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  1. Hey Tips hopefully catch up at the next Machines & Macchiatos on the 18th. Good turnout of P cars today.
  2. On the green 911 I used GYEON which I find the quality of their car care products is very good. I had my wife's Macan ceramic coating done with GTECINIQ and I find that the 911 has a better finish. 👌
  3. Its been four years since I had paint correction and a ceramic coat on my car and the finish still looks amazing.
  4. Totally agree with you LEEM Seen it all before and the one common thought between them all is they think society OWES them. Maybe I got it wrong....working a 60hr week every week
  5. RPMs in Arncliffe. Been servicing my cars for 18years,Porsche specialist Ralph the head mechanic is the ONLY person that will work on your vehicle. http://rpms.net.au
  6. ESR prestige Autobody 9735 1111 a mate just had his speedster repainted by them and the only way to describe it is flawless
  7. Spotted in Leichhardt on the weekend looking like a couple of movie stars?
  8. What are the chances of seen two Aussie delivered Speedsters in the back streets of Leichhardt
  9. i agree that it should be left as it was from factory(spoiler was added two years later) i am also a believer that a narrow body should not have a spoiler (personal taste). the Interior is all black with only the front seats been retrimed about four years ago. .
  10. HI all New to the forum, this is my second 911 first one been a 78 model which I sold about 12 years ago due to a new business venture and as you could imagine It was a mistake selling it. Come across this 3.2 Carrera in Melbourne early this year and was just blown away by its colour and so it had to come back with me"lucky my partner likes air cooled 911s" its been 3 months since I got it and have allready clocked up about 4000km,been an absolute joy to drive. Thinking to remove rear spoiler YES or NO? cheers Connor
  11. Hi Cam I have an all original 87 Carrera and its has the factory 6,7x16 iam chasing some 8x16 if anyone wants to sell? cheers

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