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  1. Stepo

    Poll- what model do you own?

    I could only enter one car, not two. I went with the one I’ve had for the longest.
  2. Stepo

    Poll- what model do you own?

    I think factory colours would also be interesting as there's a misconception that black is a common Porsche colour, but IMO, that wasn't so much the case in the 60's, 70's and 80's, black was associated with taxis and hearses. No doubt in the later models black, silver and white were up there in the numbers. We all see records for how many of each model were delivered into Aust, but there is little info on the colours taken up. The darker colours can be a bitch to keep clean, but IMO......god they look good in the flesh, but I am bias: Black 85 911 3.2 Black 89 944S2 3.0 The two family daily drivers are also black...….I spend many hours washing cars
  3. I feel sorry for any poor little Fuchers having to wear this, obviously no spell check
  4. Stepo

    Tyre Blackener

    I use a Meguiars manual spray bottle (non-aerosol) and spray it onto a rag I have been using for some time. I then wipe the rag over the tyre rather than spraying directly to avoid overspray onto the paintwork. The rag isn't that porous given I have used it many times which works even better, I don't really notice I am using any more liquid with this method, maybe a little more when you start with a new rag. I then use a cleaner rag to buff slightly after leaving it for a minute or two. As per poli's post above, wipe whatever you decide to use on, don't spray it.
  5. Looks fantastic, I don't mind those Fuchs on her, congrats!
  6. Stepo

    Bendpak car hoists

    Wow Jeff, looks nasty, exactly the reason I went the way I did but it needs planning from the start and wont always work for everyone. These days, I end up knocking my head on everything that's in the way as I rush to get jobs done. I can see Mrs Jeff's face now...........what the heck have you done! Hey Tips, I was also relying on wood until I got the ramps done. I had them in black for some time until I worked out all the little things that needed to be done to make it work. I used steel as I could weld to it easier and I expect it will be stronger than alloy. As you can see, I still needed to add the plastic blocks in the middle of the longer ramp as the tapered bent edge isn't high enough to carry the load without deflecting a little at the start of the ramp. It probably wasn't an issue but I prefer seeing it not flex. The 1m isn't a problem re weight once you have them hinged. Are you sure you need to extend by 1.5m as the ramp that comes with the hoists is around 0.6m long, so you're targeting 2.1m? I have around 1.6m with both ramps, the two round blocks on the short ramps are there to make both ramps even/straight. You need to find a local fabricator that has a break press/plate bender. They often don't like bending the steel chequer plate given it can damage their bending blocks. The bend will have to be done in a wider V of their block to eliminate damage. If they have concerns, you could suggest they use a scrap strip of sheetmetal between the block and chequer plate humps for each bend. Given you want the bent edges to taper down, you need them to bend the same width edge right along, then cut the taper. If you try and bend with a taper, you wont get a nice bend at the shallow end. For anyone that can raise their hoist above their head, the mod to keep the ramps horizontal is well worth while, just ask Jeff.
  7. Stepo

    Bendpak car hoists

    General update, I finally got around to sorting out an extension on my ramps to the hoist. I needed longer given I have a slope into the garage and the 911 is low. I approached the local Bedpack agent to price their factory longer ramps, I think they were about 1200mm, nothing in stock and the price was a whopping $1500 . I told the agent, I bet you don't sell many of those......more highway robbery! I ended up getting 6mm chequer plate ramps bent up that were 1000mm long, cost me $100. I needed to weld a few lugs on to change the position of the end rollers and I also packed the levels with plastic blocks to assure my drive wasn't damaged by the steel and there was no bending in the longer ramp. I also made up some side plates and fitted them to the original shorter ramp so that they don't tilt down and interfere when walking through after raising the hoist. I had the new parts powder coated for $60, so total cost was around $200 plus my time. Picks added below: I used countersunk bolts to locate the plastic packers. Ramps folded, the curved plastic packer eliminates bending in the longer ramp given it has a tapered bent edge and was a bit weaker around that area. Hoist raised to 2m and ramps completely out of the way This is the air compressor I got from Bunnings and mounted on the wall well out of the way. I can also use it to pump stuff up and blow things down via a valve gate.
  8. Stepo

    944 sale price

    Nice looking low mileage S2, best colour IMO The light interior would need care to keep clean, other than that, I'd be all over it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-944-1989/SSE-AD-5763162/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-centre&utm_medium=email
  9. Stepo

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    ACS is your go to company for all things that need calibrating: https://www.auscal.com.au/
  10. Stepo

    944 sale price

    I remember calling and talking to the owner second last time it was advertised I think. When I made contact, I was surprised to hear the car was no longer for sale, he was keeping it, but still advertised on carsales…….why wouldn't you remove it! Sounds like a dodged a bullet.....happy I ended up with my S2 Not a bad looking turbo in WA, not as good as yours @TINGY944 but obviously priced cheaper due to higher k's, cloth seats and typical cracked dash https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1988/SSE-AD-5710135/?Cr=1
  11. It's not a car, maybe not the right thread..….but a bloody good price for a 4 spoke steering wheel. Care needs to be taken with correct spline https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-Steering-Wheel-911-928-944-924/283208845754?hash=item41f09009ba:g:U7AAAOSwa6Jbxp9e:rk:187:pf:0&LH_Auction=1
  12. Stepo

    Garage Find

    I'm sure you get much enjoyment over washing it for the first 25 times...……...hose down, look at it, foam rinse, look at it again, start washing, another look...……………………………………….
  13. Stepo

    Garage Find

    Hell yeah......that looks great! You're a lucky man.
  14. Welcome to the S2 world Sebastian. You picked up a great car and should be very happy with the power that engine generates. It's a true example of k's don't reflect how well she runs .
  15. This happened back in 2015, what would be the odds? FLAT 12

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