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  1. Hi Beau Just letting you know I got my warranty extension , and a credit because they overcharged me . So that was good, I brought it to their attention when I did the survey they sent me.
  2. I had the same experience, sparkplugs were extra. So was break fluid. Also found out if you’re car is being accessed for extended warranty make sure it is booked in before the expiry date and actually inspected before or there is an additional charge of approximately $400.00 This is controlled by the German company and not the local car company. Regards Richard. P.S. Has anyone used faux leather for seat covers, to protect the leather seats?
  3. Yes it is based on time or distance travelled. Some of non factory mechanics don’t think the filter e.g. particle filter needs to be changed so soon. I miss out on a loan car ? as only available in 2weeks time. My car has done 24000 .
  4. Thanks that was about the mark and another 2.5 K for warranty extension for 2 years, if it was up to standard. The lady said they down load the info from computer on driving style and maintenance record . I have only had it serviced at SSP. Alexandria.
  5. Hi All Just coming up to my first major service. 4 years. Also extending my warranty for 2 yrs. Had a quote from South Sydney Porsche. Alexandria . Well had a lie down for awhile!! Any recommendations for workshops . So far Auto House Chatwood and Cavoco Motors Arundel St. Have been recommended. If you used them or others any advice would be welcome. Regards Richard MY13 / May.
  6. Thanks again for input guys . I am the second owner . I have only done approx. 2400km since April. Just to put your mind at ease I am getting new tyres. ( Trev McRev) Cheers Lower41
  7. Thanks Stephen for comment. Just went to my local , tyre guy . He said Tempe Tyres use tyres which are classed as parallel imports suitable for other countries and are softer so don't last as long. May be 30,000 km out Good Year 265/40z R19 (98y) NO. Eagle F1 Local quote $ 498 , Tempe Tyre $329. I usually do under 5000km a year. Regards Lower 41
  8. Hi Again Do any of you know about a glue Porsche use when installing tyres ? This was what they told me at SSP Alexandria. Evidently it has something to do with high torque produced when accelerating , which may cause the tyre to slip on the rim and deform!! I asked the people at Tempe tyres they never have used it. The only thing they use is a sealant if there is a very slight dent in the mag. regards Lower 41. P.S. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Thanks guys for your advice . I bought the car last April with 25,000 km on , it was from Brisbane. ( South Sydney Porsche) I mostly use it for runs down the coast to Austinmer through the Royal National Park. Porsche being my dream car since 15 Yrs old. So luck enough to tick off one box from the bucket list. So new tyres it is.
  10. Hi All Has any mid engine owner had tyres repaired , Porsche recommend replace the tyre ! ! Right rear has a 1/4 in bolt hole in it. The tyre has plenty of tread on it. 2 yrs old and 26,000 km. Regards Lower 41
  11. Thanks guys for your advice, I will check them out. Cheers Lower 41.
  12. Thanks Jason E . The 981 I bought originally came from Brisbane. I will check it out. Cheers Lower41
  13. I guess from the lack of advice there are no reputable mid engines service guys in or near Sutherland!!
  14. My other ride is a commemorative VW and I always get a wave or greeting gesture from other VW air cool. Now having the time of my life driving a 981 have had only one slight bit of recognition from a red 987 when sitting at the lights. Will continue to wave at all other Porsche cars let's see if the trend grows . Although i will have to maybe cut back on the grin that i have when driving the 981,as it may be putting the other Porsche car owners off.?

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