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  1. Naturally, your entitled to an opinion. Furthermore, to an extent I also partially agree. Point in case a diamond, nothing further need be said. However my point was to purely highlight the hard objective facts (I’m an analytical, methodical person, an Engineer). Once the stickers are removed and marketing BS are stripped away there is very little in them from a technical rationale point of view, in most facets I can think of. Again, I believe the 7.1 Gt3 CS in the near future will seem like a steal at today’s price of 200 odd k’s, likewise with the 96.2 Gt3. Just my opinion. These two along with 997.2 will shine collectivity wise, in particularly against the 991 version. IF you don’t mind me stating so, I believe you’d be better off advertising it at around 225k mark and selling it via consignment, It looks that good, Selling is 80% perception. Case in point, there are people on this site (people in general) who’ll Happily pay another 200k because they have got RS stickers on similar vehicles.
  2. Just putting my 20 cents worth. I believe some on here are under valuing the 997.1 GT3 in general. I’m also not sure if the same people implying that the 7.1 GT3 should be around the 190-210k own such a car. My point being is that these cars are amazingly well built with a bulletproof drive train, sublime handling and are very, very limited in numbers. Case in point, look at the 7.1 Gt3 RS, in essence the same car, slightly rarer, different paint scheme and a Few minute refinements (slightly wider track, slightly less mass, etc). However in essence the same, and these cars trade for 370-410 ks. So why isn’t the Value of 7.1 Gt3 worth at least 70-75% of the RS when it’s 90% of that car, particularly so when the 7.1 is with the CS options. Also look at the 997 gt3 RS4, that’s a million dollar car. Yes, I concede it’s much rarer, faster and more exclusive. However, Objectively is it 5 times the Car of a 7.1 Gt3 CS? i believe in the not too distant future potential buyers who could’ve picked up a 7.1 Gt3 CS for around the 200k are going to be kicking themselves as (when things settle a bit) I honestly believe 7.1 Gt3 and more so 7.1 Gt3 cs’s will be worth closer to the 270-300 k Mark. These are a real drivers car, in Very limited numbers (unlike the 991’s) I also believe this will hold true for the 03 and 04 996 Gt3 as well. Well that’s my take on contributors Opinions hear constantly inferring That a 7.1 is only a 180-190 k car. Clearly others believe and / or are stating to see their potential value too, by recently priced cars being Advertised at 220-270k. So my point being, at the current price of approximately 200k’s or there about, this car is a Real steal by any measurable objective datum.
  3. Could you advise on the type of repairs carried out, the quality of their work and cost involved please.
  4. Both 997 version of the GT3 are amazing. I driven both and in truth couldn’t pick that much difference between them. Both felt like they were honed out of a piece of sold granite. That said I do prefer the rear wing of the 7.1 to the 7.1, but the 7.1 felt every so slightly rawer, additionally it comforts me knowing that the 3.6 has that intrinsic advantage of a slightly greater block rigidity due to its smaller cylinder bores 3.6 vs 3.8. I’d pay 5-possibly 10% more for a point 7.2 over 7.1, naturally colour, spec, condition also come into it, but otherwise no more. I could easily live with either, I currently have a CS 7.1 Gt3 in the 997 range.
  5. Yes, I purchased it about a month ago. I own other 911’s and other cars, so I believe I have good understanding of mechanics in general, (mech and structural engineer by prof). Additionally I also noted some of the comments on this forum prior to purchasing (some positive others not so). That said, after doing my due diligence I did purchase it, and I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s an amazing vehicle In it’s condition, to drive and in its overall aesthetics. Yes it had 1 or 2 very, very minor marks on the headlight from stones, two minor over revs. One range 1 and a minor range 2, both in the first third of its total operating hours. It also had a total of 3 owners. Richmonds / Martyn, was up front in all their discussions with me. When I got the Vehicle we placed it up on a hoist, plugged into its port, and it’s read out was exactly as previously supplied by Richmonds. its a 997 GT3, and it’s been designed for a track outing, so a minor over rev, is no issue, particularly with me. In truth most Porsche’s have had a bit of let’s say “exuberant driving had with”. The car is in immaculate condition, inside, outside and underneath, with books, and it drives tight, the shift is tight and the leather, carbon fibre bits and those are nice touches as are those light weight bucket seats. It’s a 9.3/10. So amazing vehicle, glad I acquired it, and also I have to say, Richmonds / Martyn from Adelaide were impeccable to deal with. The vehicles are as described and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
  6. Yes, I mported a Duck tail some 4 years ago from the US for my 3.2. I paid good money for it ($800-$900) however the product was very, very good. its just so expensive getting anything for Pirsche in Aus :(
  7. Hi all, I have been an owner of a 3.2 Carrera for about 15 years, recently (a year ago) I acquired an 07 997 S. I was wondering if there are any casual meetings arranged by the forum. I would be most interested in meeting for casual chats, particularly to discuss Porsche maintenance / repairs / enhancements and Porsche ownership in general etc. I my self am reasonably conversant with mechanics etc, etc, however always keen to know / learn more about Porches (air and water cooled) and naturally happy to pass on what I know. I much prefer to do my own repairs / maintenance, where I can, as I know it will be done properly. I also have a soft spot for very early 70's Holden muscle cars. I live in the North West of Sydney (Carlingford / Epping way).have Cheers
  8. Can anyone advise of / provide a list of Porsche independents (say 3-4) in the north / west region of Sydney (Carlingford area) I know of two, however I was wandering if there were others. I have both an air cooled and water cooled model 911. Just asking the question, to see what options I have.
  9. I had similar issues. I handed my 3.2 for some work to an independent. the next 3 - 5 days after I had the car back I noticed the following missing or damaged: 1/ 3 of the 4 genuine tyre caps were missing. 2/ The clock plastic glass / bezel was cracked in two places. 3/ One of the little hooks / clasp which secures the sun visor was missing. I did mention point 3 within the week of getting the car back and was handed another clasp, only to find when I took it home to put on the car that it was the wrong type. Hence I sourced another myself, got new caps and unfortunately the clock glass is still broke. Does anybody know where I could purchase a clock glass from? What I find hard to understand is that how would these things items break or go missing!!!!
  10. I've probably done all of 15 km's on my new RE003's so all good at stage. The pricing was really good, $620, fitted, balanced and wheel alignment.
  11. Purchased, had fitted, balanced and wheel alignment a set of the Bridgestone RE003 for the 3.2 yesterday, I've only driven about 5 k's on them thus far (the drive home) however early indications seem to be good thus far.
  12. I'll pass on my 20 cents worth: I'm an owner of a 997.1 S (07) manual, (second 911 I've owned) and i'm really happy with it. As I see things, the less mass, the better dynamically with any Porsche.
  13. Peter, thank you for that most valued data / feedback. Kind regards
  14. Thanks, I would be most interested in knowing of the prognoses on these solid state units. I have a few acquaintances in the US, so I may do the same. In any case, I appreciate yours and Peter M's feedback.
  15. I also require new tyers for a 3.2 Carrera, and I was contemplating / considering Goodyear eagles. Any feedback on these? Alternatively any recommendations, thank you. I'm currently running Perrelli's 205x55x16 fronts and 225x50x16 rear.

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