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  1. Nice bit of stalking Lee..... and Yep sprung.....Put my hand up.....Jezzica is pretty special....
  2. Mate, that does look good....Re the.....Ceramic coating is as you say, it does do away with the regular polishing and waxing etc. I had mine done back in December. The front of the BBC has an "Invisible car Bra" so I only had from the doors back done, including roof. Main advantages are protection from Bird shit and other pollutants etc. When washing it now, it is virtually a no touching job. Just hit it with the K'archer and so far I have done a couple of snow foam jobs on it. Then clear water spray again with the K'archer to clean the snow foam off. The water just beads straight off....Comes up great.... I still however, use microfibre to finish off the drying process. Although I think you could get away without doing that. It is suggested the surface should be re charged a little every 6 months or so and the brand I had applied (CRYSTAL SERUM ULTRA from WWW.GTECHNIQ.COM.AU) brings out a spray on spray off recharge product. It also comes with a 9 year warranty. However, I am going to give the BOWDENS BEAD MACHINE when I give mine a recharge. It can be used on Ceramic coatings and will also give a deep lustre finish. But I have to say I will miss giving it the waxing and quick detailer/protective sealing etc. We ended up at a place called Noojee for lunch a few weeks ago after a run. When I came back to the car it was covered in small sticky spots all over the bodywork. No idea what it was. Anyway, next morning I gave it a Snowjob and it came up perfectly. So at this stage I am pretty happy with that. Good luck with it whichever way you go.
  3. Sorry Mate, after much serious deliberation, and consultation....Computer says.....No......Close mind you....but no cigar...
  4. Hmmmmm...I'mmmmm giving it some serious thought..........decision pending....
  5. https://flatsixes.com/porsche-news/the-porsche-boxster-25-years-edition-is-a-stunning-throwback-to-the-mid-1990s-concept/ I thought that badge was indicating 2.5 litres and thought WTF. So it's a 25 year anniversary Coxster...but GTS 4 litre donk and only 1250 being manufactured. Nice job...... Anyway now that's cleared up back to photos.... flatsixes.com:.webloc
  6. The worse thing is I can actually see a name change happening in the future...not too distant future at that.........Very sad.

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