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  1. I am guardian for my nephew (21) who has an intellectual disability so I can confirm it costs us (taxpayer) $200k per year for him to be cared for in a shared house, so 2 people @$200k each = $400k plus they charge Dylan 65% of his pension for food and incidentals.......there is one full time carer 24/7 for the 10 or so persons living in the facility and casual carers providing additional care when the occupants are not at work! The only people making any money are the third party service providers working through the NDIS
  2. there are a few on carsales ,gumtree the usual places,and have been sitting there a long time......but try finding a decent 996 to straight swap for $34k I am in no way knocking the 240 especially yours and have enormous respect for your builds,it just seemed a little out there. Maybe I should follow my partners lead,she loves the 240Z
  3. no I don't.....but there are lots of them for sale for very little money
  4. cheers mate..........still a little puzzled about the 'straight swap' for a 996 GT3 replica
  5. I want to see pictures of your 240Z if its that good to do a straight swap.....
  6. I like the fact it has had a rebuild...........and aren't all of them 'imports' ?
  7. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-996-auto-my03/OAG-AD-17541932/?utm_campaign=interest-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email they are out there
  8. I know I still wake up in cold sweats over that, didn't react quick enough
  9. Was thinking the same about the tip you ran for me !
  10. Rod they do look the business. Will give a better report when it lands at my place
  11. Just ordered a print of original Porsche 911 SC factory drawings on high quality paper (220gsm) which when framed should look amazeballs..........link below, all models all vintage https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AutomobileZeitreise

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