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  1. Thanks guys, will check it out 😀
  2. My 1984 944 speedo trip meter and odometer has stopped working. Anyone have any recommendations for repairers in Perth? Thanks for any info.
  3. Hi, Anyone know whereabouts in Perth I could get a new clutch master cylinder tomorrow for my 1984 944 2.5L? Mine has gone as the pedal goes straight to the floor and I can see it leaking on to my foot well. Thanks for any advice.
  4. bteoh

    Aircon on 944

    Hi Bruce, Thanks for the very detailed explanation of the aircon in the earlier 944s , like the one I have. I shall try to look at the mounting brackets for the compressor to see if it has the factory air con? At least I know now why it can’t pull about 4 Degrees at the vents. Cheers, Brian
  5. bteoh

    Aircon on 944

    Perhaps the Turbo and Series 2 944s have better vent designs and fan motors? The earlier ones don't seem to be super efficient and I wonder if any owners with the earlier 944s have problems with their cooling. I reckon in 40 degree days, mine would struggle to cool the cabin effectively.
  6. Hi, I have a 1984 944 2.5L and just had the aircon regassed. It was first pressure tested and appeared to hold pressure. 134a was added - approximately 850grams but the central vents were only getting temps around 15 degrees. Hi-Cool additive was added which brought the temp down to about 12 degrees. I don’t know if that is normal for the factory aircon but it doesn’t seem super cool. Would like to know what other owners experience in their cars? Cheers
  7. Thanks Tazzieman. Did you say you also replaced the leather boot as well? Where did you source that from?
  8. Hi, Re:- 1984 944 2.5L Does anyone know the correct orientation of how this gear boot frame goes onto the console? Does the thicker end face the front of the car or the other way round? Thanks for any info.
  9. Hi Gavin, Am new to the 944 scene and wasn't sure if any of your parts might fit my car? It is a 1984 stock standard 944. Thanks for any info. Brian
  10. Hi, Am new to the Porsche marque and was looking for any Porsche independent specialists for my recently acquired 1984 944 here in Perth? I can do most basic things like oil and filter changes, pad replacements but am not familiar with the 2.5L 944 engine. Thanks for any info
  11. Hi All, New to the forum and to Porsche. My collection consists mainly of Alfas and this is my first Porsche and it is a 1984 944 manual coupe. There are some small issues that need sorting but otherwise a fairly solid and reasonably original car. Would be great to know where in Australia or anywhere that may be a good place to source parts. It is missing the left front over rider and trim, Broken sunvisor clips, busted rear electric aerial and ignition barrel that doesn't crank the engine (Previous owner had a bypass switch button). I would like to restore the car to original condition and any guidance would be much appreciated.

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