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  1. Respect to the passing of one of my childhood heroes.
  2. Porsche Carrera Cup - Race Le Mans 2020 - english
  3. I like it. I remember being at a track day when a very low key Daihatsu turned up and nominated for the fastest class along with GT3 RS etc and everyone laughed and he smoked everyone. Was a stripped mid engined Daihatsu Charade which just smoked almost everyone, home built job but professionally put together and amazingly fast.
  4. Buy the $2 plastic drop sheets and then use masking tape to seal and you quickly cover tyres without need to remove. Very thin coats lightly applied. I recommend a trick I learnt from spray painting radio control cars. For the first couple of coats get a container with boiling water and rest the paint can in it for a few minutes (up to about half way). The heat helps thin out out the paint. The first coats should just be dusting.
  5. I bought it off EBay Here is a listing (I have no affiliation or ability to verify the seller and just show as a random example) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Spray-Film-by-Foliatec-Spray-on-Plastic-Dip-Spray-Kit-Silver-Metallic/172705418998?hash=item28360b8ef6:g:lPYAAOSwiONYQQeC
  6. This is removable paint specifically made for painting rims, made by a German company and is well regarded overseas:
  7. Advice from Rennline is that it's the first thing to fit. The cables and mounts are more hardcore. In my opinion when you shift the standard set up really fast, the gear throw particularly second to third is too long relative to the clutch and you can sometimes still be shifting when you want to start releasing the clutch. The Rennline kit is beautifully engineered and has three settings that you can get it how you want it. I have it set on on the middle setting and added an alcantara 996 GT3 RS shiftknob and it transformed the shift and is much sharper and intense than my MX5 NA was by a long way. (I had the Voodoo titanium gearknob on my NA that sharpened the shift up beautifully as well) I went with it because it is beautifully engineered, every part is metal and it will take a very long time before there is ever any slop in it. Never regretted doing it and improved the shift immensely.
  8. Try setting your store to one in Canberra as they have the $99 deal available for postage ($10 extra for post); as the website seems to allow postage for stores there. It may allow for postage to Melbourne.

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