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  1. I think your spot on here, my information is that there is around 12 months of cheap money left to feed the RE market, from there as you say all bets are off. I wish our RBA/Government would go against the WW trend and start slowly ratcheting rates up its worth a try and certainly can't be any worse than the current strategy.
  2. That is one awesome car Paul and yes I have sellers remorse for sure...... enjoy it; I did for every minute of ownership!! Now how to top that hmmm!! might have to collect my thoughts for a bit.
  3. Who's putting a reserve on one of these hmmm. I know a few ex racers have their names down already!!!
  4. What a fantastic car they are a friend of mine Simon Froude purchased his RS in Melbourne new back in 95 and used it as a daily driver for the most part whilst seriously competing on weekends. I have fond memories driving this car in the Porsche 50th Anniversary rally in 98 i think? such great fun you just new you were driving something unique. Simon and I have spoken about trying to locate the car lately so any help would be much appreciated. ,
  5. Refers to Light Weight Buckets in GT3 terminology ๐Ÿ˜
  6. No worries sounds like you needed to bring yourself up to speed just helping out, maybe let people know what you want to do with the car and that might help Club Sport PADM - Active Engine Mounts GT2 Folding Buckets Front Lift I know someone who has a set that they don't use, too big to fit in them I heard.
  7. In answering your question i have also elaborated on the differences between the .1 and .2 GT3 I often get asked the question as to what the fundamental differences between the 997.1 and .2 GT3 are. Interior wise The plastics have been updated to a higher quality along with a more integrated look - Option to have the folding carbon Gt2 buckets are a favourite of mine. Exterior Lots of tweaks to the styling and upgraded LED lighting - with the addition new centre lock wheels A bore increase from 3.9 inches to 4.0โ€”raises displacement from 3.6 liters to 3.8 The bigger engine gets hotter cams with greater valve lift and the addition of variable valve timing to the exhaust cams (the intakes already had it). All together, these changes boost power from 415 hp to 435 and torque from 300 lb-ft to 317. Despite the displacement increase, the engineโ€™s redline climbs from 8400 rpm to 8500 Grip Increases, Too The next most important change is a set of bodywork revisions that roughly triple the carโ€™s aerodynamic downforce. A redesigned front end provides a more efficient exit for the air flowing through the centre radiator through new ducting to a vent just forward of the trunk lid. The front splitter is lower and deeper. In the rear, a wider wing extends beyond its vertical supports and is tilted down at an angle of 7.8 degrees, which translates into about a 20-degree angle relative to the airflow, which is following the downward slope of the rear window. Together, these changes increase downforce from 66 pounds at 299kph to 220 pounds. A revised suspension makes the most of this additional force pressing the tires into the pavement. Front spring rates are stiffer by 12 percent, and the anti-roll bar drops from 1.1 inches in diameter to 1.0. In the rear, the anti-roll bar increases from 0.9 inch to 1.0. The PASM adjustable shock absorbers have been completely recalibrated, and the suspension pickup points have changed, thanks to new hubs. These hubs now accommodate centre-lock wheels, employing the same large nuts introduced on the Carrera GT. This design makes for a lighter wheel, saving a total of 6.6 pounds. Focused On Control Other major upgrades include bigger 15.0-inch front brake rotors with separate aluminium carriers that actually reduce their weight slightly. For the first time, the GT3 also gets stability control in the form of a specially calibrated Porsche Stability Management system that allows you to turn off the stability control alone or the stability control and traction control together. When these systems are shut down, they do not reactivate, as they do on other Porsches, when you start losing control in a corner under braking. One innovative new option is PADM, which stands for Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts. These are hydraulic engine mounts using magnetorheological fluid so their stiffness can be varied according to a programmed map. At high revs they get stiffer to provide a more precise feel by reducing the relative motion between the powertrain and body. Another new option is a front-axle lifting feature, which raises the carโ€™s front end by 1.2 inches when you press a button on the dash. This should help you avoid shredding the effective new front splitter at that local service station with the clifflike ramp.
  8. I'm with you Steve Centre locks are not a drama, all GT3's from the 997.2 have the centre locks so they can't be that bad.
  9. I would say that is a very strong sign for the 997 in a market that has seen the 991.1 being smashed from 300K down to 200K and the 991.2 from an average of $375 down to $320K The GT4 has also depreciated quite heavily with sales only happening in the 130-40's down from high 100's in recent times.
  10. I agree I would have considered one in the Crayon before seeing one in the flesh.
  11. Nothing wrong with waiting, however my call on this is that the 991.2 will stabilise around 320K with + for decent spec, read colour as well. The 992 will be confirmed very soon and given the standard 992S is close to 300K then the GT3 will be 380-430K depending on spec. GT3 Values in general The 991.1 is the anomaly here other wise we would see a pricing spread like this:- Give or take 5-10k Plus for good spec low km cars add for CS front lift and sought after colours 997.1 - 190K seem to be traded consistently 997.2 - 230K Appearing to be tightly held especially CS which could be a leading indicator of stability in value with possible upside (yes I have one however i too had this view before purchasing) 991.1 - 270K This is the anomoly with prices ranging from 220 - 270K (the non motorsport engine that has issues will see wild fluctuations in this pricing over the next 5 years) High production numbers with PDK only 991.2 - 320K Back to a motorsport engine with gearbox choices - high production numbers also Very flat looking colour imo doesn't do anything for the look of the car.
  12. You have in a sense outlined how they will probably differentiate these cars, making sure the internals are made more robust to handle the extra boost .... I suppose. Hopping out of the 992 S and back into the 997.2GT3CS on my way home I couldn't help but marvel at how good the feel and sound is of this ageing Motorsport Car. I can't help but wonder what a 3-4 year old 992s will be worth ? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  13. Having driven the 992 2S for the last 24 hours I have to say i'm super impressed not only with the performance which is thrilling; the show stopper however was the new interior and how it functions it blew me away, what a magnificent space to be in. It's the perfect daily driver just not sure i could stomach the depreciation. Note: i jumped in a 991.2 GT3 when back at PCM and took one look at the old dash layout and started dreaming of a 992GT3 TUNERS ARE ON TO THEM ALREADY HOWS 572HP SOUND!!!! https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a28832805/porsche-992-carrera-s-tuning-litchfield/?fbclid=IwAR0WjJSkglO9Cy8ZMrKNXrdSNooidw5mlnUC_MI9uP_cuLFy_JEEGbwWyWo

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