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  1. Yesterday saw some more done, but this time in the cabin. We fitted the bottom panel of the dash which was removed some time ago, then moved onto the idea of a radio. Max got a modern radio with the old look about it sometime ago for me, which has been sitting in the box ever since. Adrian moved the cigarette lighter to it's correct position and then cut the dash and fitted the radio. As it is fibre glass, it only had a flat finish on it, so a quick visit to Joe the Motor Trimmer saw us with a roll of basket weave finish vinyl. It's almost identical in finish to the original door cards. I forgot the two shots of the finished product.
  2. Well the front boot (trunk) space is now finished. The new fans are installed, the thermostatic control switch is connected, the charcoal canister fitted as well as the w/screen washer bottle. Finally the lid of the oil cooler was screwed down, so that's that. Adrian was fitting the oil breather pipe to the crankcase yesterday and I believe that it is finished as well. A while ago I asked George & Mia at Auto Atlanta to only use Fedex for sending stuff as UPS are so bloody hopeless and that's proven to be a good move. A recent order for a new set of door rubbers, front boot space rubber, sway bar drop link bushes and mounts arrived in a week. Once again I have to say what a truly professional job that Adrian is doing and if anyone reading this is thinking of doing a 914 -6 conversion, he has to be your first port of call. Just fabulous!!! I failed to mention Max Hayes (fabricator) and Andy McAllister (painter & body kit fixer) have also done exceptional work and I couldn't recommend either of them more highly.
  3. Yesterday turned out to be a big day for the 3 of us, the car, Adrian and I. Adrian did a lot of tightening of suspension and other things after asking me to bring down the wheels and the rear lights. He installed the lights and we combined to put the wheels on and they look bloody good! even if I do say so myself. As it was a public holiday, there was no one around so he did about 4 passes up and down the street. Wow, this jigger moves out!!! Always knew it would, but it surprised me. The Harley Pipes are the only exhaust on it at present and it sounded great, in fact if you were outside you probably heard it???? Brakes took a little to bed in but worked a treat, new rear wheel bearings all good, no oil leaks etc etc. Only has 1 seat in it at the moment, so I looked on. No issue there, plenty of time for me soon enough. Gave it a wash and discovered we need new door and front bonnet rubbers, so Auto Atlanta, here we come again. Shit I enjoyed it and Adrian was going to the surgeon to get the smile taken off his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Small issue with the speedo not working properly so we've sourced a GPS system that works in tandem with the original speedo. A small plastic jigger sits on the dash and picks up the signal. Consideration was given to the size of the two Oil Cooler Fans and we thought they needed to be more efficient. Adrian sourced some that were made in Italy, just what we required and they have arrived. Next week will see both of the above items fitted along with the driveshafts. All the engine tin and the accompanying rubber seals are now in place too. Ade plans on checking all the front end and tightening up anything that requires it, i'll deliver the wheels and that's possibly followed by a front end alignment. Better think about Max coming down to setup and weld all the exhaust, so we can hang it off the rear of the gearbox. I think a call to the Engineer is not far off after that, so that he can check what we've done to see that its all cool? We also need to run the cool air hose to the dizzies. I think the engine missed this update when in storage? A new belt will be fitted to them.
  5. Detail was $600,but a little disappointing a couple of days later when I saw the wheels weren't done on the inside properly, so i'm guessing they hadn't been removed?? Around that time I had occasion to visit Sullivan Kerr showroom,223-225 Bay Road Sandringham. They have opened an Autocare Centre run by Brett Hamilton just around the corner and the work I saw being done there, was I think unbeatable. (M) 0451 002 781 and that's where i'll be heading with another car I have.
  6. Had a bit of a think about the centre console after looking at Auto Atlanta's site. Though they look really nice, i'm guessing the cost of getting it here would be almost the same as the console, so no go there. Adrian suggested an early 911 console like is in my Carrera 3.0. We'll remove the cassette storage, fill in that area and then fit the oil temperature and oil pressure gauges and forget the clock.
  7. Hi Mike I don't have the crankshaft but in case you need them in the build, I do have FOR SALE Brand New Complete Set (6) of exhaust manifold gasket to cylinder head for (1989 - 1998) Porsche 911/964/993/3.6L/924 Turbo/944 Turbo. Exhaust Manifold Gasket - Cylinder Head To Heat Exchanger - (1984-1989) Porsche 911- 42MM Port. Ken. 0408 173 434.
  8. A bit more progress of late with the proper petrol filter found and fitted, the fuel tank flushed out properly and also fitted, so now the engine is running off the tank. We've decided that the interior needs a console, so the production of that will be discussed with the trimmer in due course. We did order the 2 VDO gauges and a clock to be a part of that. I took the 300kph speedo that Adrian required to install today, so another part of the puzzle is complete. Ex Bathurst Champ John Bowe lobbed yesterday and took an instant liking to the car apparently, so its nice that a top line guy thinks what we're doing is an interesting thing. A photo here of the way the front boot space is taking shape. Needs carpet and all the trim for the lights, but we're getting there too. Here's one of the console idea as well. She Lives_001.mp4 She Lives_001.mp4
  9. Does anyone know how to watch the 24 hours Of Le Mans/
  10. Does anyone know how to watch the 24 hours Of Le Mans/
  11. Hi Raven I was very happy to see your post re Le Mans, so thanks for taking the time to put it there. Can you please tell me, what is the best way to be able to view the race? It was a buzz to hear the 916 project fire up for the first time on Saturday, been a long time coming! Regards Ken. (KERMIT)
  12. Tried the video no success.
  13. Adrian (Hartech) called me on Friday night, suggesting that we might "light her up" on Saturday morning and " light her up we did"!!!!! We only had the lightly baffled Harley Pipes pushed into the heat exchanger pipes for silencing, so take it from me, It was LOUD!!!! First run in 10/12 years and all good, thank Christ!! Maybe i'll get a chance to do a little video next time?
  14. Hi Guys. Max was doing some work for Adrian last week so I wandered down and we had a discussion about the final exhaust look and agreed on two medium size semi baffled mufflers that Max found on ebay, in combination with the two Harley Pipes. No idea what it'll sound like but some consideration was given to both neighbours and the cops possible reactions? I'm not interested in discussions about how loud it is with either of them, so we'll take the soft option at this time. If it's too quiet, then we'll re visit the thing. Once lockdown # 478 is over, Max will come down and complete the work required. Great to have two guys so interested in the outcome! Max also took away the crash plate from the front underside of the car and remodelled it from LHD configuration, to RHD as per the photos. Baz from A Class Powder Coaters did it nice and quick for me and it's now with Adrian, once again as per the photos. Adrian was fitting the seals for the engine bay and realised that the one that goes across the front was too short. It was the same length as the two side seals, so I got onto Auto Atlanta immediately. The correct one is on its way and I have sent the incorrect one back. Once that lobs, we can finish off the engine bay and install the engine for the last time. I forgot the engine seal photos.

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