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  1. GC9911

    The 996 search

    Not if it’s for the right car!
  2. GC9911

    For Sale: 2003 Boxster

    David, congratulations, & now your detailed review, road test, report. We’re all waiting!
  3. GC9911

    For Sale: 2003 Boxster

    I’ve seen this car a few times, immaculate!! GLWS, pics of the new car David??????
  4. GC9911

    The 996 search

    GT Silver, nothing wrong with silver!!!!!!
  5. GC9911

    FS. 2008 997.1 4S

    Awesome, love those wheels, GLWS.
  6. GC9911

    The 996 search

    Silver is hardly noticeable from the inside!
  7. We got robbed in Europe like this, theives scanned the code & opened the car, knocked of all our stuff the relocked the car. We reported it & they told us “ happens all the time”.
  8. GC9911

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    I love prepsol, just hard to source.
  9. GC9911

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    Fount of knowledge Niko, I usually use petrol, just don’t smoke at the same time.
  10. GC9911

    Morning composer

    Went to our dealer today chasing the wifes tiguan Wolfsburgh, it’s on one of the 4 ships infected with the stink bugs, dealer showed me the email listing all ships.
  11. GC9911

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Yes, understand, I think mine was a pretty simple case for them as I bought it from then new & they were the only ones who had done the services.
  12. GC9911

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    They didn’t charge for me the inspection, not sure if that’s standard practice or not.
  13. GC9911

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    I did extended warranty on my previous 991.1 carrera S that I bought new from PCW, they had done all the services. But before approving the extended warranty they did do an inspection & report before issuing the extended warranty. No issues so the extended warranty was approved, cost $2K.

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