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  1. WOW....I did my 510's all to the BRE book of mods as much as I could afford. What a legend. What a history. I never realised his early life achievements. Thanks for putting that one up, I have a few Datto 1600 mates who I will be forwarding that on to. Just goes to show. He may be old(er)....but he certainly isn't obsolete. What about that big banger 1600.... F me drunk....
  2. Niko


    Nothing wrong with that at all, welcome aboard Jerry.
  3. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    GIVE ME THAT ZED over the back.......... But talking about the cars in question here....And I know I'm going to be HOWLED DOWN....(and I probably deserve it) Hang on a sec....I will just put my helmet and ballistic vest on...... For the street......I think they are overdone...too......."in your face". (uh oh...here it comes........) They are just itching to be keyed by a moron. Would I have one..... Hell yeah..... Should I bend over now????? (Sorry if I have offended anyone...... just my personal opinion which is normally not worth a pinch of rocking horse shit anyway....)
  4. great story. Interesting history. 25K If it was a 16 well......... Thanks for posting
  5. I don't think you can call them men anymore, I think we are they or them....or something....
  6. Worth a look, a bit of interesting stuff and a few laughs...especially if you are a Cayman person https://flatsixes.com/cars/porsche-cayman/10-myths-debunked/
  7. Too nice a day here in Melb to stay home, so packed the little woman into the Croc and we headed down to Loch for lunch. Around 70k each way. Loch has a couple of great little eateries, and the curio shops are starting to appear. Also has a distillery there, doing some craft beers. The bikie community (as in bikes with Donks not pedals) has discovered the place as well. Heaps of nice bikes (if there is such a thing) and a couple of custom cars. Came home with the obligatory various home made soaps and a couple of candles. Once you turn off the Bass Hwy onto the Sth Gippy Hwy, the road surface gets a bit rough. But worth the drive, sat out in the sun and had some really nice food at 'OLIVE OF LOCH" Highly recommend the little village for an easy Sunday drive...
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    Hey, cut it out you young whipper snappers, I represent that remark...
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    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Thanks Tim, I will pass on your offer, do you know what heights they are, F&R?
  10. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Thanks Doug, I am really happy with the result. Lots of people go the whole hog and get the coil overs etc. That's fine if you want to root about with all different heights and probably good for the track, but I found for the street, and just for the look and slight performance enhancement, the springs alone do the job perfectly. At probably a quarter or less the cost of Coil overs. I know one fellow Croc owner is doing the enquiries now....hopefully see a few more getting dropped to where they really should be.... No surf board racks for me Dougy, to many things that bite out there as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Mrs Niko is off doing the Thelma and Louise thing with her sister for a few days, so I decided to head to Phillip Island for a grilled Gummy Shark flake and some potato cakes for lunch. Plus I needed to see how the new springs felt on a good drive..... Put the exhaust mode into noisy and headed off down the Bass Hwy. Decided to do a photo shoot while I was there...... So here I am, being like the old days showing you my slides that everybody is bored shitless with.... First stop....Newhaven Yacht Club...if you don't mind.. Then just around the corner, still in Newhaven... Then I stumbled across this old boarding school, or something, St Pauls...All boarded up now with graffiti and squatters having lived in the place. Fully open to the public, lots of old buildings in there and I have no doubt a some terrible dark secrets from the past held within the walls.. Great place to do photos I thought... Finally took a shot out side the surf shops just as you come over the bridge on your left.... There you go...A day in the life of a retired old fart.... Phillip Island great spot... Fish and chip shop in San Remo before the bridge really does have great food However ..Beware of the seagulls, they will and did fly in and steal half a potato cake out of my hand as I was eating it. Plus they will crap on your car if you leave it in one place for too long... Bass Highway doesn't have a lot of traffic on it during the week so it's a nice easy drive. There you go I have just bored you shitless once again, but I just had to share the shots of the BBC. I love that car...
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    Welcome aboard Soarer, good to see your maybe thinking Cayman. Also good to see you have seen the light and looking at getting into a "real" German car. Good luck with your hunt...
  13. Well its been a big week in the life of the BBC. Into PCM on Monday for a Major, which all went well, although they found a slight oil leak from the o ring where the oil filter screws onto. So they replaced the actual oil filter housing as well as the o ring, and that fixed that.. I also gave them a pair of rear hatch rubber buffer blocks aka Gummy Puffer's would you believe. They are a re designed rubber block to assist in removing the rear hatch "clunk" which is a bit of a problem with Cayman's apparently. Anyway after pulling whats left of my hair out, over the last few years, I think it's fixed the problem. Woo hoo. At the end of the day....I think PCM did a great job all round, and at the initial wince of the Major Service price I think it was well worth it in the end. Then Tuesday, picked the BBC up from PCM and drove direct to JOCARO in Braeside. Gave them my new set of EIBACH lowered springs to fit. Picked the car up yesterday and I am pretty happy with the result. 30mm drop in the front and 25mm drop in the rear. Used to be able to put four fingers between guard and tyre on the rear..now it won't take two. woo hoo again The ride is a tad tighter and from the little bit of a squirt I have given it seems to have maintained the handling quality if not improved a bit more. Next SMT will tell me. The only thing left to say is. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO
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    Buying a 986

    http://autohaushamilton.com.au/porsche-sales/porsches-for-sale 13 down.......and there it is....