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  1. GLWTS Fraz, a super car....Sorry you are moving it on, but someone will get a great car.
  2. https://flatsixes.com/cars/electric-porsche/porsches-taycan-is-almost-ready-for-production-and-heres-what-you-should-know-about-it/
  3. Grouse.....love it. Congratulations...
  4. Congrats and thanks for the story.....
  5. Worth a look back ..... https://www.youtube.com/embed/sItz5ZO2b9Y
  6. Sighted this afternoon at the MANY HANDS WINERY in Coldstream...
  7. Thanks Brian, I will pass your comments on to him. Yes I agree with your neighbour frustration. 8 weeks...bastard
  8. Hi Brian, He's slowly coming good but still has some leakage problems. If he has a day where he does bugger all, it's all good, but when he does any work even light stuff he has the leakage. He seems to be adapting better to it now though, and is a lot more positive in his outlook on life. Good thing is he is back with the boys at the local Mens Shed. He thinks if he actually takes a couple of weeks off and does nothing at all it might help a lot. But he can't help himself. Also still enjoys a cool refresher on a warm day which also doesn't help. Hopefully you stay on track there as well mate.
  9. https://flatsixes.com/cars/911-gt2gt3gt3-rs/manthey-racing-describes-the-secrets-to-their-gt2-rs-mr/
  10. Good plan Lee. They will be making enemies amongst their "friends" if they are dealing. Even better to sit back and watch what happens. It will happen. Its a hard call, as to whether to get involved or not, but your going to be living there for longer than they will be, so just leave them to their own devices, it will all come unstuck...
  11. Our council is pretty good re shopping trollies. They actually have a dedicated bloke to do them as part of his council duties when he is out and about. Or we ring the council and notify them. They come out check out the trolley and then they notify the company COLES, ALDI etc. They then have 48 hours from notification, to pick them up or they get a good fine $1500 or thereabouts from memory, and then if the trollies don't go they are picked up by council and scrapped and fine issued Hopefully yours are similar
  12. I am in a similar boat Lee, feral a few doors up, but unfortunately they bought the house. Doing the same sort of stuff as you describe. Monkey bikes, rubbish, out of control parties, My advice. Stay low profile. And just remember..... Every dog has his day. The lives they lead will bring them undone. (Our ferals have actually been burgled by other ferals that they knew) They (the ferals) may need your assistance at some time....( this is where your turn comes) Be careful supplying photos to any government agencies. They will not safeguard your privacy (even though they say they will) and they may be shown to the ferals at some stage. They will soon work out where they came from. I have cameras set up all around my house and a good monitored alarm system. Won't stop you being vandalised or burgled but it is a deterrent and may help identify offenders. Just hold your breath, and bide your time.....They won't be there forever...
  13. I agree twoheads.... My 986 Coxster always did the two sets of rears to one set of fronts and my 987.2 Cayman is doing the same thing. Might be worth getting the front end looked at re alignments etc Techno.
  14. Congratulations great pick up And a 6 speed..... excellent 😎

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