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  1. I dig the D90's on my 944 but have a soft spot for the look of the Fuchs: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-porsche-944-turbo-manual/SSE-AD-6314785/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  2. Wicked sound out of the green machine....nice!
  3. I would never park my Porsche with the wheels touching the gutter downhill like that, even if it was in backwards. In the first 3 months of having my A/C car, I wiped the chin spoiler out on a driveway, it wasn't too steep, just approached straight on and learnt the lesson from that day (always pull up short & approach bumps on angles). PS.... I hate those bolt down rubber speed humps White looks good, I like the contrast with black
  4. No thanks, I don't need to go that fast, A/C speed in the Twisties is exhilarating enough for me. Great vid Niko, I was surprised to see they actually change a gear stick. Spotto of the red 944 at 15:08 and I also like the hand wave at 18:40
  5. Looks great, how does it compare against the 3.2?
  6. Stepo

    Guards red 944S

    I'm still to look at improving the sound of my exhaust, I know what I want to do, just not the highest priority at the moment. On top of a nice cruiser, if it's anything like my S2, it should give stock G series cars a run for their money, silky smooth gearbox and keeps you nice and cool in summer..........a great allrounder!
  7. Stepo

    Guards red 944S

    Looks like a lovely car, you’ll be happy with the way a set of Koni’s improves handling and ride, also worth checking your engine mounts if they haven’t been done.
  8. Agreed, they may need more care, but they do look the best To be serious, I have 4 black cars and don't spend too much time (probably less than I should) doting over them. My two black P cars get washed if they're dirty, but I try not to wash them too much as I suspect any washing is what potentially damages the paint. I keep both inside and use dust covers whilst they're being stored. I take the cover off, go for a drive for up to a couple of hours and then put the cover back on, they don't really get too dirty moving. I wash them if it rains or I leave them parked for a while or I go for a long mountain drive/SMT. I should wax more often than I do, but I think they look alright, I really should wash my daily drivers much more often
  9. And so many people say black on black is boring...……..IMO it's the best: - 964 in Bad Boys...…..black - 356 in Top Gun...…….black - The Hoff's Kitt car...…….black - Condorman……..black - Atomic Blonde 964...….black - The Batmobile......black - Smokey and the Bandit...…..black - Mad Max Interceptor...….black Buggatti's La Voiture was one of the most expensive new cars ever sold and guess what, it was black! Shit, even the Green Hornet had a black car!
  10. If I'm out and see a model the same as mine, I always try to catch up to check it out, give a wave, thumbs up and impromptu cruise until we part
  11. Thanks for raising this subject Jason, my speakers in the S2 have been crackling and it made me go and check which ones were gone, sure enough, the mid range like yours, so it's not just a storage issue, mine were worse than your pics, 80% of the rubber was perished. I originally expected I would have to look at a comparable aftermarket option, Sean's comment that they were still available surprised me, and sure enough, I was able to purchase two brand new OEM speakers from PCB ($75 gst inc ea), picked them up last week and an easy installation over the weekend, very happy with the improvement. My two were the last ones in Vic, there were a few hundred showing over in Germany. Great to see you can still purchase speakers for a car that's 30 years old.
  12. Stepo

    Handbrake grip

    If it was worn or loose, someone may have glued it at some stage, it shouldn’t be a huge effort required.
  13. Stepo

    Handbrake grip

    I had the internal spring fail on me last year and my mechanic just pulled hard on the grip and it slid off, friction fit?
  14. From a Post by @Peter M , got me thinking I need to tackle my squeaking frunk blower fan, it sits just below the windscreen. Peter M mentions success in soaking the bottom portion of the fan in oil rather than pulling them apart, and I have since learnt he could've been talking about several fans that are placed throughout the 3.2 and not easy to split. My specific issue was the main blower unit, I linked the pelican thread below to Peter's post that showed splitting the case and oiling the top of the fan through a small hole. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/899739-fresh-air-blower-squeal-fix.html I thought it worthwhile to post after I went through this process given my fan noise wasn't actually improved by pulling everything apart and oiling that hole , may save someone the effort in the future. After I did all the work and it wasn't better, I ended up pulling a plastic cap off the other end of the fan drive shaft (can be seen in the middle of the fan in the first pic of the link) and oiled that position which fixed the noise straight away, didn't need to pull the fan housing apart at all. Getting the fan out is not too hard, hose clamps for ducting, one cable and a few extra bolts. Removing all those little circle clips and refitting them wasn't that much fun, especially when I didn't actually need to go there.

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