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  1. Short cross-post to ensure no bias creeps in from the 964 owners!
  2. Do you know delivery figures to Aus of 964 vs 993? From my research, there are about twice as many 993's listed for sale each year as 964's. Not sure if the delivery figures match that
  3. A friend asked an interesting question today, he's thinking about getting either a 964 or a 993, and asked which I thought would make a better investment? Assuming a C2 with like-for-like condition, drivetrain etc, which do you think might appreciate more over time?
  4. That would have been good buying compared to recent listings (see price history table here)
  5. I don’t think we’ll find anyone more qualified than you to respond here! Very interesting (and surprising) that you would choose the GTS over a GT3 Touring - you are shattering my Dream Garage. Of the T and the GTS which is more fun to drive?
  6. Well done @KGB, sounds a like great car. I am being patient with my looking, have not bought yet.
  7. You just listed my exact shopping list! Hope we don't end up in a bidding war against each other
  8. Hi, a favour to ask please. A friend has a 993 he is considering selling, and I am trying to help with a valuation. Very hard due to the low sales volumes, and so hoping for some advice from the experts here! 1997 993 Carrera 2S Coupe Manual Arctic Silver 150,000km Full service history It was imported from UK in 2014, but for the sake of my question and to keep it simple let's pretend it's Australian delivered (I'll add the "UK tax" later)
  9. I just found an email I had missed, and it was for a Meissenblau at CTS in Sydney, low mileage which was listed at $369,995 in Nov 2019. https://classicthrottleshop.com/2019-porsche-991-911-gt3-touring-meissenblau/ Or was this another one? Maybe same car, being sold again more recently? Do you know the list price? Incredible colour.
  10. I just realised I have a CS saved search alert for GT3 Tourings, which was going into a hidden folder in Gmail, so was able to dig up Carsales listings dating back to Dec 2018, so here goes (all are price as first listed on Carsales, EGC); Dec 2018 Oak Green 295km $382,600 Private VIC Jan 2019 White 5,000km $425,000 Dealer QLD Jan 2019 Black 28km $389,000 Private QLD Feb 2019 GT Silver 2,480km $370,000 Private QLD June 2019 ? 4,700km $399,000 Private VIC June 2019 Black 6,000km $402,000 Private VIC Sep 2019 GT Silver 3,950km $349,000 Private VIC Sep 2019 ? 9,972km $349,900 Dealer NSW Oct 2019 White 3,108km $359,900 Dealer NSW Nov 2019 Nov 2019 GT Silver Meissen Blue 5,702km 408km $349,000 $369,995 Dealer Dealer NSW NSW Dec 2019 ? 408km $398,990 Dealer QLD Mar 2020 Black 2,000km $390,000 Private NSW July 2020 GT Silver 4,800km $378,000 Private VIC Sep 2020 GT Silver 7,900km $340,000 Private VIC Oct 2020 Black 16,000km $365,000 Private NSW Nov 2020 GT Silver 8,595km $355,000 Private NSW June 2021 July 2021 GT Silver Black 7,600km 5,928km $417,500 $420,000 Private Private VIC SA Average listing price is $380,000. Interesting that 10 of the 17 in Australia changed hands in 2019 (might have been some double-ups), but this latest GT Silver car is the first in 6 months. That's assuming my saved search alert has been working, which it's possible it wasn't.
  11. GT3 Touring just listed on CS, 7,600km $417,500 ("no negotiation") Pretty much my dream car (except the price). Does anyone know comparable pricing, have any traded in the last 12 months or so? Funnily, I don't think I am the only one to think it's their dream car. I saved it on CS at around 6pm, at 6.20pm Carsales sent me the classic "Hurry! Interest is increasing.." email - that has to be a new record! Probably not helped by listing with only three photos (no interiors), no options list described. The owner is just asking for a lot of questions! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2018/sse-ad-7262678/

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