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  1. Can there be another Theo on this forum who uses Tman as his handle?
  2. Definitely not Sydney... Melbourne. Chris.
  3. Pretty sure this is my cousins original car. He ordered this in 1999/2000 and specifically with the 911 badge on the rear. At one stage ir was set up by Jim Richard's suspension guy with GT3 seats, half cage and upgraded extractors. This left a real impression on me!
  4. Don't stress George. Read the first post... "newer model" 👌
  5. Amazing event. Credit to all those who put in their time so the rest of us could enjoy an increduble visual orgy of cars and sensation opportunity to catch up with fellow enthusiasts. Job well done!
  6. Standard form before any SMT or big drive. Lucky to get 3 or 4 hours sleep.
  7. No problem. Not too many of us from the Northern suburbs but I'll be driving within 5 minutes of the airport. Unsure what time I'll leave but it should be well into the afternoon. I'll pm you my number.
  8. The pizza was the easy part! Big thanks to Chris and his polishing skills which far exceed mine! Car looks sensational!
  9. I was a little hesitant in signing up as I was a little worried about the technical aspect of the track. Well that was right out of the window after a couple of laps and very thorough briefings from Hugh and Mark. Had an absolutely sensational day and didn't leave until around 4. Well done to the PFA crew who arranged an incredibly relaxed and fluent event, to all those that participated and those who came for the drive down to show some support. Let's bring on the next one!
  10. Yep, Sat arvo works for me. I think there may be a group leaving from Eastern subs in the avo. Maybe we can all meet. Thoughts gents?
  11. Welcome Gaz. Adventuring Green right? Stunning colour. Great to see someone else from the Northern suburbs. About time we added a little more class to the forum. ?

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