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  1. Damage from a photo shoot, girls sitting on the car again. 😩
  2. Stuart at 9auto in Highett is another option.
  3. I never quite got it either. The car control is pretty impressive though. Somewhere deep in my brain I recalled Jeff’s drifting history so this ferrari powered drifter was an obvious choice. Imagine the shorter wheelbase Alfa doing this. Wild!
  4. I wasn’t sure where you were headed with this build but you've won me over with a great result. Well done Now you know what your priority has to be now. 🍊
  5. What a pain. At least in Vic the club/historic plates are a standard plate size, although they don't come in a slimline size. One size fits all. I came across this solution for mounting NSW plates using a plain custom plate as a backing plate http://www.classicjalopy.com/2017/09/mounting-nsw-historic-plates/
  6. I made a bracket to fit slimline plates on my 911SC. I copied the style of the original brackets but changed the size to suit the plates. They are quite simple to construct from alloy strip and a few pop rivets. Looks a bit like this one
  7. At PCB this morning... lizard green GT3RS with big red bow waiting for collection by it’s new owner. Someone is having a great day.
  8. Lee, you’ll make an awesome car designer/crayon pusher. Your work conveys the key design themes in clear concise line work while leaving plenty of scope for development. Then again, I reckon you’d be more comfortable with a cutting wheel, silicone and a gasper hanging off your bottom lip.
  9. Put it on the ins. co for a full respray. I’ve seen it done when a branch fell on a workmates car. Metallic paint couldn’t be properly matched so the whole car got done.
  10. Had an 85 Rangie for a while. Total shitter with every panel a different shade when I first got it. Perfect! No guilt or cringe going hard in the bush. After I updated the very saggy suspension and gave engine a tune up I had about five years of dirty fun. Explored all sorts of tracks around Vic, dunes, river crossings, mud, did it all without fuss. Gutless v8, heavy and thirsty but loved it just the same.
  11. I prefer the instant gratification of slamming an angry paw into the centre horn pad when the need arises

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