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  1. Nice step forward, can’t wait to hear it cranking.
  2. I don't know the 928's back to front but most I've looked at are auto. A manual 8cyl Porsche sounds the goods, best of luck with your sale.
  3. Sorry to hear about your situation Jason, I hope things work out for you in the near future. You've done a great job in getting your S2 upgraded in all the right areas. I can see the dollars spent and also expect some blood, sweat and tears along the way, must be a hard decision but a good opportunity for someone looking to own one of these underrated cars. Good luck with everything mate
  4. Great clarity for a photo of that vintage, could be from today.
  5. I reckon I saw it to so you’re totally sane, didn’t think it was anything that needed deleting 🤔. Keep your chin up mate, no doubt a few bumps in the road for you over the next few months but you’ll be firing on all cylinders before you know it
  6. I think most of us would've dreamt of owning and driving any car in our late teens, although the budget probably didn't initially allow for a Porsche. I got my license when I turned 18 like most of my friends and we drove everywhere, even if there was no reason to get somewhere, it was just the thrill of going through the motions in your pride and joy. Things are slightly different these days, some never get their license, 80% of cars are autos to get people from A to B and we are getting bombarded with hybrid/electric/reduced fossil fuel strategic marketing...…...hell we were going to run out of petrol by 2015! I don't get out and socialise as often as I'd like but I could talk Porsche all day when I do and still love nothing more than getting out and just driving for the hell of it. I think I've passed my bug onto my two daughters (18&22) who still love nothing more than concertinaing themselves into the back of the 3.2
  7. You've owned the car for two years and never noticed the graphic
  8. IMO, Porsche have made a poor choice with those led's. Nearly all other marques have made much better choices and look much more stylish.
  9. Original Equipment Manufacturer (Porsche brand)
  10. Must be a very late model SC, I thought 84-86 was 3.2 territory. Sorry I can’t help with your glass, if you’re not chasing OEM, I suspect most windscreen companies could offer an alternative? Hopefully someone will chime in with a classic installer.
  11. You'd do a better job than me with your skills.

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