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  1. Yes, I understand what you’re saying, there’s a whole lot of stuff on the 991.2 which is fluff, but most of the Tiguan is useful once you personalise it.
  2. Just bought a VW Tiguan Wolfsburgh for SWMBO, previous car was a MB GLA 250. The VW is a better car than the MB by a long shot. I thought it was relatively good value at $62k with all the options & great to drive. I compare it to the 2014 X5 I had even though it cost half as much.
  3. Nice driving, Very satisfying to string a good lap together on this “twisty country road”.
  4. Good clean & top up on the Permamon paint treatment after last weeks run to Canberra & back, didn’t count on the roadworks & dirt.
  5. IMHO no level of scratching is acceptable. I’ve probably had 4 full tyre changes on porsches over the last 8 years & never a scratch. I use Blairs at Peakhurst as I know the owner, he always assigns his most careful guy, they use a trolley jack & do one wheel at a time, very careful. You can also watch the whole process at close range.
  6. I think I just threw up in my mouth!!!!!
  7. Me too, I have voluntarily limited the klmns to 8,000 per year but if you do go over they just charge you an extra premium. I did the ring around this year again & MB ( Porsche Insurance) still the best for me. I have also claimed windscreens on 2 cars so far, replaced without question under insurance, cost just over $2K each, fitted by PCW with genuine Porsche screens.
  8. I’ve had 3 x .1 & 1 x .2, my votes for the .2 as the better car (except for the exhaust note). I assumed you are talking Carrera S?
  9. The offer of storage in the garage still holds, as long as you leave the keys, I’ve moved the tractors to the barn in preparation! Seriously GLWS.
  10. I know I shouldn’t suggest this, but, Morning Composer????? Sorry Tom.
  11. No such luck, just a GLA250 with the AMG pack.
  12. Finally!!!!! SWMBO is very happy. Sales guy told me there ended up being 6 ships with bugs!

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