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  1. Hi Brian Good luck with your project and I hope it all goes well. I'm almost finished a 914/6 to 3.6 project that's taken 3.5 years, but the end result is worth every minute and grey hair! They are a hidden gem. I had the engine in my 77 Carrera 3.0 rebuilt a few years ago and the start of that was to do with pulled head studs. I asked around a lot in regard to what was available, as I couldn't see why I would replace like with like. Bingo!! I was told about Raceware Engineering in the USA, who manufacture Aerospace Quality Engine Fasteners. (raceware-fasteners.com) They were around the same price as the others, so we gave them a go and all is good. Certainly worth thinking about. Good Luck!!
  2. Thanks for posting the video. I'm lucky enough to own one of these magnificent Porkers and it's a delight to have. Twice now I have driven it to Sydney and loved every minute. A couple of times on those trips I've had an opportunity to "give it the beans" and that is so enjoyable!!!
  3. Another visit this morning saw all the trim around the rear window fitted properly and I must say that the black trim sitting against the white paint looks excellent. Adrian also fitted the 911 console that features the 3 gauges and that has come up a treat! The large passenger side door boot and the large two part drivers side door handle are both complete and fitted. The wooden 917 style gearshift knob won't be fitted until everything has got the OK. Apparently they don't like being removed, so she's a oncer for me. The new heater piping/ducting whatever, looks ripper too, a shame you can't see it from inside the car! Some new rubber seals to go on for the front boot /trunk space and against the rear window, but that's for a little later.
  4. I included a photo of the headlight as previous photo showed it not sitting properly and it's been adjusted now.
  5. Back again and car went back to Adrian on Monday after sitting in the garage for about a month. He's been really busy so we joined the queue which is fair enough. Final fittings now taking place such as heater ducting, activating heater switch as well as some fitting of trim that had to wait until the last stages. The Engineer (Blake) has been booked for Friday morning, so if all goes without a hitch, I might even be able to pick up the M plate on Friday afternoon? I think that's a big ask, but the paperwork and photos required by Vic Roads have been forwarded to the Porsche Club, so if Gary has his paperwork ready for me, I'll pick it up and go to VicRoads in the arvo. Who knows, the car may appear in the carpark at Sandown on Sunday, as I'm helping out at the Regularity 360. It'd be a blast to be able to drive it there but I'm not getting too excited about that. A few more photos taken on Thursday
  6. Well isn't life strange?? Just when you thought it was safe............. Turns out that my mate bringing the seat belts, jack etc back for me, got as far as LAX only to find out that his paperwork is out of order bigtime and has been cooling his heels there for nearly a month! I've waited 3 + weeks so asked him to contact the nearest Fedex shop and just send em! The whole exercise was to save the freight charge ,but that idea went out the window and now THE world's most expensive set of new/old stock seat belts will be here on the 3rd of March! Then it's fitting them, finishing off the centre console gauges and book the Engineer. He (Blake) has been terrific in putting up with the delay and Adrian the same. I will never predict a finish date again and it'll be finished when it's finished????????????????
  7. Shit it looks good!!! Not everyone's cup of T and I know that. I fact, I am not that crazy about the front of the car either, but it'll do me after all the pain of putting it together! I hope to have the engineers certificate, roadworthy etc all together by the 10th of February, so that Club M Plate will happen. After that, it'll be at the Beaumaris Car Show in the Concourse in Feb and then at the Regularity Run at Sandown on April 3rd. A few shots following. They show the amazing job that Andy did with painting & polishing the car. It is a real credit to him as a painter and I think his passion for the job is on show here. What do I do now?????
  8. A few changes to the plans I had regarding progress. I'm advised that locally made carpet is definitely NOT the type of carpet for my purposes, so after speaking with George at Auto Atlanta I am going to make patterns of the passenger and driver's floors and post them to him. He will then make a reverse carpet set out of period correct German Loop Pile for my right hand drive setup and send them over. I think installation will be fairly straight forward. Andy has spent quite sometime polishing the car and finishing small details and it's come up a treat. I didn't like the look of the Gold 914-6 badge, just too bright for me, so I took it to Baz at A1 powder coating and the Satin Black fits the rest of the car really nicely. Andy has done a brilliant job of copying the original interior firewall vinyl cover that was damaged beyond repair, in fibreglass. Using the original foam bolsters etc, I'll get that covered in the same patterned vinyl that we used on the radio surround. So, the car is finally coming home on Wednesday and a mate is coming around with his chainsaw to get the smile off my face!!!!!! I'll fit as much of the trim that I can, whilst waiting for my mate to arrive early Feb with the jack and New/Old Stock seat belts. Once they're in I'll setup a date with the Engineer to do the final exhaust DB test, Adrian issues the Roadworthy Certificate and BINGO, a Club M Plate Registration. Gee!! That almost 3.5 year build went quick????
  9. Thanks Marty. I don't think that the side view of these cars are their best feature, but I will take the compliment. Standing at 45 deg off the tail light, I think the bulging guards and the fat (ish) rear tyres look totally horn!!!!
  10. Thanks for the comment, it's most appreciated after all that's gone on with getting it to this stage. I'd be interested in comparing notes so maybe we could meet up one day? I'm in Beaumaris if your South, but no matter to me, I like driving. (who would have guessed) Enjoy your Xmas. Tuesday turned out to be the day that the car went to Andy. Adrian was pleased to see it gone as he is having the workshop floor painted and less is better as far as cars go! The car will be with Andy for only about 3 weeks so I was able to give Joe the trimmer a firm date in January for him to complete his work. It's looking more like Andy will fabricate the module to surround the handbrake out of fibre glass. He is so bloody talented, the f/glass firewall cover is identical to the original!! We're in the home straight.
  11. Tomorrow's the big day, as Bob the Towie will be at Hartech at 9.00am and it's off to Andy for the body kit, new rubber seals and fitting of the firewall cover. We need to make sure it fits before it goes to the trimmers. I saw Joe the Trimmer today and I need to call him after the 17th January to arrange the arrival after Andy has worked his magic! Fingers crossed everyone. To those that have followed this project, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have and the bonus is, you get the buzz without the bills!!!!!!!! There's more to come.so stay tuned. Hope you all have a Merry Xmas and a ripper 2022.
  12. Interesting day yesterday. We found out from the Engineer that the car needs to be Complete to pass the VASS test, that is as per in a drive away condition. As well as that, the decibel level of the exhaust was still too high, so Max came down again and proceeded to fix that issue which has now been done!! The plan now is for Adrian to button up as much as he can mechanically, so that Bob The Towie can take it to Fabcoat (Andy) for the body kit to be fitted as well as the trim we removed prior to paint. Then it's off to D&J Motor Trimmers in Moorabbin for the interior trim to be completed. That will include covering and fitting the f/glass firewall cover, carpet and trim. I'll do the speaker covers myself cause its easy! The carpets for the front and rear trunks will be fitted as well. Joe will also need make a console to go over/around the hand brake, so that's finished off properly. All the lights work, so Ade sent a photo.
  13. Called over to see Andy yesterday taking with me the rear bar as it needs painting. Turns out the exhaust comes out under the bar, so no need to cut out anything to fit it. He has almost completed the fibre glass firewall, just requires trimming and that's that. It's ready for Joe to upholster and install.

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