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  1. The CS doors are the same doors fitted to all 996 and 986 models. You can physically fit an airbag onto a .1 CS however their is no plugs to make them work. And Porsche never fitted from factory the airbag compatible door cards to any cars without side airbags.
  2. @mrar thanks for going the extra mile!
  3. Has anyone ever weighed their 6.1 GT3. I’m very curious to know what the ‘real world’ weight is compared to the factory claimed figure?
  4. Honestly I think if anyone is buying a modern performance car as a ‘fun weekend car’ you’re going to be a little disappointed. In my experience I’ve learnt that the way forwards is to actually looks backwards. I had a 991.2 gt3rs I’ve still got a 991.1 gt3. Neither of them have any meaning in the real world. Going out for a Sunday drive in one with a group of friends is like bringing a gun to knife fight. You spend the day rolling around behind them. While they are actually getting the enjoyment of driving in cars with less performance and ultimately a hell of a lot more fun. If you were to pass them and have a crack at getting towards the cars limit. You’re doing insane speeds and risks are not worth dying over. Lighter and less power is where the fun is. 993RS and 996GT3 I think is the absolute limit of how fast you would ever want a road car. My days of buying modern GT3’s, McLaren's and Ferrari’s is well and truly over. They have become a bit pointless
  5. This is a great thread and I love seeing all the different models that everyone gravitates towards after a lifetime of dreaming, reading and experiencing all the different Pcars - 356 GS Carrera Speedster - 1974 3.0 RS - 959 sport. Must have a Berber interior - 993 RS Touring - 997 GT3 RS 4.0
  6. So basically what we have learnt from this is that a Hiace with 996 GT3 running gear would be the ultimate SMT vehicle
  7. I found the biggest difference between the two was the spring rate. The 6.2 RS was a lot stiffer than my 6.1 CS. I only drove the RS for a short squirt and the road it was on was less than perfect which probably didn’t help the experience. But I suspect on a smooth track is where it would really start to make sense
  8. Either way they are all brilliant cars. But Hugh is right. If you scrap all the names and just look at the cars objectively for what the are and the experience they provide. A 964 RS isn’t so far away from a standard car. However a 993 RS is hugely different from its base model. Perhaps the same could be said for the .1 GT3.............
  9. But it didn’t weigh less than the base model 996. You aren’t comparing apples to apples with the respective model line up. To say the .1 GT3 is heavier than a Carrera is correct the same goes for .2 GT3 and RS they both are heavier than the base .2 Carrera. Even the 991 GT3 and RS is heavier than a standard Carrera. Does that mean that no RS should exist purely because they weigh more?
  10. The .2 GT3 RS did not weigh less than the .2 Carrera I think what Skids was initially trying to elude to in his great write up was that maybe At the time Porsche was trying to introduce a different naming strategy considering that the original GT3 was a direct replacement for the 993RS. Meaning that the 996.1 missed out on those two seemingly very important letters. Perhaps due to the board trying to create a new ‘legend’ with the introduction of the water cooled era
  11. You’re spot on. The Carrera 4 shell with all the extra bracing is a lot heavier than most people realise and also the metzger with attached dry sump that was coupled with the 993 GT2 derived gearbox was I think around 35ish kg heavier than the standard Carrera lump
  12. I think the argument of the 6.2 being faster, more powerful, more capable is null and void now. They are both old cars now, thinking about there ability for outright speed and potential for lap times is missing the point. A base model 992 will show a clean pair of heels to any 996 gt3 with us amateur drivers behind the wheel. But if you factor in the experience and the way a car makes you feel. Well I think we all know which set of keys we would reach for........
  13. My car is the same as the day it left Hamilton’s twenty years ago. The factory battery cutoff is a solenoid type. Which I’m not sure if this would be approved in certain race categories. That maybe why the black car has the conventional ‘contact’ type that uses the good old red key
  14. The pilot sport 4S doesn’t come in 18’s. It’s either pilot sport 4 or Cup 2’s. I’ve put on the PS4 on the 993rs and it’s been a great choice even for spirited drives. I’ve got Cup2’s on a couple of other cars but they aren’t the best for road use and are quite poor in the wet
  15. Awesome pic and that would have been such a great trip. It sounds like we may need to organise a PFA red dirt adventure!

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