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  1. Philbee's convoy for me then👍🏼
  2. Not to throw a spanner in the werks but leaving at 7am will not get me to the gate inside my arrival window of 7-9. I’ll have to leave earlier and probably go straight through without stops.
  3. Imagine the surprise the cat will get if he sleeps in there...🙀
  4. Good luck! You'll have to pry them from his cold dead hands.
  5. Did the oil change on my Datto 200B, filter etc but neglected to replace the filler cap. Overhead cams in Datsun L series have a tendency to spray oil up and out of the cam cover if the cap isn't there. I realised something was up when I noticed an oily smear on the windscreen after driving on the freeway to work the next day. Cap was gone too. I never quite managed to get all the oil out of the hood structure and it was forever seeping out of the panel seams.
  6. Harvs11

    the New 992 911!

    That's the new Remington option.
  7. @Philbee i'm in with good intentions to make it to this one. See ya at the point.
  8. I think you've nailed it. This car's greatest asset is the build process itself. Once on the road...just another mini. As discussed elsewhere on PFA, having a popular following on Youtube helps pay for Project Binky. I don't think it's break even but better than nothing and also great lead-in marketing for other business.
  9. Harvs11

    Project 77 - new build

    I've just found this build and read the entire Pelican story. Excellent write up, Darien. It's a great looking thing and is sure to turn heads. The car went on the truck in October, what's happened between Oct and now?
  10. Harvs11

    Home Built Z

    Where else do the fellas learn to do their make up?
  11. Harvs11

    Home Built Z

    Jeff's missing 2 vital ingredients that works in this girl's favour. ..T and A
  12. or the $492 car wash I had at BMW Service last year. Sorry, should be in the VENT page....off topic as usual. PS. I like to watch. Keep the videos coming, Jeff.
  13. Now you’ll have to drive it more to get it right again 😁
  14. I hope they’re training up a few apprentices. The build time estimate will require a succession plan.

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