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  1. Thanks again JB. I’ll give the essence plus a go. The paint’s in good condition so clay bar is definitely off the menu. Btw. Black looks magnificent
  2. Welcome to the forum, Paul. Best advice I can give is to start digging. Easy things first...pull the spray nozzle up and remove the hose from the nozzle. Clean any dirt that’s collected in the back of the fitting. Run the washer pump and check the water flow before refitting the nozzle. If it’s still blocked get the tools out. The carpet and fan cover panel are easy enough to remove. You should then be able to access the hoses. Start by checking for blockages on the pump side of any junctions. Good luck. PS. Tell us about your car. Maybe share a photo or two if you can work out how to 😖
  3. Thanks for the feedback JB. Have you tried either of these over Opticoat? I'm no chemist so I wonder if the SiO2 formula of Nova Lustre and EssencePlus will bond to SiC of Opticoat. What's the recommended prep. prior to the spray on coatings. Clay bar? or does it damage the existing coating and require polishing again.
  4. Kardashianesque. Huge butt, nothing up top.
  5. Harvs11

    Nice weekend's work

  6. Looks familiar... chicken or egg? @TrevMcRev 's Boxrod or Speedster?
  7. While it’s possible that different wheels will physically fit across various models, bear in mind that airbags are all tuned to behave in a specific way for the car they are designed for. Inflation rate is critical to the effectiveness of the device in an impact. Airbags are developed in concert with the chassis, occupant size and position, seat belts, other airbags and also the control system within the car. Airbags are an explosive device (imagine a shotgun aimed at your chest and you’ll get the idea of the forces involved) and not something to be treated lightly. They are not really a plug and play item. Age of the initiator is also important-old airbags may not work as designed. The consequences can be deadly. Please be careful.
  8. Had to watch it twice before I got it. Evil bastard!!! 😂
  9. SC's typically have a softer pedal thanks to the booster. I replaced the lines as the brakes were very spongy due to soft 30 year old hoses. The braided hoses had an immediate effect and greatly improved the pedal feel. I can modulate the brakes from a light touch to full hard braking without losing control. The limit is easily reached and lock ups are rare, even in the wet.
  10. Soft touch paint is still used for low cost auto trim parts. The formula has improved (supposedly) It tends to get used on surfaces where human contact is infrequent. ie top of dash pads. Worst I saw was a late 90's VW door trim. Only a few years old and a big sticky mess.
  11. Sticky knobs are probably from old "soft touch" paint. This stuff is notorious for degrading over time. The scuff plates are just doing their job. ie. getting scuffed. Cost & weight savings were achieved by using painted/plated plastic parts instead of pressed alloy parts.
  12. I bought a set of these for my SC. No complaints. From memory, the hoses have a tag with ADR approval if sourced from a local authorised distributor. Goodridge hoses have protective outer casing over the braiding which I believe is an ADR criteria. One issue that vehicle inspectors may have is being able to visually inspect for damaged hoses. Clear casing protects and allows inspection of the braiding. Having properly tagged compliant hoses would help.
  13. Question for the gurus... I have Opti-coat on my daily, there are a couple of areas where I’ve polished out some scratches and removed the coating. I can’t buy Opti-coat retail as it is only available through approved detailers, can a different brand of ceramic coat be applied over previous coatings?

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