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  1. Just drove a GTS Macan around Qld raceway, amazing! Then went for a lap with Luke Youlden driving, holy fword Batman, absolutely insane, no SUV should go like that, mind bending to say the least in the hands of an expert.
  2. Tazzie promotes/invites the abstract, I love the way this site wanders of track, you know how it is, you end up at “now, what were we talking about?”
  3. Natural selection doesn’t care about the means of delivery.
  4. For me the biggest blunder on a $200-300K car is the lack of protection on the radiators. They put mesh screens on the GT3 but not on lesser???? ($300K) cars. I have witnessed radiator failures from stones through the grilles & into the radiators, especially in road rally/tour situations. How can they acknowledge there is an issue by fitting screens to GT3 & not the rest, are stones only an issue at 275kph but not at 200kph ( ah that’s better, maybe should be in vent).
  5. Sorry Admin in advance, how do I clear my inbox? Thanks Idiot, I’ve got it now, done.
  6. GC9911

    Dan Ricciardo to leave Red Bull

    You’re a knob tazzie, but an admired knob, keep up the great work!
  7. GC9911

    Aussie petrol is crap

    V6 Amarok Ultimate, trust me, V6 grunt, 4w discs not drums, 8 speed auto.
  8. I’m halfway through the practice drive now, might be longer than I thought though?
  9. GC9911

    Aussie petrol is crap

    Interesting considering the ATO is cracking down on dual cab utes ostensibly being used as commercial vehicles when in fact we all know they are used as company cars to defeat FBT. http://www.pitcher.com.au/news/ato-targeting-dual-cab-utes
  10. To be blunt “Wankers, not drivers”.
  11. I’m having a horn moment over this car, looks so hot. What’s it really worth, question to the collective
  12. We are going to need a massive increase in our population, obviously we are missing out. Nairobi & Cairo could give these guys a run for their money as well.
  13. GC9911

    Hi new member from wollongong

    Hi Jason, I don’t know any local P car mechs in the gong as I’m still under PCW warranty. There is a guy in Peakhurst but that’s back in Sydney for you, I can make some calls to people I know to try & locate a local for you, let me know if that would help you. It may well be worth your while to visit Autohaus on the northside, I know it’s a long way but they have the “genuine/helpful” reputation, plenty of guys on here will vouch for them.
  14. I think you might have missed a step, expert says couple of hours, novice is in at 20mins, something missed?
  15. It’s a what????? No, no, no, it’s a Porsche, I can see it in the photos!