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  1. Hi Don, who are you dealing with?
  2. GC9911

    Bathurst 2018

    They need to move on from the Holden - Ford thing, neither are made here anymore, there is no local content. The whole thing is irrelevant as the Ford - Holden scenario was based on cars that the average punter could buy in the showroom, how many working “average” punters can afford a Camarro or Mustang? There was a mass appeal which is no longer relevant, I’m not sure the fan base has caught up yet with reality. Maybe there should be two distinct categories/series, one based on cars you can actually buy from the showrooms with classes as per the early bathurst 500 & one based on the 24hr GT series (IMHO of course).
  3. GC9911

    Bathurst 2018

    Happy Craig & Richo won but really feel for Dave Reynolds.
  4. GC9911

    Bathurst 2018

    Great result, sugar drinks don’t rule afterall!
  5. I have a number of rules, but, my number one rule is “ do not put all the eggs in one basket” . Rule 2. Have a trustworthy accountant & seek his advice “before” you make a desicion you cant reverse, a wrong move in the eyes of the ATO doesn’t count. Rule 3. Shares, stocks etc are no different to gambling, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t, back to rule 1.
  6. GC9911

    Porsche Way Ray

    The cat, what else is there?
  7. Yep, that’s hot!!!!!
  8. Tough choice, follow your preference, bargain hard, not too many people wandering around with $350K plus in their pocket, buyers market IMHO at the moment.
  9. GC9911

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    HOW good is that, Tom?... is that where you’re going ?...
  10. GC9911

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Isn’t that your driveway?
  11. GC9911


    Agree with your comments, my explanation when giving people quotes was “you are asking me to quote you on a job with a fixed price for the work, there are unknowns/risk in any quote so you quote for the worst case scenario, risk has a price & you are asking me to cover the risk. If you would like to cover the risk then we can agree an hourly rate & I will charge you for the time it takes.”
  12. If your name is Porsche you’re in (tongue in cheek, of course).