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  1. Great looking car = many years of enjoyment , well done
  2. Stepo

    944 S2 Exhaust

    Sounds like a Dansk would suit what you are after: https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod1664/Porsche-944S-944S2-Exhaust-muffler-silencer-rear-box-92442S-94411104103/ https://www.parts-wise.com/porsche-944/dansk-exhaust-systems/dansk/c135/94411104103-924s-87-88-944-s2-2-5/3-0-87-91-rear-muffler-made-from-stainless-steel-sport-sound-this-exhaust-comes-without-t-v/eec-approval/p65188/ https://www.parts-wise.com/porsche-944/dansk-exhaust-systems/dansk/c135/94411104103-924s-87-88-944-s2-2-5/3-0-87-91-rear-muffler-made-from-stainless-steel-sport-sound-this-exhaust-comes-without-t-v/eec-approval/p65188/ You could also try local, Autohaus in Sydney will quote you a price
  3. Why wouldn't he be excited, he's driving one of the best model engines produced, 20 years of refinement, no bias Two quotes ring so true with me: "Connected with the car" - everything feels so right when you're behind the wheel of an A/C car, steering is so direct, riding nice and low, great sound, they hug the road so well and 2nd to 3rd pushing the revs out of a long swinging mountain corner is just perfection. "Encouraging me to push on" - without wanting to kill you, you can feel the car wants you to extend your limits, everything comes together and your confidence grows given their capability. I can see how adding a turbo to the equation could bring many undone. Naturally aspirated keeps me within my limits and still a very exciting car to drive, must be getting soft with age.
  4. Car looks very nice and original and price looks pretty good to me as well, good luck with it all. I purchased my first car from the Healey Factory and I'm often surprised how well their cars are priced against other classic outlets with similar stock. If nothing has changed, I believe they always use Auto Coupe for mechanical work and inspections organised by them. I bought my car before they had prepared it, so went with their inspection and the list came back with many things to correct, several thousands which they had done prior to me picking the car up, very happy with their sale process, there is always someone that will have a different experience.
  5. I forgot to mention, you have the best colour as well
  6. No doubt the wing is probably more suited to a small plane, but if it was my car ( I wish🤩), I’d be keeping it for sure, so appropriate for the era. I understand you could argue removing might show better lines, but to me, the wing sits so nicely in the well proportioned business rear end......poetry in motion 👍
  7. An exceptional looking car, you're a very lucky man I expect have worked hard to get such a jewel. IMO, you left the best part of that car out of your video...………..the wonderful rear end with big wing and big rubber
  8. Nice driving gloves...…..I think I use a pair like that to do my gardening, good grip
  9. The first thing I would be doing is to check the fuse Karl. I don't know if the fuse controls anything else, but if it does, check that to, you should see what the fuses control on the fuse lid. If you haven't got one, go down to Supercheap and get a test light to assure the lights are actually getting power https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-heavy-duty-circuit-tester---6-and-12v/5351.html It could then be an issue with either contacts or possibly relay...………….now move to a professional, SV Auto Electrical in Ringwood (long wait) or I think any auto elec could diagnose and fix this type of problem for you. You could also shoot the PO a text to see if he knows if they ever worked and what the problem might be, may save some time/$?
  10. Great to see it still in original condition. Funny to see their efforts to replicate a grill when Porsche now pride themselves on not ever having one. They were even thinking RS door handle pulls back then, also love the interior shot, could be mistaken for a plane
  11. Stepo

    1980 SC trim items

    I noticed someone on the PCV website has original door pockets for sale: https://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/4D97844C9B4E4F39C125838B0007CB98#pagetop
  12. You are no doubt very happy with that car Karl...……..fine example, sorry I missed you at this one
  13. Nice ride, I see you have the original radio as well 👍
  14. That’s an astonishing sale price, what a deal for someone 👍
  15. Must be working on the frunk light

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