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  1. not sure @911B .......but for those coming from portsea/sorrento/blairgowrie area there is a meet up at the koonya general store (cnr melbourne rd/hughes rd sorrento) for departure 830am - see you then
  2. U right - just read the fine print! Is Mary taking more registrations? Got Tony Stevens in tow but I dont think he has registered yet Organisers want us there by 9am so need adjust departure to 830....
  3. hugh - will be coming from sorrento but maybe catch you guys somewhere in the middle ie arthurs seat/redhill. if convoy turning off pen link earlier ie via balnarring then will see you guys there - anyone heading up from sorrento/portsea ? @cafe_racer @Scott SS964
  4. I use a Scosche Magicmount magnetic mount suction. It is nice and compact and the suction is very strong if kept clean. If the sucker gets debris on it, just clean with water and its good to go again. I have 3 of these. Ebay has them for about $45, autobarn $55 http://www.scosche.net.au/magicmounttm-window.html
  5. @hugh@Kerry@polorot and Skunkwerks, I can only imagine all the work behind the scenes in getting this event up - a big thank you guys! had a blast meeting up with many, some old faces some new - one thing in common everyone had a big smile on - epic day !!
  6. Thanks Thanks Marty True - haven't seen a colour that doesn't look good, thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and also an active member of the typ901 registry. I have met a few of you in/around events in town but hope to put more faces to names soon!

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