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  1. Niko


    That's a very kind offer JB. I'm in for whenever it's on. Can never get enough info on paintwork care and protection.
  2. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Yep that one does it for me....
  3. Thoughts on this one ...anyone.....have a mate interested.... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Datsun-1600-1969/OAG-AD-16699767/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-cen
  4. Niko


    I did push my luck....luckily knew when to pull my head in.....
  5. Niko


    I understood the ramifications only too well.. apparently they couldn't fill the early flights so they saved all the passengers up for one flight late in the day.... Crap Airline.
  6. Niko


    Back in 2007, I was supposed to return to Melb from Tassy on an early flight, from memory about 9.30, it was put off and so was the next and the next and the next... Anyway after staying in the bar all day watching the car racing on telly, we finally flew out around 6.00 pm. I was reasonably Shitefaced, so I gave them a mouthful when boarding. They threatened me with not letting me on. Good luck with that, after they had rooted me about all day long. It was my send off retirement function that evening in Melbourne....I finally arrived at it half way through the evening. Not in a good frame of mind I have to say... That was the first and last time we ever used JETSTAR. You get what you pay for and I am happy to pay more for a better reliable service. I would rather swim bass strait before taking a JETSTAR plane again.
  7. I haven't heard that one for a long time..
  8. Yes mate, fantastic roads, and the weather just added to a different driving experience. We are lucky down here in Mexico, no doubt.
  9. Well,.... it's actually where did you drive your Porsche for the last three days.... 5 of us got together to plan the next 2019 "3 dayer", with the recce starting Friday and leaving from launching Place. (great name for the start of an adventure) Weather was perfect for a country drive so we headed off, without boring you all with where we went I will just put up a few photos. 1280K later and I'm now back home having done my bit to pollute the planet using 139Litres of .98 at a cost of $210.48 We had superb weather for Friday and Saturday, but today we went from blizzard conditions to half reasonable. I didn't take a lot of photos, there was just too much driving to be done, so only at the stop spots basically. DAY 1.... Launching Place Start Line Nearly 330K's or thereabouts from Launching Place we were at the top of Mt Buller, enjoying the sun. And around 400 K for the day by the time we got back to the accommodation for cool drinks and debrief Day 2.... Mt Beauty for a quick confab, and then off again too.... Falls Creek. Weather perfect once again, only problem with that was that it coaxed out all the lycra lizards which tended to be a tad hazardous. (for them mainly) Then after falls, we eventually ended up here at Mt Buffalo. 400 k's thereabouts for the day DAY 3........ Woke up to thunder and lightning. Also the BRIGHT push bike classic was on this morning leaving Bright at 8 to head to Hotham. So we got our skates on, and got out of town and on the road before they had assembled. Our plan, to get to Hotham before they closed the road off for them. Anyway the mission was a success, it pelted down and was misty all the way up the mountain, cutting visibility and speeds. I found my My PS4S'S are just as sensational in wet conditions as they are in the dry. Motel triple Butt Shot Before leaving, two of the big bangers with the runt of the litter View from the croc as we arrive at the summit of Hotham Then down the mountain to brekky at Omeo....Good luck to the lycra lizards who would have just left Bright to come up to Hotham Dougy and his 993 Chris and his GT4 Steve and his GT3 Tman and his 993 Yours truly with my BBC And another 400 k or thereabouts...
  10. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    And I'm green with envy great shots.....
  11. Niko


    Technically the "push or pushing" could be classed as an "unlawful assault" the bottom rung of assaults, but in those circumstances mentioned by Ian the Brief of Evidence would not be approved to proceed.
  12. Niko


    good thoughts Brian, but if it's similar to Victoria, It's only an assault if the "victim" believes in their mind that, that person was capable of the actual assault and that they were put in fear.. And leaving the scene, of the accident, although I've never done the HP stuff, probably just a waste of everyones time if there is no real damage. Put it down to experience, and just remember there out there and they also vote, unfortunately Just to add on, forget the local copper putting a scare into her, by doing that Nowadays they will lose their job, if it is not an official report/complaint. Coppers won't do that stuff anymore, times have changed. Maybe a solicitor could send her a letter, but in the end she's just an ignorant old biddy by the sounds of it, and again I'd put it down to (a bad) experience. Plus not forgetting.... she may have been under some duress with the person she was dropping off. Not that that excuses her rudeness, but it may end up with Ian looking like the bad guy, for having a go at her, while she was supposedly "in distress".
  13. Pissa...... sounds awesome....
  14. Wow.... Stunning car. Congratulations.
  15. Congratulations mate, hope you both have a great day...and life