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  1. As an unreformed 80's child who still has a love for a lot of 80's style, that is too much 80's even for me 🤮
  2. https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/00072192291.html
  3. NSX and a 911 is pretty much the two best sports cars ever in your garage, well done
  4. I looked at the Accusump and ultimately decided the cure was as bad as the disease so to speak. The big factor is the semi slick tyres. Porsche actively recommends against track days with semi slick tyres on the 996. I thought that with a baffled sump that contains 12 litres of oil, starvation would not be an issue. I was proven wrong.
  5. Extended sump will not prevent oil starvation on a track if you use semi slick tyres. I know this from bitter experience.
  6. Personally after reading about 5 point and six point harnesses I would not consider them without at least a half cage. Presumably by fitting harnesses you can also fit a HANS Device which is a massive safety improvement if, God forbid, you run into a wall.
  7. If you go with the enlarged oil sump I strongly suggest you get a sump guard. Presuming you will lower the car it gets really easy to hit the sump on the ground, speed bumps etc. I fitted one of these and while it means I can no longer reverse my car into my garage the protection is worth it: https://lnengineering.com/bilt-racing-911-2-quart-deep-sump-stainless-steel-guard-plate.html Common advice seems to be don't fit a 5 point harness without at least a proper half cage: http://www.tracktuned.com/feed/2016/5/26/harness-bars-without-rollbars-and-a-trackday-organizers-thoughts-on-them

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