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  1. Well said Chris and all the others who have taken the time out to show their appreciation. Joined 8 years and six months ago before I owned a Porsche and here we are just a moment later. Great forum. Have had some sensational times and made some very close freinds. When I joined I certainly didn't expect all that! Credit to Kerry and the early members that kept things going and all of those who contribute to make it such a great medium for us to share our addiction.
  2. I reckon that's about right.. and realistic. But the stock is scarce and prices don't always make sense when that is the case.
  3. Yes... Got a call yesterday to see if I was still interested. Salesman had mentioned earlier in the week that someone was flying down from Qld to see it.
  4. If I must..... Best guess, there were a few too many owners for my liking and with the last one having this set up with an aggressive track setup. Maybe the car ultimately is fine but I'm really looking for something with a less checkered history. The car has been sitting for 7 or 8 months and hasn't moved. I can only imagine previous enquiries have led the same way. Was for sale at Lorbek's last year from what I understand.
  5. Looks like the black Richmonds car is off my list gents... Next.
  6. There is no doubt that the bills can add up on these. They are after all a high performance car. Definitely my biggest concern that even a good PPI misses some critical items which may not show signs of being on the way out. RMS was just done on the black Richmonds car and its had some paint on the bar/bonnet to freshen it up, which I'm not really concerned about, but that's all I really know at the moment.
  7. Very much appreciated! Yes, Martyn with a Y and I have spoken about the white car and I have an email stating "we have completed an over revs check and all is good", Strange that he is telling you it has an over rev history. regardless the white car is not on the radar. Black car is older, more kms and a little more money. Obviously the condition has something to do with it. Really don't want anything I need to "rectify". @wilson59I'm assuming it didn't exhibit the pitted lenses and headlights of the white one. Let's see where this goes🤔
  8. Speaking of Richmonds..... Has anyone had a close look at the black GT3 for sale there. Any South Australians who can possibly give a quick condition summary? Looks reasonably clean in the photos... But?
  9. Gents. Really appreciate the feedback. That is what makes this forum such a great medium for this common interest. @Shedpest yes I'd like to hear more if you have anything to share.
  10. Gents. Does anyone have any knowledge on this GT3 at Richmonds. Started last December at an ambitious $235K and now sub 2s. Qld car, then Vic and SA. Unusual leather/carbon option pack so may stand out in someone's memory. Any comments/criticism/advice welcome. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2008-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Manual-MY08/OAG-AD-16749478 Cheers
  11. Ingenious Gary, however I can assure you they will be scrutinizing the value on the transfer which technically needs to be at market. I would suggest that the government will gave a barrage of stamp duty auditors ready and waiting. Post transfer files will be rife.

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