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  1. I believe the red one was the Richmonds car that was listed at $169K a few months ago. Cage, exhaust and a couple if nice items added. http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/2007-porsche-gt3-touring/
  2. The guards red is not a CS. The rear cage and extinguisher have been just fitted and probably easily removed.
  3. Gents....last time I looked this discussion was about Corona Virus. Back on track or I'm happy to shut this thread down.
  4. I agree,l it's far too early to assume this is a Covid related sale. Yes the car is possibly 10-15% above the realistic buy price, however probably no finance, based on its age and the seller may be on the market for all sorts of reasons including cashing up for other Covid related opportunities. The Covid related deals are still to come I'm thinking.
  5. Yep... My son needs more hours and I've resisted taking him out because of the potential of this happening. I really don't get it as you are in the car with a family member with no intention of getting out or going anywhere but a round trip home. The government has taken an unacceptable militant approach which can potentially lead to revolt.
  6. T-Man

    993 suspension

    Bought mine when the aussie dollar was almost US parity and fitted myself so not certain on price for fitting. Engine mounts arr a totally separate fitting and are very easy. If you're dropping the engine it should be cheaper.
  7. T-Man

    993 suspension

    I have PSS10 lowered to RS height in 18s. On the track or A grade roads they are awesome, but the moment the road quality drops the ride is harsh, although It suits me fine. Make certain you throw in some RS engine mounts.
  8. We are in the wholesale window furnishings industry and although we don't import shutters I have a lot of mates that do and they are struggling. Shutter factories have begun producing and exporting again but stock is still a number of weeks away. Deliveries will get back to normal shortly. Fortunately we manufacture blinds and other products locally, however the softening of the retail market is having an effect on our distributors and subsequently our business. The problem is not the imports. The real issue lies with the current softening of the retail landscape affected by the economy and consumers being distracted by the current global issue. Yes, Australian manufactured goods are more expensive but the end product is far superior. The sooner the consumer gets that the better. China had wreaked havoc on local jobs and businesses and our reliance on imports has now bitten this country.
  9. MB for me. 8000km limited travel. Good value with a reasonable excess. I do need to call every year though and "renegotiate" the agreed value as they tend to drop it. Apart from that they are great yo deal with.
  10. Wouldn't classify a 993 Targa as "Super rare", however definitely not common. It is essentially a cab with a roof built by Webasto. Complex and expensive should anything go wrong. I would imagine prices should sit between a cab and a coupe.
  11. WOW! Nice car, but the asking is surely over the top.
  12. Seems that way. Was sitting on the market for just over a year.
  13. Most of you would be too recent to recall what some of us refer to as the "NICK987 incident". Nick was a great contributor to the forum in the early days, awesome steerer and a hell of a great guy. Posts up an article and a photo which was lifted from Playschool compared to what is on this thread. Anyhow, a previous moderator got all stroppy about it, NICK987 is no more, and the "PFA Code OF Conduct" was developed. Those that know me well will attest that I like a bit of skirt as much as the next bloke, well maybe more, but seriously gents this thread has turned from what was meant to be a "Gratuitous Porsche" thread to "Pussy on P-car" thread! Would I dare open this page in an open office? Well I just did and would be somewhat embarrassed if any of my staff came in. Yes this is a car forum and shit like this happens, blah....blah.... blah.... I get it, I appreciate it, and I love looking at hot babes regardless of how much clothing, if any at all, they are wearing. Maybe what we need is a separate thread with an appropriate title that was descriptive enough so people wouldn't go there if they didn't want? Enter at your own risk. So, in the spirit of the thread how about we tone some of this down a little and get back to what this thread is really all about. I'd hate to see someone of the fairer sex, or even the same sex, complain and we have another NICK987 incident!

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