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  1. Dmentd

    DPF Remove

    Is it worth getting the DPF removed? Is it better or worse for the cayenne diesel pros and cons please?
  2. Have seen this on you tube, it has two parts to it but where is the third part to show it all finished and working...
  3. So here is my cayenne with the new 22s on there, rides very well to my suprise.
  4. I'm moving to the goldcoast in a few months so mainly highway driving up and down
  5. I will be driving to and from goldcoast a few times in the next year or so have done it a few times already and that seems fine with my fpv GT and that has 20s with low profile tyres. But prob not classified as a country road.
  6. Thanx bud, how do you find the comfort/ride? Is it a daily?
  7. Looks awesome bud, what size wheel and tyre do you have?
  8. This is my concern but love the look so a compromise will take place. The top ones have 285 35 22 and the bottom are a 295 35 21. Depends how bad the ride is on the tyres fitted I will go with a thicker side wall.
  9. Looking at these two different wheels for the cayenne not sure which ones yet confused??? The first ones are 22s and the 2nd pic are 21s? What do you guys reccomend???
  10. Hi I'm after the wheel arch extensions for my cayenne in the painted version as I have the black ones now and prefer the colour coded ones. Anyone know where I can get them from?
  11. Hi, been on here for while and went away for while as didn't get my car when I signed up originally. Anyway just got a 2011 cayenne diesel and love it it's my daily and family car. Mods on the cards are darker tints and bigger wheels. Want to buy the colour coded wheel arches but don't know where to get them from.
  12. Dmentd


    I recived the two quotes from Dee... Spoke to Daniel from Ramspeed today, he told me for a Kraftwerks ECU flash tune, filters and cat delete with accelerator module would set me back about 5k. I'm going to have a few more chats with the some other workshops before I make a final decision. I said i would go with CV earlier but will wait a little longer to make the decision as there is no rush.
  13. Dmentd


    It sure is, I think I'll be going to CV performance since the guy I spoke to owned one and has done just about every mod for power gains. Cat delete, filters and Tune will be the go I for now...
  14. Dmentd


    Finally got my emails from Autowerks, I nearly fell down at the prices but here they are. For k&n filters, cat delete and custom tune they priced me at $3680. For k&n filters, cat delete, fi exhaust and custom tune they priced me at $11720.
  15. Dmentd


    Spoke to Spiro from Autotech today he told a tune will set me back $1895 and will add about 50kw at the fly wheel. He said he will have to see weather he can tune the box cause he wasn't sure that the software will work. If it does work it's another $695 to tune the box. Secondary cat delete was $400 and says without them the car becomes more responsive too and will give minimal gain but better sound too. CV had quotted me $1695 for there tune I missed putting in my earlier post. Still waiting for Autowerks to email me.

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