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  1. Nozzle turned 180 is the go. I do this on my SC and give it full squeeze until full. No mess. No splash.
  2. pre-78 narrow body were 2.7L, Carrera 3.0 and later SC with wider rear qtr panels were 3.0L. also green engine cover is 2.7, red for 3.0
  3. from memory... Seats need to be ADR approved (or whatever the relevant stand is) If you put fixed back seats in a coupe you need to engineer cert. the car as a 2 seater because the rear seat egress is compromised. Insurance is a tricky one too. Ins. companies will accept the modification but it's up to you to ensure it's legal. Insurance claims can be denied if any thing fitted to the car is not legal. the Vicroads info is deliberately vague https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/vehicle-modifications-and-defects/vehicle-modifications/removing-adding-and-replacing-seats
  4. Today was my first day at a PFA event for a while. There were a lot of new (to me) faces and a few familiar. It was great to catch up.
  5. I was never a great fan of the Torana. I’d only ever seen ratty old examples. I get it now. Looking at these photos, it’s apparent how much is common with the HQ GTS... Just in mini-me scale. I sold my GTS to buy my first house. 😥 I reckon I’d have to sell the house again to afford to buy it back.
  6. 5 months,19kg and counting. 😱
  7. “Yes, dear. It’s for sale but I can’t seem to find a buyer”. 😉😉
  8. Who are calling a hoon😠? oh, wait. 😉 It seems I have more in common with @LeeM than I’m game to admit. 😇
  9. Cheers @OZ930. No chunks so not concerned. It looks like very fine sludge which was obviously metallic as it was stuck to the magnets. I was just curious as to the difference between the tank plug and the engine plug. I usually aim at 10K oil changes but ...life.
  10. I did an oil and filters change this morning. Funny thing though, my engine bay is still grubby. 🤷‍♂️ I noticed that the magnet on the engine drain plug only had tiny amount of build up, but the oil tank plug was pretty well coated in very fine material. Is this normal after 15000km’s?
  11. No mention of the plates. He did mention it’s all original engine/trans to the car.
  12. I’ve been having intermittent cold start problems. It was the 40 years old earth strap no longer having a good connection resulting in no starter kicking in. Simple job? Nope. Trans. cross member and rear sway bar has to come out to access the end on the transmission. Once cleaned up and a bit of copper based anti-seize applied it now fires up with a lively spin. cost $0 with the satisfaction of no more push starts 😬

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