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  1. Just to put things in perspective, my 996 insurance in the UK was £750 ($1100). That included unlimited track days in the UK and Europe and unlimited miles per annum. Good luck with trying to find insurance like that here in Oz.
  2. For road tyres I have had a few sets of Michelin pilot sport II's which have been excellent tyres and I also use them as my track tyre for cold/wet track days and they have done very well. I was intending to replace them with the recently released Michelin pilot super sports as an experienced track buddy of mine out a set on his GT3 and they really do grip well, kind of in a niche between quality sticky road tyres and true R compound track tyres.
  3. I turned my standard exhaust into a bypass exhaust much the same as the expensive PSE but at a cost of about $250, it is not switchable but the sound is the same and it is a very nice sound. By the way I'm speaking from the experience of owning a 2002 996 with PSE and then adapting the standard exhaust on my 1999 996. It's all good but personally I'd never pay the $$ just to make it switchable.
  4. I'm not a gambler. When I owned my first 996 (a 2002 model) I drove it for a year and the IMS thing always was in the back of my mind and it detracted from the ownership experience. When I sold it and bought the 99 model I replaced the IMS straight away and have never given IMS a worried thought ever since. Whether you replace the IMS or not comes down to your risk tolerance and perhaps your intentions with respect to how long you'd hang onto the car. For me the 'satisfaction factor' has far far outweighed the $$ outlay to replace the IMS. That is one reason that I have no regrets even after I examined my bearing and found that it was in perfectly good condition and was going to remain so as it's grease filling had been replaced by engine oil by the time I got to it.
  5. Drop me a line if you like.
  6. oz951

    Project Car

    Yeah I'd highly recommend the 944 turbos, they are quick to begin with and it is relatively easy to make them go considerably faster once you are addicted.
  7. I did the LN engineering IMS bearing in my car a few weeks after I bought it and never looked back. I would highly recommend it for peace of mind. If a prospective 996 buyer factors in the cost of an IMS bearing upgrade when purchasing a 996, the end result is a lot of car for pretty reasonable money and no concerns about all the IMS hype.
  8. That Akrapovic stuff deserves a place in an art gallery, or at least that is what my first impression was a while back.
  9. Yes, it was Chris, that did the setup. He confided that he'd been concerned the car might have been a 'Frankenstein' as he knew I'd done a lot of things to it that aren't typical for a Carrera. He made some interesting/favourable comparisons to where it stacked up against some other well known brands.
  10. I thought I might share the solution to a problem I dealt with this past weekend. Since my car arrived in Australia after a few months of not being used during shipping from the UK I found it had developed a tendency to stall immediately after starting or when approaching a set of traffic lights. The problem was lessened with AC off and the motor warm but it was still happening from time to time. This had not been a problem last year when the car was in regular use. So this past weekend I pulled out the Idle stabliser valve from the side of the throttle and began a clean up using a spraycan degreaser and cotton buds. it wasnt long before I discovered that the spindle was actually spring loaded and when de-gunked it actually sprung back to an open (or closed) position when not driven by the motor. The point there is that when I first took it off the car the spindle was binding in a given position due to excess muck. Once it was degreased it began moving freely. I applied some wd40 before reinstalling it and sure enough the problem is fixed. This solution wont apply to later model cars that have E-throttle since they don't have an ISV, but the earlier cars with a cable throttle may benefit from an ISV clean if your having idle issues.
  11. I thought I might share an observation I have recently made since coming to Sydney. My 996 is set up with some very stiff spring rates compared to most, certainly a lot stiffer than a standard GT3 for example. The combination works as has been attested to by a couple of professional drivers who have driven my car and also endorsed by probably the best known UK suspension setup guy. Anyway, the point is that I have driven that car across UK & Europe and the ride is definitely firm and demands attention to the road conditions and necessitates that the damping be backed off for street driving if the ride is to be at all 'comfortable'. I found that when I got in the car in Sydney the ride felt brutal on some of the roads here. This past weekend I actually increased the damping from 3/30 to 8/30 which I'd normally consider as a very soft setting for rain conditions on a race track. To my surprise this actually felt better and better again when I set the rear sway bar from 50% to full soft (no surprise there). I guess the learning point for me was that under damping can lead to an increased sense of harshness on a rough road, and as I have known for some time underdamping certainly makes the steering response mushy and variable as the excess body motion induces significant suspension geometry changes.
  12. Yes mate, sure did. Got the 996 complianced and registered a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit of a short lived joy as 15 mins into my first drive I picked up a tank of crap fuel and the car was off the road for another week whilst I sorted it The yellow car is sitting in my garage at the moment. I'm awaiting the return of some of my gear from the UK before I run it.
  13. I installed 452s on the rear of my 996 fairly recently. They have been fine but I have been driving like miss Daisy tbh as I need to re configure my suspension before I can drive spiritedly on my local roads.
  14. Good on you Whipit. Glad to hear your perseverance is being rewarded.
  15. The trailer is rated for 2T but is fitted with 2.5T suspension and electric brakes.

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