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  1. my fail from 2 weeks ago. My Capri needed a brake upgrade, so I bit the bullet and ordered some 4 pot calipers (hey, they only had 2 pot before), new vented disks, braided lines etc from the UK. The rear drums stayed, new slave cylinder kits, all nicely detailed, new wheel bearings, hubs etc etc. A clean out from under the arches, new deadener,reassemble it all, go to bleed the brakes. Problem. I could not get any peddle pressure, well it took 3 pumps or so. I must have cycled through 4 litres of brake fluid. It was bled to death, but still the problem, no pressure. Must be the master cylinder, dont forget it's now powering double the pistons, maybe it isnt pumping enough fluid in one pump? New master cylinder then. Same thing. Here's a pic, you will all see my idiocy: Even dad (retired diesel mechanic) could not figure it out.It was pressuring, but not first go. Picked it? Were is the bubble in a spirit level? At the top. Apparently airbubbles rise. Yes, Id put the calipers on upside down, bleeder is meant to be to the top. After a 10 minute swapover,rebleed, test drive, and it now stops better than it has in 30 years of ownership.
  2. that is such a good idea.I wonder if there are similar 'roller door and gate decals or buttons for boxster/macan centre consoles?
  3. um, yeah, but mate, did you get it cheaper because some nork has put the steering wheel on the wrong side? I reckon its towed something pretty heavy, it looks stretched to me
  4. looks like you have at least 3 willing pit crew for Geelong Obrut
  5. so road trip to Geelong for next years speed trials?
  6. yep, knowing how to do the scandinavian flick has to be worth an additional $50k
  7. ""The group is way more female, so the typical Boxster customer is 30-year old Chinese women"' aah, that explains where i've been going wrong all these years... Tommy Hillfiger and hello Kitty fetish: tick.
  8. Just a quick one. I'm led to believe P OEM privacy glass may be more functional as a tint, rather than a UV blocker, which is what I normally expect from a window tint. My question is, the Macan comes with this privacy tint on rear sides and back window, do you tint over it, leave it as is and match the front, or take it all off and retint? (ok maybe 3 questions). We normally get some version of a 3M carbon or ceramic tint in the'darkest legal"" (of course it is), I'll ask the tinter, but just wondered what other peeps have done. (2 weeks to go) TIA
  9. I hadnt heard of that before, I thought it was just me wanting to sell my car to a 'decent'person. I dreaded having to go through the rigmarole of selling my wifes Territory 3 weeks ago. But I stuck it on Carsales, for over double what the P dealer offered as a trade ($23K), and it sold to the first person who saw it in person, for $500 less than asking, and with the owner ok to get the roady. The purchaser and her father were nice to deal with, and she was stoked to get a car in great condition. It nice when your previous pride and joy goes to where it may be appreciated
  10. maybe more than just a smile, a fn big grin actually. Good news from the docs, as a 50/50 genetic dice roll went the other way. I hope all PFA's get their own smiles this weekend
  11. no service history mentioned at all, or if its selling with a roadworthy. Dodgy I'd say for sure. Probably under finance too
  12. yes I found out about the roof rails in time. I was recommended to get a rack from Thule who do one that you can fit if you dont have the rails pre built in, they clamp above the door ridges. Although the weight capacity is the same (75kgs), my issue was that you are then limited to how far they can be spaced apart. We have a 35ft long SUP (ok it is probably just12ft) that I thought might be pushing the friendship if the roof bars were only around 1m apart. Luckily the new car has roof bars built in. Only other thing I am chasing is a rear boot liner tub thing. 3 weeks to wait, then happy wife (theoretically)
  13. thanks @edgy I imagined that just having an ECM would cover that aspect ok, but might have underestimated its importance. I missed the opportunity to have a car built with a towpack in mind, as the car was a demo spec vehicle already underway, so I imagine then that whatever one I end up going for, its going to be hacked to some extent. Hopefully having an OEM fitted by PCM would be a better job than a third party towbar supplier. I wasnt trying to be tight rse , but didnt know a towpack would be so involved. I ended up selling my Territory on the weekend to the first prospective buyer, for nearly $10k more than the highest dealer trade in price, and $13k more the the P dealer offered. All without a roadworthy also. Looks like adding an OEM at the first service might be the best option. Owe you a beer Edgy.
  14. good point. so I've found a TrailBoss made by Hayman Reece has an ECM, as part of the kit, and they have pics of a Macan done. https://www.advancedtowbarsmelbourne.com.au/gallery/#nimblebox[nimble_portfolio_gal_default]/1/ Its priced at around $1300 fitted, and is 2400kg. So about 1/2 price?
  15. Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience in getting a towbar fitted in Melb for a Macan? I think the OEM is a good way north of $2K, and would probably prefer a removable Hayman Reece Type. The local supplier has quoted $2500 something for a HR one, which seems massively more than normal ? Just need something to tow a 6x4, not the tajmahal or race car. TIA

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