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  1. Try Mr Cool Air Conditioning at Black Street, Milton. A mate had either the evaporator or condenser replaced by them. I am sure they would sell just the parts if required.
  2. Use them on whatever car you daily as a reminder of all the adventures with your first Porsche and as you have been introduced to the brand, it will not be your last. I still have my 968 personalised plates but don't have an extra car to put them on at this point.
  3. Try Euro Car Upgrades, you can buy online. https://eurocarupgrades.com.au/2016-pcm-3-0-map-update-boxster-cayman-911-carrera-gt2-gt3-cayenne-australia-maps-oem-99764227956-service.html
  4. I have PCM 2.0 and purchased map upgrade from Euro Upgrades - Sunshine Coast. Looks like genuine Porsche on disc. This is the latest for PCM 2.0. This is link to PCM 2.1 https://eurocarupgrades.com.au/2015-porsche-pcm-2-1-map-update-boxster-cayman-911-carrera-targa-4-turbo-gt2-gt3-cayenne-australia-maps-2005-2008.html
  5. You can also use wax and grease remover (Prepsol or similar) with a cloth. Worked a trick on my 2004 996.
  6. I used Lakin plate holders on my 968. Very good product https://www.lakinplates.com.au/index.php?main_page=index
  7. Allan C

    1994 968

    @OzJustin gone back to where the original owner was, although purchased from Brisbane.
  8. Have the same on my 968 so just use the alligator clips supplied. Have the longer permanent with LED's fitted to the 996 which means the battery cover does not have to be removed.
  9. Allan C


    Great photography work there.
  10. @Fraz, thanks for starting the topic. I have one like the "So sweet, new car anyone', 2004 in Artic Silver which I purchased just over a year ago with <19,000 km for a fair bit less than the asking price here. Obtained from Carsales, add was only up for a couple of hours, that quick I don't think anybody noticed it. Great car, it is mint with all paperwork. They are out there, you just need patience.
  11. Try Euro Car Updates - 30 Maud Street, Maroochydore. https://eurocarupgrades.com.au/porsche I obtained my PCM 2.0 map update from them, look identical to the map update from Porsche but at a fraction of the cost
  12. Jason A, if they are just sticky you can clean them with some Prepsol, Prepwash, Grease and wax remover. My 996TT had the sticky radio knob syndrome and the prepsol worked a treat. It seems to be the plastisisor (not sure of the spelling) coming out of the plastic knob. Allan
  13. @thumperson you must have been driving slowly to get that much out of the tank, not like I have seen it fly on some drives. Will miss you up here in Brisvegas.
  14. @D2000 you can also clean the stickiness from the Becker knobs with Wax & Grease Remover, Prepsol, Prep Wash or similar. Had good success with my Becker.
  15. FYI, the Porsche Driving Experience is held at Mount Cotton Training Centre not Mount Cotton Hillclimb which is owned by MG Car Club. They are next to each other on Mount Cotton Road.

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