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  1. Your daughter knows her way around a camera like you do NIko!
  2. Great looking pup Niko and great portraits too.
  3. Like a kid at Xmas Jeff. Cheers to you mate after 5 years, that feeling of all approved is amazing and it shows. Happy days mate, can't wait to see the corresponding episode with the Alfarrari.
  4. Good weather up in the hills lately for the furry fellas Steve, and no good for Porsche runs
  5. ^^^^^^ Samoyeds "What the hell's wrong with this dude, geez the things he does, hmmm, wish I could be a staffy" .....
  6. He reduced to 42 kegs I think and then went on to Batman as a mass of muscle straight after. If you like your movies raw and real on the disturbing side it's one of the best, riveting. Top performance.
  7. Always pays to shop around they forced you to make a change, cloud with a silver lining!
  8. And wear your old trackies and flanny so you don't stand out and get robbed
  9. Geez Raven bet you had to read that a few times in disbelief what a hefty spike. I think they must be facing some losses so as usual up go the premiums, or as is their custom, never let a good crisis go to waste! My Landlord Policy and another home policy arrived today and both around a 20% hike

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