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  1. Thanks. It's pretty surreal standing looking at it every day. When such a milestone comes around, one can't help but reminisce about all the years gone by so far and how this point has come about. When I got the car in the UK in 2001 I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that in 2019 it'd be sitting in my own shed in country Australia, restored and wearing a weird shade of green.
  2. Heads up... Paint in progress. Apparently, she's coming home this weekend.
  3. Thanks for sharing that. I too will put on a Prototipo, so it's good to see one on that car as an example.
  4. The colour is inspired by this shoot that I did last year. This RWB build, 'Kizuna', was built by my friends at Terror Garage in Bandung so they sent me a sample from which we have mixed a similar colour. They mixed their green from a small door jam sample on a 356 that they have in their possession. They believe the 356's original colour to have been Moor Green, a very rare original colour option. So, my colour will be based on a green that is based on an original colour. So, let's just call it 'inspired by Porsche Moor Green'. I decided on the T/A tyres as the first set. I have full intentions to fit something more 'sporty' after they're worn out. The decision was based partly on being influenced by the muscle car and hot rod genres in many ways and also knowing that I don't intend to push the car too hard, ie no track use and not too much silly stuff on the twisties. Sounds odd maybe, given the type of car but she's a life time keeper, and I'm putting a lot into this build, so for the first year or so I will be enjoying the car well within limits and not pushing it too hard. I had some crazy fun in the car way back when I got it in Europe almost 20 years ago, but I was younger then, wanting to push it as hard as possible without really caring about the consequences. I'm never getting rid of this car, so there's plenty of time to try some other options down the road. But hey, if I take the car out and the tyres don't feel right, I'll look at options, no problem. We'll see how we go...
  5. It's been a while between drinks, but the great team at Rotunda Revival in Thomastown have got the project back on track. She prepped for paint and sitting in the booth ready to go. I signed the paint colour off yesterday, so as soon at the painter is ready to go, we're in business.
  6. Wheels & Tyres sorted.... More info and details here.
  7. Hi mph911, my goal is to be sorted for Hangar Banger in January. So, it would be nice to be finished before Christmas, have a bit of a shakedown through Jan and bang it to the hangar Australia Day weekend. Do you have a thread for yours? Are you in the Aus 914 Facebook group? It's only small, but I just started it recently.
  8. Update... Here are a few pics of the bumpers as they were, straight out of the box.
  9. We made some progress last week, a few coats of primer are down. I also took delivery of some GT Racing bumpers from the States. I'll get some pics of those up later on.
  10. Yes, but not a fan. The chop makes the car looked squashed.
  11. Awesome, Craig. It looks like we're both under the pump now for Australia Day.... Regarding your 2.0L engine, was it good before you took it out? I saw that you drove from NSW without any issues. I have no idea what mine's like as it's been sitting untouched for so long. I may be looking for a backup plan if I find out that mine's either toast or too costly to rebuild.
  12. After an unforeseen setback, the bodywork on the 914 is well under way. Now sitting cosy at Rotunda Revival in the northern Melbourne suburbs, the guys at RR are cracking on with speed and skill in abundance. The exterior metal was stripped right back to reveal some filler across all four fenders that dates way back to well before I owned it. All things considered, it's lasted well this long without cracking or showing signs of the filler through the black paint that's been on it the last 20 or so years. The good news is that the frunk, engine bay and interior bodywork is all looking generally really good, so we haven't had to do much cleaning up in those areas all bar a new battery tray, which is pretty standard affair when restoring 914s. But there are a handful of places where some attention has been needed... Some leadwork on the roll hoop. Not so much for repair, but mostly to fill in holes left behind by trim pieces that I'm deleting. I'm changing this car from having a vinyl-covered roll hoop to having a body coloured one. Taking off the vinyl and some trim leaves holes behind to be filled. The side rocker panels had taken a beating from the elements over the years, so some love was necessary to patch them up. The biggest area to be attacked was at the back edge of the rear trunk. Over time, condensation sat between the metal and the carpet in the trunk due to heat from the exhaust. There were small early signs of rust when I first got the car in 2001, but sitting in the lockup in the UK for 12 years gave it time to grow considerably. I could have ordered a new panel from the States, but given the time and cost involved in that process, the guys just got stuck in manually instead. As you can see, they did a great job on it. Below is a shot after the work was done and painted. As a cost save, the plan is for the interior, engine bay and both trunks to be tidied up and painted black. The final body colour will then be applied to tuck around seals and openings so that when all doors are closed, no black will be visible from the outside. Maybe one day she'll get a full rotisserie strip, but right now the body is in good shape, so there's no need. More soon... LR.

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