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  1. https://waauctioneers.hibid.com/lot/78706-154784-22478/2000-porshe-carrera-911-roadster/ This could go cheap...........if you don't mind a cab
  2. Thanks mate , I will look to making an offer in the next few days,then will see if he/she bites!
  3. Harsh

    Capture Goldtop.PNG

    not my ride but will see what I can do......but I'm with you,lovely car ,regularly driven hard
  4. Thanks for the heads up..........not too fussed if the repair has been done okay,not worried about resale,just want a 'bunky' to run around in. But would be offering less than asking price!
  5. Harsh

    Fire Suppression Systems

    Lee do you know anything about this car ? currently for sale
  6. Harsh

    Fire Suppression Systems

    cheers.............have an extinguisher in the car,thought the Blazecut would just buy some time to get the car stopped
  7. Anyone had any experience with engine fire suppression systems like the Blazecut system. And if so what did you think about them.Is there an alternative? Australian made product?
  8. Harsh

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Might leave it at the moment,otherwise it will be sitting in my garage for a while........have been buying up lots (deck lid,wheels,bumpers) and not done anything with them as I am currently working in Panama.........
  9. Harsh

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Rafi give me a couple of days to come up with an offer..........is the exhaust got a make/brand marked on it?
  10. Harsh

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    I am very interested if someone can confirm it will go on my 1982 911 SC 3.0l....................currently in Panama so can't take a measurement.
  11. Harsh

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Who are the gurus on here who can say what it will suit 2.2/2.7/3.0..........and is there a model/manufacturer stamp
  12. Harsh

    A steal

    can't access it as I am currently in Panama and the my105 firewall is active for this geographical region? I wonder why...........Pablo ran 911's up and down the PanAmericana quite regularly
  13. Harsh

    A steal

    Thanks,it is well priced.......and I like it. Where do I find your 'my105'

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