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  1. These photos are from Arne who unfortunately has trouble posting them up. So I have done the job for him Porsche Centre Doncaster last weekend... Easy elephant stamp.....Congratulations.....
  2. Yes no argument there. both deserve the prized Elephant Stamp of Approval
  3. Thank Chripes...I was losing a fair amount of sleep over these badges.....
  4. errrr ok I'm confused, but I am easily confused.
  5. Although this throws the badge amongst the pigeons a bit. Advertised for 911/912...The part number stamped on this one purported to be an original. Maybe the part number 901.559.210.20. is for a later model???? Says he purchased it new in the 80"s. and had stored it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PORSCHE-911-912-HOOD-BADGE-EXCELLENT-GENUINE-UNUSED-OEM-NOS-901-559-210-20-/273828292929
  6. I agree Tomo, I'm not sure yours would be a fake, RTP. Certainly looks more defined than the photo of the 901 I have there. not a bad replica if it is one.
  7. Not sure if this helps at all. First badge is the rear off a 901 model. It was damaged on one of the studs as you can see, but that badge is original, I think. Haven't got a photo of the front of that 901 badge unfortunately The second and third photos are from my 2009 Cayman. very different than the earlier ones buy the looks, assuming mine was an original badge of course.
  8. Excellent choice....congratulations.
  9. Very envious, a Tassie drive is on my bucket list, have fun and be safe.
  10. well you certainly went out in a big way........

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