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  1. Muddy I saw your Facebook post that the car was found burnt out. My condolences. Just such a waste. Two years ago I had my Jeep SRT 6.4 stolen in an aggravated burg and it too was found burnt out but the engine had been removed. Apparently the donk might have ended up in a high powered ski boat the cops thought. Anyway I feel for you brother - and yes I too am an advocate for the car tracker. Duggo
  2. Love it. Can't wait to see finished product.
  3. As a Tesla owner we were fully aware of all the risks highlighted by you all when we purchased. While I clearly want Tesla to be successful and the last thing I want is for our car to become a glorified paper weight, we were prepared to take a risk and be an early adopter. One thing that concerns me more overall for the industry and how it can be sustainable is the problem of charging. We have a garage with a Tesla charger (and a big solar system on the roof and a battery pack for storage) so we're covered totally to charge the car at home. We've never used one of the "super charge stations" like the one in Richmond. But having a garage to charge your car up is a luxury and its a big ask to go to a charging station and wait an hour or so while it charges up for you. Compare that with taking ten minutes to go to the servo and fill up with petrol. In my opinion the range anxiety argument isn't as big a deal for Tesla etc as access to fast efficient charging. There's plenty of people who don't have a garage or car port - especially in Europe and Asia. On this a friend of mine who is a builder was working on a 125 unit development - each unit coming with a car space. They asked the owners if they'd like provisions put in for a charging station in their car space - not one person took up the offer. So even people who had the chance to future proof didn't take up the chance. Interesting times ahead!
  4. Ok here's my opinion as someone who has both a Porsche (1980 911 SC) and a Tesla (Model X100D). Obviously two vastly different cars so I wont bother comparing them. My daily is a Toyota Kluger and the wife drives the Tesla but I drive it often enough to have an informed opinion of it. Firstly the wife loves it. So "happy wife happy life" box is ticked. Previous two cars for her were Volvo XC90's (yes in case you hadn't guessed we have a big family). Superfically its a very "fancy" car with plenty of bling and a definite wow factor. Kids cringe when they get dropped off at school gates and the falcon wing doors go up but then they moan when they get in my boring Kluger becuase they cant stream their music and play with the big screen etc. So the kids prefer the Tesla (we got the six seat model so even with all of us in the car everyone has their own seat which is pretty cool and saves the infernal "bags not middle" argument) despite being a little embarrassed at school drop off. As far as the practical day to day work of hauling a family, driving to and from work and school and into and out of the city weekly it is fantastic. We plug it in at night when we remember (every two to three days) and have only once gone close to the battery going flat. We don't go on road trips with it so not sure what the range anxiety would be if say we had a beach house two hours away but to be honest it just takes a bit of forward planning to make sure you charge it up the night before and it wouldn't be a problem. As for the driving experience its weird to explain - "same same but different" comes to mind. It took no time at all to get used to it - it's just ever so slightly different in so many ways. The sound (lack of) is weird, but again you get used to it. The acceleration is mind boggling - off the lights it will not get beaten. But the handling and general driving experience is very similar to any other car in my opinion. Point, turn the wheel, drive, stop, start, etc etc. Is it better to drive than my Kluger - absolutely but it bloody well should be as it cost over twice as much. One thing that is a bit different is the regenerative braking - it's quite noticeable. My wife doesn't like it, so she has it turned to normal. I've got used to it so keep it on when I'm driving. Basically when you take your foot off the accelerator the car slows down quite markedly. Enough for inertia to kick in which made my wife feel a little sick in stop start traffic. No drama, just press a button to disable and it works like any other car. When I drive I hardly have to use the brake pedal around town - mainly right at the end of approaching a red light to make sure the car comes to a complete stop. It's weird, but you get used to it. The cruise control thing with "autonomous" driving is kind of cool but I don't like it. I found myself more fatigued worrying about if it was going to keep control of the car or not so I just use normal cruise control while I control the steering. @Coastr is right about it being great for around town duties which is what we use it for and because of this range anxiety is no issue at all. Will Tesla still be around in 5 years time? Dunno. But electric cars will be and there will be more and more of them. Will I still have my 1980 SC? You bet, and I'll still love driving it every week like I do now. Like the girl in the El Paso Taco ad says "why can't we have both?"
  5. I'd like to also offer my congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a great success. I tried to say thanks to all involved in person on the day so those I missed thank you. Was truly a great display of cars but also a great feeling amongst all who were present. Managed to go for a blat down and up the hills and along the coast on the way home via Skene's Creek then Lorne on the way home so a terrific 460km round trip for the day. Speaking of KM's I asked a couple of guys on the day which car present has got the most KM's on it? Would love to know which car truly represents the "driven not hidden" ethos so many Porsche owners subscribe to. I'll start the bidding with my 1980 SC thats done 291,500km - I'm assuming this is probably a toddler compared to some others that were there. Any advances on 291,500km? Cheers. Anthony
  6. Thanks Hugh. I’m in the same boat with the 7-9am arrival window but was planning on joining the Philbee convoy. Should be awesome. Cheers.
  7. Philby if ok I might tack on with the Elwood crew so I’ll see you at 6:45ish. My mate Theo is hopefully bringing his newly purchased 928 also so we hope to see you bright and early on Sunday. Cheers. anthony
  8. Doesn't matter if its a P-Car or a jalopy - it always hurts to see things like this happen to one's ex. I had an old 280E Merc that I sold to a mate for $5K. He had it for 3 months before someone ran a red light and T-boned the car into write-off land. Thankfully he was ok but the car didn't survive. Hope no one got hurt fighting the fire.
  9. Picked up the muffler from Simon tonight - what a great bloke and what a great community the PFA has evolved into where unwanted things are offered up for nix. Happy to be part of such a great group. Thanks again @Simac
  10. @Bluegus73 knows a bit about this place and the guy who runs it I think. He may care to share what he knows. Or not!
  11. Will do Scott. Haven't heard back from them yet so will let you know when I do. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for that. Both AD911 and V-AD911 are not on registered cars but APD911 is currently on a white BMW wagon. It should be decreed that all number plates ending in 911 must by law be on Porsche cars! I've found SD911 which is my better halves initials for sale on website MrPlates and have sent an enquiry to the owner. Thanks. I'll keep hunting. Cheers.
  13. Hello all. After checking with VicRoads and not surprisingly having no luck I'm throwing up a Hail Mary on the very slim chance someone has the number plate "APD911" they are willing to part with. Or "AD911". Or "ASD911". Or the Euro style "VAD911". I know it's a very slim chance and these combinations have probably been used for years but perhaps someone on here with same initials to mine has got these or knows someone with them and no longer wants them. Thanks all and have a great day. Anthony

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