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  1. Price reduced for quick sale, now $88,000
  2. I agree on both counts. The interior colour is 'Truffle Brown' btw. I would prefer a mocha over truffles anyday, but I guess truffles are more prestigious
  3. For anyone interested, Tim at MyRightCar did a 10 minute review of this 928 GT;
  4. And here is a photo with the eyes closed
  5. Two owner, Australian Delivered, matching numbers, manual, 1990 Porsche 928GT with 206,000km driven. Price reduced for quick sale, now $88,000 (private sale - excl govt. charges) 1 of only 20 RHD GT’s that were delivered to Australia, this example features an unmatched receipt file and history, showing a dedication to ensuring every single component of this 928GT works exactly as Porsche intended. The current owner has held the vehicle for 25 years, following the original owner, who took delivery of the vehicle from Albion Porsche Sales, Southport on 24/4/90. A documentation folder featuring original service booklets and delivery details accompanies the car, in addition to the extensive receipt file of the current owner (featuring fastidious maintenance and rebuilds to engine, gearbox and ancillary systems – a copy of receipts can be provided to genuine interested parties). In short, the maintenance expenditure on the vehicle exceeds the market value by a significant margin. In addition to superb ownership history, this 928 features the rarely found g28 manual gearbox, with PSD (limited Slip Diff.) fitted as standard from the factory. This transmission/drivetrain offers an entirely different driving experience to the usual automatic units found in 928’s. Put simply, this is a superb example, of one of the rarest of Porsche 928’s made, with a perfect ownership history, ticking all of the collectable boxes (matching numbers, Australian delivered, complete paperwork back to delivery). The accompanying photographs provide further evidence of considered and ‘no expense spared’ ownership. If you have been waiting for the ‘right’ 928 to come along – this is it.
  6. Looking to buy a 718 Cayman S or Cayman GTS. Flexible on colour, but not silver and not "loud" (pref. for white). Sports exhaust strongly preferred, Sports chrono preferred but optional. Thank you!
  7. I’m keen! Plus want to save anyone the trouble of removing the banner
  8. Astute timing, after seeing Michael Jordan's Slantnose in The Last Dance (on Netflix now) surely everyone needs one of these in the garage. Sadly at $1m only MJ can afford it?! https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32287058/espn-the-last-dance-michael-jordan-cars/
  9. twro

    Introduction to Summon

    Thanks @mwc964. Yes we make the sale process easier for both sides. For the buyer of the car the easiest way to describe it is they get a similar service as you would expect from a quality prestige dealership, but not what you would normally get when buying from a private seller, for example; Summon help to ensure the funds transfer, transfer of ownership and key hand-over is done in a trustworthy & timely manner We'll deliver the car to the buyer's house, clean, full of petrol We'll help with additional requests such as transportation interstate
  10. twro

    Introduction to Summon

    Hi @wobaby the app will be a Mobile Web App for customers to use - so won't require a download from the app store/s. This is currently in development, in the meantime we're providing the functionality and content using email/sms/WhatsApp (whichever is the customer's preference)
  11. twro

    Introduction to Summon

    We will help sell any brand of car, currently focused on prestige cars over $50k in value. So yes, a well restored classic kombi we could help with (DM sent) Although we'll take on any brand, we have a preference for Porsche!
  12. For those of you wondering who is responsible for those new green banners that have started appearing on PFA, look no further! Summon is a new business, founded in Melbourne. We aim to give car owners an alternative to selling a car privately (a hassle), or selling to a dealer (costs $$). If you're thinking about selling a prestige car (preferably Porsche!) and would like to learn more, please enquire at www.summon.com.au Or AMA with a comment below
  13. A sweet upgrade; https://uncrate.com/porsche-classic-carplay-stereos/ PORSCHE CLASSIC CARPLAY STEREOS Compatible with models dating all the way back to the 911 of the '60s, Porsche's Classic Communication Management systems bring model features to vintage rides. The standard PCCM fits 1-DIN slots and has a 3.5-inch touchscreen for Apple CarPlay support. It also supports DAB+ digital radio, and audio playback via SD, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth. For 996-generation 911s and 986-gen Boxsters, the PCCM Plus is a 2-DIN solution with a 7-inch touchscreen, both CarPlay and Android Auto support, and all the other functions of the standard model.
  14. Thanks for clarifying, yes that makes sense
  15. @NBTBRV8 and also the dealer needs to pay GST, so take off another $27k to reach their wholesale price. And need to factor in some costs; let's say costs of $5k for storing, staffing, real estate etc, so wouldn't that mean a wholesale price of $218k? ($270k sale price - $20k margin - $27k GST - $5k costs)

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