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  1. I was thinking to head a wee bit earlier and head to roses bud to come along boneo rd- nice little section there coming from The Schank 🤔
  2. I snoozed- sold out. Should have acted sooner. It’s a sign haha.
  3. I should really go. If I don’t I’ll be glued to YouTube waiting for videos for weeks afterwards. And it won’t be the same. Decisions decisions.
  4. When it’s a Sunday car, at best, I’ve seen and heard of the basis of kms travelled rather the June yearly. I’ve never been in that situation personally, where I’ve bought new or close to, and not driven the car barely a couple of hundred kms in a year. Does fuel go bad? Do spark plugs die? Does oil break down? Would pay to have a major service done prior to purchase, but yes I dare say the log book will tell the story moving forward, and may reflect on a lower price. I guess size it up on age of car and it’s kms.
  5. Cash is so cheap that you use someone else’s! 🤣
  6. This is true. Would be a mod just like with P cars that doesn’t harm original steel so much. Would be purely for guilt free driving, and power of course. In other news I’ve heard Porsche are working on adding fake flat six sound to a ev so the experience resembles a petrol powered- bit better than drying your mouth out making noises yourself?! 🤣
  7. Great cars @ANF and I’ve just discovered a guy converting his to electric! I may be tempted!
  8. I watched a YouTube video last night and the guy mentioned whenever he steps into the garage, the car that his father passed onto him at age of 40 smelt just like it did when he was a child, when it was new. As the years go on, and density grows, road trips, nostalgia, just won’t be there. Values, well what will the next generation value? I’m mid 30’s and I was a freak driving a 66 falcon to year 12 in 2002. (Note: I sold it twice and have it in my garage for nostalgia!) interesting future ahead we face in the special interested car arena.
  9. I plan on writing up a bit on my new acquisition when I get the time, but with two short drives under my belt - driving it home and driving to the mechanic- I’m impressed. And tiptronic is great! My prediction is that future values the auto will surpass the manual- these days no one under 30 years old knows how to drive manuals!
  10. Can't round up some others and throw a 10-er in for a looksee? Make it 20 and you score some g and t's like a gentleman?

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