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  1. so they should put their hands up, and say hey fellas we engineer, not paint. Someone with a bit of nouse could partner up, do the painting, and the interior, etc. and they can just overlay comment, add lame jokes and drink tea whilst its being assembled. Good exposure for someone to help out, plus it gets done and keeps avid viewers happy. Then move to the next project whilst the irons hot, I've got a Mk1 Capri needing some love....
  2. nice one. HNY indeed. Now taking bets on how many episodes before its fired up? and officially driven?
  3. Just looking to see if anyone had an old rim that's no longer useable, suitable just to put on display on the wall in my new shed (mancave if you will) It doesn't need a tyre, it will probably hang the air hose etc. on it. Maybe an ex racers rim? Happy to pick up the freight tab of course (will be going to Geelong), so probably the closer the better. many thanks
  4. 718 convertible: why aim the roof drip rails to dump above the sill mounted f+ r boot release switchs? as above, some doggy plastic finishes Squeeky drivers seat if you have wider shoulders than an 7 year old.
  5. Kevvie did you do that search mentioned above..? Welcome also, I'm pretty new here also but still get a kick everytime the boxster is driven. .
  6. a trip on the Spirit at the moment might be a bit of fun. Plenty of low pressure systems at this time of the year, Bass Straight would be good for a day trip, so you can see the action. We went a few years ago on the overnight trip, and i was surprised how long it took just to get to the heads, around midnight from a 7pm departure.
  7. yes but there'd be some great legs for sure. Roll on Le Tour.
  8. I dunno if its physically possible, but if its rattling against something, what about fitting some exhaust heat wrap? For the sake of $50 or so, I'd give it a go.
  9. and go private for all of your permits wherever possible. Our local council is truly manned by a group of numpties. They split their staff into Building and Engineering, who don't talk to each other, and the communal brains are shared depending on the day of the week. I was told by the pleasant receptionist that I'd need to write to the planning minister himself. This was to replace the backyard shed!
  10. yeah well considering I've bought what is warmly regarded by many here as a hairdressers car, I'm dying my roots and you can darn your own sox. Lee, if you want an original, check out a USA sailrite , around $1,500 a few years ago, or if you don't mid a rip off with some dodgy castings, ""Strong Arm"' chinese knock off. I bought the Strong arm a few years ago about $900, with a 'power wheel'which changes the gearing and slows the machine down. Once it was really really oiled up, and I reset the timing a few times, it sews like a beast, and you can use all the original Sailrite accessories if you want to. I mess around doing canvas boat stuff and it's been great. Every shed should have one fellas.
  11. absolutely. we need a sewing machine thread. Cant beat a good walking foot.
  12. really quick school drop offs?
  13. deano

    Who's stolen 996 911?

    I'd try the Lambo first before the 911. Whats making this totally unrepairable, a couple of Hella's from supercheap, and a nasty aftermarket bodykit and you'd be good to go? http://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/5213788/lamborghini-murcielago-lp640-coupé?referringPage=SearchResults can't be worse than that clone that was on gumtree thread 2 weeks ago actually, if you bought both.....
  14. great advice you guys gave. Gotta love a happy ending! welcome, and enjoy opening your roller door, it still hasn't worn off on me yet after about 3 months of first Porsche ownership.
  15. hey I understood that one. I have learnt early on that you are quite a unique banana symsy, but often enjoy the challenge of decrypting your posts for the underlying knowledge they contain.

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