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  1. You just made my point. You are now agreeing with my initial post that you took exception to, "Good way to sell having your kid sitting on the car, NOT!!" You are saying that if the photo of the kid sitting on the car wasn't included in his ad then no buyer would know his kid sits on the car and therefore an interested buyer would not be turned off the car because of the photo. Ok enough said.
  2. Don't know if there is such a code for 993 - it doesn't appear on the stuttcars site.
  3. Yes I agree, there's plenty of vehicles to replace it with - the buyer just moves on and buys another car and not the one with a kid scratching it. Obviously you're happy to let your kids sit all over your cars. Me, I prefer to look after mine.
  4. It's a faberge egg to a buyer. if he lets his kid scratch the duco with her shoes what else doesn't he give a stuff about.
  5. Good way to sell having your kid sitting on the car, NOT!!
  6. Yes that's the show I had it at. You made me go back and have a good look at the date I sold it and was actually early 2012. One rod was enough, had to scratch that itch 👍
  7. Sorry for the thread hijack above Peter. Absolutely agree, there's no comparison between 911's and Corvettes, chalk n cheese generally. They are sports cars and both had various success in different styles of racing over the mid 60's but that's about where the similarity stops. The C2 era was an absolute sweet spot for corvettes and the build quality overall was very good compared to general US cars of the 60's. C2 was all blunt force, raw horsepower and a heavy car that handled and stopped like shit whereas 911s of the same era are lightweight, small and a precision tool in comparison. Both are sex on wheels though!
  8. Yes Lee, completed build in 06 and then I brought The Fink. One of the very first in Aust built like this and lots of trick details through out and big money drivetrain. Plenty copied it in various guises. Tell me where you saw it back then? Besides driving it and dragging it once, I only took it to one show. Sold it to a dude in Darwin around 09 and have never seen it appear anywhere since. Was an absolute head turner, got reasonable traction and I did a mid 11 in it.
  9. Well, there's C3's and then there's C3's. The 68 , 69 and 70 are way way more to some peoples tastes than the strangled donk models of 71, 72, and half bumper 73's, then 74 on adding full plastic bumpers, 75 on no BB's and 78 on with the rear bubble etc etc. I had a very sweet original 69 Roadster 350/350, red on red with white hood / black hardtop, back in the bad ol' days when they had to be converted to a right hooker. Took 6 months to unload for $32k in the early 90's recession. Loved that car. While I'm talking of yanks I've owned here's a rad rod I had for a few years, stinkin' hot 383 blah blah....
  10. Great legs hmmm did I floss this morning ....
  11. Seller: "Many rust repairs required in all the usual places" Buyer: Gawd SO many rust repairs required everywhere .... Yes maybe could just be a fun car, if the mechanicals are sufficient spend $15k, give her a spray, get her regd and drive the crap outta her ... but it never usually works out like that
  12. Peter at the Flinders heritage show there was for sale a quite well documented original 65 manual seemed to be excellent. Milano Maroon and same rims as the white one above. I've seen it around before at shows, someone would know the owner with a bit of fishing around. Alas 427/390 though ... and no price
  13. You're inviting a pile on Niko, you may have misgendered him her they them Xi Xa abcdenlkugiuywiygfuchingwateverthefuch

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