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  1. Big Easy

    911sc Exhaust

    Picked up the muffler from Simon tonight - what a great bloke and what a great community the PFA has evolved into where unwanted things are offered up for nix. Happy to be part of such a great group. Thanks again @Simac
  2. Big Easy

    911sc Exhaust

    PM sent.
  3. Big Easy

    787 HIgh St Armadale Victoria?

    @Bluegus73 knows a bit about this place and the guy who runs it I think. He may care to share what he knows. Or not!
  4. Big Easy

    Number plate wanted

    Will do Scott. Haven't heard back from them yet so will let you know when I do. Cheers.
  5. Big Easy

    Number plate wanted

    Thanks for that. Both AD911 and V-AD911 are not on registered cars but APD911 is currently on a white BMW wagon. It should be decreed that all number plates ending in 911 must by law be on Porsche cars! I've found SD911 which is my better halves initials for sale on website MrPlates and have sent an enquiry to the owner. Thanks. I'll keep hunting. Cheers.
  6. Big Easy

    Number plate wanted

    Hello all. After checking with VicRoads and not surprisingly having no luck I'm throwing up a Hail Mary on the very slim chance someone has the number plate "APD911" they are willing to part with. Or "AD911". Or "ASD911". Or the Euro style "VAD911". I know it's a very slim chance and these combinations have probably been used for years but perhaps someone on here with same initials to mine has got these or knows someone with them and no longer wants them. Thanks all and have a great day. Anthony
  7. Big Easy

    3.0 whale tail

    PM sent
  8. Big Easy

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    Took my SC to see @JB for a spit and polish today. As usual came out the other end looking superb. They really do a great job with fantastic attention to detail. Since my daily got stolen I've been driving a 1994 Hilux and as you can imagine it was just superb driving around today in the SC in comparison. Got a full weekend of Dad's taxi duties to various sporting events which I'm totally looking forward to. Happy driving everyone.
  9. Big Easy

    Car Alarm replacement

    Talk to Steve at SV Auto in Ringwood. He'll sort you out! Just reprogrammed an immobiliser and installed a tracker on my SC. Knows his stuff. Anthony
  10. Big Easy

    Melbourne Autoelec

    Steve a bit busy is he?! Glad to know I was on the right track. Good luck.
  11. Big Easy

    Melbourne Autoelec

    Steve at SV Autoelectrics in Ringwood comes highly recommended. I've only used him for something minor but others on the forum have spoken highly of him. And when I was there he had plenty of old metal in the shop.
  12. Big Easy

    Replacement Keys???

    So to update on this I was the "mate" that was storing Gus' new purchase when my house was robbed. Very scary as we were inside at the time and upstairs asleep but we didn't hear a thing. I've got three teenage kids so thankfully they just took the keys and my wallet and my daily drive (Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT) and my wife's XC90. The Volvo was used in a bunch of robberies in the north of Melbourne over a week or so and ended up on the news after a police chase involving the air wing and the dog squad and two people were arrested - and I assume are back out on the street living a lovely life. The SRT was found later burnt out with the engine and front seats removed. Unbelievable and both scary and sad that this stuff happens. As Gus said the two SC's were not taken but the keys were and after hiding the cars off site for a few weeks (thanks Theo!) I decided as my car already had an immobiliser I would get it reprogrammed rather than spend $3K on new keys, ignition barrels etc. So last week I went and saw Steve at SV Auto Electrics in Ringwood and for $120 I had a reprogrammed immobiliser and two new key fobs. Same keys but useless with the old fobs. I figured if they want to get in the car that's not that hard - getting past the immobiliser is a little more involved. PCM had two spare blanks for the keys so $60 for them and $25 for a recut and happy days. I am also going back to Steve for him to instal a tracker just in case. So the experience has made me ask some questions - do you leave the keys out visible so they just come in and take the cars? Do you hide them? If I lived by myself with no dependents the answer might be different - but in our house the keys and some cash are left on the kitchen table in clear site and if they want the cars they can take them. Just leave me and my family alone. Having said that access to the property was perhaps a little lax so I've beefed everything up and hopefully they'll move on and look for an easier target next time. Don't think it won't happen to you because that's what I thought and it bloody well did!
  13. Big Easy


    Yep got mine yesterday. Look great. Thanks Kerry - it's going straight to the pool room!