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  1. Niko

    Garage Find

    I hate you....
  2. Wow, looks sensational. Lowering is the definitely the best enhancement you can do with these things.
  3. Just back from the pub, took your advice. (Which was also suggested by the lady running the place where we are staying) VERDICT. sensational. Cant beat local knowledge. enjoy Tassie... .
  4. Congratulations Simon, welcome to the Cayman Family. your Croc looks sensational, and good on you for going manual. keep your eye on the SMT threads, now the weather is getting good there should be a few organised runs coming up soon. get your mate in the Agate grey one to come along too. the more CAYMAN's the better, plus it lifts the standard a bit too
  5. Yes mate, enjoy the GOR hopefully you don't get caught behind too many rentacar buzz boxes with the tourists driving at 15kmph, looking for kwala's and they don't understand what the "turn out's for slow vehicles" signs mean. Can be very frustrating especially on a Sunday. enjoy though and have a great safe tassy drive.
  6. thanks Lee, we have actually stayed in Port Augusta on a previous trip, that's why we decided to stay at PP.. Your right they are both much of a muchness. (bloody awful) Definitely factor in a catch up with you blokes on the next one. This was a bit of a "let's get out of the rat race for a week or so" spur of the moment trip. retired old farts can do that..... Excellent I will pop in all going well, and check it out... ha ha so if I ask for Schweinshaxe they won't all piss themselves laughing at me I hope......
  7. Niko


    You've only just worked that out?
  8. Yes Sorry Steve we pushed it a bit getting to Streaky Bay, and didn't stop in your big smoke, and stayed at Port Pirie. That place is an experience, Mrs Niko was packed and ready to get out of there at 6.00 the next morning.... we are going through again this Sunday big drive but staying at Hahndorf that night and home on Monday. Next time we will definitely make time for a coffee or cool refresher. And stay in Adelaide. cheers mate. And apart from Port Pirie I love this place
  9. Congratulations Twoheads, your missus would be very happy with that. Bit different than bringing some flowers home.
  10. I fully agree Mike, Like that moron running down the emu's. WTF is wrong with some people. maybe I should have put this in the vent thread..
  11. Niko

    Phones on planes

    Sorry tazzieman, I slipped into your conversation here, accidentally ( maybe a beer too many over looking beautiful streaky bay) i have now kicked off a new topic.
  12. I'm currently doing a drive around the Eyre Peninsula, and loving the place. we are in Streaky Bay at the moment... i can't get over the amount of blue tongue lizards that have been run over. im not talking about main highways, maybe at times that is unavoidable, but back roads, especially around here. jesus you can see the little critters from half a k away on the roads what in the world would enter a persons mind to run over it. Why would you?
  13. Niko

    Phones on planes

    I've taken the little woman on a bit of a drive around the Eyre Peninsula. Currently eating oysters and having a beer on the deck where we are staying in Streaky Bay (life is tough, but I will just keep perservering) what ive seen on the roads to get here, and especially around here, are the amount of blue tongue lizards that have been run over.. why would someone do that, am I missing something? You can see the little critters crossing from half a k away. Why would you do it? It just beggars belief...
  14. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Cheeses, whippersnappers and whippersnippers, I'm definitely outnumbered, ha ha thanks mate, but I have to fully agree with ANF... SLR's are the best way to go, preferably CANON's my weapon of choice. Technology is killing me....
  15. Niko

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Yes it's sad, but the Time has come to put my 35mm film in the fridge, put the cameras in the museum and sit back and enjoy driving my BBC. ( thump the bejeesus out of it) Too many new fangled jiggers out there now that only the younger generation can understand.