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  1. Over the last 12 months they seem to have fluctuated around 145-165 depending on condition however very few have been for sale. According to the follow data (i have not fact checked this) only 229 manual C2's came to Australia between 1994-1997
  2. Pretty sure Porsche Brighton / Doncaster are part of the Penfold group. They own the Lava Orange manual that is for sale as well.
  3. FYI This car was purchased by said dealer for under 300K good margin if you can get it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-991-manual-my18/OAG-AD-19706237/?Cr=0
  4. Based on current trends you could easily assume that Porsche have been inundated with expressions of interest in the 992GT3. Pricing looks like a 25-28k bump on the 991.2. + for those in Vic the stamp duty bump of 15k or so over other states (great to see level playing fields in Australia how does this occur??) For those interested Government taxes on a new GT3 look like this( Approx) LCT $75,000 GST $28,000 Stamp duty (vic) $32,000 Total $135,000
  5. Lets not forget these cars were being advertised at dealers for $299 not so long ago. There not scarce or collectable yet.
  6. Thats correct just to clarify my question - I was including all 991.2 GT3's in my comment
  7. 991.2 GT3 - 20 special builds in manual and I presume PTS how did you get this info? 20 for Aus sounds like quite a lot love to know what the other combinations are that are out there. I agree with @WGA and @DJM the light weight buckets especially with the houndstooth would have made that car so much more special.
  8. Beautiful and Very Unique.... at a cost though Spec is appealing
  9. Thats right warranty would all in place I guess it just doesn't have that emotive experience like buying off the original purchaser as 1 owner who runs it in properly etc etc mind you any 2nd hand car from a dealer is the same
  10. Penfolds confirmed it was an error as described above. Car was purchased by Penfolds for the 4 directors to use apparently.
  11. @911virginThe 993 as a whole is a very well built motorcar, probably the best one that Porsche built this comment has nothing to do with trends fads etc.... The engine as Peter has mentioned is very well resolved and if it is maintained to spec will reward with many 100's of 1,000's of kms with out requiring any major work. I have a 1994 C2 manual that has done a genuine 266,000kms (10k a year avg) that has never had the engine cracked top or bottom it has just been maintained very well keeping things in tip top shape as required which to be honest doesn't take much on these cars. A recent comp test shows all numbers well within parameters so again don't be deterred by kms. I have many 993 owning friends that have all done in excess of 200,000kms all well looked after cars and all still go magnificently. A PPI by a trusted experienced Porsche mechanic will serve you well. An older Porsche can cost a lot of money to bring up to spec - History, both service and owner is the key. I have had lots of 911's and one of these set up well is an absolute treat, fast enough for the road handles like a modern car (significant compared to previous models) The other great thing about getting a car with higher Kms is that you will drive them

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