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  1. Seemed all completely normal carry on, keep the good times rolling. Great footage a trip to this region has been on my bucket list for a few years now and I really look forward to making it happen (guides welcome😁) in the next few years thanks for sharing.
  2. Good on you for giving it a go I'm sure on track you'll be quicker than if in a manual version. When I drove the PDK in a 991.1GT3 I couldn't believe how good it was not like a standard auto at all, when you were on it, it made for a super quick car on track. It was on the road that i was more perplexed not as convinced it was for me, I'd be interested how you feel in 12months time. Are there any other PDK owners that want to share there driving opinions track road country squirts or other ???
  3. 😂 so I see Given it hasn't sold in 24hours id say there is more downward pricing pressure to come. Over the last 20 years or so I have always pegged Aus pricing against the UK; using my complex financial instrument (not really) the numbers at present are showing the 991.2's being marketed in the following range 245-290k.
  4. The downward pricing pressure is definitely starting !!! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2017-porsche-911-gt3-991-manual-my18/SSE-AD-6630427/?Cr=16
  5. This is definitely a test as to wether the 997.2 GT3 in CS spec with very low kms is of collector grade; the timing is important as times are changing however haven't changed as yet its now or probably never in my opinion.
  6. I drove a 99S for a few days and fell in love with the dash not to mention the power (thats another story). The 992 interior is a step change making the 991 feel dated then throw in the 992GT3 body styling featuring that rear wing and you know your in 2020 and not 2014. To answer your question though I think it will depend on 992 pricing if they keep it similar to the 991.2 (which is my guess) then there will be downward pressure on 991.2 pricing for sure.
  7. I think driving an RS is such a sense of occasion that the brighter the colour the better, lets face it if you can handle driving around with all the wings, winglets and fins then a pop of colour is a given. The purple will be the one people want in the future is my tip. (silver or platinum wheels though)
  8. Only you Doug 🙄, I personally appreciate cars like this and wouldn't mind a loan for the weekend but not interested in owning a modded turbo the temptation to keep extracting more power is a curse😬! i might have owned a few WRX in my twenties 😳daily drivers of course. Porsche like all manufactures of turbo cars will of course cover themselves by having the best diagnostics available to identify such mods wether or not they have been reinstated back to standard. Can you buy it Doug and lend it to me for a weekend i'm sure it would go like stink.
  9. Good luck with the target ...... and many more years enjoying your cars
  10. I like it as well adds to the look and feel of the cabin Well done on losing the weight easier to get out of the seats too ...no doubt!!
  11. If I'm honest the 991.2 GT3 touring is the probably the perfect car for me and my needs these days....... then i see the wing the cage and the seats in a club sport manual and I go weak at the knees. One thing people should note when considering the GT3PDK V GT3RS is that the PDK is noticeably quicker in the RS, I think they call it PDKS You're are a track rat Doug, you need a cup car for the track and a Touring for your daily - 😁 for ever job done.
  12. Fair point. The 991.2GT3RS looks like an amazing car what got you into RS versions have you had them before ? I've never owned an RS version however I have been very tempted on a number of occasions. Scott
  13. Sensible just dont tell anyone 😂 Ok then it seems there is a little support for the .2s what are people interested in PDK/manual? I am happy for you fellas to partake in the 1st fire front I'll help bail out the 2nd wave (only joking however it would be nice to pick up a sub $200k 991.2 gt3 man. 😬😳) how many do we think/know got delivered here.
  14. Well spotted, hmm no just like the interior They must have personal reasons as pricing seems irrational to me. A member here specced the car and what a spec!!! maybe he can chime in.
  15. Fair assumption, possibly getting in early while there is still some interest around

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