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  1. Zac Brown all smiles n class. Drive to Survive 3 showed him to be a great operator and a level headed good guy to boot.
  2. That smile was impossibly huge and shoeys all 'round! He did a great job leading all the way with some close challengers throughout. The race had a bit of everything and Bottas did a fine job as well starting 20th finishing 3rd. Happy with Kayo Lee? The coverage of motorsport is always so good. Binged on Porsche Supercup, MotoGp 2 and 3, and F1and F2 last night. Piastri scored a win, Remy Gardner having a fantastic season, and Danny Ric's win crowned the night!
  3. Yep serious buyers with an offer of below half...
  4. Based on an "S" I sold a coupla years back, I'd say a 60 - 70k premium over a like for like extremely low K 6TT man coupe (with rare options)....
  5. Boring ol Father's day but celebrated with a half hour spurt in the racester and beer and UFC and all motorsports on Kayo! Battlebots on Netflix is a fun mindless coupla hours too.
  6. And now the OP Peter is checking CS for Beemers etc, anything but shit bastard 996's! Hahahaha don't be put off Pete. I've had a 996.1 C2 and had a 987 3.4 and have two 986 3.2's and all with around 100 to 150klms. Purchased all with no PPI, and never had a mechanical problem with any of them except a water pump on 2 and an air oil separator on 1. (both standard repairs around 100 - 150 clicks). With no easy or close by Porsche dude to check her over, just get it to your local guy and up on the hoist and get him to check everything. Dive in!!
  7. Good on ya mate well done! Securing the right rental is a full time job in itself! Once you're at the other end of a downsizing shift and settled into the new life it's great. I went from 1.5 acres (discarded 35 cu m of stuff) to a unit, fabulous sense of lightness...
  8. Gave me a chuckle in these crazy days. GLADANNA - this could be any one of the three power hungry headmasters...
  9. What a pain, niggly problem and not easily remedied I guess, and growing. Will be interested to know the fix....
  10. 3/4" on my Valiant VC V8 for the 3" high air filter and definate revhead hoon looks only!

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