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  1. Good way to help a rural community in (hopefully by then) the aftermath of Corona
  2. I commend you on remaining positive amongst obvious undeserved frustrations means, when these tribulations pass you will enjoy your beautiful new car.
  3. I think the Prototipo is an amazing wheel, however if it was me, I would be looking for one of these which I believe were made by Momo for the 930 and also appeared on some 928's: Available at Pelican Parts https://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/smart/more_info.cgi?pn=100-498-F60-1&catalog_description=930S%20Style%20Steering%20Wheel%20%28hub%20and%20crest%20sold%20separately%2C%20see%20below%29%2C%20%22Formel%22%20Black%20360%20mm The crest at Pelican Parts: https://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/smart/more_info.cgi?pn=644-559-210-01-OEM&catalog_description=Porsche%20Crest%20with%20Gold%20Finish%20for%20930S%20Style%20Steering%20Wheel
  4. If you have 18 inch wheels it might depend on what size you want to fit on the rear wheels? The common size of 285/30/18 is not available in PS4s on the Michelin Australia webpage and they only list PS2s. However, if you are happy to get 265/35/18 you can get PS4s although looking at the Michelin Australia website they may not be N rated.
  5. Congratulations on hitting 100k subscribers 😎
  6. Tyroola website claims to have tyres: https://www.tyroola.com.au/pirelli-pzero-rosso-asimmetrico-n5-24545zr16-94y-ty5d9198e2bf.html albeit they would need to be shipped from Qld. I would contact Bob Jane as well, they might still have some tyres left in their Network and they may be able to get them shipped to you in Perth.
  7. This should be the video to get you to 100,000 subscribers and I suspect a lot more 👍
  8. Congratulations on being back in the fold again and on getting such a fantastic colour!! I look forward to your future posts.

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