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  1. Down shift is forward upshift is backwards which I think would feel natural - putting the shifter into manual mode in RHD pushes it away from you which is a shame more suited to LHD
  2. Great feedback and what you say makes sense. I also agree that the PDK does extract more / or a different character from the engine with shorter gearing lightning shifts electronic diff etc. For me though as I don't have the luxury of multiple cars at this point in time it makes the decision more difficult based on my actual experience. If i had an older manual air cooled car that met those needs I could ?probably be tempted into a PDK. However manual wins out for the engagement, the challenge is whats satisfying for me as manual boxes go surely its up there with the best. As you describe the difficulties in certain shift environments for my mind that right there is the beauty of a manual, get it right and there’s no better driving experience. I can only relate to living with a PDK style box with one of the families GTI Performance In DSG format. (I know its not a GT3 but bare with me) 20% of the time i drive the car in a sports environment I feel engaged even then i just dial the settings up and let it do its own thing, 80% of the time I'm just a passenger which i just don't find satisfying enough, its good, nice, faultless, quick but just not satisfying enough of the time. This is just my thoughts, an opinion its certainly not a defence of the manual. i look forward to hearing about the car when you get it. cheers Scott
  3. Nothing as yet either, I've been told that the 1st batch of Touring's they focussed on the 70th Anniversary Model which has delayed the other build slots. I have heard of 1 person out of NSW getting a March build slot recently; my dealership PCB (vic) there has been 2 x 70th additions this year a PTS slot in Feb and 2 others in the 1st Qtr. Hoping to hear late Jan early Feb at this stage.
  4. Not bad viewing if you have 30 mins
  5. Well said Hugh, to my mind the investment is in your own mental health and well being. The joy these cars bring far out ways their value to me, I know things change over the ownership period however having a car you love and being to scared to use and enjoy makes no sense at all and will only lead to unhappiness.
  6. Great to see GT3’s out on track yesterday here is Mark out at Sandown raceway in his new 992GT3 IMG_4862.MOV IMG_4878.MOV
  7. Great Podcast in depth and lots of info. The 991.1 is a great car ..........just with a problematic engine. I found it interesting that the lesson learnt with the 9.1 was when your changing models 997 to 991 ie new chassis, body, suspension, rear steer etc etc..don't do a new engine as well as its too much work. Hence the 992 taking a tweaked 1.2 engine which he went onto say is a bullet proof engine more so than even the famed Mezger. There wasn't much to go on with regards to the engines lifecycle however my take was it sounds like the ICE engines won't comply in Europe come 2026. The US market and others like AUS with lower emotion regs may keep the ICE fire burning a little longer.
  8. Couldn't agree more - then it doesn't get driven and the enjoyment goes, and whats the good of that. Annoying phenomenon; only to be seen at cars and coffee.
  9. Sadly Australian supply for new GT cars inc GT4RS is a massive issue hence the price of 2nd hand ones. If you want a new car you either be patient and hope your number comes up over the next 12 months or buy used. One things for sure if you havent had your paid EOI down on any of these cars for at least 12-18 months then securing an allocation is highly unlikely. The present communication from Porsche is that there are no more allocations for GT3 in Australia as for GT4RS there are no slots left for 21/22
  10. The 992 GT3 is definitely a MotorSport car looking awesome here in the Yellow
  11. I agree, the pump priming over last 2 years combined with record low rates is the perfect storm. Let’s see how it unravels for people. I think the good times are behind us.
  12. I posted some information on this issue in this thread on the 28th of April this year. Its all about evaluating risk at the end of the day as you say with your 2.7 and 996.
  13. On the limit !!! Each newer model is designed to be incrementally better of course they are all great cars to me; its just great to see them on the track being spanked. Not a bad 1st track day all the same.
  14. The new GT3 on track with Phil from Drift Works who owns a wheel and suspension workshop in the UK. This is his 1st time on the track with the 992 after running it in; he does have a 997.2GT3 and did have a 991.1 GT3; in this video he tracks alongside Al who is in a 996 GT3 with Manthey racing mods.

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