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  1. Seems like a good way for the government to catch more crypto guys who buy assets directly without paying CGT, in addition to more typical tax evasion.
  2. Good call. That's like a Real Estate agent saying you don't a conveyancer to review the contract. When I sold a car with a Porsche Extended warranty I got a call to ask if it can be transferred and info shared with the new owner, all you need is the last owner to say he traded the car to void it.
  3. I wouldn't be too worried, 981 models have proven to be very solid. If you get a pre-purchase inspection done on the car get an Over Rev report run by the shop which does it. This shows if the car has run over redline due to a miss-shift, which is possible on a manual car. Any Porsche specialist should do this as part of the inspection. Some amount of low range over-revs are fine and Porsche even warrants cars with low range over-revs so having some shouldn't be a deal breaker. Ask the shop to interpret the report for you as it shows the last time it was over-revved and how much time it has spent over redline. I've purchased a manual Porsche without a report and it ended up having zero over-revs (was during a Covid lockdown last year and the car was too cheap to pass up) but there is always a risk someone has buzzed the engine and you'll have no idea without running the report.
  4. rego

    R Compound tyres.

    The better compound will more than make up for the lesser width. In a car like the GT3 where you can get enough camber to have an A050 work it's a no brainer to me. I take my A050's to wet track days and love driving on them provided they aren't close to the cords.
  5. Got out to a Trackschool day at Wakefield yesterday and cracked a PB, getting down to a 1:08.48 (1:08.49 on Natsoft). I managed a ton of 1:08's and even in the last session of the day I managed 2 1:08 laps making me feel good about consistency. John Boston drove the car and gave me some setup feedback, I need to get an upgraded front sway bar in the car to balance it out which I'll have PR Tech action. The tyres are wearing well with the adjusted camber setup PR Tech made a while back with this being the 5th day on the A050 Mediums (2 wet days) and they look like they have 4+ days left in them without being rotated yet. Looking forward to the Porsche Club days later in the year on the South and Brabham circuits. I feel like this car is going to suit them well.
  6. rego

    Macan EV

    I love how Porsche released spy pics for this one too 🤣 The press release has some good insights into the development. https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2021/products/porsche-all-electric-macan-prototype-initial-testing-proving-grounds-weissach-24423.html
  7. No worries, I would say that GTS models are realistically not going to be available for much less than 120-130k. Based on what you said it sounds like they would be far better suited to you than a 991, I was just suggesting it as it's similar money for a car that went for nearly double the price new. Make sure you drive a 981 S/GTS before buying if you thought a 370Z was hard to enjoy without losing your licence, the chassis is so good on the 981 that it's going to be partial throttle a lot of the time if you drive hard in the bends, however the sound of the engine and the way the PDK blips makes up for a lot. We are selling our MX5 at the moment to make room for a 991, it will be sad to see ours go but I get what you mean about them being soft out of the box, I think a Porsche is far nicer stock.
  8. The 981 GTS is basically an S with a badge, a few options as standard, a 3rd radiator, slightly different front and rear bumper and a modified ECU for more power. The 981 GTS maybe had something when it was possibly going to be the fastest naturally aspirated Boxster made, but with the 4.0 718 being made which is newer and a much more special engine I wouldn't be buying a 981 GTS for 135k and I DEFINITELY wouldn't be buying an S for north of 100k, I've seen 981 Cayman S' for just north of 100k recently which usually hold a good premium over a Boxster. If you are going to spend that sort of money would go look at a 991 series 911. You can go buy something like this for 140k which has a Porsche extended warranty you can keep extending until 2028 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-porsche-911-carrera-991-auto/SSE-AD-6599318/?Cr=0 Or this which doesn't have extended warranty but is an S cab with minimal km https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-porsche-911-carrera-s-991-auto/OAG-AD-19669349/?Cr=2 c
  9. rego

    PCCM Plus

    If you are worried about it blending in they sell ones without a Bezel which can work. Even the side buttons which illuminate on the touch screen you can change the colour to whatever the interior light colour is. This is the one I have on my 987.2 model which is the Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT which has both wireless Apple Carplay and wireless Android Auto which PCCM doesn't have (they only do wired) and you can rebrand the launch screen if you really want to. Way cheaper!
  10. Buying a 991 thinking it won't depreciate is not realistic. You probably need to go 997.1 or older to get into the no depreciation club, but the trade off is you end up with an older car which is going to have older car issues (997.2 and 991 were a big step up in reliability). I'm looking around for a 991.1 S myself with warranty still running and am budgeting around 7-10k in depreciation for the first 5 years putting around 15km on it a year. If it depreciates less than that I'm happy, but if not I won't be disappointed. We had a great run on our 981 Boxster S we owned for just over 3 years under warranty, having lost around 7k a year in depreciation even when putting 15km on it a year. Pretty cheap motoring in my view for all the great trips we did in the car.
  11. The power on that dyno sheet is corrected (see Cor'd on the top of the power sheet) but the torque isn't and is just the torque measured at the rollers. If it was the corrected value it would say "Derived Torque" which accounts for Diff/Gear ratios, Tyre size etc... A 991 GT3 RS only makes 470nm max torque, if this 996 made 580.4nm at 7650RPM that would mean it's making 464kw.
  12. I'm pretty sure the discrepancy is that it's measuring the torque at the rollers rather than the corrected figure which should show as derived torque. I just found this for you on google image search which shows a DynoLog chart with both total and derived torque figures on it so you can see the difference.
  13. What a great swap! Seeing that gearbox bolt right up made me realize how amazing this combo is. Looking forward to watching the series Jeff.
  14. rego

    Jack Pads

    I went the 'fancy route' and purchased from "The 911 Guy" on ebay a while back. $100 for a set of 4 seemed ok for me as I like to be able to ensure the jack is centred over the jack point. Here's a link to the ebay listing https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jack-Pads-Lift-Pucks-for-your-Porsche-911-Carrera-1987-2019-Boxster-Cayman-/114416370913?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  15. Looking for a standard 997 GT3 Front Sway bar for my 987.2 Boxster. If anyone has one they want to get rid of let me know. Part codes are 997 343 701 94 or 997 343 701 95

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