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  1. But you guys buy the cars from down here! Haha Give me black and white 3 letter 3 digit plates any day!
  2. Amazing how qld number plates devalue the car ! Yuk!!!!
  3. A fuzz ball wouldn’t do too much damage maybe, but a toughy like that guy!
  4. Peter John

    The 996 search

    Hmm I probably would have checked if was a new motor or a typo? But if a new motor bingo! If a replacement used motor maybe not so. Ah well. One will come up for you soon!
  5. Peter John

    The 996 search

    What was it advertised for in Sydney?
  6. Peter John

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Count me and the 356 in @Skidmarks
  7. Peter John

    964 Market Watch

    Surely yours @Andy73 must be pushing 200k value with such shiny metallic, stance, note and Instagram status?
  8. Thought of @Andy73 straight away! Not sure if you have seen this one mate? Love it! I wang to go out and drive now! https://youtu.be/r--PBf7xU_w
  9. Peter John

    FS. 2008 997.1 4S

    SS’s looked so neat on the weekend. Clean in White! ICE cool!
  10. Peter John

    The 996 search

    Have you seen the grey .1 on CS for 47.5k? Good luck with the search. Posting on here you will find great guys who are enthusiastic owners. On the market as you would know, the chance of finding a retired dentist that bought the car from new are ones to be pounced on! The fun is being on the hunt and the journey along the way. Don’t be shy of heading along to a catch up as we all like to speak the word of gospel and often when the word is out the right car may come to you!
  11. All at Weltmeister. And I believe dollars spent $
  12. Peter John

    356 coupe

    I came across this yesterday. And just thought of you. Did you consider widening stock form? https://youtu.be/CRtRIv3lXx4
  13. Peter John

    356 coupe

    Wheely good! Love a dude so passionate about making they learn and do it themselves, and not just tapping dents!

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