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  1. I used to cop more sh#t from the ferals than you could poke a stick at, whenever I was out in my speed yellow Coxster, so I can only admire your courage driving that one around. I can't wait for Bunnings to open up for us down here, in the Leper Colony, I'm going to get some of those door stops for the Cayman. They are sensational. Need to get in quick before there is a rush on them, once the word gets out.
  2. Just watched the YouTube.... that is one hell of a car. Should be heritage listed. I'm thinking the factory will be chasing it up to put in their museum. I bet you had the roof up when you were driving it home. Tinted windscreen would have helped anyone identifying you. But if it ends up anything like Big Rev Trevs Coxster, it will be a great addition to your fleet. Good luck with it.
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. Ive got a few years on you Lee, but you have summed it up perfectly IMHO. I take offence that because I am not as PC or "woke" (and what a stupid term that is) as some people now demand me(and everyone else) to be, I am apparently a racist. Keeping in mind this forum is not supposed to used as a political platform, so I am being as nice as I can. Let's get back to minding our own business, as to who believes in what,..... and get out driving and enjoying our great cars and the friendships developed over the years through this forum. Long live Dumbo.
  4. yes mate, it can do anything you want it to do. It is commonly known as the sought after but rarely presented......DUMBO AWARD. For excellence.
  5. I know it's late.....BUT........I have been giving this one a lot of thought....Went back and had another look and...... Congratulations Tomo. A well deserved DUMBO stamp for you. ..I

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