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  1. I know of one (black 981 GT4 CS) that may be coming up for sale soon with @Summon, DM me if interested
  2. Should be another great event. Keep an eye out for my Peridot Green Cayman R, and come and say hi
  3. There are 5x 981 Cayman GT4's listed on Carsales, none are CS spec. Asking prices range from $193k - $212k. What are people's thoughts on the $ premium for CS vs non? (all other things being equal)
  4. 1 of 6 in Peridot Green with PDK, mine is 2 of 6 and a friend is 3 of 6. I wonder if 4, 5 and 6 are also on PFA?
  5. What an incredible car @richard gay (no bias here!!) GLWS @Yeatesy did you find the Cayman R you were looking for?
  6. I have looked at the sales data, and the price is fair. If it was in QLD or NSW it probably would have sold by now, you may just need to be more patient as it's a smaller buyer pool - and it's unlikely to be purchased and taken interstate.
  7. From 6 sales in the past year, from my records the listing prices for C2 manuals (I cannot be sure if Oz delivered, but at these prices I assume so); Highest: $249,000 Average: $207,482 Lowest: $178,000 The most recent was 9 months ago and was listed at $249,000 (it had 189,850 km), and lasted 3 weeks on the market.
  8. Same car. Didn't even bother taking new photos! Sold for £67,500 (AUD $118,000) on 13th December 2021 Now for sale in Australia for $234,500 Seems like a nice markup if the owner can fetch it. Agree with @09ELF, seems like extremely quick turnaround to buy, ship, check, register etc the car from the UK to here - kudos to the buyer / importer!
  9. I saw it there a couple of weeks ago, the colour is gorgeous. I only had a quick peek through the window but the interior leather looked tidy. The price seems kinda outrageously high for a Tip? Is a Vesuvio Edition a particularly desirable collectible?
  10. Is anyone familiar with this 2014 991.1 911 4S for sale in WA? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-porsche-911-4s-991-auto-awd-my14/SSE-AD-5095922/?Cr=0 It appears to have been for sale for a long time (3 years!) but the owner is responsive to messages and on face value doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the car. The photos don't do it any favours. Any thoughts appreciated!
  11. Hi, I am nearing purchase of a 911 and may wish to change the colour with a wrap, any suggestions for quality places in Melbourne to speak to? Also any indications of price to fully colour wrap a 911? Finally, I am interested in thoughts of how well a vinyl (?) wrap will protect the paintwork, compared to PPF? Thanks!
  12. The one on Trading Garage has 3 hours to go, and bidding is only at $188,888 - could either be a steal, or not meet reserve. https://tradinggarage.com/product/2008-porsche-911-997-gt3-clubsport/ Tempting to throw a hat in the ring, but nervous about buying sight unseen and without my own PPI. Hopefully it sells to someone here!
  13. Hi @JPLRS, I am considering selling my Cayman R soon, it's a PDK. Colour is Peridot Green. I believe that of the 19 Cayman R's delivered to Australia that only 4 or 5 of them were manual - so you may need to either be very patient or go the PDK!

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