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  1. Put your money up phil before your luck runs out 😂 its time to own one i think
  2. This guy in Melbourne seems to be the gun in this area, I seem to remember that he may do change overs for the interstate customer https://www.leathercreations.com.au/contact-us/
  3. " Hell of a car," May just turn out to be a great decision.
  4. Hey Lee i don't disagree with you however we the public vote for these people, problem is very few of us do any homework as to what people or parties stand for tending to generally vote base on historic family views. The other thing is you can put yourself forward of course for a public position and if elected can receive the same benefits as these poli's 😁😁 Message is ..... really do your homework before you vote One positive at least it supports current pricing if you're already in the market.
  5. and had the time of my life ..........in old Iris the air cooled classic!!!
  6. Yep they are amazing roads do I hear a GT3 run being organised next summer?
  7. Adelaide getting quite the collection of GT3's now who bought the blue .2 ??
  8. Totally I've been MIA on the track action since the 996GT3 such good fun on the track remembering you only need go as fast as you like...... no race ..... and you get to keep your license lots of upside!!!
  9. Like we are all different ......so are our buying motives... in my experience if your're a true track rat you will track any car regardless of entry price point you may not take it on the milk run though. I believe that the Club Sport is the preferred spec by most GT3 buyers as it represents the true race car for road experience, think race seats, half cage, bright coloured harness/s, fat extinguisher, it provides the full emotional connection with the GT3 concept - The 003 option represents so much more than the sum of its parts and this will make it more desirable and a much better long term hold. I too have monitored the GT3 sales since they were 1st produced with the 996.1 and one fact stands out above all else and that is, the comfort version (touring) is offered for sale more than twice as often as the Club Sport.
  10. Doug you crack me up..... horses for courses though, an RS is the ultimate racers expression of the Race Car for the road!!!! and yes its loud and bold and it certainly takes a personality that doesn't care about judgements to drive one. BTW If your going to rent/thrash drive one of those hire cars around the ring then I'm sure you can handle driving it to the local shops 😂😂. I buy the GT3 or GT3RS as an experience car - ie when you drive it I want that total involvement with the car I want engineering excellence, noise, road feel, exhilaration, something that may bite, the RS and a bright colour just amplifies this experience so who gives a rats what other people think, indulge and enjoy it I say!!!!! I too like the idea of a stealth GT3 with the CS buckets which is the touring for those daily runs and winery tours with the wife however to me the GT3 is the Club Sport Pack the wing anything less just doesn't do it for me... So -- Daily and winery tours 991.1 S man (or 992) with suspension and exhaust mods - Car for the racers experience - GT3CS (man for me). - Next level experience ---- GT3RS (remembering experience does not always mean a massive performance increase) Unfortunately you can't have it all in one car
  11. Great for buyers Doug combination of soft economics and the fact that they produced as many of these as the market wanted .....Oh we found another allocation slot 😂😂😂 Like the 991.1. Average price the 991.2 new with a few options was around $375K drive away with $358K being the cheapest.
  12. is that Sunday 12th or Sat 11th 😁
  13. If you're in Melbourne BM Leather creations are the go to people to fix this - 2 Amsterdam St Richmond - insta @bmleathercreations - I see so many cars of this era pop up on his instagram so it's not just a Porsche issue of the period.
  14. Certainly wasn't saying the 4Litre was sitting at $350K I was trying to separate it from the others as per the brackets.( ) The 997 and the GFC were aligned in those days meaning the 997 was the current model at the time. I see the heavier devaluations more likely to be in 991 and 992 this time around for the same reasons. If the World falls into recession all bets are off though, that'll be all about hanging tight.

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