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  1. Hi anyone got a 2.0 65 through 72 flywheel gathering rust.? 0412945025 text or ring To Fit 69 911 T Cheers JW
  2. I have 5 , 14 x 5.5 Fuch wheels i need to have bright anodized to original 69 T Thanks
  3. Hi Gus, I am going to run the 50 PMOs and the larger headers soon as i fit the Knocklink warning and lambda data log system. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the feedback,, Any suggestions re slicks brands compounds ? 15x 9 and 11” sprint racing.? cheers
  5. The reasons i am looking at going to EFI ITBs is to be able to build safeguards in and tune for max output across the total range with better drive-ability at 12.5 to 13 ;1 compression in 35degree plus temps. .PMOs and MSD are great but very limited in tune options at all loads and revs. No lean or knock overrides other than lights and gauges on the dash that in the heat of helmet head are invisible until to late. Work in progress JW
  6. Hi i am wanting to go to a Motec or equivalent EFI ITB system on my 3.2 -3.4 Twin plug race engine Anyone have one available to trade or sell I have 2 near new PMO complete carb systems 46 mm and 50 mm. Still on the car. Please Email me on john@poolcovers.com.au Cheers JW
  7. Hi i am on the hunt for a pair of 15",16'',17' or 18"light weight wheels 11 or 12 inch wide. For G series 911 Please Email me john@poolcovers.com.au Thanks
  8. Hi what EFI are you planing on going to? Im running PMOs but looking to do the same... maybe?
  9. Hi has anyone done a real comparison using AO 50s (mediums) then tried slicks (soft or mediums) in track sprints?( average 3 timed laps) Early 911 G series. Cheers
  10. Hi where would i go to buy a pair of 17 x 8.5 or 17 x 9 inch light weight wheels for track car ? John@poolcovers.com.au Thanks John
  11. Please email me john@poolcovers.com.au
  12. WTB a pair of door tops to fit a 69 911T John@poolcovers.com.au Thanks John
  13. Hi I am after a pair of 17 X 8.5 or 9 inch light weight wheels.? Please email me at john@poolcovers.com.au
  14. Do they supply the complete dash?
  15. WTB a pair of door tops to fit a 69 911T John@poolcovers.com.au Thanks John

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