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  1. Don’t wear that stamp out Niko, bars pretty high at the moment, maybe the bar should be set higher (pun intended).
  2. All auto’s = no interest, saved from the 991.1 GT3
  3. So you don’t know where the bottom is either, I decided to do a buy on some to average down on existing stock & pick up some new to spread the risk but didn’t pull the trigger. Whimps reward once again!
  4. We’ll have none of that talk here thanks. Why would you want to get rid of 6 state & 2 territory governments? Your not inferring they all do the same thing are you, surely one uniform set of road rules couldn’t be better than 8 different ones. one set of school curriculum, one set of health standards, the list could be endless. And what do we do with 6 redundant state premiers to say nothing of the excess politicians, unemployment is bad enough without foisting that useless bunch of clowns on the system. 😂😂😂
  5. Niko, you have to go, I’ve been 4 times, just the best roads. It’s better than you imagine.
  6. Great car for the money, absolute bargain IMHO, glws. (Previous X5 owner bias declared).
  7. I live in Berry NSW, rural but not exactly the back blocks, we are 2ks from town on a sealed rd. NBN is in town by fibre. I’ve been told twice by Telstra that NBN is available at my place, booked a connection twice only to have the techs turn up & tell me “you can’t get NBN out here mate unless you go satellite “. I’ve asked how many people are in our situation & they always respond “heaps like you, never going to get it”. Long live ADSL 4.5mbps.
  8. Jeff, Exeter for breakfast 8.15am
  9. No, had mine 3 years, just over 80,000 ks when I sold it, only thing I did was change the oil every 15,000 ks instead of BMW recommended 30,000 ks. I only sold it as I moved to the country & needed a ute for the property duties.
  10. I had a 2015 BMW X5 3.0ltr diesel, one of the best cars I’ve had, bought new, actually chose it over a Cayenne, 80,000ks of trouble free motoring.
  11. 4,800rpm + is where the action is!

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