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  1. IanJ

    997 Targa 4

    Merv it's L39C Night Blue Pearl
  2. IanJ

    997 Targa 4

    This colour? I used to own this 4S. Parts are easy enough to source (not that i did but i did research before buying). It's just a big sunroof. Get some IPA, cotton buds and gummi pfledge to clean the tracks and any noises should clear up. Hatch makes for a pretty practical car
  3. When I looked in to this. I thought it was 10% of the value of the priced you paid in duty and the same in GST for anything newer than 30 years old (no duty if it’s older than 30) that you had owned for more than 12 months plus luxury car tax if the amount of gst paid was over a certain value? I think the key difference is having a receipt for what you paid and not letting customs dictate a price Did you manage to pick up both cars from a private seller at a bargain price? ? One of the importers had a rough calculator but all of them can tell you exact costs if you contact them.
  4. Yes. It is a big job. Including major service, main seal and dual mass fly wheel among other things you’d be looking at about $8400.....
  5. Ok. They don’t want to make it easy. You will either need to check with DVLA in writing or see if a friendly dealer over there has it on their computer. I did see on pistonheads there is a thread with someone responding that must have access to the dvla records. If you’re a member over there it might be worth responding with the VIN number and see if anyone messages you (I don’t think it’s legal TBH) Good luck!
  6. I've used this one in the past https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/ Cheap and pretty comprehensive. Just checked my login on there and it doesn't seem to take VIN. Let me ask a mate over there what he uses.
  7. Bought one of these years ago. It's been out on loan and used in my garage dozens of times with no problems.
  8. My understanding is that this spacing difference can be quite a common thing. Also in my search for parts for my 914 I found 911 rear hubs can actually be different so it might be worthwhile doing some measurements with the wheels off. Get a decent alignment done it could be your camber is just off. P.s it looks great!
  9. I had a similar problem in my 924S. It was cable tension. I replaced the cam with a better responding one and tensioned the cable and didn't have any problems after that. Not sure if you can get a similar mod for the 996?
  10. Just ordered mine. No affiliation other than having bought for other cars (and having friends who have done the same). http://kap.industries/product/porsche-fire-extinguisher-mount/
  11. Just spotted the update. Thanks JB. Russ is a good guy and the quality of the parts myself and friends have bought from him have been excellent.
  12. Hi Jonathon, Russ is in Hughesdale, 0402939154 If you could get your car measured up it would be great as it means i can order some too. Thanks, Ian
  13. Hi, Did you get something? I have bought brackets from http://kap.industries/ but he doesn't do a 997 one as yet. He moved from WA to Vic and would be willing to make brackets. He just needs a car to measure up. These are really neat installs in all the other cars I've seen and beautifully finished. Would you be willing to give Russ a call?

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