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  1. Thommo66

    Nurburgring lap record smashed

    It is an insanely fast time. I did 10 laps of the " green hell " a few weeks ago. It was more challenging than I ever imagined and an amazing buzz at the same time. It was P city ... GT3's galore at the track day I did. Interestingly, a local instructor I had for the first few laps I did told me that in his opinion a Cayman S that has been modified craps all over many of the 911's on the Ring due to it's handling advantages. He may have been just a little biased given he has a business that modifies Cayman's ! I drove a Renualt Meganne RS which was fine for me given my ability and first time on the Ring although I felt incredibly slow given the number of cars that passed me and times when I had cars hard up my arse and trying to hold a line so that nobody connected with me. Having done it once now, next time I will definitely outlay the additional euros to take a P onto the track. Watching the 919 and the previous record with the GT2RS just leaves me with a totally new level of respect and being gobsmacked at both the capabilities of the vehicles as well as the skill of the respective drivers.
  2. Very interesting. I can imagine that the Turbo would provide alot more grunt. Also totally agree with you on diesel question. My experience with a Beemer in the past (330 D) is that the diesels can be incredibly quick off the mark with great low end torque. As you say with Audi being the same and I suspect VW's as well it seems bizarre that Porsche would not manufacture a diesel with some serious go given it's pedigree. Must be somebody alot more knowledgable than I am who may know the reasons why. Unless its' as simple as their sales and marketing strategy with so many model variations to try get those of us who expect more from a base Porsche to pay more $$ to get into a GTS or Turbo.
  3. A mate of mine had his 911 in at PCM getting serviced and they gave him a Macan S to drive for a couple of days. I've had my eye on them for awhile and been trying to influence she who couldn't tell the difference between a Macan and a Honda CRV that an upgrade to the latest Macan is the way to go. So I was given the opportunity by my mate yesterday to drive the Macan loan car. I must say that I was a bit underwhelmed. It was comfortable enough but when I put my foot down there was a real lag and it seemed a bit gutless. Maybe I have come to expect too much being a P ?? It was a diesel. Anybody else held a similar view or driven the GTS or Turbo and had a very different driving experience ?
  4. Thommo66

    911 Turbo - still desirable?

    I tend to agree with this. Don't get me wrong. They are beautiful and amazing cars. I took a current model (not the S ) for a drive a couple of months ago in Melb. It was great but I felt like something was missing. I am biased because I have a 996tt that I just love driving. It feels like a beast wanting to get away from me all the time. The current model is so much more refined as to be .... too refined ?? I also had the opportunity to drive another forum member's 1986 930 Turbo a few weeks ago. It was very different to mine but I loved it as well. And that wide crazy ass body is super hot ! I thing I love the older models more and of course I am biased with my opinion. I would love to drive a new GT3. I would imagine it would be insane.
  5. Thommo66

    911 rental in Germany

    Lucky me for I logged on tonight. Thanks @mhh ... very helpful. I am going to be in Europe myself in mid June and was planning to get to the Porsche Museum as part of the itinerary and also to Nurburgring. I was checking out RSR Garage who have been highly recommended. I can do a track day with them for 895 Euros ($1,400) or hire a Porsche 911 GTS from Stuttgart airport for 4 days and return it to Bonn airport for an extra $100 and take it for a few laps on the Nurburgring. Nothing close to full the RSR track day experience I'm sure but I also get the benefit of driving the GTS for the rest of the time all over the place. Seems like a pretty good option to me.
  6. Thommo66

    Driving my new 997 GTS from Melb to Syd

    Great pics @npvpositive ... looks like you had a ball on your first trip in the GTS. Awesome looking car.
  7. Thommo66

    WTB; Show me your T's

    agree. This is an amazing looking car and if mechanically in great nick then aside from re-sale value (perceived value) due to RHD conversion stigma then I am also curious as to why it has not sold yet. Has anybody taken it for a test drive and checked out the service history ?
  8. If I was in a position to drop that kind of coin on a Porsche it would not be going to Duttons. I would also not be choosing a car as my source of optimal ROI. We have had unprecedented levels of cheap cash for years not which has got everybody thinking that this gravy train will never end. I am no financial expert but all the indicators suggest to me that at some stage over the next couple of years the tide will turn. IF I was forced to pick a P as an investment with that sort of figure it would be this one: https://www.porsche.com/australia/models/911/911-gt2-rs/911-gt2-rs/ But if I came into $650k I wouldn't be putting it into fixed interest either. I would invest in shares. I also like CSL as an Aust shares choice but I would be looking abroad instead with $100k each in stocks like Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Salesforce, ServiceNow and WorkDay. As I said - I'm no financial expert. Just my opinion. Nice first world problem to have !
  9. I'm heading to Europe in June and looking to factor in some P mecca time by getting to Stuttgart as well as a trip to the Nurburgring to get to experience what looks like one of the bucket list experiences. In some web surf research so far I found these 2 sites that look like great options of " best things to do ". Any feedback from those intrepid travellers who have been there done that already and can provide first hand feedback and any recommendations on value ... must see things to do/go to and anybody who has had a great experience with any of these companies who offer the Nurburgring driving experience package. Tips ... $ traps ... will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. https://www.porsche.com/international/aboutporsche/porschemuseum/ http://www.rsrnurburg.com
  10. Thommo66

    1977 Carrera 3.0

    @Skidmarks great looking car. Were you able to get the rust issues all sorted ? Checked out the great blog shots. Have you got it on carsales ?
  11. Thanks @GregAx ... interesting reading
  12. Hey @Scott930 yes - bitten big time by the P bug. And a big thank you and call out for being so generous and allowing me to catchup with you yesterday arvo for a drive of your 930. It only confirmed my perception of what it might be like. A magnificent car ! We will have to get out to do the Healesville/Marysville/Lake Mountain track one very early Sunday morning. As mentioned to you I was up there watching the dawn break yesterday morning and then had a totally clean run with no cars in front of me all the way back to Healesville. It was bliss ! And thanks for the kind offer @James P ... i will take you up on this when I have have got my shit together on timing and narrowed down the search criteria.
  13. @James P that is one very nice looking 930. I am totally confused with 930 pricing. They seem to fluctuate in range more than any other model I have been watching so far. There seems to be some debate about the " best " years of the 930. I have seen a few threads that said the 5 speed '89 and then one on Rennlist suggesting the '79 is the pick. Any views on what I can expect to pay for a 930 with a great mechanical service history that's been well looked after ?
  14. What do you make of this ? Obviously what appears to be well priced for a reason. Not much seems original except the shape. Would still be interesting to drive though. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-930-1978/SSE-AD-4554504/?Cr=10
  15. Thommo66

    Driving my new 997 GTS from Melb to Syd

    Yes. I have driven the coast road a few times. If you haven't done it before then the perception is that it's more appealing ( because its scenic being on the coast ). If you want scenery go the coast. Heaps of speed cameras and lots of traffic. Not school hols I know so not as bad as it could be but still not the better route to take the P through its paces. If you want to have more fun in the car go inland