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  1. Your man cave is no longer barren, Congratulations, great car.
  2. HMMMMM bit of attitude there, me thinks.....But because of the boots, it is acceptable..
  3. colour. ...... Looks pretty good to me..... Well done once again, you should be out driving it right now as I'm writing this. Have a great day with it.
  4. Welcome aboard MSH, thank god you have woken up to yourself and now gotten yourself into a real car. Congratulations on the new family member. Look forward to seeing some photos of it. I think you may not get much sleep tonight......
  5. Happy Birthday PORSCHE FORUM AUSTRALIA. I love being part of it......
  6. thanks Kez, I have done the appropriate changes...
  7. The very first SMT participants.... Left to Right.......Kez, Duggy, Dave (Mini-Me) with the hat, Dave with the hat's Brother behind him, Steve, then Frank, and yours truly on the right.
  8. Welcome Patrick.....Great looking car and good to hear our very own Phillip Island mentioned in the same sentence as the Nurburgring.
  9. FAR CANAL...... Put on your big screen, turn the sound up, hang on to your chair....and watch this www.youtube.com:watch?v=-TrYseef8NE.webloc
  10. Tried to zoom in on it, but all I can make out is what looks like the normal Porsche badge but I'd say it is a Porsche Club badge. Don't know what the PCV badge looked like back in the 80's or 90's.

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