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  1. http://www.hardtclassics.com.au/ Pete is very knowledgeable on the old girls- located Tyabb
  2. @Kerry at a guess I’m thinking you were meant to tag me? Think I’ll be taking the family down in the daily- no old jigga for me this year. Really great event - eclectic mix of cars and a great vibe. Looking forward to it @Skidmarks
  3. Aircon stopped working @wilburforce? 😆
  4. I reckon I’ll make it again @Skidmarks great event good vibes.
  5. I dare say at the time you bought the car it faced the same market discount so you do need to always factor that in when selling. I had a converted car once and it was lovely- paid less, sold for less and didn’t sell over night.
  6. @JerrySeinfeld has a beauty- narrow body with impact bumpers do confuse you, dazzle if you will. I like.
  7. I wouldn’t be offering test drives for such a car tbh. Need a qualified buyer- such a buyer won’t be a first timer. 2 weeks isn’t long. Longer time marketing the better. Sporto and import are against you. Price should reflect but low data is always annoying.
  8. “Backdate Jobbie” phrase of the day @hugh
  9. Spread the word (like you just did) imo CC is too immature and audience is low. It’s no BAT yet- love the concept but marketing is a numbers game. I’d be using Shannon’s before CC if CS hasn’t worked out as yet. Unless price needs to change?
  10. Help needed! Anyone at Winton have a voltage regulator Bosch RE 57? Dropping volts quick

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