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  1. Case 1 Face 1 GMT Black Rallystrap with red stitching.
  2. http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=97582 https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/929250-paddle-shifter-install-on-tiptronic-write-up.html
  3. Definitely check that they fit the tyres, a friend of mine lent me some really good quality ones and they didn't fit around the back of my 285mm rear tyres, luckily I had some narrower rear wheels which I could bolt on to move the car.
  4. I like Go Jacks and they work well, before buying make sure that your wheels are not too wide. My rear tyres would not fit in the Go Jacks as they were too wide, luckily I had a smaller set of tyres and swapped them.
  5. Love this quote from the article: "Christian Horner made a huge mistake in making Max Verstappen team leader and we can see how big a mistake that was because he has lost Danny Ricciardo, RBR's actual star driver. Horner is supposed to be an arch-strategist, but he did not see how much Renault would win if they lured the one proven winner who was free of contract."
  6. It happens unfortunately, Magnussen after leaving/being sacked by Renault was criticised, Red Bull/Toro Rosso were not complimentary to Kvyat, Ron Dennis was critical of Prost when he left, Ron Dennis was critical of Alonso when he left (that was a high pressure environment and in the wake of McLarengate they copped a $100m fine which probably makes you a bit grumpy), I also think when Nigel Mansell left Ferrari in 1990 there were some mutual criticisms and when Prost left at end of 91 the team were not too complimentary of him. What surprises me is that it was Horner who made the comments as he is normally the good cop to to Helmut Marko's bad cop. I suspect that criticism of Honda will be limited at least in 2019 for two reasons. Firstly Honda will provide their engines for free and will almost certainly kick in a significant amount of sponsorship money, this means that they will have more money available for development of the car. Secondly Red Bull know that in the short term their options are limited as neither Ferrari or Mercedes want to provide them with engines and therefore Honda is their only option. I think Red Bull fully expect the engine to slower than Renault as they seem to be changing their rhetoric regarding 2019 where they are setting expectations low. Additionally, given potential new rules for 2021 there is hope that new engine manufacturers will come in if the new engine rules are cheaper. Red Bull F1 have an existing commercial relationship with Aston Martin and the head company has commercial relationships with VAG (Audi/Porsche/VW) so if new manufacturers come in they have options to team up with given that both VAG and Aston Martin have attended forums regarding new engIne rules for F1. However, if the team has a reputation for being critical of engine partner and not providing good PR getting a new engine manufacturer into the sport (hard enough on its own) to join with Red Bull would be further exacerbated.
  7. Part of the art of being a top F1 driver is being in the right car at the right team and working your way through internal politics when you are there. This is also coupled with the business side of things which is more than just getting yourself a large salary but also setting yourself up for the future post F1 with a long term career. This is not just about income post F1 but also about having interesting things to do challenge you and to keep your profile. Aligning yourself with a manufacturer gives you a lot of opportunities post your F1 career. When MW stayed at Red Bull he was driving what was either the best F1 car or close to the best F1 car in the field and this meant he got to drive what was effectively the fastest car in the world and got to win races despite being number 2 driver. Ferrari or McLaren would potentially have paid more but the car would have been slower, plus Ferrari in particular apply brutal team orders and with Alonso as his team mate he would still be no 2 and would have won less races albeit with a very nice company car. I have a lot of respect for MW and wonder what his career might have been like if he had gone to Renault instead of Williams. I would say that while perhaps not as skilled as Alonso or Hamilton he certainly had talent equal to or better than Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg both of whom won F1 titles so he had potential to be a champion and his driving performances at Porsche, even though he was not quite as a amazingly fit and was a few years older, were still sublime and world class. The Red Bull team that DR finds himself in is not as strong and with the Honda engine would appear on balance of probabilities to be weaker than than this year's Red Bull. So in this case he would be staying for less money, virtually zero wins. This way DR is aligning himself to a manufacturer, he is getting a big salary and by virtue of the pay discrepancy between himself and his team mate his the defacto if not official no 1. He is positioned with a team that has more championship potential for him personally than Red Bull and stronger commercial. After 2020 there is I believe a major new set of rule changes coming in and quite often in F1 this can herald a major shift in ascendancy. DR will hopefully be positioned with a manufacturer team as a team leader and will be well positioned to take advantage of any opportunities that come his way. Given his other options were Red Bull who appear to have backed Verstappen and McLaren who are barely able to qualify in the top 10 he has picked the team that gives him the best option of winning races in the future and has a known development path. If nothing else DR will not die wondering about what could have been.
  8. I read that it is rumoured the financial offering from Red Bull was materially less than that paid to Verstappen, given he has outscored him last year and is ahead this year that is a bitter pill to swallow. Given the Honda engines have not yet set the world on fire the 2019 Red Bull has questionable pace to be a genuine front runner, plus if it is a front runner Red Bull has history of favouring which ever driver has Helmut Marko's favour (which is clearly not Daniel) and he is faced with the prospect that he has very long odds of being World Champion at Red Bull and at least driving for Renault his destiny is in his own hands.
  9. Just in case you have not seen these threads using Mercedes paddle shifters may help: http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=97582 https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/929250-paddle-shifter-install-on-tiptronic-write-up.html
  10. Imagine the look on competitors faces if they turned up at Eastern Creek or Wakefield Park for Time Attack and saw a fleet of Porsche semi trailers and the 919 sitting there sorrounded by a horde of Porsche technicians and computers ?
  11. Paris was the opposite, there are currently restrictions on diesels that can be driven there, older diesels produced before 2001 are currently not allowed in the city between 8am and 8pm and they are looking to ban diesels altogether by 2024.
  12. That's what happens when you use your customers to test your product.
  13. Wow, looking forward to more of this build!!

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