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  1. I saw a black Holden SS Ute this morning - almost certain the number plates were: 356 993
  2. New Jonas Brothers Album is out as of last week if anyone cares
  3. @TwoHeadsTas Oh I need a 911 cos I told everyone for 15 years I was getting on! Still need to tick that box in my head - but as we both agree - the 981S is amazing!
  4. Congrats @jaw Looks just like mine that I picked up a few months ago. I HAVE to own a 911 one day but comparing dollar for dollar and age of what you can get for 911 vs Boxster S I am completely smitten and am sure you will be for a long time also
  5. hey @7smurfs I can't really help with the kms question - but I recently bought the 981S Boxster with advice from this forum I have not driven a base model but I do know that I can turn off my Sports mode and exhaust if I want a more gentle driving experience. If you buy the base model you can't really turn it up if that makes sense? I'm sure it is still a great vehicle but for a few extra dollars you will get something next level with the 'S' and a few options. Then it just comes down to how often you want to use that little bit extra...which will be always
  6. @Lucky Phil Picked up from PCGG - sales person was Bella and she was great - highly recommend. Straight up to the Sunshine Coast where my parents live - Mum thought it was too loud but loved it - Dad just plain loved it. Headed home Saturday and once it got dark it was REALLY cold and I didn't want to finish the trip with the roof on so I stayed in Taree. I never play pokies but thought I was having a good run so popped a few dollars in and pulled out $200! Finished the trip the next day in bathing sunshine. Lots of road works but that meant I could do the 80-100kmh dash a few times and laughed at the noise every single time! 860km out of a 64 litre tank! How incredible!!! That will change on the winding roads no doubt! So I am very happy right now! Thanks for everyones advice and can''t wait to really enjoy this thing for what it's meant for instead of just highway driving!
  7. Pick up Thursday morning - it's been difficult waiting this long but i'm glad I got the exhaust!
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice & for the congrats Ride now changed
  9. Front Discs = (27.5mm) min Thickness is 26mm) Rear Discs = (19.2mm) min Thickness is 18mm) Sounds like I may need new discs soon?
  10. Yes they are registering it in nsw for me - i don't ask questions! GUYS! I own a Porsche!!! 3-4 weeks before I can get it because the exhaust has to come from Germany - how exciting. So thankful for all your advice!
  11. 101.5k drive away with exhaust! I thinkthat's my new car?!
  12. Hmmm so GC came in at 98k drive away - thought i'd get better Will ask about the exhaust - to be fair, a few thousand dollars difference will long be forgotten if I get the right one
  13. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-Boxster-2013/OAG-AD-15910379/?Cr=22 Ok so no exhaust and i'm looking at around 95k drive away. I would be buying from Porsche GC which would give me a bit of a buzz also - plus get 12 months warranty. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-Boxster-2013/OAG-AD-15838859/?Cr=0 Has the exhaust but they want 99k - plus i am up for $3000 in stamp duty So I am leaning towards the first one and saving 7k...thoughts @Lucky Phil @Ozvino @Troubleshooter @rego @Apogee @nytelfer The other advantage of the first cheaper one - I am using finance so I don't have to stump up the cash for stamp duty! Thanks for all your help so far team!
  14. @Lucky Phil Thanks for that. Let's see how I go on the other ones first. If I can get the first one for 95k I think I would be stoked with that...or the second one you linked for around 90k maybe... The best thing about this whole process is I don't have to rush in - i'd like one today but I don't need to decide on the spot.
  15. Thanks Phil - some really good insight. GTS looks good but the red interior is too much for me That second one does look good...nice to see I have options!

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