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  1. Hi all, on my 997.1 S, the LCD screen on the bottom of the tacho is not good. Faded and looks like the screen itself is broken, as there is an orange alien looking thing growing in the corner. Actually the photos don't to it justice. Looks far worse for real. Has anyone purchased and replaced the cluster? Any ideas where you would get one? thanks Tim
  2. Yep......I think I got this..... M2 Connect MOST
  3. You're right, I probably won't use the car phone functions as much as I thought. Mine also has the Bose, but would be nice to have both the bluetooth streaming and other media at the same level. I have emailed Mobridge, but yet to hear back from them Mine isn't the version that uses the CD changer. That'd be the iPod connection. My CD changer still works as normal with both the internal single disc and the 5 in the front.
  4. Who has one of these? I had the M2 Connect installed last week. Basically gave me phone function and bluetooth music streaming. A couple of questions. The user manual that came with it has some "special numbers" to dial to get things like, software version, factory reset, call volume, ringer volume....and the one that i really want, Bluetooth streaming volume. Anyone used them and know how it works. I can't sort it out. The music streaming has quite a low volume, meaning the phone must be on max volume to get anything close to decent, and if by accident you switch back to radio without lowing the volume = ear drum explosion! Phone book. It appears the 997 PCM 2 has a limit to how many phone numbers can be added. So when the mobridge syncs with the car, I only get phone numbers up to letter D in my contacts list. Essentially useless. Any ideas on that one? Looking for any information I can get Thanks, Tim
  5. I’ve done Level 1 and 2 a few times. They through them in with a car purchase. Plus I got to know the girl who used to run the drive school, so got a couple of discount rates here and there. That said, they are well worth it. As mentioned, you do do the motokana, braking, skid pan, etc, but you also track with cars with an instructor on both levels. Level 2 includes the turbo. I had Fabian Coulthard, Thomas Mezera, Dean Canto, Luffy, Alex Davidson, all as instructors. I’d definitely recommend it....
  6. Yes that's what I've read, but mine definitely works on revs, up until it hits 75kph? It's due for a service soon, so I'll talk to Porsche Brisbane and see what they have to say
  7. Ok, I'll do that and see what response I get thanks
  8. Ha! .....my owners manual has no reference at all?! .... What year is your car?
  9. Yep, can do that.......but I really want to know whether the operation of mine is normal. And to be honest, although i love the sound, I also think there are some very relevant times not to have it on......
  10. Hi all, I have a 2005 997S with factory PSE. Does anyone on this list have one and how does it work?? When I start the car it defaults to "off" (but the light is on). When I turn it on the light goes off? Which by the way I have read is normal, but seems odd? Also it seams to switch on and off depending on how fast I'm going and how hard I accelerate? For example, if I accelerate easy, it just stays on, but if I go a little harder (but not too much) it switches off until I back off a little? And this only happens up to about 80kph. After that it stays on no matter how hard I drive. Is this right??? I have read that the Euro cars of the same model switch off the PSE between 50-80kph? Can anyone give me some information on this model? BTW, it's just the greatest sound ever! Should be standard on all S models... thanks, Tim
  11. I thought the early 997S motors still have a bearing that could be replaced with the gearbox out?
  12. If you take your 997 to a Porsche Centre with concerns about the IMS, what do they replace it with? Do they use the last version of the OEM bearing?
  13. Yep, I wasn't going to worry about the clock/timer. I just want the performance option actually.
  14. Apparently it’s a 3 hour job. Pretty much just plug in, including the new button in new panel. Obviously you wouldn’t do it if the car didn’t already have PASM. Porsche themselves actually originally offered it. Not sure if they still do, but you can certainly get it elsewhere
  15. well, yes, but no, this..... The option to buy the Option and have it fitted. https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/9X7SM.html?Category_Code=newproductpage https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/9X7SM.html?Category_Code=newproductpage

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