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  1. What about this one? https://www.retrosoundusa.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2911#
  2. 356 Speedster 935 "Street" built by Porsche Exclusive for Mansour Ojjeh 964 Turbo S 996 GT3 RS Carrera GT
  3. As a former MX5 owner I can completely understand your point of view. However what about an ND MX5 (second hand)? They are dropping into the $20's and they are lighter than the NC? Is the NC a better chassis in your opinion?
  4. https://www.repco.com.au/en/globes-batteries-electrical/battery-accessories/battery-chargers/ctek-battery-charger-12v-5amp-mxs5-0/p/A9512219 Fit the plug that comes with the charger to your battery terminals and its plug and play. Here is a review: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/review-ctek-mxs-5-0-battery-charger-122203/
  5. Tyroola has: PZero Rosso Asimmetrico N4 in 285/30/18 and 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 N3 in 285/30/18 and 225/4018 Both are N rated and available in 996 dimensions.
  6. Which US Company is doing the engine build?
  7. Case 1 Face 1 GMT Black Rallystrap with red stitching.
  8. http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=97582 https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/929250-paddle-shifter-install-on-tiptronic-write-up.html
  9. Definitely check that they fit the tyres, a friend of mine lent me some really good quality ones and they didn't fit around the back of my 285mm rear tyres, luckily I had some narrower rear wheels which I could bolt on to move the car.
  10. I like Go Jacks and they work well, before buying make sure that your wheels are not too wide. My rear tyres would not fit in the Go Jacks as they were too wide, luckily I had a smaller set of tyres and swapped them.
  11. Love this quote from the article: "Christian Horner made a huge mistake in making Max Verstappen team leader and we can see how big a mistake that was because he has lost Danny Ricciardo, RBR's actual star driver. Horner is supposed to be an arch-strategist, but he did not see how much Renault would win if they lured the one proven winner who was free of contract."
  12. It happens unfortunately, Magnussen after leaving/being sacked by Renault was criticised, Red Bull/Toro Rosso were not complimentary to Kvyat, Ron Dennis was critical of Prost when he left, Ron Dennis was critical of Alonso when he left (that was a high pressure environment and in the wake of McLarengate they copped a $100m fine which probably makes you a bit grumpy), I also think when Nigel Mansell left Ferrari in 1990 there were some mutual criticisms and when Prost left at end of 91 the team were not too complimentary of him. What surprises me is that it was Horner who made the comments as he is normally the good cop to to Helmut Marko's bad cop. I suspect that criticism of Honda will be limited at least in 2019 for two reasons. Firstly Honda will provide their engines for free and will almost certainly kick in a significant amount of sponsorship money, this means that they will have more money available for development of the car. Secondly Red Bull know that in the short term their options are limited as neither Ferrari or Mercedes want to provide them with engines and therefore Honda is their only option. I think Red Bull fully expect the engine to slower than Renault as they seem to be changing their rhetoric regarding 2019 where they are setting expectations low. Additionally, given potential new rules for 2021 there is hope that new engine manufacturers will come in if the new engine rules are cheaper. Red Bull F1 have an existing commercial relationship with Aston Martin and the head company has commercial relationships with VAG (Audi/Porsche/VW) so if new manufacturers come in they have options to team up with given that both VAG and Aston Martin have attended forums regarding new engIne rules for F1. However, if the team has a reputation for being critical of engine partner and not providing good PR getting a new engine manufacturer into the sport (hard enough on its own) to join with Red Bull would be further exacerbated.

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