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  1. A bit more happening recently with some photos new and older.
  2. Make a call to Porsche Cars Australia on 03 9473 0911 and they'll tell you.
  3. Although zip is happening with the car at present,(thanks again Dickhead Dan) I have purchased from Auto Atlanta,a bunch of screws and speed nuts required for the headlights and their trim installation. A 3 plastic plug kit to replace those missing in the boot floor as well. Really pleased to say that instead of sourcing a HIGH TORQUE starter motor from Patrick Motorsport in the US,one produced in Castlemaine,Victoria has arrived,so good to support local clever guys having a go!


    No right hand drive cars produced Ex Factory as far as I know and I did do a fair bit of reading on them before purchasing one. Most I have read about and viewed have either 2.7 or 3.0 litre transplant and in some cases like mine,a 3.6. Canford in the UK did RHD conversions and I know Dennis O'Keefe was doing a few here in Melbourne. Pretty obvious thing to say,but watch out for rust!! and Good Luck.
  5. I received a call from Adrian today to tell me that owing to the current circumstances,he's unable to continue working,so thanks to Dickhead Dan,the build just takes a whole lot longer than it should. Pissed off,you better believe it!!!!!
  6. Hi Michel Thanks for the message. I will ask my mechanic if it is capable of doing that and get back to you. Do you want to text me a contact number on 0408 173 434 or will I get back to you via this forum?
  7. Hi All If anyone is planning on putting a later model 3.0,3.2,3.6 engine into a 914,then I have a custom made engine mount FOR SALE that will allow you to do so. It is Made In Australia (Q'land) powder coated BLACK and asking $250.00 for it. Postage would be extra or pickup can be easily arranged. Cheers. I will find a photo and post it later.
  8. An unexpected situation with the mechanical speedometer. The Wevo covered up the connecting point,so I had to source an electronic one and it came from an 83 - 911, so all's good now. Even better,I sold mine in 15 minutes of it being on the 901 register site. Adrian is sorting out the wiring,so we now have ignition,brake,indicator and reversing lights,so that's another move forward. As well as that,a tricky bit of kit arrived from Germany and that's to do with air & fuel mix as I understand it. Also fitted new rear wheel bearings and a new fuel tank gasket along with fuel gauge sender seal. We need a few more bits from Patrick Motorsports which includes a beefed up starter motor,so that will be happening sooner rather than later. Here's some more shots of our progress.
  9. A new piece of the puzzle has arrived today from Germany ,a Hot Wire Air Flow Meter and Adaptor. This will allow it to idle properly,given that the 964 engine with all it's components doesn't fit,so changes have to made. It apparently provides some more horsepower but that's a secondary consideration I think with what it'll have anyway.
  10. Here's the speedo that will go in the car,after it's been changed over from its mechanical operation at Ringwood Speedometer.
  11. The parts from Patrick Motorsports have arrived, as did the main engine compartment rubber seal from Auto Atlanta,so no holdups now I hope. This may interest some,as over the weekend a mate gave me a loan of Porsche Classic Originale #5 and in there I discovered that you can buy from PCM, a new service record book. As there are no books with my car,I intend to start one now. Part # WKD43152010. As the inspection door in the firewall has been temporarily removed,I took a couple of shots yesterday and must say that I am happy Max made it bigger than first thought.
  12. There's this amazing paint available only at Auto Barn and I think it's called VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint. It's bringing the plastic trim such as those near the headlights,the headlight surrounds and the heater box and fan up to look like new as evidenced.
  13. Latest update as of today is that the Engine to Chassis Wire Harness Adaptor,the Engine Conversion Harness,the Clutch Cable Pulley Adaptor Kit and the 914 Accelerator Throttle Cable Conversion Kit are leaving Patrick Motorsports in Arizona. Once they're here,we should be on our way big time? (why do I continually make these dumb statements)??? I also found a terrific new site for pre-owned parts and it's Retro Automotive Products in the US. I got a fuel tank strap support that I didn't know existed,a real nice door escutcheon,another jack strap,two thresh hold strips,two carpet trim strips and a Genuine Bilstein Jack,so pretty happy about all that. I've had those sent to my Mate in Florida and he'll bring them back when he's allowed to travel again? I've decided to go see Mathew at Wheel Solutions in Richmond,to see if they can closely replicate the RSR style wheels from the 70's. The real deal update is available from Depulu in Q'land at about $500.00 per wheel,so I guess that's the option if the paint thing doesn't stack up. The rear wheel below is a Genuine 10" RSR and mine are a 9" and 7" from 930 Turbo.
  14. I'm happy to report that Adrian has been onto it and that we now have power to four corners of the car,to lights,indicators,dash etc. The headlight motors have been installed and the lights operate just like they should. We're awaiting an answer back from Hayden at WEVO, regarding the reversing light operation. Seems that some kits came with the option and some didn't? Fortunately,we have one that did,however the factory switch does not fit! The stuff like this that you learn along the way is good,but sadly I'll only use it once!
  15. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself posting this,but the engine is in,WITH the tinware attached and with the new rubber seals as well (when they turn up???) it'll be close to a perfect fit. Good feeling when you know you have guys involved,that really do know their stuff! Thanks again MAX.

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