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  1. You'd do a better job than me with your skills.
  2. PCB has a new sign...…… I need to get there when it's a bit darker and upgrade from my iPhone pics
  3. If you are inserting pictures directly from the forum platform using the limited capacity then you have probably maxed out. The best option is to use an external source and link with something like imgur
  4. Lovely looking car mate. I did I quick scan through your thread again to refresh, you should be proud of your work, 6 years in the making but I expect very satisfying
  5. Nice entry into the Porsche world...……….looks like a weapon, luv it!
  6. If I lived in Sydney I'd definitely be trying to avoid her
  7. Agreed, enjoyed watching, but......sore back after a couple of hours driving.......soft😆
  8. Car looks HOT! GLWS Is your mate sure it's 1985? My 85 has the smaller vents in the dash, like 84 and the SC's. I think the G in your mates vin represent 86, my 1985 has an F code. The bigger vents are better for A/con function
  9. Some interesting comments about the original beast, who supplied it and Porsche's lack of support at the time.........….I suspect they are fully backing this edition https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1124912_will-smith-is-back-in-a-porsche-911-as-mike-lowrey-in-bad-boys-for-life

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