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  1. Totally I've been MIA on the track action since the 996GT3 such good fun on the track remembering you only need go as fast as you like...... no race ..... and you get to keep your license lots of upside!!!
  2. Like we are all different ......so are our buying motives... in my experience if your're a true track rat you will track any car regardless of entry price point you may not take it on the milk run though. I believe that the Club Sport is the preferred spec by most GT3 buyers as it represents the true race car for road experience, think race seats, half cage, bright coloured harness/s, fat extinguisher, it provides the full emotional connection with the GT3 concept - The 003 option represents so much more than the sum of its parts and this will make it more desirable and a much better long term hold. I too have monitored the GT3 sales since they were 1st produced with the 996.1 and one fact stands out above all else and that is, the comfort version (touring) is offered for sale more than twice as often as the Club Sport.
  3. Doug you crack me up..... horses for courses though, an RS is the ultimate racers expression of the Race Car for the road!!!! and yes its loud and bold and it certainly takes a personality that doesn't care about judgements to drive one. BTW If your going to rent/thrash drive one of those hire cars around the ring then I'm sure you can handle driving it to the local shops 😂😂. I buy the GT3 or GT3RS as an experience car - ie when you drive it I want that total involvement with the car I want engineering excellence, noise, road feel, exhilaration, something that may bite, the RS and a bright colour just amplifies this experience so who gives a rats what other people think, indulge and enjoy it I say!!!!! I too like the idea of a stealth GT3 with the CS buckets which is the touring for those daily runs and winery tours with the wife however to me the GT3 is the Club Sport Pack the wing anything less just doesn't do it for me... So -- Daily and winery tours 991.1 S man (or 992) with suspension and exhaust mods - Car for the racers experience - GT3CS (man for me). - Next level experience ---- GT3RS (remembering experience does not always mean a massive performance increase) Unfortunately you can't have it all in one car
  4. Great for buyers Doug combination of soft economics and the fact that they produced as many of these as the market wanted .....Oh we found another allocation slot 😂😂😂 Like the 991.1. Average price the 991.2 new with a few options was around $375K drive away with $358K being the cheapest.
  5. is that Sunday 12th or Sat 11th 😁
  6. If you're in Melbourne BM Leather creations are the go to people to fix this - 2 Amsterdam St Richmond - insta @bmleathercreations - I see so many cars of this era pop up on his instagram so it's not just a Porsche issue of the period.
  7. Certainly wasn't saying the 4Litre was sitting at $350K I was trying to separate it from the others as per the brackets.( ) The 997 and the GFC were aligned in those days meaning the 997 was the current model at the time. I see the heavier devaluations more likely to be in 991 and 992 this time around for the same reasons. If the World falls into recession all bets are off though, that'll be all about hanging tight.
  8. Opinion - based on observation and years of watching these markets The market is quiet meaning not ideal to sell cars over 50K little own 200K so my advice to the sellers is unless you need to sell i'd be sticking put on your price and wait for the right buyer or as edgy has done withdraw it from sale. Let me remind you that the low volume 997 GT3 is an incredible car that is held in such high esteem world wide; There are reasons for this which i'm not about to go into again. These unique cars have not had their day to really shine as yet. They are a good long term hold!! There is still demand for these cars, from people that will pay cash however that cash will only come out when the market turns a little back toward the sunshine or they smell some desperation as people chase the market down in order to get a sale. You choose which seller you are or need to be. I leave you with this In the late 90's early 2000's I was one of the guys that let a 993RS slip past me for $140K.... Oh i did buy something for $110K that 3 years later I sold for 85K luckily. I knew like everyone else the 993RS was limited production very unique highly regarded last of the generation /air cooled etc.. etc... let me just explain here that not for one minute am I saying that the 997 GT3 will see the prices of the 993RS I have no idea, but what i am saying is that the sentiment and statistics feel very very similar for the 997GT3 as they did during that time for the 993RS (when 8-10years old) You know the price move is well underway "The big move" is realised when people don't care about what colour they get they like all colours. The best 997 model to get is the .2 or .1RS however you will need $350 -400K for one of these.(997.2 GT3RS 4Litre RS goes with out saying "Unicorn though" price unknown) , which make the Club Sport followed by the Touring GT3's the next best car to have. All the best Scott
  9. Hah yes that's my car, I am looking at another 997.2 variant that is available to me privately, however I am absolutely happy with this car and wouldn't be disappointed to make it a keeper.
  10. This car is the car that Porsche Doncaster had for sale twice over the last few years as verified by the VIN -The engine in this car has a couple of Cat 4 over REVS !!!.
  11. Wow well done I bet you've every one of them
  12. I think the factors influencing the GT3 market are inline with housing, there's a slowing and the psychology is shifting meaning buyers have expectations of a cheaper entry point. If people need to sell to get out of the market then this may/will occur. I think what needs to be reiterated here is that the Mezger 997 GT3 in 4.0 3.8 3.6 versions are very highly regarded worldwide. If price is your concern then over the medium to long term these models will perform very well. The 997 GT3 4.0, 3.8 and 3.6 in that order are the beach front, water view cars of the property market and yes they are not immune and will decrease in value in a downturn no question, but let me tell you no where near as much as some of the other plan jane versions of the 911 that have seen dramatic increases in value over the last few years. If my thinking is correct these plain jane cars may not see these values again for a very long time into the future if ever. The market has spoken already spoken to the future pricing trend for the 991.1GT3 for reasons that we have all discussed on this forum, for this reason I would not align a 997 with a 991, and I think time will reflect this.
  13. I've entered again in the 993; it was great day out in a great seaside town i'd encourage people to come down.
  14. that will be the one Sold in the last 2 weeks from SA was sitting on at 260K for ages the came down to 210 upon sale I don't disagree however i just couldn't bring myself to put my hard earned into one; I'm sure i'm not the only one either.

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