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  1. I bought my 964 with "nothing to spend". @Fraz had the car absolutely sorted and I couldn't have been happier. However, before long, my desire to put my own touches on it began to emerge. The number one item on the list has finally been added. Gold BBS E88's... Absolutely stoked with the result!
  2. Ah right - here's the 'solution' as reported in Top Gear... "And the bigger engine now has a wider torque band. Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger is confident this erases one of the only problems with the old GT4 – that the gearing was too long. The gearing is the same this time around, but the car might punch through each ratio a bit harder."
  3. The only criticism I've ever heard levelled at the old one is the gear ratios being too tall (I've never driven one so I have no idea if this has a real world effect on the experience of driving it in anger). Wonder if they've changed that for this model though...
  4. Wow, this is an impressive bit of 3D work...
  5. Please don't do something like that black and red monstrosity on their home page! I'd take a look at East Coast Trim Shop based on the lovely work I saw they had done on a 964 restoration with PR Technology.
  6. Been watching this car on Carsales. Looks Lovely mate. Good luck with the sale or whatever trade comes your way.
  7. Not local but it's a nice one and interesting to see the previous auction prices for 964 3.3 Turbos on Bring A Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1992-porsche-911-turbo-5/
  8. Not nearly as much time setting them up as you'd think mate. Was mostly a case of getting a 60 second head start, racing ahead to try and find a half decent shot, jumping out of the car and getting set before everyone had already driven past!
  9. I got new tyre on the Friday and was glad I did! Cheers mate. Editing it was a fun way to keep reliving it!
  10. Probably not May to be honest! Although, to be fair, the weekend before was perfect both days! One thing that was nice about this one was everything was green after some autumn rains and places like Bright and harrietville were very picturesque. Late Spring / early summer or mid Autumn would probably be the best bets…

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