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  1. My sister has been making cloth facemasks and selling them in her shop, she's in Castlemaine Vic and started making them when the Melbourne lockdowns started. She's said she can make them for anyone that provides the fabric, so if you've got a scrap of Porsche fabric from your last resto she can provide you with matching masks. Fabric required is 2x 15x30cm, so basically a square foot. They are lined with felt. It would be your judgement on the breathability of the provided fabric. Elastic earloops and machine washable. $25 incl return postage. PM or reply below if you're interested.
  2. Congrats on the sale. I missed the ad, what was the price in the end?
  3. Pulling these movies is an overreaction. They're all technically artworks that deal with taboo issues, so they should probably come with warnings or revised ratings. They should still be seen. It's good the taboos are out in the open, but everywhere you look there's someone overreacting
  4. Also interested in Queensland. I assume this is the product @Camver is talking about. How fixed are we on brand, there is a lot to choose from out there and possibly a better deal. My only requirements are mechanical locking and low profile. Edit: no longer interested.
  5. 🤣 ^ that's my interior colour but with black details. Always knew you were a top bloke 👍
  6. I'm in agreeance with the sentiments here. It's completely reasonable that he's facing jail for speeding and DUI, but to have this event happen right there and right then, that's... that's some kind of unholy bad luck. Life's put on a wet leather glove and taken a full-sprint running slap at this guy. I'm not defending his actions in anyway.
  7. If you choose the 986 - which you should - look for the later ones that have the glass rear window. The 986 and 996 seem to need a bit of refresh around 160k - discs, drop links, water pump, aos, etc.
  8. https://www.porsche.com/international/type7/ Saw it on their Instagram, get em while they're hot.
  9. Coming in late but Gyruss is also available on Xbox You'd have to be tragic to download and practice on it before heading out to the arcade haha right 😉 haha
  10. Now show us the turbo! Also where did you get your bumper done, I still haven't fixed mine...
  11. Just saw this on Facebook, some nice driving
  12. There was a post on fb about a bunch of porsches getting pulled over down that way. 🤔

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