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  1. Looks like a movie stills shot..................a gangster movie
  2. Great alignment there Tomo, I suspect ushers were there to assist as many can't judge where their car starts and ends, there's usually always someone that parks the wrong way 😆
  3. Sold a couple of times on PFA, fine example and will be interesting to see if it moves quickly at that price: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-944-1989/sse-ad-12228677/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=6f739e9d-629a-4410-8018-f7c299455605
  4. Well done @Yeatesy, she looks great. I couldn't live with those seats either mate, those mods sound like nice cheap fixes, enjoy!
  5. I don't know what State you are in @Foibles but in Melb I believe Peter Starr makes a pretty nice system for the 968 and other models. Someone on here with a 968 CS had one done and was pretty happy
  6. If you throw a 944 wanted add up here and on CPA Facebook you might get some interest from realistic sellers. In saying that, Cayman S is a nice choice as well.
  7. They are such great cars @Port 911 and yours looks in mint condition, agree totally about buying the best you can as run down models will cost a bomb if everything is shot, just ask Jason, but it's the same for any old Porsche, just that entry into the 944 world is generally more affordable for what you are getting.
  8. That statement would ring true for many of us Martin, if only. Good on you for scratching the itch, I'm sure you'll look back in future and say.....glad I bought that car, just like your 3.2
  9. Best of luck with your search, all the goodies in that shopping list and expecting under 100km will be a challenge that heavily reflects on price. Good super investment but I hope if you do find one it gets driven 😥
  10. Good on you for putting the time into writing this for the 928 owners Bruce/Sean. I look forward to your summary on the 944S2 , I remember the dialogue on brakes...............have you ever thought about writing a book
  11. Transfers on $120k are $5.1k in NSW and $8.4k in VIC..............we are getting ripped off down here If I was hunting for a 997 and hadn't seen the previous sale price I'd be thankful someone highlighted it here. Car looks really nice for a manual "S" with best ext colour () and low k's, although I couldn't live with a beige interior. Agreed no much margin left (if any) for the seller if squeezed a little on the listed sale price.
  12. Not expecting you to divulge, but I'll take a guess at $150k + 10%
  13. Welcome aboard Ian, sounds like you're going to have a few challenges but well worth while for miles of smiles. Your comment about your wife touched me mate, hope you came through as best you could......wish we could tell cancer to FUCH OFF out of our lives!

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