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  1. Elephants are an endangered species, I have to be sparse with them.... It's a raspberry, but I think you are being very harsh.... no raspberry awarded.... '
  2. This was easy to decide. Perfect in every way....
  3. Bit harsh..... that could explain it..... ouch and yes haha to scared to comment on that comment or Lee will jump on me from a great height. but...... OK you blokes....I need to step in here..... This is the adjudicator's decision and no further correspondence will be entered into....... DOES THE JOB FOR ME......
  4. No worries Brad Pitt, I'll take it on board...
  5. Met up with Mike and Larissa from SPYDER AUTOMOBILES, at SMACCAS in East Doncaster, where we were soon joined by a few more cars. Those cars included a few impressive Beemers, a 370Z with twin turbos, a Ford Focus Turbo, a thirsty Merc, a couple of 911's and a 944. We left Doncaster and ended up in Marysville for the obligatory pie and coffee, around 190 k or thereabouts. Lots of pushbikes. greys skies, coupled with bright sun glare, a bit of drizzle, damp roads, and even a timber jinker. But even with those hurdles it was great to get out and enjoy the cars and the freedom. The BBC performed perfectly as per normal.... Thanks Mike and the crew.

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