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  1. yesterday I found a local coffeehouse doing takeaways whilst I was out an about.So I put my order in and was waiting out the front. A police car pulled up across the road, then another 2 seconds later. 4 police jumped out of each, and proceeded to cross the road shoulder to shoulder, coming straight towards us. It looked a little imposing actually, since nobody else was around much to have 8 fully kitted officers with guns headed right your way.. Of course I had to be the joker, and told them "oh come on guys, spread out a little will ya!" or words to that effect They all just laughed, and ordered lattes all round. Seemed funny at the time
  2. Funny, I thought exactly the same thing. Jaffar how do you know this stuff? I take it your not a wedding celebrant or dental hygienist for your real job?😉 It spins me out how much knowledge some people have.
  3. Confessions of an idiot: "Gratuitous porsche pics" was on my list to check out some time, but I thought it was just going to be car photos. 2 years later, and I just realised. Now there is 295 unexplored pages. Saving for the inevitable lockdown.
  4. scrubs are the new gym gear I reckon, especially in flavour with the local shopping mum crew anyhow (way before CV changed things)
  5. nothing to contribute sorry. My better half works in healthcare, and she told me after we got hitched, if I ever rocked up home with a motorbike thats it, all over red rover.. At least I have a way out. Nice bikes. The acceleration would be amazing i'm guessing
  6. gosh, sorry fellas, look away, thread diversion warning. I've got an unopened DF95 in the box my mrs doesnt know about yet. ( I went to Bunna's a month ago, and dropped past the local sanctuary. 3 grotty yachties where having a blast doing their own RC regatta, so I said g'day as you do. Next minute, one hands the remote over ( he needed a slash), and I was hooked again. It was blowing around 25-30 knts, the thing was a submarine most of the time. So I went online, and ordered from Hobby warehouse. Its under a few bags in the garage. Currently I am building an Emma, trad double ended, plywood hard chine yacht from plans from bearospace industries. They look to sail well. I have a few scratch built rc boats that are 'too good' to use because I get carried away, they are named after my kids. I said to mrs, it was time she had a boat named after her ( as an excuse/primer to say i'm building another one). I said I just wanted something 'simple,no nonsense, gets the job done, a bit of a knockabout, but looks nice', and just missed a kick to the cobblers. Have made a 1M trimaran, model 65 Alden schooner, Volvo 60, Will start a rc happy thread with some pics.
  7. heads up guys, we'll get through this. We drove past Flinders st and in the city on Saturday, and the place was pretty quiet. The stormstrooper standing on the steps of the station holding a sign did it for me, "this storm will pass". It will, the world will be a different place, but it will pass. Agree with Wilson, dont hand out too much online, or even limit the constant barrage, you'll be better for it. My garage is a C free zone, dont even mention it. just Carla Bruni on Spotify, and a new RC model yacht being made. Happy(ish) days..
  8. each day it gets closer to your circle. My wife works in a regional community hospital outpost in allied health. At 12 today they were told the site is shutting, tomorrow you are to go to XYZ, closer to the main hospital To save rescources was the reason, but they are going to be given new roles. we are gearing up for overflow and triaging. The fan is going to get very dirty, very quick.
  9. sorry to hear of your sale. A responsible but im sure a tough decision. If its any consolation, if your ever in Vic, and can drag me to a meet, the passenger seat yours. You might have to put up with the stigma of 2 blokes in a Boxster and automatic questioning of ones orientation that goes with it. Best of luck with the sale.
  10. Ha, thats funny. first laugh for the day, thanks. I was surprised that the mrs had such a position on wheels. I have 3 sets for the Capri kicking around, the obligatory minilights, oem rostyles and gold bathurst globes which were the rage at on stage. She poo-pooed my choice of silver 21'" classic 5 spokes, which were easy to clean, going for any of the more on trend black which I equally detest. 30 years of marriage and still learning..
  11. decision made. Unfortunately the MB 43 has too high power to weight ratio for my daughter to be able to drive on Ps', if that ever occurs, but having 2 cars in the family she cant drive wont makes sense. So it was down to the C300 and Maca, i'd be happy with either. We did back to back test drives, and the final verdict was the Macan. Color is going to be white, just need to go over the configurator one final time, and the compare the wish list to a few cars already built and shipping now. Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate the different perspectives.
  12. 10K kms for tyres doesn't excite me at all., and would currently sway it from the 43 back to the Macan. I will definitely raise it tomorrow, and if anything is getting close, get some form of assurance of what would be dont if tyre life is shortened. Perhaps a good aligner could revert the setup away from turning circle back to less scrubby. Such passion against the 4cyl's, I might need to get out more perhaps. Salesperson basically did a launch control drag race, which seemed plenty quick enough at the time. SQ5 doesnt do it for me, at least on the website. Maybe it's better in real life, but it looks too civilised/ pedestrian IMHO. It needs to at least suggest wanker, or it wont fit in with the boxster. will update tomorrow. maybe.
  13. (admitting sheepishly) I was going to go 21's, the panaramic roof I can take or leave, we get too much sun as it is. The only time I drive with the boxster roof down is at night. I tried to build a Skoda RS equivalent to Macan, but the website killed my patience and sorry, not inspiring if the website wont let me configure. On, i'll look at sq5's. Why wont salespeople take it in? if you dont want a 2020 vehicle, that means it should not be built before 2020, complianced before 2020, or registered before 2020. Yes, I'll wait. And lots of BS from MB, the new 5 year warranty started from March vehicles, it is not just for this month only. 15 minutes on the phoen all BS oclock. Why isnt it simple? I want a car. They will make one if ones not at hand. Tell me how much it is. Not the rrp. which means nothing in reality. I have money and will give it to you if you give me a car.Normally you agree and shake hands, ok wave to each other. done.
  14. thanks Tips and all for the wise words. Will be same scenario regarding Mrs car, daily and a few country trips to visit the eldest. The tyre issue was raised, I will mention it with the dealer to get current update. Hopefully it has been sorted in the 2 years since. There might be logic in the 12 month old, certified, or demo etc, but I just cant do it. It doesn't sit with me, as we have 'lost a year' of going forward from current 2016. I figure, if i'm the mug that buys new, then one of you guys can then purchase at a steal, a few years down the track. Since we've opened up to the GLC43 budget wise, I should probably do the same for Macan S now
  15. yes, sorry, all new. Macan 2.0 petrol. ok, paging @Tips then!

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