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  1. He did look interesting with his balaclava (Article of disguise...in my old job) and icycles coming off his nose. But he is definitely in the market for one. I have PM'd him..
  2. ha ha, yes, some people just don't get the P wave.
  3. Ha ha ....Well spotted that was me.....Not sure about rooting you, but I did toot and wave to you two blokes.
  4. Heading into Duttons this morning for coffee and car perv. Heading West on South Road, Moorabbin. Took off from a set of lights with white Carrera 9-GT. had a few seconds of P car fun with each other. If you're on this forum, your car sounds sensational. Next set of lights, big smiles on both faces...... P Car brotherhood lives...
  5. Great shots. Panning is an art that not many can master (including some Motor Sport Photographers) especially without losing definition of the entire car.. It really pisses me off to see a "moving shot" of car with the wheels stationary and the back ground stationary....(lazy photographers) Anyone can shoot with a fast shutter speed. Again, love his work....
  6. From a former legendary world famous motor sports photographer....... That shot is one I would be very proud of. Perfect. Love his work.... (I lied about the "legendary world famous" bit)
  7. Niko

    2008 Cayman S

    Agree completely with Tingy, go to the 987.2 if you can stretch the budget a tad. PDK would be ok, I have the 6 sp manual, and love it. Good luck with your hunt.
  8. Thanks Tips, I better do a quick stock take.
  9. Thanks Tips, I will do a quick stocktake..
  10. No worries 944Tman, as long as you get the finish your happy with, that's what it's all about in the long run. I have heaps of other high end stuff in my garage too, but always come back to your "low end products" Each to their own.
  11. Fantastic story. Congrats on owning some real p car history. thanks for sharing your passion with us.
  12. Congratulations, looks great, love the stance. Seems like the only thing you have to do to it now is ....DRIVE IT... Enjoy the car

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