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  1. Thanks @Tips coincidently I was in Duttons this Sat just past to look at the GT4 I was mentioning earlier. I did have a good look at this 964. Looks pretty cool. A Singer clone it is not though. May take it out for a spin. Be a good idea to get a feel for what something like that is like to drive.
  2. Great summary @hugh i think you nailed the dilemma. I have a couple of mates who both have 991's. They are fantastic cars and have many more creature comforts and mod cons over my 996tt. Your point on being prepared to roll the dice on a public road is exactly how I feel. For me there is only one way to drive the turbo and getting from A to B on our suburban roads which are busier than ever and go from 60 to 50 to 40 and being lucky if you don't get a speeding ticket or get out of 2nd or 3rd gear is just not really fun ( although 3rd really s a shite load of fun ) ... And every now and again when I get up at sparrows fart or late and night and give it a real squirt, I feel like I am always rolling the dice ! So my basic hypothesis right now is .... lighter car, less power, still great handling = more fun more often. cheers @LeeM i think your'e right mate. Driving a 993 for 10-15min isn't long enough. I need to find somebody who has a manual and happy to swap with mine for a solid few hours or ideally 24hrs at least.
  3. Thanks for tracking this down @LeeM I have no idea how this would drive. Anybody driven this one or the revamped one in the carsales link in the first post ?
  4. Lots of great feedback and opinions here ! There is no right or wrong answer here I think. May be just a P with more trouble and $ to spend than you expected despite a PPI and if very unlucky. I've driven a number of 993's. Obviously nothing like the throw back in the seat power of the 996tt as @clutch-monkey points out. But at the same time the feel of the smaller cockpit and the sound of the air cooled is different. In a really cool way. I haven't driven a 964 or a SC and I need to. I love the earlier look of the 911. The 997 and 991's are sensational as well. I guess I will just have to move in and out of a few more of them and sample the menu.
  5. First world problems of course As you all know there are so many fantastic P's over so many decades. I expect that the resounding response to this thread is going to start with some like ... " it depends ". So, here is my pathetic first world problem dilemma no doubt due to a deep rooted psychological FOMO issue that is best served by joining a different forum to solve for. I currently have a 911 996tt manual which is my first P and is a pleasure to drive and makes me feel like a much better driver than I am. It's insanely quick and agile. But every time a 993 or 964 goes past in traffic I'm like I've just seen a pretty blonde and have to change lanes so I can get close to see those beautiful curves and hear the music from that flat 6 air cooled engine. And then every now and again as I surf carsales while watching whatever I'm supposed to be watching on tv I see something like this which totally grabs my attention thinking this is seriously cool. A bit like " The Indiana Car " by Singer . If you haven't seen it check it out here. So here is something that looks close to something unique as this: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1988/SSE-AD-5963679/?Cr=78 And then to throw a spanner in the works for the same sort of $$ I can buy a 2016 GT4 like this. Yes - I know its not a 911 but hey its still a pretty amazing P. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-porsche-cayman-gt4-981-manual-my16/SSE-AD-5950228/?_ga=2.113210756.1836540698.1553331344-993414510.1531295128 So my question for those who may have had the benefit of owning a 996 manual tt and then moving into something classic for a change of scenery or into something new like the GT4 or even a 991. Your opinions would be great. Of course it goes without saying that if $ and garage space was not an issue I would have all of them ! My only key consideration criteria here is that it must be the most fun to drive guaranteed to put a smile on your dial taking a spin down to the supermarket ... or stop start traffic in the burbs to work ie. and not only the 6am Black Spur run or if you get a chance to open it up on a track day.
  6. @cafe_racer I agree with what @smit2100 has said. I own a MY2003 manual 996tt and love it. Spent ages flipping between this car and a 993. They are VERY different cars. And I imagine that the SC Targa is as well although I have not driven one. Really depends what you want it for. I haven't driven a bad P yet The 996tt is a weapon. You can drive it anywhere and get more fun out of it than the average or very capable amateur driver would need. Mine has never had any changes to the original spec but I am told by plenty that one can get a huge performance increase if that's your thing with the legendary Metzker engine. Can't help you with the relative values increase question though. I didn't buy mine with ROI as a primary reason. More like ROF ( fun ) ! Go drive them back to back as he suggests ... same day ideally !! Also - any reason why you are comparing these particular 2 models in the 911 classics range ?
  7. My 2 cents worth. Manual C2 coupes, earlier models '94-'96 and 100-200k's odometer with solid books/history Aust delivered I would say anywhere from $105-$130k. Better examples, lower k's and later varioram models anywhere from $130-165k. S4 manuals '97 which are rarer, anywhere from $175-$220k depending on how low k's are and service history/condition. Of course people ask higher $ but I think around $175k-195k is fair coin. I feel like the market has peaked on this model. I may be very wrong as well
  8. I'm a regular visitor. Love Tassie in general and Hobart. Took my turbo over on the ferry last Aug for a trip down to Hobart for the Tasmania Whisky Trail. Awesome !! Steak & Seafood - second ANF recommendations. Also consider New South Head for great pub steak meal and food in general: http://newsydneyhotel.com.au/ Whisky bar - best location and range of choice is Brooke Street Pier Glass House https://www.theglass.house/ If your mate is serious whisky buff he will love a distillery tour at Sullivans Cove which has won awards for best single malt in the world. I did the tour and it was well worth it. 15min drive from Hobart CBD. https://sullivanscove.com/ Enjoy !
  9. I've been the lucky owner for a MY03 manual also Arctic silver for just over 12 months. My first P. They are amazing cars. Very happy with it. The engine is legendary and lives up to the promise. I've driven it around Tassie and the usual places at sparrows fart out of Melb before the cyclists and cops hit the road. It's a beast that handles amazingly well. If you can find one in great condition that has a service history you are comfortable with you can't go wrong. The only thing that would concern me a little about that one for sale for 180k ( apart from sticker price ) is the K's. Thats less than 2k on average per year on the clock. These cars are meant to be driven. Not be garage Queens. Buy it, drive it and enjoy it. If you are looking for something that's going to potentially give you a much better $ investment return then look for something that is scarce. That said I think the 996tt manuals have been underpriced for awhile relative to 993's, 964's etc. Whether they continue to rise in perceived value given the broader outlook is yet to be determined. I did drive a couple of auto's and a couple of manuals before I bought mine. Manual hands down ... all the way !!
  10. Yes agree ! It's had multiple price down revisions. Makes you wonder whether people just hope that there is some sucker out there who doesn't do their homework on a fair price or actually doesn't really want to or need to sell it.
  11. Your comments about the 993 really resonate with me. This is one of the nicer looking 993's on the market at the moment IMO https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1997/SSE-AD-3914404/?Cr=2
  12. @Scott SS964 the TT is awesome. I have taken it on some pretty awesome tracks including a number of the Targa Tasmania stages and it's just a pleasure to drive in terms of handling ability and raw power when you want it. I'm sure it makes me feel like a better driver than I actually am. The thing I find is that when I drive it it's a real challenge to not want to put your foot down an unleash the beast ... which makes it tough for short trips ... and keeping my licence ! I still toy with the idea of getting a 993
  13. If you can stretch the budget make it a manual 996tt. It's a rocket that also has fantastic handling capabilities.
  14. It's interesting to see what's happening with 993 prices over the last 18 months. I was watching this market segment very closely from around Jan 2017 when I decided to get my first P. I drove a number of them. Manuals and tips. From a '94 through to a '97 C2S that I almost purchased until I found out at the PPI that it had a significant rust problem and pulled out. And then went ahead with a manual 996 tt which was a very different car but has been loads of fun as well. Still love the 993 design and the smaller cockpit, air cooled etc. The prices seem to be very varied. A top '97 CS2 or 4 is still fetching around the 190-200k mark. Some are asking alot more but I don't think they will get it. Others like this one above with k's seem to be creeping up slightly in expectations. '96 with Varioram is higher sought after. A few minor changes to std spec. I feel that it should be priced around 15-20k lower but maybe the owner is expecting to haggle. Is anybody seeing a standout " must buy " if I had the $ manual 993 out there ?
  15. @TwoHeadsTas I've been offline for swamped with work. Just looping back to say thanks for all your tips. It's been awhile ago now but in summary I can report that it was an awesome trip. Only exception being 5m swells across Bass Strait there and back which was not pleasant. I had visions of the turbo being battered against the ship hull and other cars Nothing of the sort of course. Took route from Devonport to L'ton for brekky and then via Newstead across to Derby which was an awesome drive through to St.Helens with the exception of some very narrow sections over the very top for about 5-10k's. East Coast drive down through Bicheno and Swansea to Orford was effortless and most of the fun was to be had between that section to Port Sorell. I really opened her up and not a Mr.Plod in sight all the way to Hobart. Lots of fun ! Founders Night whisky trail at Glass House was sensational with Bill Lark, Pat McGuire - Sullivans Cove as well as Overeem and Hellyers. All top class. Next night we did it all over again but extended to a bunch of new Gin distillers as well which seems to be the latest craze. Sensational product and all put together really well. Highly recommend ! Gotta love Tassie ! ... will do West Coast drive next time.

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