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  1. Hi, does anyone know whether Porsche Cars Australia originally bought in and sold the 997.2 Turbo in a manual? I can only find PDK's listed for sale currently on Carsales (4 of them), but cannot find a way to search 'sold' cars on Carsales (does this exist??) Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, does anyone know whether Porsche Cars Australia originally bought in and sold the 997.2 Turbo in manual gearbox? I can only find PDK's listed for sale currently on Carsales (4 of them), but cannot find a way to search 'sold' cars on Carsales (does this exist??) Thanks!
  3. This was listed today at Dutton Garage, and if you read the Instagram comments it's sure to divide opinion. $200k with $10 in change The car was on show at the PCV Porsche Festival in Williamstown recently, very nice interior https://duttongarage.com/1989-Porsche-911-964-Carrera-4-Manual-Credible-Singer-Clone-~50255
  4. This is the response from Quad Lock support, sounds like it should be fine "You will be able to mount the phone in landscape position and the camera will be free from obstruction. It may work in portrait position too, but It depends on the size of the phone and where on the windscreen."
  5. Another question... does anyone know the rules for in-car camera mounts for CAMS events? In particular I'm attending the upcoming PCV Haunted Hills hillclimb event (which will use CAMS Hillclimb Regulations). There is a note above from @reddahaydn about zip ties? Thanks!
  6. Hi @Dave986, did you end up buying this? It looks great, but I am wondering whether the mount obscures video recording through the windscreen? Thanks
  7. Hi, hopefully someone here can help. My 964 (1990 C2) has been blowing 'dust' out of the ventilation ducts on start-up now for sometime. I've had the car serviced at two local Melbourne trust-worthy Porsche experts, and it even has them stumped. Has anyone experienced this before? At the servicing, the dust issue improves after proper blowing/sucking through the ventilation system, but after a while it returns. The 'dust' is a white / grey colour - a bit chunkier than real dust. Not a lot of it, just a fine powder that sprays out on start-up. Thanks for any help.
  8. I can't comment on the car itself, but know that it's been listed on Carsales for well over a year (I was researching purchase of a 964 at the time), and the price has not changed. $149,900 is right up there in price, and you can assume the seller is not willing to negotiate (much) or it would have shifted by now.
  9. twro

    WTB - Cayman R

    Yes I did, thanks
  10. twro

    WTB - Cayman R

    Yes, have done so already! Thanks.
  11. twro

    WTB - Cayman R

    Hi, I am wanting to buy a Cayman R, flexible on spec and colour, if anyone knows of a potential seller please put them in touch, thank you.
  12. My understanding is that importation is only possible under either a Rally Rego or if the car is owned by a NZ resident (for 12 mths +) who is relocating to Australia. I don't think there would be any issues of registration, road worthy etc.
  13. A NZ delivered Cayman R, has been sitting on the market for a while and price has been reduced; https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1570325445 The list price includes 15% NZ GST, which would be removed if exported. Adding transport, LCT, GST and customs by my math comes to about AUD $88k For my purposes (non-competitive events like Targa Tours) this would be a great car, but I appreciate it's not a real race car and so under rally permit would not be desirable. I had misunderstood the rally permit to be any CAMS membership, but now understand the National Rally Licence is specific to competition.
  14. Thanks everyone. What I hadn't realised was how restrictive it was to get a rally permit, much harder than I thought and so yes I agree it drastically reduces buyer pool (and resale value). I think you've successfully talked me out of that, and for that my wife thanks you
  15. Hi, I have found an interesting (rare in Australia) P car overseas, and am considering importing for personal casual motorsport use, under the Rally Rego scheme (VIC). I know that imports vs Aus delivered cars take a hit on resale (10% - 15% seems to be common range), and wondering if anyone has experience with selling a car that can only be Rally registered by the new owner. Obviously this will greatly reduce the potential buyers, but this car seems to be a good price and so even after discounting it might be ok. Plus being a rare and reasonably desirable model means some potential for holding or increasing value. For reference; this specific car delivered and registered (inc GST, LCT etc) would be AUD$88,000. Theoretically, if the same spec car were for sale in Australia, Aus delivered, normal rego would be $120,000. There are currently none of this model for sale in Australia. So even if I allowed for a 10% discount for being an import and then an additional 20% discount for being restricted to a Rally Rego = about $88k starting price. But maybe it's more likely to be a 50% haircut for Rally Rego, I have no idea. Would be interested to hear thoughts please. Thanks

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