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  1. Nice work K, excellent outcome. So I should send the $175K over now????😂😂😂😂😂 Still got space in the garage.
  2. Me either Niko, tell my kids tats used to mean you’ve been inside, (& I don’t mean out of the sun). Maybe we’re just old!!!! Everyone has tats these days, ask my kids if the latest craze was whacking your privates with a hammer would they do that????
  3. Sorry, the other end of that is once run in, you should exercise the car across the full rev range. You will find the car revs more freely & performs as intended, these cars are meant to stretch their legs. I talked to one of the Porsche mechanics on a Targa Tas tour (pre speed limited tours) about what gear I should use & revs etc, his advice was these things will run at 5-6,500rpm all day every day.
  4. Congratulations on your new car. In my experience I’ve found new Porsches don’t fully run in until about 5-7,000klmns. I would suggest the thrash should not occur until 3-4,000klmns. Vary the load & revs across the range up to the 3-4,000klmn point. You can’t do any damage taking too long to run the car in but you can certainly stuff it up if you don’t run it in properly. Happy to stand corrected by those with more expertise. My experience only relates to 6 cyl cars, 5 off.
  5. You’ll get sued for copyright infringement & we’ll all get calendars for $20, how good will that be, what could possibly go wrong? 😂
  6. I put my 996 sideways mid corner first day I had it, totally driver error, scared the bejesus out of me. Decided I knew nothing about driving rear engine Porsches so booked in to Porsche driver training which confirmed I did indeed know nothing about driving rear engined cars. Highly recommend the driver training, have been sideways again but it was my choice.
  7. Thank goodness this lot don’t sit on the cars!!
  8. Ask Gulson? Looks like a dealer stock number?
  9. Yes, me too, joined 2011, 8 years ago. How time flies, what a great forum. I’ve met some great peeps, been on good drives, really enjoy the banter, BS, contribution of all members. It is a daily check for me, see the new posts, keep up with builds etc. Thanks to Kerry & the mods, really love the community.
  10. One of my fondest memories is going through Georgtown full tilt, wrong side of the road & my nav saying “surely this isn’t right doing this through town”, people on lounge chairs on their front lawns cheering, absolute gold, one of the best stages.
  11. Your tax dollars built their web site, well spent again govt! PS, congrats on the new job.
  12. You’re the only person I’ve heard with PDK issues, agree very bad luck. If you saw the absolute flogging the PDKs get at Porsche driver training you would think nothing can break them. Any pics of the new car?
  13. Great outcome. Out of interest is the new car a PDK?
  14. Yes, PCSS. If you get a chance, go. They are upstairs.

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