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  1. Pretty incredible effort! She is a determined person and dedicated to the goal- helping a good cause along the way. Would have been great fun in a 356 in all those rallies and converting it to the sky mobile is next level!
  2. Of those Aus delivered how many do we think still survive? Or should I ask how many do we know of were k.o’d? Would be nice to have a registry, I guess no different to having a registry of any other Porsche model!
  3. I hope whoever owns them enjoys them! Some great footage.
  4. Does anyone know where the 3 cars in today’s SpeedWeek episode are?
  5. Thanks for sharing this @James P started watching a few minutes and wow it’s awesome to watch. I wasn’t an enthusiast back then so it’s pretty awesome to see. You could argue a special time in Aussie Motorsport history.
  6. Apologies, I shouldn’t have quoted you, was just following on with the conversation. 😉 Nice house. Looks sophisticated. Wonder if the owner is?
  7. I think we all have to agree that anything newer is actually better. But saying this the 964 gives the looks of a quintessential G series (almost) with modern refinements often welcomed. The thing we get caught up in is the romance- I would say a 964 is more romantic than a 996. But the romance of a 356 is different again. They are all different but I do believe values come from romance first and that’ll sway ones opinion. You can buy a newer model looking for “out of the box” performance but sometimes you’ll go back to an oiler as something is missing.
  8. @P-Kay is this the opportunity that was discovered? If so congrats! Do tell the story of said beast. And how’s Mello Yello?
  9. Second Damon’s work. Lovely guy and both he and Nathan are professionals and deliver great outcomes.
  10. Darren and the boys at AutoCoupe Eltham.

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