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  1. Interesting that the centre console on the Lorbek car is different and seems to include a turbo boost knob
  2. https://www.covid19data.com.au/recoveries
  3. I'd choose a 991.2 GT3 over the 991.1 GT3RS. The 991.2 GT3 really raised the bar over the 991.1 in my assessment The choice of 991.2 GT3 vs 991.2 GT3RS depends on your skill and taste I think. The RS is much firmer, has better turn in, is louder and rawer, and has a greater sense of occasion. If that works for you, RS all the way. For some, the RS is too much, and the noise and sharpness wears them down. GT3 FTW. Test drive an RS for 20 minutes, and all your questions will be answered!
  4. My first GT car was the GT3 Touring, which I still have as a daily driver. The manual is awesome fun around town but things do get frantic changing gears around 9000rpm 😲 I've driven a 991.1 RS years ago, and it felt quite civilized, almost quiet and soft, below 4000rpm. Above 5000rpm it was awesome, and that PDK-S, wow - I wondered if I should change from manual to PDK Some time later, I was thinking about doing some track days, and a 991.2 GT3RS became available at Brghton, and I had a rush of blood over common sense 🤣 Anyhow, the RS is quite different from the GT3T, surprisingly so since they share so much DNA.
  5. I'm sure your guess is right GT3 Manual < GT3 PDK < GT3RS But cheaper or rarer doesn't matter if you want what the RS offers (for me, anyhow)
  6. Qantas borrowed $1B at 2.75% Can't be lower than that
  7. except PCCB which the Blue GT3T has, just sayin
  8. Are those gold rims stock or painted after delivery?
  9. Thanks @rafikdous Would you consider bringing a 550 to Coffee & Porsches on Feb 16? https://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/3F35C0EC95CB0223C12584AB00338D8D
  10. Interesting! How many 550's do you have? Whats 550 ownership like? I've always been attracted to the 550, but somehow fear it needs someone more mechanically savvy.
  11. I'm very curious if my GT3T sells. Please PM me your asking price.

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