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  1. How do you stop a car that low rubbing tyres? Does it have turbo torsion bars or does it ride on the bump stops?
  2. I've driven the 2nd one Amanda, I think it was listed around $42k at the time. Little money spent on it of late, tired on the inside and out and suspect you could quickly spend muchas cash to get things sorted. I ended up with a 996.2 which obviously has a slightly bigger engine but that cab felt like it was well down on power in comparison.
  3. Looks like you got a fine example, congrats!
  4. ^ you did a good job with your video, nice to meet you on the day. We tend to take the countryside for granted, but it is pretty spectacular.
  5. ^ I have a rule, if it’s black I’m liking it....and I’m talking about the cars
  6. He owes you a very very nice bottle of scotch/grange for your troubles and up-sell skills.
  7. $55k for a series 2 with IMS done, no brainer Not one series 2 manual C2 coupe on carsales at the moment, cheapest is a series 1 asking $60.5k
  8. No surprise at that price, good on you for helping a friend out, hopefully someone on the forum got it?
  9. That does look like a nightmare, one of those ones when if it's your car you wake up quickly so the bloody thing ends
  10. Nice pics and car, your 25km radius is much better than mine for getting into those mountain roads, I'm jealous.......I need to stop at Ferntree Gully / Eltham , hopefully only for 1 more week now.
  11. Makes this series 2 by @poli84 a steel for $5k more, expecting a very quick sale there
  12. Pretty quick to get that camera tucked away
  13. Nothing like a Porsche to make you take "the long way home", I think most of us have implemented that mindset. Nice video of the drive, I could see the grin/reward as you zoomed the camera in on your noggin and gave it some beans

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