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  1. Harvs11

    Random Funnies Thread

    I know it's not PC, and in no way do I endorse the verbal content, but there's great joy in watching someone else's drunken meltdown. Roll down to the Twitter video and try to keep a straight face. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/lawyers-shameful-midair-rant-after-being-refused-alcohol/news-story/6dc9cb6220f1e238bcd8a0a45cc77bf7
  2. Harvs11

    CAYMAN MODEL HISTORY. 2006 - 2014

    no need for PASM, it's got NIKO! Niko's hugs might be more like the kiss of death
  3. Harvs11

    Sandown Historics this weekend.

    Perfect weather at Sundown today. I caught up with @Airhead and the speedy Ursula after their quali. run. SWLTDF has earned her moniker by shading Baz by nearly 0.2 seconds. 26 74 Ursula TRacing Aura Design Triumph TR6 B 6 4 1:38.9375 27 41 Barry Aura Design MG TF A 5 4 1:39.1069 Full session results here I also met NSW Torana Club president @dominicxu1 showing them who's boss by rolling out in his beautiful white 930. Great to catch up
  4. Harvs11

    Removing caked on brake residue

    You could try Prepsol. Safe for use on paint. It's used for removing polish and silicone waxes prior to painting. Spray on liberally with a trigger bottle then wipe off with an open weave, lint free cloth. Keep replacing dirty rag with a clean rag or you will be putting wax back on where you wipe. Plenty of ventilation and gloves recommended. You might even take a liking to the aroma.
  5. Harvs11

    Removing caked on brake residue

    This combo. worked well for me on my cookie cutters. What is it with these concourse guys? Everything perfect, even matching shoes and brushes ? Sugar soap has micro abrasives. Not safe for shiny surfaces.
  6. Harvs11

    Check Your P

    Oh, that’s so cruel. Drinking Starbucks coffee could help improve memory. I’d rather take my chances with memory loss and forget that once only experience. ?
  7. Harvs11

    Check Your P

    @OZ930 thanks for sharing your story. It’s a big leap to put yourself out there like this. I thInk it’s important to share the gory details no matter how embarrassing they may be. You’ve given us an intimate look at the reality of a very common illness and it’s this honesty that has made me take notice. Well done. Ps. Find a local kid who wants to earn some pocket money to cut your firewood while you concentrate on a speedy recovery.
  8. Scomo ‘s diesel gulping bus travels to Townsville empty while he rides solo in a RAAF VIP jet. Setting the good enviro example. Let’s see if he has the balls to preach emissions doctrine to us fossil fuel junkies now. https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/scomo-express-a-bus-with-no-passengers-as-pm-opts-to-fly/news-story/45ea71039e8cd30e453a410fdd86982b
  9. Harvs11

    911 Turbo Hotrod V3.6ltr

    Cars are more fleeting than transient for you. @Uncle So, is it going to be a hill climb, circuit or 1/4 mile track??
  10. Harvs11

    FLICKR about to limit photo storage.

    From the Flickr email:- *Free members with more than 1,000 photos or videos uploaded to Flickr will no longer be able to upload new content after Tuesday, January 8, 2019 unless they upgrade to Pro. After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content deleted -- starting from oldest to newest date uploaded -- to meet the new limit. Members may always choose to download content over the limit at any time prior to these dates. Time to get busy with some housekeeping.
  11. Harvs11

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    I got A W&B when I was putting my motor back together. I didn’t trust the dial ratchet type I have for wheel nuts. The audible/visible indicator is easy to use and the scale for setting the torque is pretty clear. You just have to remember to push the indicator pin back in each time. Worth buying for piece of mind. Especially if you’re screwing into soft alloy. Not useless, good to know you didn’t follow your Mum to the spanner factory. ?
  12. Harvs11


    Salvos got a slice of the cake. They got some furniture, good condition but not sexy enough to sell. A local bloke struggling to look after two young kids got a free "new" leather lounge suite. If my dogs couldn't destroy it, his boys weren't a problem. The big skip got a fair bit too, some things just aren't worth the pain.
  13. Harvs11


    Turns out the two buyers were brothers trying on a low bid each. Good thing I kept my cool and politely declined the low ball offers. I got them both up to a number I was ok with. Chair is SOLD! Inspected and paid for tonight. Pick up tomorrow. Never doing a garage sale ever again. Dealers turning up an hour before start time demanding to look over stuff before its even laid out. . They’d parked their vans right behind the car in the drive so I couldn’t even get stuff out and they didn’t want to move. Told them to F off and come back in an hour or the garage door stays shut! Rude pricks. I’ve been stung by eBay before so a bit wary. Gumtree tends to be quick. Hopefully I won’t need to go through this again for a while. The chair I just sold was the last of the excess furniture from the 2 houses-into-one move last year.
  14. Harvs11


    Just because I’m selling unwanted stuff on Gumtree doesnt mean it’s worthless junk and I’ll accept any bullshit low ball offer. This is why I tend to keep stuff I’m not using. I hate dealing with bottom feeders.