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  1. rego

    Jack Pads

    I went the 'fancy route' and purchased from "The 911 Guy" on ebay a while back. $100 for a set of 4 seemed ok for me as I like to be able to ensure the jack is centred over the jack point. Here's a link to the ebay listing https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jack-Pads-Lift-Pucks-for-your-Porsche-911-Carrera-1987-2019-Boxster-Cayman-/114416370913?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  2. Looking for a standard 997 GT3 Front Sway bar for my 987.2 Boxster. If anyone has one they want to get rid of let me know. Part codes are 997 343 701 94 or 997 343 701 95
  3. I'd guess either wheels without correctly sized spigot rings or incorrectly torqued nuts based on similar failures I've seen.
  4. Yeh, it seems like a really great skill to learn. I found it hard to get the same feeling in the feet though. Do it! Definitely would recommend, a lot of people say to get an 80/20 style rig for the unlimited configuration choices but to me they are a bit too much of an eyesore for my home office. This TR8 rig seems to be able to handle basically anything you want wheel and pedal wise with no shake at all. Also went for these Fanatec V3 Inverted pedals which match the Porsche pedal configuration.
  5. Got out for my first day of the year last weekend at a Trackschool event. Great to be out on track but it was really hot at 36 degrees! So with no good times to be had I figured I'd take the opportunity to learn how to left foot brake in a real car after honing my skills in the virtual world over the past couple of months as well as try to fix up my trail braking. Reviewing the data I seem to be slightly faster through T9 and T5 with left foot braking but through T3 I appear to be slower than right foot braking. In T10 I seem to have made a bunch of time with trail braking (surprisingly I was consistently faster by 0.2 seconds than my prior speeds on a cool day!) I built a proper sim rig in November and invested a ton of time into racing on iRacing, any one on the fence looking to improve their driving should definitely get one. Currently hovering around 1500 - 1650 irating, pretty much exclusively racing the MX5's as I still don't feel solid enough to need a faster car and am still a fair way off the truly fast guys (have been in top split a few times and consistently have my ass kicked!) The only issue is that I am now hankering to buy a car to race wheel to wheel. Probably the coolest thing that has happened is Fernando Alonso being put into the MX5 race I was in this week. He didn't bother qualifying and still came second with times nearly a second faster than the nearest competition!
  6. Modifications shouldn't change much in terms of premiums as long as you don't want to increase the agreed value of the car from what it would be standard. Modifications don't really add much value to a car, so personally I just keep the value around the same and self-insure the modifications. Doing 20+ track days a year I figure that at some point it will be my day, so a slight loss if I ever write a car off on the road is a sort of cheap compared to that 🤣.
  7. You just need to tell them the modifications otherwise they won't pay out on them. Pretty sure the purpose isn't to void insurance policies as that would be bad for Shannons reputation in catering for enthusiasts. If you are really worried about it just tell them when you make modifications and your problem is solved. Other insurers like GIO will cover all modifications without even telling them unless it is specific excluded items like a cage or turbo. Never made a claim myself but have had friends make claims on highly modified cars with Shannons and they were perfect in paying out.
  8. I'm down for garage 16 (Daniel Gardner) but being based in Sydney it doesn't look like I'll be there so feel free to reallocate as needed.
  9. Damn that is some brutal tyre wear! I had mine go out on my 987 but caught it early, I have a bad habit jumping curbs. You grab the locking kit as well to go with the adjustable toe arm? https://www.tarett.com/items/986-987-981-718-products/986-987-981-718-suspension/986-987-981-718-control-arms/locking-plate-kit-996-993-t-link-lkplt01-detail.htm
  10. In poker it's Game Theory Optimal to increase the size of your bet when you increase the frequency of your bluffs. Maybe he's now applying that to carsales pricing so he can bluff on selling more cars to satisfy the missus.
  11. It originally was a Test & Tune day by Winton, Track for Days booked it and then moved the date to the Sunday, but have now cancelled it with the Covid restrictions it looks like (I emailed with Meng from Track for Days a few weeks back). I'd email Winton to see what the current plan is. I'm still crossing fingers us Sydney people will be able to go but losing faith by the day..
  12. Nuclear war wouldn't work as the government would just get out a(nouther) nuclear bomb of a policy response.
  13. I was seeing WTB ads for 97 Boxster parts and silver body panels so assume so too 🤣
  14. Yeh, it's never gonna be a mint car but the guy said in the post he was keen to get rid of it and is only in it for 12k. Given the previous owner did IMS, Control arms, starter etc.. not long before this guy got it I thought it might be a good track car or beater for someone.
  15. Hail damaged 986 a guy is considering selling for anyone interested. Could be a nice Boxrod. https://m.facebook.com/groups/50968881703/permalink/10158688085326704/

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