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  1. Yes, interesting, VIC is the nutbag state for road rules/ enforcement but the road toll is still rising, maybe stop looking down at the speedo & look at the road, I’m sure you mexicans already are raging at the machine.
  2. They are sitting on the cars AGAIN!!!!!!
  3. Get ready for major disappointment!!!
  4. Yes, it said don’t bother applying, we know you don’t have enough money! 😂😂😂
  5. There’s a whole world of pain waiting there, ha, no rust, look up the location of SALT-ash!
  6. Looks normal to me, just as a stiff chassis should be.
  7. We need a “Drivers & enthusiasts” party Lee, you’re the man, I’ll vote for you.
  8. Common Tazzie, there’s only a limited number of people these days who know of the tree you speak, let alone three on the tree.
  9. No, if I read your description correctly it’s probably just the natural stiff chassis NOT flexing as per design. My previous 991 GTS would lift a front wheel over speed humps when approached at an angle as the chassis was stiff, I’m not sure I want too much flex in my chassis.
  10. Great find, looks good, you should buy it for me.
  11. Idiot, never going to happen at $340k.
  12. Great work, so much fun to be had & WHITE, how can you go wrong
  13. With the 991.1 S I’d offer the $135k that’s your budget. It’s nothing personal, just explain that’s your budget, don’t get into any negatives & it’s just a business transaction, you’ve got everything to gain & nothing to lose. I never get involved in running peoples cars down or trying to pick faults, just say what you’re prepared/can pay & leave it at that.

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