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  1. Great news it is coming soon @Ian718... take some photos and enjoy the pick up day. Agree with others, you'll probably laugh about this not too far into the future. Look forward to hearing about your positive ownership experience.
  2. Haha thanks mate. Having seen @symsy's cars I'd trust him to drive mine. Will join the Porsche Club Adelaide but might wait for the next membership year to roll over first... Looks like a few events get put on during the year too.
  3. Any time you're in Adelaide you're welcome to borrow the keys. I'm extremely happy with the buy and hope I don't regret going black over white. As for my wife, a remarkable lady who tolerates my car affairs without a complaint! She might not send you a thank you card but if you're in town she'll happily invite you over to dinner with the family. Thanks again! The Porsche community is great. Will join the local Porsche Club later this year.
  4. Sorry for the longish post... Well after starting my search last year then getting cold feet for 6 months, I started browsing for a Porsche again earlier this year... Initially was set on getting a manual (either a 981 or a 991.1). Checked out a GT4 at Richmond's but that was too hardcore as a daily driver and with 2 small kids I set my heart on a 911. I then got tempted by a local 991.2 PDK at the Adelaide dealer which they were pretty keen to move. The modern additions of the .2 I thought really added to the daily driving experience. At around the same time though, a car on the NSW North Coast popped up with much better options for a similar price... problem was how to inspect it without making more than one trip. Some people might call me crazy, but I trusted in @symsy who out of his own good will went to inspect the car for me and gave me a thorough review. I also must have spent more than 45 mins on the phone with the owner talking about the car and his car history. Both great blokes. In the end, I essentially bought it sight unseen! Flew to Ballina with a mate, had lunch with symsy and the original owner, and then we drove it back to Adelaide over the course of 3 days (initially planning 2 days but due to various crazy scenarios we had to stretch it an extra day)... If I were to drive a car back from NSW north coast again, I would plan to take the scenic route over a longer period with better driving roads. It's quite stressful dodging road kill and animals by the side of the road! Anyway, the trip really let me get to know the car well and left some great memories. Just got it detailed today, dash cam installed and wheel balanced and aligned after the trip. Only some very minor cosmetic blemishes, but now looking fantastic after a thorough detail and opticoat by Elite Finish in SA. Not planning to go paint protection film I think but rather an opticoat top up once a year. Will be planning to daily it. This is my first Porsche, easily the best car I've owned and I hope to get several years enjoyment out of it (wife says minimum 4 years!)... I sense a long Porsche car history for me in the future. I'm very happy with the buy! Specs: PDK, Chrono, PSE, 18 way seats, PDLS+ in black, glass roof, heated steering wheel, Carrera 4, 20 inch Carrera Classic Wheels, Sport Design Mirrors Some phone pics from pick up today from Elite Finish:
  5. I have! Will give an update in the intro thread by the end of the week. Had some very generous help from @symsy during my search.
  6. That's exciting to hear nonetheless! Makes for an eta of delivery around about the end of April right?
  7. Thanks Russ. Are you in the Byron area? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  8. Hope to get some advice/recommendations from PFA members. I'm pretty keen on a car from the Byron Bay area and was considering driving it back to Adelaide. I was wondering if there were any recommendations for clear wrap/stone chip protection installers in the GC/Byron Bay/Ballina area? I wasn't planning to do the whole car - just the highest risk areas of the car before setting off. A business with a relatively short wait list would be useful too. Might be able to get some help from some friendly locals to drive it GC way if there wasn't anyone in the Byron/Ballina area itself. Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations. Haven't pulled the trigger yet but considering the possible logistics if I go ahead. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. They've just dropped the price on that blue Cayman S 981 to 130K... must have taken the feedback on board :). Looks appealing with those options! And yes, I've also heard that warranty can be extended after it has expired assuming it passes a Porsche centre inspection.
  10. 997.2 almost impossible to find though from what I've read but patience needed in the hunt...
  11. Thanks guys... early days in my inspections. Enjoyed the drive of the manual non S 991 but did notice a difference with the S and need to decide whether the price premium is worth it. Timing and own finance ready to go is my best bet I imagine. Plus sometimes the sensible side of me gets into my head and suggests that the 997 is the sweet spot for price or a newer boxster/cayman gives as much daily enjoyment! Of course the peace of mind of warranty extension to 10 years really appeals to me too so hence leaning newer model.
  12. Early days in my hunt for a manual 911 (911) but certainly it would appear that the manuals are priced higher and harder to find...
  13. Thanks for the input guys... In Melbourne this weekend from Adelaide so it's an opportunistic inspection. The Sydney dealer one looks worth an enquiry if the Melbourne ones don't stack up. Two non s and one s on the agenda. How much wriggle room do these Porsche dealerships have? Unchartered waters for me.
  14. Thanks... 991S Manuals are steep in price... even the 2012 build non S 991s are asking way higher price than what redbook quote although I know redbook isn't entirely accurate when it comes to these type of cars as it's based on what people put down for stamp duty purposes... will be seeing a non S and S manual in Melbourne this weekend... not sure how much wriggle room these dealerships work with as it's my first time buying cars in this price bracket. Will update once I have a car or start a WTB thread in the marketplace!

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