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  1. Sepand

    993 seats

    Looking for a set of pole positions/RS buckets or similar to fit a 993. PM me please
  2. Out of curiosity, what was the history prior to you buying it? Where did the service books go? I think a big reason it didn’t sell was the lack of documented history which a lot of buyers are really fussy about.
  3. As above, need asap for a 993 C2 Can be stock or sports cats. Let me know if you have anything suitable
  4. Crazy that people have the patience to wait 4 years to get their cars made
  5. Correct otherwise you’d paying a ridiculous amount more in terms of duties. The thing is that if Zagame are sourcing cars locally there’s barely ever any advertised hence why I thought the red UK one would have been snapped up as it’s likely the only suitible doner car on the market.
  6. Yeah must be. I wonder where the local singer buyers are sourcing their cars from
  7. Sorry I don’t get what your trying to say there tomo
  8. So what would the equivalent aus delivered version of the red Carsales 964 trade for? >170-180k?
  9. You reckon it’s that over priced? I’ve seen nothing manual coupe sell around that for either 964 or 993
  10. Has anyone checked out the red C2 on Carsales? Been sitting on the market forever ages it seems with no takers
  11. It will need to be 25+ years old to be eligible so 996s are out of the equation

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