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  1. Last bump, moving house next month and would prefer not to move them around. Dropped them to only $2250 absolute bargain and they deserve to be on a Porsche looking beautiful.
  2. Which battery did you end up going for? I have seen a few posts suggesting different batteries, but I also have a slightly slower turnover than I would like, so would be great to hear what you went with! Pictures for the sound system upgrade don’t seem to be working but I would love to see more of that too Amazing job so far ??
  3. Hi All, Another question, any chance anyone knows the best place in Melbourne to have my car's AC regased?
  4. perfect ?? I’d only considered a screw which I knew wouldn’t work but bolt and washer would do the trick nicely I recon. Cheers
  5. Having a small issue with my drivers side wiper guys wondering if someone can help. The ball hinge on the wiper frame keeps popping out of the ball socket on the short connecting rod which attaches to the wiper, anytime the wipers are used. Any advice on how this can be fixed without simply replacing the short connecting rod? I know it's not a huge job but wondered if there was a quick fix while the part ships. Obviously can just glue it or pop a screw in as the hinge still needs to rotate Any help would be appreciated
  6. Great work on the lid! Looking forward to seeing that seat fitted.
  7. Bumping these incase anyone out there hasn’t seen them and is interested.
  8. Looks great in your profile picture! Look forward to seeing more. if you are only in Canterbury we will have to meet up at some point and get some Ying Yang shots of the cabs. looling forward to hearing more about your project too!
  9. I was thinking about going clear front and side indicators with orange bulbs?
  10. Purchased this beautiful set of wheels for my 944 but they will unfortunately not fit over the front hubs. They had a few scratches when i purchased and i have had them fully refurbished, centre caps are also in perfect condition. Any questions please ask, they are selling for $500-$700 for individual alloys online, some in horrible condition so i have these up at $3000 as i understand they are pretty rare to come by, especially in such great condition.
  11. Hi All, Been loitering here for a while with a "i will have one soon", finally found her and made her mine. Been through 3 numberplates already (club / registered / personal) and tried a set of 996 wheels which i cannot get over the front hubs (will be for sale shortly), other than that a CD player change and i am good for the minute Any tips on best products to keep her in tip top condition / places to buy the best small parts would be hugely appreciated (needs a few tiny cosmetic touchers on the interior)
  12. Following up on this all, does anyone have a reliable and well priced wheel refurbishment company they use? Just for a standard small amount of curb damage
  13. Thanks all! First Porsche, been waiting a long time so am truely over the moon! will get some photos up as soon as she is here and hopefully see some of you out and about if there is a meet somewhere soon
  14. Hi Sohan, i did indeed, taking delivery later this week!

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