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  1. Just a quick question why are Porsche Australia records different than these numbers ? They only have 6 sales records for 84 cabriolets listed.
  2. Thanks for the info. I just purchased a 1984 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet Australia delivered (NSW) and like all the statistics one of 1735 euro spec built and one of 43 sent to Australia sounds good to me.👍 I wanted a coupe for 10+ years but we can only have what we can afford and got a cabriolet instead. i thought it would be noisy and rattle, but It is very quiet with no rattles at all. Amazing for a 35 year old car. It has back seat lower pads but it is a 2 seater on the compliance plate? Does anyone know if the 2 seaters come with no seat pads/seatbelts etc?? was Ruby Red/Black interior now Montego black/Grey interior. JEP
  3. Hi all i was wondering if anyone could tell me the number of Australian delivered 911’s in 1984 and list prices at the time. thanks. JEP
  4. Thanks Tips. I think the current owner has realised all these points. the paint is pealing in some areas so it needs a full re spray. i am going to inspect the engine, gearbox and suspension when it gets to Melbourne. the interior is poor but repairable. the main deal breaker for me is any accident or rust issues. (I’m handy one the tools (Porsche tools) and in the spray booth) i would only value this car in the 35-45k as it sits which works out at current USA prices $20-25k USD plus import costs. i was hoping to get lucky with someone that knows the car. JEP944
  5. Yes very informative🤔 I just found it was sold on greys online late 2018 with a rebuilt engine🤔 must of scrimped on head studs.
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the car I am looking to purchase I know it has broken head bolts and it has been previously registered it NSW but I am still waiting on confirmation on that. It has been painted black original colour is bitter chocolate. If anyone has any information on this car could you please let me know. Thanks in advance. Photo of vin in listing. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1978/SSE-AD-6105369/
  7. Hi is it normal on a 1988 944S to have 4x 30mm screws/bolts extruding on the passenger side floor pan next to the sill pinch weld? If yes what What are they used for? thank you JEP944
  8. I'm a mobile mechanic and buy a lot of parts from overseas for my customers, they don't mind waiting for them when your saving them money. Mazda CX-9 head light globe $312 Mazda genuine xenon $60 oem from overseas 1 week delivery. I find in Australia we get charged excessive prices for parts. I understand years ago shipping was expensive but these days with the amount of cargo coming to Australia and quick turnaround times it is no excuse to charge a premium for car parts anymore. i think that's why these online parts suppliers are doing so well. Soon the dealers will need to be more competitive with prices when more people find out you can buy the parts cheaper online. The only other argument is warranty on the part. if you buy local you can take it back and get warranty claims easily, overseas parts not so easy. If you get the part 1/3 of the price you just buy another one. you will still be ahead. Chances of failure is very slim most parts get damaged in shipping or when fitting. At the end of the day for classic car company's the more cars they have on the road it's cheap advising for them. They should give us all a 25% classic car restoration parts discount to keep classics on the road ? Wake me up I just started dreaming? JEP
  9. http://www.wheelcollision.com/store/H67180-67180XXSI-944TURBOS.htm this site is in the USA they have a few of these wheels. The JEP.
  10. I had a go at re stitching my steering wheel today it is a time consuming job but well worth it. as you can see right side top and lower inner section complete left side top in progress. i found using a straight needle on the top section and a hooked needle in the inner sections worked the best. Cost $5 for good quality thread $3 for needles. very rewarding job. JEP.
  11. Thanks Brian i called Porsche australia they said only 40 944S came to Australia in 1988 wonder how many are still on the road? How many manual, colour combos etc. JEP
  12. Hi I'm newbie to the Porsche world. I have been playing with mustangs and vw beetles for years. I'm a Motor mechanic (working on euro cars,then at Ford) by trade but don't tell anyone I need to fix my porsche? I finally got my first Porsche the other day it's been a long time waiting and searching for the right car but here it is. its a oct 1987 build 944S Manual Australian compliance 1988 Alpine white exterior and burgundy interior. the guys on this forum helped me out (thanks guys) the wheels on the car worked out to be 993 16" cup wheels. if anyone has some year correct phone dials 16" let me know. I spent 3hr polishing and cleaning still a long way to go to get it up to standard but I'm not in a rush. it has pinion/ring whine in all gears but more noticeable in 4th and 5th gear.i will replace TT bearings and repair gearbox while I'm at it. it has a blown head gasket my Co2 tester is changing colour must be small it is not running rough or using to much water. i will pull the head off get the head surfaced, crack checked and the valves done also replace the cam chain and guides, water pump, idler pulleys, cam belts and hoses, get the radiator cleaned. Most importantly as pointed out by my son paint the inlet manifold and valve cover. (Red with white lettering) In the end I should have a reliable car. thanks for reading look forward to your advice and help. JEP
  13. Thanks Bruce I'm a bit of a purest and like my cars factory spec. i will start hunting for a set? JEP
  14. Thanks guys they are 993 cup wheels part number 993.362.114.00 if anyone is selling 16" phone dials please let me know. JEP

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