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  1. BEWDIFUL, Cavemen. Congratulations mate...on both the selling and the new acquisition....
  2. Niko

    Anyone own a boxster S - Vic Reg: RYD-903

    Just checked what I have and.......No appearance your worship. sorry
  3. Niko

    Anyone own a boxster S - Vic Reg: RYD-903

    No not mine, there is water involved there...Mine was allergic to any water that wasn't car wash water. I don't know the car, which surprises me, it's obviously a PCV member, I will check through the photos of my old PCV days, see if I can locate it or the owner...
  4. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    and even.....a mighty early Datto16
  5. and a turder from me..... 9th of March sounds like a good bacon and egg day....
  6. Good luck with the sale Caveman. Great car, someone might get a great car, but they won't be getting the great memories.
  7. Sorry Kez, also away that weekend.....
  8. Niko

    Trying Hard to get going on YouTube

    Welcome aboard Marc, just watched the NZ 356 outlaw clip... loved the clip and definitely the car. Look forward to getting through your other clips and future postings.
  9. Yes mate, I have noticed that also, at AUTOBARN, it's a bit off putting that they do that. I normally get mine from SUPERCHEAP or REPCO where they sell it as a single item. I have to grab something from SUPERCHEAP today, so I will confirm that for you. UPDATE........AQUAWAX on special at SUPERCHEAP $22.45 TILL 10/2/19. And definitely just in a stand alone.
  10. Niko

    Check Your P

    Bugga, sorry mate, makes it a bit worse for the future I guess, if your not sure exactly how it happened.
  11. Niko

    Check Your P

    Damn mate.......Really sorry to hear that..... How did you do it?
  12. Your main thing that will cause concern is that it will have to be able to be seen by toll cameras and of course the "safety cameras" errrr "safety". err well you know the ones I mean. I recently read a thread on one of the US forums where a P owner was having handling problems at speed with his car, after checking everything that could be checked, suspension, steering, tyres etc etc,....it came down to the re positioning of where he had placed his number plate. He had actually placed it slightly to one side but it had caused the handling problems. Put the plate back to where it was supposed to be and handling problems ceased. Just food for thought. That was a street car not a track car....
  13. Nice wheels, great price, good luck with the sale.
  14. I checked it out Sunday, and I have to say....Sensational condition. Good luck with the sale JB.

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