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  1. Good on you for rescuing it, will be a great story, lessons learnt, life experience, look forward to seeing it sparkling.
  2. Nice buying Ben, those k’s are super low. Are you saying you had to pay more than the $62k price previously mentioned based on competition? If so, sad to see the price not be honoured by the seller based on your interest.
  3. I’m not up with the social media talk, OFLM......had to look that one up, something about football🤔 Let me guess, I’d know if I had an insta account😄
  4. Right up my alley, shame it’s gone. Definitely a good price at those k’s
  5. I think that was around the time @Niko started posting pictures of his oversized teddy in the window 😯. I really don't need to know through insta what he's getting up to, some things are better left unseen.
  6. It's used on your nuts............a few around here would be getting excited
  7. Your inbox must be full Rod, I wanted to send you a message mate
  8. I've been reading back through this thread trying to get my head around whether 996 manual coupes have bottomed out, have some room to go (doubt) or are on the rise. This link was interesting but still 2 years old and out of the US https://www.996revolution.com/investment.html I came across @Taffy's summary from May 2018 and it looks like cars have fallen about 10% in two years, although I'm thinking manual coupes have neared their bottom now and have risen slightly over the last six months. I'm in the market for a black on black manual coupe for any interested sellers, prefer good service history with reasonable k's. I like the idea of what the series 2 offers and thinking C2 over the C4 although not sure if there's really any difference, can toss that up based on what's available. Let me know if you know of anything being prepared. A wild stab at it... 0.1 Cab tip has to be the bottom (i have one so no offence to anyone) (35K+) 0.2 Cab tip (40K+) 0.1 coupe tip (40-45K +) 0.1 Cab manual (40-45K+) 0.2 Targa Tip (55K+ but not seen many) 0.2 Cab manual (55-65K+) 0.2 Coupe tip (50K+) 0.2 Targa manual (Not really seen many...) 0.1 coupe manual (60K+) 0.2 coupe manual (65-70K+)
  9. Call me an old fart, I don't get into insta, facebook, snapchat, tic toc...............blah blah blah. I have better things to do with my life like local PFA updates and actually living a life without having to tell everyone else how good I am and what I'm up to, must be a dinosaur. Keep up the good work lads @Raven & @tomo 👍
  10. This guys got a pretty good collection, started 30 years ago, an Aussie and good mantra at the end. I want a Porsche collection next to my coffee machine and bedroom!
  11. Looks hot in the best colour god created. So is it the only one Aus del as Paul mentioned, imported or re-spray?
  12. I'll be getting just the inners of my bases redone soon, one seat is lifting and they could do with new support. I was quoted $1200 for leather which I will do, vinyl was $600. Talk to @Philbee if your interested in tartan.
  13. Good move on the steering wheel change 👌

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