought. With Australian speed laws being as draconian as they are, don't expect to be going faster than "low speed" all that often.
  13. This I've seen you once or twice up around emerald. Lovely car!

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