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  1. $20k LAMBOborghini paint job but too stingy to spend a couple of hundred on new rear bumpers to fit a local number plate. Details missed can ruin a car. What a 💩, albeit a shiny, polished orange one. And how can this be advertised as NOT modified?
  2. As usual we are getting way OT 🙄
  3. You’re driving a Porsche, get used to it. Learn to not engage the angry, jealous, disappointed in their own life choices mob..it usually just escalates the rage.
  4. Fantastic shots from both Tom and Tara. The perspective from a smaller statured photographer really works well for catching cars at their best angle.
  5. Congrats and welcome to PFA. Car looks great, especially like the retro script. We'll need a full first drive report of course.
  6. Nearly got cleaned up by a bus this arvo. Dickhead driver just changed lanes squeezing me into the car next to me. Rule is In a built-up area you must give way to a bus that is signalling to pull out from the kerb and is displaying a 'Give Way To Buses' sign. This does not allow a bus to change lanes without giving way whilst on the move!
  7. Speed limits are one thing, yellow corner speed signs are advisory .
  8. As long as it isn’t a substitute for a sub par chassis. Nanny should only kick in well after you’ve reached unreasonable limits
  9. My crusty old car in Wheels mag. That’s gotta help re-sale value 😂 At least this one’s wearing driving shoes😉
  10. Cars loved it. Pre-warmed starts. Not so good for the driver- no air con. Didn’t matter though, had a ripper 3 days.
  11. Did a lazy 1200ish km’s around the Victorian Alps over the weekend. 😁 I had a few friends along for the ride , you know who you are 😉
  12. Surely, it’s now time to cut this thread. 😒

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