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  1. Fantastic day! Huge thanks to the organisers and volunteers - everyone kept safe and (mostly) undramatic. Love the video @Arne Krix!!
  2. @mwc964 and I will also be there on Sat night for the warm-up festivities. Here is a hero shot of me and my car taken at Haunted Hills earlier in the year - double page spread in PCV magazine
  3. The track is a hillclimb format - each car does one run and then is finished for that lap, so it’s not possible to hold others up (unlike a circuit track like Phillip Island, Sandown etc). Only one car on the course at each time, with staggered starts. Of course you’ll get more than one crack at it over the course of the day. So no pressure!
  4. The EU distributor replied and confirmed that the Bremen does have Bluetooth streaming. They are not in stock until August and it sounds like they should be able to ship to Australia.
  5. I like the look of the new Bremen too, considering it for my 964 (if I can import it). n.b. for some unknown reason it supports Bluetooth calls but apparently not BT streaming. Why Blaupunkt would create a lovely looking, brand new car stereo and not have BT streaming is anyone's guess. UPDATE: another PFA'r pointed out that the specs quote A2DP support, which means maybe BT streaming is supported. I have emailed the distributor to clarify.
  6. https://www.voitures-extravert.com/ "The Dutch firm Voitures Extravert is on a mission to make that the classic cars we love survive in a world where zero-emissions cars are rapidly becoming the norm. To that end, Voitures Extravert is offering two different styles of Porsche's 911 with fully-electric drivetrains — and it's far more than just a simple swap. The SE model is the original-style 911 of the '60s and '70s, and each build starts with an original shell. Each part is either replaced or restored, depending on function, before reassembly. A driver-adjustable suspension along with modern braking components are installed, and of course, there's the electric powerplant. A 58 kWh battery pack gives the Quintessenza SE 250 miles of range and can charge 62 miles in 15 minutes on an AC connection, with even faster DC charging available. Performance is also increased, with 0-60 in the five-second range. If EVs are the future, this is how our beloved cars of the past should be electrified."
  7. Selling used cars on consignment is illegal for Victorian dealers (licensed motor car traders), but legal in NSW and most other states (e.g. legal in WA, QLD and TAS) Does anyone know why it's illegal in Vic?? I have heard plenty of rumours about the Melbourne prestige dealers selling on consignment behind-the-scenes, and also service specialists. But it seems weird that it has to be clandestine. If I wanted to sell my car on consignment, couldn't I drive it to Sydney and park it with CTS on consignment, and if a Victorian buyer wants it the car then comes back down here? So in effect a consignment sale in Vic, but through a NSW dealer?
  8. Yes agreed, by “like-for-like” I meant also with the same options. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the replies. @MrMud would you expect a like-for-like 2012 car to be a few grand less than an equivalent 2014 model? Or same price?
  10. Hi, I am researching to buy a 981 Boxster, and trying to understand if there is any difference between a 2012 and a 2014 model (both PDK)? Thanks for any help
  11. 997 GT2 Clubsport unicorn with only 6,000km! Price I believe is around Sg$190k mark. http://www.kiwiauto.net/car-display/?car=9295&stockno=KK+6102&used-car=Porsche+997+GT2+Clubsport%2C+530+hp%2C+Only+6%2C000+kms%2C+One+of+28+RHD+MY09's%2C+Terrific+Investment+Potential.+Call+for+details.
  12. Update to this; the proposed % figures have since been released; "Currently cars worth $66,331 to $100,000 are taxed at $10.40 for each $200 of the car’s value. Under Victoria’s proposed tax, buyers of cars worth $100,000-$150,000 will pay a duty of $14 per $200, and buyers of cars worth more than $150,000 will pay $18 per $200. A buyer of a new BMW 5 ­series worth $120,000 would pay an extra $2160, and a buyer of a new Maserati would pay an extra $7600." Ouch. Better get that next P car purchase in before July 1 then...!

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