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  1. Only checking the books should tell, even if it had another 100,000 k's on it still pretty nice.
  2. I think this 86 turbo looks pretty good and comes in the best colour https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-porsche-944-turbo-manual/SSE-AD-7307513/?Cr=4
  3. Well done Peter, hopefully we still see her out and about in Melb
  4. That would be my pick but I always worry that there is something lurking when I see discrepancies - CS ad says 129km and odometer says 115km
  5. I have the same SCA show cover on my 85 3.2 with tea tray tail. I just went and checked the label and it says S/M, I’m pretty sure I purchased the smallest size they stocked. There is no problem covering end to end with the tail, if you place it evenly it hangs around 80mm from the floor each side, a bit bigger than perfect for a G but still ok. I have the same cover on a 944S2 which it fits a bit better, been happy with both covers for some time. As suggested, work your process out for on/off, I lift the edges up and then fold it in sections towards the back (tea tray comes in handy) until you can man handle it, never drag it across the paint. The colour of the cover complements club plates really well 🤣
  6. This thread was running hot a few years back along with a good stock of S2’s on the market, around the time A/C cars started to take off, maybe because people were trying to get in on something that wasn’t out of reach yet? Only one S2 on carsales at the moment and it’s a rare museum piece with very low k’s https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1989-porsche-944-s2-manual/OAG-AD-19996560/ Although lack of stock makes it hard to gauge, why when nearly ever other car has seen an increase (Porsche, JDM, BMW, 4x4’s…….) the S2 probably still sits as it was at $30-$40k, average - very good example? Only 12 of any variant 944’s listed on carsales and 5 of them are Turbos, very slim pickings.
  7. Great news, first gen 996's only 2 years away from being eligible
  8. C2 is great bang for your bucks and no lesser feeling when you're hoping your driver skills can match the cars capability. Spending less for the same excitement just means you have more money going into the piggy bank for your next Porsche addition .
  9. Tomo's fix is very common and worth trying first. I've had success purchasing a new remote for an alarm system that was installed 10 years ago. I searched online for the specific alarm instructions and found a sequence to go through when synchronising a new remote to the existing system. Basically several turns of the ignition key and then press the new remote button to sync when the blinkers flash a certain number of times. I expect it differs for individual models but from what I understand the remote synchronises with the existing alarm frequency. When the remote arrived it had similar instructions, not exactly the same as the alarm instructions but all worked fine in the end and no worries about the alarm locking me out due to a poor quality remote.
  10. You could try sending a PM to @chris_f as I expect he probably doesn't spend much time here after selling that car.
  11. You need another Porsche in your life but something older than the GT3 so you can continuously work on what's breaking down or needs upgrading to get your fix
  12. Just to update, I ended up fitting the Wevo Classic shifter along with the rear PSJ coupling, new gearbox oil and Wevo semi solid gearbox/engine mounts. I didn't specifically ask for the Wevo mounts, it's just what the mechanic fitted. There is a huge improvement in gear selection but still a little reluctance in engaging 1st to 2nd if the revs are low, if I give it the beans she shifts without issue. Mechanic says a rebuilt box can be a bit notchy when everything is fresh, almost similar to how my gearbox is now but I still think I'll rebuild in the near future. Two points of discussion: - I've noticed more vibration through the car with the Wevo semi solid mounts (black pillows), there is also increased exhaust noise and drivetrain whine. I'm considering having them taken out and replaced with stock mounts that were in the car previously as I'd rather have less mechanical noise and vibration. I'm a bit torn with this decision, the mounts are really nicely made and look fantastic. - I was surprised at the Wevo shifter noise when moving into 5th, is it normal to have a sound like plastic is cracking? I believe this is the lockout pin engaging to stop you from moving from 5th to reverse, a good feature but thought they could've made those mechanics a bit quieter.
  13. For many years you could rely on the auto renew which sent an email confirming an invoice was pending and payment came out of your preferred account, never had to worry about it. That hasn't happened for me over the last few years, like now I just checked and the membership had lapsed. Went through the store and just paid, changed to Financial Member instantly, not sure why @901er wouldn't be updating in the same way
  14. My black ones could also do with some attention and I like the red look, good result IMO

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