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  1. I forgot to include the photo of the floor that has had a few repairs done to it. Max,the Metal Magician,has worked his magic once again. He really has to be amongst THE very best guys in his field. Not only does he produce the end result,he also gets involved,looking at different ideas and ways to implement them.
  2. Ken


    We're getting closer to paint now,after Max finished the Oil Cooler Lid. It fits like a glove and looks like it will act like a venturi. We decided to attach the space saver to the oil cooler top,instead of bolting it to the front firewall. Another delivery of parts is due on Thursday,which will allow us the fit the Oil Tank as well as the two torsion bars that allow proper operation of the engine lid,as well as the boot lid. The engine lid latch mount and latch will also be fitted. The two 914/6 GT Oil Lines that came with the car have seen a lot of elbow grease go into them and they look great. Here's some more photos of our recent progress.
  3. Ken


    if anyone is building a 914 and installing a six in it,needing oil lines and second oil filter,I have them for sale. We have just removed them from the car and going with mostly original. Open to offers. 0408173434. Cheers Ken.
  4. Ken


    I hope i'm doing this correctly this time and adding to the existing posts. The old battered firewall has been removed and revealed some rust on the ex drivers side,which has now been fixed,so we dodged a bullet there I think. Being a newbie to this caper, I didn't appreciate the time that goes into prepping metal properly,so we don't have the problem in future. The firewall is an old original,so had the rust coloured paint on it. Big possibility it will be in by close of business today,so I'm heading to Max's with a couple of Coors each to celebrate the milestone! The replacement Oil Cooler is on the way and the two thermo fans that will help dissipate heat in the front space, have turned up today. Last week a Factory 914/6 Oil tank turned up from Auto Atlanta and isn't George (dr 914) worth his weight in gold!! Always keen to help and just full of information. With help,I have loaded a few more photos,so I hope you like them. Cheers.
  5. Ken


    Sorry, not so good at this, but thanks for the tip as I think this is an interesting build. I’ll get the “Fuhrer” who knows all to get involved in future. Cheers Ken.
  6. Ken


    All new to me! What’s the drill? cheers Ken.
  7. Things are moving along nicely now,with the rear strengthening kit fitted and finished,then Max moved onto the firewall inspection/service door,which looks like ex factory it's so bloody good!!!! No need for engine out to change a belt or access dizzies,alt etc. The new firewall will be fitted in the next couple of days,which then leaves the fluted floor pan upfront to be welded in. I've given the wheels a real good cleanup and they look terrific!
  8. Hi James I just went and had a look and there doesn't appear to be a part number anywhere,but on the inside of the tank cap there is OHNE LUFTUNG and under that is PATENT BLAU??? Thank's for taking the trouble to answer. Cheers Ken.
  9. Thanks LeeM I pretty much thought the same re the US market for this kind of item. Rusty French is the only guy I assimilate with 935’s as he has two. I’ll try those two and see what happens. Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Cheers Ken.
  10. Hi All Does anyone know the value of an Original Porsche 935 Oil Tank. I have one and thinking of selling it. 0408 173 4345 Cheers Ken.
  11. Hi All Does anyone know the value of an Original Porsche 935 Oil Tank. I have one and thinking of selling it. 0408 173 4345 Cheers Ken.
  12. Ken


    Hi Fellow Porsche Lovers Does anyone have an Original 914/6 Oil Tank please. My project is moving along and we are using some 914/6 GT Oil Lines that came with the car and hoping to connect those to an original tank. I can be contacted on 0408 173 434. Fingers Crossed!! Cheers Ken.
  13. Hi Fella's I'm looking for some suggestions in regards to the plumbing for my 914 project. To re-cap,we're fitting a 964,3.6 into the car and replacing all the existing rubber (non genuine) oil lines. I have a 935 Oil Catch Can that I'd like to fit in the front boot space,as that's where a large oil cooler is situated and run oil lines the traditional way,thru the now passengers side scuttle. (car is now RHD) I'm no mechanic,so I hope that makes sense? We're going to fit a series of louvres,or purchase a front boot floor section from Patrick Motorsports, that's already done to help dissipate the heat that will come with the conversion. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Regards Ken.
  14. There's been a couple of changes since the last post.Owing to my Panel Beater's medical situation,the car was moved to Vintique in Cheltenham about 3 weeks ago and we've seen some fantastic progress. Supplied by Patrick Motorsports in the US,the missing cross member has been fitted and all the seat fittings,from Auto Atlanta, have been welded in as well, allowing the seats to be fitted. The firewall has previously been badly damaged in the fitting of a roll cage and luckily Aporschapart had one,so that will be installed soon.We removed the rear window and that's now had a real good cleanup. I sat in the car for the first time since purchase and that was a real buzz too! Max,the owner of Vintique,is a metal fabricator extroidinaire!! and is invested in the project as well, which is very gratifying. I have ordered a chassis reinforcement stiffening kit,again form Patrick Motorsports,which should be here about Wednesday,so more progress coming up. I'll post some photo's soon as well.
  15. Ken

    914/6 in Oz

    There was a beaut Black 914/4 (lefty) for sale at Shannons late last year. It was passed in,so a call to them may be worthwhile? Early $30's as I remember. Good Luck. Ken.

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