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  1. At least..........$49500 was a helluva lot closer
  2. Good luck to him, that's the whole idea of sales.....get the best price you can, buying or selling
  3. In the area, we are pretty close to Beng Beng and Pitstops........ I'm keen for a Saturday Night do
  4. Liquid Destination is the go for the Maldives,talk to my mate Louis.....
  5. normally boat but trying Alaia Resort for a change
  6. Will see how the traffic goes.......I am sitting in Denpassar airport now waiting on a flight to Padang for an 8 day surf trip. Feeling pretty tired,need more than some red bull *wink *wink
  7. I think you're right........I will be shagged after Perth to Sydney, Sydney LA........might just save it up for Luft and something else Saturday night!
  8. Considering going. I land on the Friday night around 6.15 and don't really know my way around. Got to check in to an air bnb then find my way there (Petersen) not sure what time that would be??

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