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  1. Stepo

    1990 944 S2 for sale.

    Congrats Geoff...….I'm happy for you. The other listed silver S2 really put your pricing in perspective, good buying for someone...….maybe staying with PFA?
  2. Stepo

    Bendpak car hoists

    Any shorter than 3m to the facia meant I wouldn’t be able to get 2m to walk under the hoist without having to duck. The top of the car still needs to go up into the roof pitch with about 130mm clearance.
  3. Some light reading for you @floorprawn https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/944_hatch_glass_repair/944_hatch_glass_repair2.htm
  4. It can be a common problem due to the weight of the glass and flimsy frame working over many years. There are many google results from searching US forums. I'd also give the resident NSW guru @Buchanan Automotive a call to review your options as I expect an attempt to repair yourself isn't for the faint hearted. Let us know how you go.
  5. Stepo

    Bendpak car hoists

    For those considering a car hoist, I finally have my Bendpak HD9STX installed and happy with it's functionality. I chose the Bendpak mainly due to the fact it was one of the narrowest (2456mm wide) and still lifted to 2m so I didn't have to duck under it. The pump is on the inside of the mast but it does stick out around 30mm, so I suppose you need a gap of around 2600mm. I want the hoist more for storage, so four post with wheels permanently on the ground rather than hanging is my preference. This hoist is reasonably long, and I like the idea of being able to have the lower car in the middle and not having to step around any posts when passing through. I dug my drive down a little to assure I have 3m to my facia and an open ceiling. I plan on modifying the ramps so that they stay up when lifted and will also extend the ramps on a hinge given the 911 is too low (using a packer for now), 944 OK. The air supply for safety locks does add another complexity, but I now have the benefit of air on hand and I like the fact the locks engage if I don't keep my hand on the air button. There are also secondary locks that automatically engage in the unlikely event of a lifting cable breaking. It's a shame Bendpak don't supply a small air compressor with the kit, I'm using a senco unit purchased from Bunnings. You also need to have the motor wired up for 15amp and purchase your own hydraulic fluid. The overall construction is very solid in the posts, base plates, runways, pump and cross beams. Everything looks and feels well engineered. There are two listed agents in Aust, one more focused on commercial and the other DIY. You get a better price through the DIY contact ($1000 better!) but I suspect they are actually affiliated . If needing the drip trays, don't buy through them as they quoted me $150 for a pack of two . I measured up and compared the gaps to Tuff Lift and they are the same product, but only $15 each through Tuff Lift (highway robbery through original agent!). Customer service through DIY contact is very poor, a few questions from me leading up to purchase as you would expect for a purchase like this and very lackadaisical approach to responding with minimal feedback. I didn't want the standard blue lift, originally told grey was available, upon ordering quoted 10 weeks for grey and got it 14 weeks later. These things are big heavy units, some damage to paint and stickers upon arrival. If width and height isn't an issue, I would also give Tuff Lift a good looking over.
  6. The tease given to us by @JerrySeinfeld reminded me of one of the funniest coffee & cars I have seen him do. Ricky is obviously not a car guy, they should have given him one of those eldery stainless bath safety rails to hang on to I couldn't find a link that didn't include an add, had me laughing at around 2:20, worth watching a little longer
  7. IMS...….. A/C in G series cars, obviously the need for good heaters in Germany over-rode the need for a cold air.
  8. Stepo

    GT3 Touring Time

    What a beast....great colour choice!
  9. Stepo

    1990 944 S2 for sale.

    Hi Geoff, GLWS mate, sorry to hear you are moving her on. Having owned this car, I can confirm the k's are no reflection of the performance. I have driven a few S2's and this one performs better than anything I got into. Prior to selling, I did investigate whether it had been chipped and was very surprised to see everything was original, she just goes well! Maintenance is the key, and if in order, higher mileage cars are often better cars than low mileage garage queens . The S2 is a great drive, I never really knew how well they performed until I got one, easily giving any A/C G series car a run for their money.
  10. Nicely done...congrats! Those two roads are a great drive, you don't even have to go that fast but the scenery and bends work well with any Porsche car.
  11. Stepo

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    I would've thought you'd be taking the corner spot so no dickheads parking either side? Nice avatar Micky
  12. Stepo

    High Beam Switch

    It's a common problem Doish. I did a couple of years bending the bar, but it always reverts back.....high beams stuck on and even no lights at all which can be scary You're in Sydney, do yourself a favour and contact James at Autohaus, had one on the shelf for me recently, competitive price, next day delivery
  13. Stepo

    How life can change

    Sorry to hear about your bad news mate, cancer is a bitch, I hope things turn out positively for you. My wife also got diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer 3 weeks before last x-mas. We had no private cover, paid for the first operation privately to remove nodes as it got her in quickly, then moved to the public system which has been excellent. We are now half way through radiotherapy and still being treated with one of the chemo drugs until the end of the year, long term signs looking good. Stay positive mate, thoughts are with you and your family.
  14. Stepo

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    By air and by sea...….. YES.......I LOVE washing black cars!
  15. Surely this is the style you're chasing for that beast?