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  1. With old cars and rust... expect he worst and you’ll rarely be disappointed. Jeff, your willingness to dive in and keep cutting is scary and exhilarating at the same time. 👍👍
  2. If the yanks can’t work out what a meter is, how can they be expected to be able to calculate horsepower 🙄
  3. Bloody kids! Playing with their new toys in the dirt and leaving them out in the yard!
  4. Aaah. Clapped out white vans driven by cranky old farts who no longer care and invincible P plater Hiluxes. Love ‘em.
  5. So it’s a South Australian trait. I was trying to be polite. Once again 🖕to that. Not you, Lee. You’d never behave so irrationally being so level minded and well mannered. 😉
  6. Had a clown (SA plates) play games with me on the two lane Calder fwy (110 limit) heading into Melbourne this afternoon. Cruising along at 110 ish (wife in car so behaving well. ) As I came up behind, indicated and moved to the right lane, idiot speeds up enough that I bailed out and let him go. Moved back to left lane and he also moved back. Slows to 105 ahead of me After a few minutes I go to pass again, same antics from our SA visitor 😡 Third go, same result except this prick brake checked me after I pulled in behind 🤬🤬🤬 Short of running him into the gutter, what do you do? Eventually the traffic blocked him in and I passed and travelled on. 🖕 I did nothing to provoke him. I wasn’t driving like dick deserving such treatment I can only think it was a case of jealous/envious driver feeling the shame of driving a shabby Dodge Journey SUV and taking his frustrations out on an easy target. He can take that shitty attitude back over the border. Not welcome here!
  7. Cruising around Dunolly. Gorgeous day in the countryside.
  8. Like the idiot who played frogger with me today. I’m second of two cars traveling along an otherwise empty street. Matey decided to run across between me and the car in front. First instinct is to stop and belt him. The more rational side stopped any action. I don’t like being put in a situation where I might be involved in hurting someone even if they deserve it.
  9. And self tappers directly through steel with no treatment of the holes. I’m surprised there wasn’t a load of rust around the holes when I removed the AC hoses from my SC. GOOD STEEL.
  10. Maybe the 🚗 will get more attention with you in the pics. I can’t honestly say I looked much past the white suit 🤩
  11. Not even a sneaky 🌭 or 🍩 in between stops? 🤫
  12. Tall poppy syndrome is universal
  13. C'mon NIko! we all know the hardtop was to hide what was going on inside the car.
  14. The owner of the current re-bodied car surely wouldn’t want the original chassis being put back on the road. It creates all sorts of provenance issues.

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