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  1. Some more progress this week albeit nothing major yet. The oil lines have been wrapped in protective covering in the places that they are exposed to possible stone damage as well as being made ready to connect up. The rubber boots that protect the wiring for the indicators inside the front guards have been fitted and the engine has had the air filter and other bits fitted. A 915 shifter is being sourced from Performance 9 in Q'land and the rest of the mechanism has left the USA via DHL, so should see that next Monday the 10th.
  2. A1 Powder Coating are so helpful. I took the "Horn" in early yesterday and it was ready at 2.30,so that's gone to Adrian. It came up a treat I reckon.
  3. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water??? Appears that the current modified shifting mechanism is not an ideal mix with a WEVO? If connected, it will require the shifting pattern to be the reverse of a normal 915, that is right to left, not left to right. This could lead to some interesting sounds from the gearbox when driving another car. The guys from Patrick Motorsports have confirmed it and we don't doubt their sincerity. They've been terrific with advice over a long period of time, so a complete conversion kit is required. The brake aportioning valve came up a treat with three coats of black paint and two coats of clear to stop it going rusty. Max has shortened the "horn" he made, so that we have no issue now, connecting the heater pipe. The rear calipers have been fitted and look a treat too.
  4. Wiring loom boot cover arrived and I cleaned the plenum and all the other plastic bits with warm soapy water, so that's done. My mate in the States doesn't know when he's coming back to Aust, so he sent all the cabin trim bits and others back to me, so we now have those to call on when needed. I picked up the handbrake shoes and the brake aportioning valve from Trade Brake & Clutch yesterday after they were all overhauled. They do a great job!! A bit of paint on the brake valve needed to stop any rust forming. Something to do in the garage out of the wind. Max has been working his magic again on an aluminium pipe that will form part of the heater/demister setup. The guy has talent oozing out the end of his fingers!!!! I'm waiting to hear back from Patrick Motorsports, as to the availability of the WEVO gear shifting mechanism that starts at the firewall and joins the final leg of the shift action. This came as a surprise, as I thought we had it all ready to go. Spoke to Matt at Wheel Solutions yesterday and they have sorted the RSR finish for the wheels. I was informed a while ago, that the later wheels like mine, (930T) don't take the anodising process like the early 70's cars wheels do. The 4 stage process is massively expensive, at around a grand a wheel, so there's no point in going down that road. More later, but first some photos.
  5. Sorry, forgot to load the photos.
  6. Max came down to complete the welding into position of the guides for the handbrake cables on the trailing arms and also fitted the holder for the oil filter in the engine bay. In the cabin, we now have a handbrake! You beauty, even finished up with one from a 911. The main wiring loom rubber boot/cover should be here by mid next week and Woody aqua blasted a lot of engine bits yesterday which are now at the platers. They'll be picked up on Monday, so hopefully i'll get to clean up the top of the engine plastic bits with warm soapy water over the weekend.
  7. Picked up the 911S Rear Brake Calipers from Andrew's Classic Restorations and as usual, a terrific job from him. Also, the second handbrake cable is ready to be picked up on Monday. Thanks to Flexidrive.
  8. The handbrake cable was ready yesterday at FlexibleDrive in Keilor Park so I drove out there and picked it up. It turned out that the wrong length was submitted to them, so too short for purpose. They were just great in that I was there when they opened at 8.00am this morning and they made one up the correct length whilst I was there, and NO CHARGE! How bloody good is that, unheard of these days!!!! I stood upstairs and watched the guys making all types of tricky cables by hand. Congrats to FLEXIBLEDRIVE. I noticed that the oil cooler is in and connected up too. With the car spending it's time up in the air, it's hard to see everything. Part of the powder coated engine tin is now attached to the engine as well. I forgot the handbrake cable photos.
  9. Hi Brian I'm not sure about steel, but I have an original set of 914-6 GT lines and they are copper. I'm told heat dissipation is better in all other than braided lines, but I found that out after the braided lines had been ordered in their correct length.
  10. A few more photo's taken today.
  11. Some good shit happening now. The 4 wheels (7's & 9's) have gone to Wheel Solutions in Richmond for the RSR look to be applied but without the anodising. I found out that the early 70's Fuchs wheels were different in construction than those on the 80's cars and react differently to the process. No point in spending serious money when you can't achieve the original result, so I've settled on what's closest to it. The front calipers are overhauled now as are the rears and the rears are now being painted satin Black like the front. New backing plates for the fronts arrived and in place as per the following photo's. The Oil Lines are now temporarily in place, but a bit of figuring out of actual location needs clarification. The new front turn signal rubber grommets also need to be fitted so that they don't sit against the braided hose which will obviously carry some heat. I hope that today's photo's show the good progress. I spent a couple of hours wrapping the main wiring loom as well as the rear for the tail lights etc. The fabric tape is terrific to work with, but the standing up with your arms in the air doing it is a pain in the arse, sorry arms!! Hope you like the progress, I sure do. Keep it up Ade!
  12. Some good stuff happening at the moment, with the rear brake calipers going off to be rebuilt at Trade Brake & Clutch in Springvale. Adrian is looking after the front brakes, as they are aluminium and he prefers to do it this way. Boy, don't our friends in the fatherland know how to charge for 930 brake parts!!!!! Anyway, they're looking good now and will look even better when the whole things are assembled and the yellow coloured bolts etc are sitting against the black of the caliper. Bobby at A1 Powder Coating in Moorabbin has done another ripper job on the engine tin and I was rapt when I picked it up this morning. John at Solar Plating in Mordialloc is such a pleasant guy to work with and very obliging in the time he takes to complete the job. Woody at HydroBlast in Highett has the parts looking BRAND NEW after they go thru his process, readying them for plating. I got Woody's name from John at Solar and it shows that the guys producing the quality product, like to work together. Funny that they know Max, the fabricator as well. A couple photo's of the latest achievements. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Does anyone know who can do the 70's style RSR finish on a set of 930 Turbo wheels? I'm thinking about including it on the 916 Tribute that we're in the process of building. Please reply to either 0408 173 434 or kenellaway993@gmail.com Thanks in anticipation.
  14. Does anyone know who can do the 70's style RSR finish on a set of 930 Turbo wheels? I'm thinking about including it on the 916 Tribute that we're in the process of building. Please reply to either 0408 173 434 or kenellaway993@gmail.com Thanks in anticipation.
  15. We're back and no, I haven't shot myself thru frustration although i've felt like it a few times." Never get involved in a car build they said" and dickhead here didn't listen!!! Anyway, Adrian's now doing 2 days a week on it and i'm doing the pickup delivery of whatever needs to be done, so 3 months is THE target finish date at Hartech before the car goes back to Andy for completion of body kit fitting and finally the interior trim. As most of the heating gear was removed? we have been a bit inventive and sourced one of those bits of kit that allow for loud or normal exhaust note and adapted it to allow for airflow from the heat exchangers into the cabin like normal. Simply a switch, haven't decided where yet, to open and close, depending on the weather. Took Max a good while to think it out and produce it, but I'm pretty sure you'll agree that it's pretty cool!! Photo's included. The handbrake cables need to be finished off and installed. Once that's done, the engine goes in and the powder coated engine tin will also be installed. Then Oil lines etc etc. Oh Yes, I shouted myself one of those 917 style gearshift knobs, so i'll include a couple of photos of that as well.

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