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  1. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/an-dollar11-million-porsche-design-1919-globetimer-with-complimentary-private-jet-and-porsche-911?mc_cid=0193863eb4&mc_eid=d5c193189f#&gid=1&pid=5 Posting this to test my notifications settings ,don't seem to be getting anything PFA related https://porscheforum.com.au/profile/2350-orlando/
  2. Recently fitted Dansk SS Sports muffler, sounds great ,no drone
  3. exactly my friend, a few on here like to hear the sound of their own (expert) voices...........
  4. those jeans are so tight she can't even get her fingers into the pockets
  5. Never heard 'it' called that before.........
  6. When you lift the lid on the engine bay you know you have something special............be a toss up between a Muira and the 959 for me
  7. Go for it and keep us posted.............I am interested in doing something similar!
  8. Not sure about any of this discussion as I have been told all the fuel is the same now ie Brand 'X' imported and then distributed as Shell BP Caltex etc.
  9. It has been on the wane for a few years now, do yourself a favour and watch the MotoGp, more 'racing' in the first lap than a season of F!
  10. while it's out..........bore it out

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