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  1. Thats a tiptronic the silver one I also noticed that they have Hazza’s (PIB) C2 man in iris blue is coming soon as well
  2. In the words of a fellow Porsche owner if you don't sell into this bubble its true love
  3. Here is my story to date After placing an EOI on a Touring 18months ago, it was around 3 months ago i got a call to come in and place a deposit. At this stage i specified a car and a contract with a Deal ID was issued (the spec can be changed leading up to the built slot being allocated) So thats as much as I know, I have been led to believe that my delivery would be around the middle of next year and that things will need to be finalised around Feb /March 22 which is when i assume the official allocation is confirmed 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Thanks for the photo having seen the 356 that the color was taken from i new what expect. Just great to see a car here hopefully we see a few more photos soon
  5. Well done looks great in the Gentian- gold wheels look like they’re the new black. Ive heard there is not many cars coming to Aus this year your one of the lucky ones, love to see it in the flesh.
  6. your still on the wrong thread search "ol shitters" 😂
  7. A Red 997 GT3 up for sale then? 😂😂 A bit of fun he does it across all brands
  8. Could it be the top of the market for the 991 GT3's
  9. New photos and pricing
  10. Hi Everyone I have the following new/unused parts for sale as follows - These were purchased so as I had them available if and when required; I have since sold my 993 hence the sale. open to reasonable offers Pick up or post at purchasers expense (I'm in Vic on the Mornington Peninsula) Cheers Scott BERU 993 Ignition Wire Set $450 (Brand new) https://fdmotorsports.net/shop/ols/products/beru-993-ignition-wire-set 993 Major Service Kit (48,000 kms) - Brand New less plugs - $350 https://fdmotorsports.net/shop/ols/products/993-major-service-kit Brake Pads and sensors Rears 1 set available inc sensors $ 90 Fronts 2 sets available inc sensors $ 140 per set Door Stop - $30 Will Brand New Pad Keeper $250 - SOLD
  11. I have placed a deposit and have a contract with the build documentation apparently having been submitted to Germany; however I'm still not 100% as I haven't been told its 100%
  12. Asking 334K This is also familiar https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-991-manual-my18/OAG-AD-20028822/?Cr=9 Stocking fillers? Only in a boom 😁😂
  13. Having spoken to Porsche folk around allocation time of the 991.2 and very recently the 992 - I’ll take a guess and say the split would be around 150 GT3 and 50 Touring - The 992 demand is apparently higher however with similar allocations to the 991.2. 992 deliveries could be short of this due to the current supply issues and line delays which are causing hold ups ; for example of a locked in allocation PCA will be approx 40% down on GT3 deliveries this year

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