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  1. I replaced with 3W over a year ago and no issues, big improvement.
  2. Probably because they've had the experience of someones lack of ability to open their door without touching the next car. Agreed they're not giving Porkas a great reputation, but I've seen people rest their door on the next car and when they sit down the weight rubs the door up and down on your pride an joy..........they think this is just fine, not like they banged it into your car
  3. Manual 996.2 coupe with relatively low k’s, if there are no hidden surprises I’d say it won’t last long. Remove headlight stickers, don’t mind the wheels.
  4. @finnystew, how did you end up with this issue, did you dig any deeper into the AFM performance?
  5. Looks nice from the pics, that first interior shot takes a bit of getting used to. I think it’ll be sitting for while at that price.
  6. What a shame it’s basically never driven, I suppose museum pieces need to exist.
  7. For some time I had a leak I couldn’t find the source of, replaced windscreen seal, replaced door seals and checked sunroof drains but still issues, my floor carpet would get soaked on one side. Turns out it was coming in from behind the door card, around where the speaker sits. I redid plastic sheet protection behind the door card and made up plastic flaps to sit over the speakers which deflected the water that comes down between the window into the door drain holes. It may not be your issue but worth checking, solved my problem. Maybe stuff some paper towel into the base of the door and give it a sprinkle from the outside to see if it gets wet.
  8. No matter how much you might be loving the Ocean Jade, you did far better with that 996.2 choice, great looking car
  9. The hook is out, surely there's no one mad enough to pay $76k for that car I suppose car yards have no scruples, but if I owned that business I'd be embarrassed to advertise at the level.
  10. Stepo

    PCCM Plus

    Nice work @White_996, did you install it yourself or get someone else in Melb to do it? What camera did you purchase? I have a wireless one that I haven't installed yet but it links to my phone and I'm wondering if the Alpine would just take a straight wireless connection direct from the camera (presuming it needs to recognise the camera software)? What about the surround, does that come with the display and fit the dash or did you get that somewhere else?
  11. As we've learnt, she's holding the nozzle the wrong way.....only going to end in disaster 😆
  12. That sound does nothing for me, no doubt a fast car and a sign of things to come but give me old porker tech any day of the week.
  13. If it just dies and then starts again after a few minutes, have you tried replacing the DME relay? If they are starting to go they can cause on/off issues (mine did recently), when they heat up they can get cranky...........would be a cheap fix if it solved your problem

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