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  1. T-Man


    The pizza was the easy part! Big thanks to Chris and his polishing skills which far exceed mine! Car looks sensational!
  2. I was a little hesitant in signing up as I was a little worried about the technical aspect of the track. Well that was right out of the window after a couple of laps and very thorough briefings from Hugh and Mark. Had an absolutely sensational day and didn't leave until around 4. Well done to the PFA crew who arranged an incredibly relaxed and fluent event, to all those that participated and those who came for the drive down to show some support. Let's bring on the next one!
  3. Yep, Sat arvo works for me. I think there may be a group leaving from Eastern subs in the avo. Maybe we can all meet. Thoughts gents?
  4. Welcome Gaz. Adventuring Green right? Stunning colour. Great to see someone else from the Northern suburbs. About time we added a little more class to the forum. ?
  5. Absolutely agree. The 993 is a little "soft" in certain areas. I regret not installing RS clutch and lightweight fly when I replaced mine. A 3.8 conversion would be perfect.
  6. 993s in general seem to be held quite well wether in manual or Tip versions. IMO they are the pinnacle of air cooled development with 6-speed box, abs, hydraulic lifters and a classic, comfortable interior. But I’m biased!
  7. T-Man

    New Member

    Welcome aboard Dave. We have a couple of Porsche specialists here and another is certainly welcome. Hopefully you can share some of your knowledge and experience here on the forum. Interesting concept being mobile. I think it's a sensational idea, especially that it can give the DIY guy some specialist assistance if required. ?
  8. Yep, count me in! Looking forward to it.
  9. T-Man

    New To the site

    Don't believe them John. PFA accepts all sorts! Welcome. ?
  10. T-Man

    Practical, not political

    Like I said.... You are the average of your 5 best mates.... QED ?
  11. T-Man

    Practical, not political

    Wiser man than me once said... "You are the average of your 5 best freinds." Best not to hang with dickheads?
  12. I would imagine the officer would have set up on a bend subject to drivers executing the "straightening" maneuver and if I'm not mistaken a group of 11 cars preceded the two stragglers. The question is... Where the 11 so diligent in their driving that not one crossed the line and subsequently reprimanded by the plod? Surely not! What made these two special?