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  1. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Hi Grimmy, got a notification of your post but it hasn't gone up here for whatever reason. Yep, jumping into a GT4 would solve the problems.... Here are a couple of other shots for you to contemplate..
  2. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Ok, so the 987.2 compared to the GT4 in height. The bottom lip of the GT4 is lower than the bar lip on the 987.2 BUT THE UNDERNEATH OF THE CARS...... The 987.2 definitely hangs lower than the GT4. So your ground clearance with the EIBACH springs is definitely lower than the GT4.
  3. WOW. Beautiful car and presented as new. Sorry you are moving it on... Someone is going to get a nice 944S. GLWTS
  4. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Sounds like a plan. Next time out.
  5. Just posted up on 987 owners club on F/B. Talking about his new exhaust..... .
  6. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Thanks for that compliment. Agree, that they look heaps better with the lowered stance. I have to admit, I do bottom out on the rubber deflectors in front of the front wheels, and on the very corners of the front lip. You will get a bit of scraping noise from, I would think those rubber deflectors and maybe in extreme cases the front lip, when pushing it hard through the twisties. So you end up with a bit of gravel rash on those rubber deflectors, and the underneath of the front lip L & R sides. The gravel rash is not visible and its only when you run your hands over the areas that you can feel it. As far as handling goes, I think it handles better than standard although I am not someone who can really pick the difference if there is any any. Having said that, it definitely does not handle worse than original springs, well, not that I have noticed. The ride is a tad harsher, not a lot. Driveways etc are a problem of course so care is required. I have tried to find a photo of mine with and compared to Chris's GT4, but with no success. (I will do one next time we are out) From memory, I think they are very close as far as body ride height is. Re the H&R vs the EIBACH, when I researched both brands, and also spoke with the two of the places I was thinking of having fit the springs. I was advised by both that the H&R were probably best to stay away from because they were slightly lower than the EIBACH's. I think the difference was only a couple of mm, from memory. They advised me to go with the EIBACH, which I did, and am very happy with them. JOCARO in Braeside, fitted the springs for me. Price of springs were $646.00 delivered to the door (EIBACH SUSPENSION N.S.W. PH 02 9999 3655) the day after ordering (Part No. 10-72-008-01-22 Pro Kit Cayman S) Fitting was $600.00 which included the front and rear alignments. Anyway...something for you to think about... Hope that helps... (Do it, you'll be rapped)
  7. Niko

    Hardtop for boxster

    I had a look at those some time back, have to say I'm not a real fan of them. The second site has the roof photographed on a 986 although advertised for a 987. So maybe they do interchange????? But I agree with Tomo, might be a fair amount of work and money involved. From memory, when I checked them out, they weren't getting good reviews, re the fitting etc but that may have changed now. Hopefully an original one will pop up somewhere. Be nice to know if the 986 hard top does fit the 987 though.
  8. Arne's photos of the VW rebuild. Wow when you said you were getting into it you really are getting into it.....
  9. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Photos by Arne.... Looks great Arne, that awful big gap between the rear wheel arch and the tyres is gone. I find it hard to believe they don't come out of the factory at this height. Certainly squats better, be nice to see shots outside on the road or in a park. Hope you're happy with it.
  10. Niko

    Hardtop for boxster

    No dispute in what you're saying Apogee, but Hard tops give a different aspect to the Boxster body. I personally think they are a great extra, and although I agree that the soft top is well insulated etc, a hardtop just makes the car look better (IMHO) for that 5 or 6 months of the year. I picked one up for my old 986 and it was brand new, needed a paint job, and the fitting kit, but all up cost just over 3k including painting to match the body by Charlie BATTISTI. That was some years ago now though, so price may have gone up. But now it's out there let's see what pops up. Hard top will also be a good investment for resale.
  11. Well it was yesterday actually, I took the BBC to a Tyre place in Braeside, and had a brand spanking new set of MICHELIN PS4S's fitted, along with a front and rear alignment. I got nearly 20k out of the previous set of PS4S's so pretty happy with that. I really love these tyres, they hang on better than sh#* to a blanket wet or dry roads. (And I need all the help I can get)
  12. Niko

    Hardtop for boxster

    Lucky You Eddy, you now have this fine upstanding group of men, now keeping an eye out for a hardtop for you.
  13. Niko

    Cayman lowered

    Arne, send it to me if you like on my email and I will be able to post them up for you if you want. PM SENT..

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