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  1. Nice one! It's a good little run.
  2. Haha, have actually put carsales down for a little while now. After I put a deposit down I steered well clear for fear I'd see one with a spec I wanted more once I'd done the deal. Yes!!! Thanks so much.
  3. 😂. Sadly (for you) that car's not going anywhere.
  4. Yeah it's been a bit of a dry spell on the content front. This will for sure be the subject of a vid or two!
  5. Haha, indeed I do Arne, indeed I do!
  6. Cheers lads. Appreciate it. Feel super blessed.
  7. Didn't have much time as I'm looking after my son with Covid so managed a very short drive yesterday arvo to give the GT4 a stretch. So far I'm loving it!
  8. Thank you sir! Initial impressions are good. They're very, very good! Vid to follow for sure.
  9. Thanks so much. Loving it so far!
  10. Haha. Tried holding off for a Carmine Red car but none were forthcoming. I actually love black cars and - regardless of what colour car I own - I enjoy washing and detailing my car so black is absolutely no problem for me.
  11. Have been lusting after the GT4 for years so decided it was finally time to get one! Flew to Sydney with my son and drove it home (mostly on the Hume unfortunately, although I detoured at Euroa to drive the Euroa Merton Road and then again later to drive Whanregarwen Raod. did a very short blast on Sunday had am super impressed. Looking forward to a proper run...
  12. I'm selling the original D90s from my beloved 964. These wheels came with the car when I bought it in 2017 but have not been run on the car since approx 2015. Tyres are roadworthy but obviously old. Wheels are in good condition with minor scuffs here and there. Priced accordingly! Price SOLD

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