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  1. Was reading through the 996 handbook the other day and this "basic rule" statement gave me a little chuckle
  2. Beautiful, that would be my colour of choice and yes....it is a colour haters, enjoy Andy!
  3. It only takes a few minutes to change back, but once you have the Saratoga in you won't want to remove it, the ups out-way any potential downs.
  4. I purchased one last year from Frank Zappa on facebook prior to Fesler offering them, they are a bit noisier than the original roof at full highway speed but a great view from the inside looking out. I did also tint the standard bronze glass so that is matches my other tinted window colour and helps reduce Summer heat as there is a noticeable difference as JB mentions.
  5. No doubt a nice looking car, one persons definition of "full engine rebuild" is always worth closer investigation. For engines that are often referred to as bullet proof, why dive in deep at only 150,000 k's, would be an interesting discussion.
  6. Nice new wheels Arne, I presume a step up in power, new limits to tame.
  7. Good on you for giving it a go, must’ve been the the oldest in the field, great car 👍
  8. Nice find Niko, tweak away but don't re-paint it as I reckon it looks good as is and painting will de-value
  9. And it keeps you cool in 35 deg summer heat and can carry three times more gear for a trip, S2/968 totally underrated.
  10. Aust del, very low k's, best colour .............I'd say that's a no brainer for anyone interested in a 968, good buying
  11. If you wanted to have a play, black inside with silver petals and outer rim might help break the solid starkness.......maybe too predictable for you? I also prefer the original look rim.
  12. GLWS Chesh, looks like a nice bundle of goodies for someone. Glad to see you post again after your homeland comments earlier in the year which is a total catastrophe, feeling for your Country. I had thought about you several times since then and glad to see you are ok.
  13. You've redeemed yourself for at least thinking about it, a man has to have plans
  14. You've done it all wrong, I can see from your pic that house is taking up precious space, knock that brick wall out and make your garage 30% bigger
  15. Gotta move the Lotus out to get to the 944 to get to the 928 to drive the GT3..........but watch the boat! Classic Castle

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