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  1. Not for sale anymore,bought sight unseen by Queenslander
  2. found an apartment in a 'gay friendly' area...........$338 for 2 nights,looks clean and comfortable enough. So flights booked,accommodation booked just need some tickets to the event now.
  3. I am keen for anything that is planned...........
  4. Looking at Air BnB now WeHo kind of pricey......the first couple I looked at $900-1000 for 2 nights???? Does that sound right? Ad says $200 per night then there fees are more than the room! For those more knowledgeable should I be looking for something in particular?
  5. cheers will starting looking up accom
  6. I notice someone mentioned WeHo ??? What are some other areas of interest that aren't going to blow the bank? If anyone has stayed regularly appreciate a heads up!
  7. Due to fly back to work on the 10th May.........just trying to dodge a few days with my rota request now. But I am keen Any accommodation tips?
  8. https://waauctioneers.hibid.com/lot/78706-154784-22478/2000-porshe-carrera-911-roadster/ This could go cheap...........if you don't mind a cab
  9. Thanks mate , I will look to making an offer in the next few days,then will see if he/she bites!
  10. Harsh

    Capture Goldtop.PNG

    not my ride but will see what I can do......but I'm with you,lovely car ,regularly driven hard
  11. Thanks for the heads up..........not too fussed if the repair has been done okay,not worried about resale,just want a 'bunky' to run around in. But would be offering less than asking price!
  12. Lee do you know anything about this car ? currently for sale
  13. cheers.............have an extinguisher in the car,thought the Blazecut would just buy some time to get the car stopped

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