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  1. Tough choice for after dinner viewing. MAFS or Binky?? 2 middle aged men playing with grubby bits wins 😉
  2. YouTube auto captions 😂
  3. My status is also now M. If I was sent a renewal note it’s been lost in the clutter. 🤷‍♂️ Where’s the link to pay the annual subscription? @Kerry @Orlando
  4. You’re welcome. It’s one of the little nuggets of morbid fascination floating around in my head.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club?wprov=sfti1
  6. It also helps to take a snap shot of how things are assembled before you pull them apart. Mobile phones are perfect for taking photos in tight spaces. 6 months down the track you’ll want a reference for which wire goes where and trying to work out where the extra bolt goes after you thought you were finished.
  7. Harvs11

    Tyres now

    I noticed that my rears (Direzza’s) were heavily worn through the middle of the tyre. Usually, this would indicate over-inflation. I always kept them at 34psi as per the book. Previous RE001’s were worn evenly at the same pressures. Any others had this experience?
  8. We had a car load of young blokes fresh from the pub crash into our house when I was a kid. Didn’t need to call the cops, local sergeant was at the table playing poker with my old man. 😂
  9. Hey Jeff. @MFX surely you could squeeze KW for some of these colour matched to your car in exchange for some youtube time 😁
  10. I’m thinking Karcher. Tooth brush is for amateurs. RE003’s are on but haven’t turned a wheel yet. So frustrating.
  11. Harvs11

    Tyres now

    Time will tell. Mine still have the “go fast” stripes. 😁

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