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  1. A little bit of movement again with the engine cover having been sandblasted. I'm not sure whether to powder coat it,because of the work involved in disassembly and the availability of the rubber grommets etc that make up the construction. I think I have found the small rubber bumpers that are part of it, at 914 Rubber in the USA. They sell a set of two,however I am awaiting an email re availability. The new heat exchanger/header set from Patrick Motorsports in the USA are on their way,as is the clutch cable adaptor bracket,so we should see those soon? We're getting there.
  2. Ken


    Thanks Craig.much appreciated. Cheers Ken.
  3. Hi Guys Does anyone know what the sticker/metal decal was/is on the 914 petrol expansion tank and where to source one? Is there any known source, to purchase a 916 badge? Petrol tank went to A class powder coating this afternoon and due for pickup Friday.
  4. After consideration,the 930 Turbo seats were removed,as I felt they were a touch big for the cabin. Of course the fact that I'm 6'1"and found it difficult getting into the car, helped with the decision making process. I was able to swap the seats back to the previous owner,for the original seats,which are in ripper condition. The seat carriers were showing their age,so I had them sand blasted and powder coated at A Class Powder Coating,of 39 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin. They did a great job, at a very reasonable price. As the interior will be re trimmed,ratty seat carriers sitting on new carpet really doesn't work for me. I found a couple of photo's of the WEVO shifter kit fitted to the gearbox, so I thought i'd post those as well.
  5. Ken


    Hi Craig just a few minor things,fillin tow hook access, couple dings in bonnet, fit fuel filler in bonnet. cheers.
  6. Back after a delay and a few issues as well. We had an issue with the WEVO side shift kit,which Louie has done a fabulous job of sorting out,so thanks Lou for your expertise. We have decided to fit a Patrick Motorsports header/heat exchanger kit to the car, to allow for a better airflow,both thru the exhaust as well as heating/demisting for the interior in Winter. We also require a clutch cable adaptor bracket,but both of these items are currently out of stock,so we are awaiting notification that they are available and we'll continue on with the project. The body is at the Panel Beaters,but unfortunately he is not well at present,so there has been no start on it yet. I did not get around to posting any photos initially,so i'll give it a try now and hope i'm successful. Three of the car with the advertising stickers and four with them removed. (using my thumbnail) Also included are two photo's of the engine as it stands now. Look a lot better when the new headers arrive. Cheers all. Ken.
  7. Ken


    Hi Zugfuhrer Yesterday saw the removal of the 930 seats,them being swapped back for the originals. As there are no plans for this car to travel any long distance,I've decided that original is best. The engine & gearbox are out and split and upon examination,all is good. The WEVO side shift kit is standing by ready to be attached. The advertising stickers have been removed and the body is now at the panel shop for a real good tidy up. As Xmas is upon us,there won't be any movement for 3/4 weeks. Does anyone out there have a 914 manual that they have finished with,that shows the total car. In fact does one of these actually exist? As soon as I can coerce the Chief to do it,I will post photo's taken so far. There will be photo's of the entire job until completion.
  8. Ken


    Well,a bit more to report on the 914/6 GT Clone,that arrived on Saturday morning. Some misunderstanding of information has seen the engine being a 964,3.6,not 993 RS. No matter to me,the power will be more than sufficient. The 930 Turbo seats are electric not manual, and as we won't be connecting the drivers seat to a power source, there is no adjustment backwards/forwards, so we are going manual. i'm looking for ideas as to the type of Porsche seats that will fit into the space properly. I'm 6'1",so need the seat fully extended which was not the case with the previous owner. I'd really appreciate any ideas that the group may have. Am I better off going original? I've heard that original's aren't so comfy?? Cheers Ken.
  9. According to my original price list for 1976/77 ,it was $27,500. There were 114 cars imported.
  10. Ken


    Hi Airhead You have me at a disadvantage,as I don't know where you may have seen it,or whether it's the same car? More info please. Cheers Ken.
  11. Ken


    Hi Barry Dennis is delivering the car on Saturday morning to Louie's,so i'm a tad excited about that. I'm really looking forward to the project and feel sure that I have the right people involved in getting it done properly. I don't half do things and I think that's why Dennis agreed to my purchasing it. He was fairly choosy when selling Don's cars.as I remember. Cheers Barry Ken.
  12. Ken


    Who's this? Zugfuhrer is a good handle! Yes,it's been a wait,but worth it for sure. Being lucky enough to have a couple of nice standard cars,I thought the opportunity to have a fairly serious Hot Rod,too good to miss. The current owner is as pleased as me that I have it,he knows that it will be finished off and look as good as the other two. We all win!!!!
  13. Ken


    Thanks dipstick. Hi Craig I have a 1977 Carrera3.0 that i’ve owned since 1985, and it’s Viper Green Metallic in colour. The 914 is part of a collection of Porsche cars that a mate owns, and decided to downsize a few. I wil add photos as they become available from this Sunday onwards. Thanks for the interest. cheers. Hi Lee thanks for the interest. Dipstick has informed me that it’s 3.8, so there’s another .2 of a litre reasons to get busted!!!!!!! cheers Ken Me too! More to come.
  14. Just purchased a white 914/6 GT (clone) that's been sitting in a shed for 10 years. Car is in terrific condition and has had a number of "modifications" made to it. It''s been converted to RHD and has the 916 body kit fitted as well. 7's & 8's Fuchs wheels, 930 Turbo hubs,930 Turbo brakes,930 turbo seats,large oil cooler with RSR catch can, 3.6 (993) RS engine with 915 gearbox. A Wevo side shift kit has been found and purchased in the Netherlands. Last one available until late 2019. (phew) As the engine hasn't run for 10 years,it will be removed and fully checked,as will the gearbox.All oil lines will be replaced as will all the fluids. Some exhaust modifications to be done as well as fitting of new tyres. Body off to my Panel Beater for some small mods, eg an access panel like the Boxster, to change fan belt etc. Some minor body damage to be repaired, fuel filler to be installed in the bonnet and ex spoiler holes to be repaired in rear boot lid. No photos yet,but they will be posted as available. Should be a fun car!!!

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