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  1. Congrats Twoey, the 996.1 is an enjoyable capable car for sure. Yes 285 x 30's with 12 mm spacers and GT3 rims will be fine - I actually had 295 x 30's with 12 mm spacers on mine with the optioned M030 suspension and never a scrape or rub
  2. And it's not only our usual fuel that increases..... Australia's largest electric car charging network hikes prices - Drive Australia’s largest electric car charging network hikes prices From next month, topping up with Chargefox's fastest chargers will be 50 per cent more expensive. 05:00, 21 April 2022 Chargefox currently operates approximately 1400 plugs across 100 sites between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.
  3. and not a mention of the X51 or M030 options in the advert
  4. Here's a cheapy for someone, and a seller who tells it as it is. Porsche 924 - For Parts or Resto | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Maroochydore Area - Highworth | 129382550
  5. I used Ceva for a Sydney car to Melb a few years back, car dealer to my door, and the car arrived with Melbourne MMM programmed into the radio and 50 extra klms on the clock... someone to do with Ceva had a spurt around no doubt!
  6. Look at that pic of the hard earned gem finally settled nice n safe n ready in her new home. I'm sure most of us here know that exact overall feeling you're enjoying when you even just look at it incessantly, let alone start listen and drive it ... Well worth the digging and the wait for the right one mate, enjoy!!
  7. It's most probably outta Merc and RB again as I think there's less than a bees dick between the absolute top 5 or 6 drivers, any of them just need near on the best car/team and an ounce of luck (and no bad luck!).... never count out the red cars to get the choccies. Maclaren will mostly be in the next pack i think - even though I am a huge fan of both the McLarens, Ricciardo (age and record says he's on the way down) and Norris (age and record says he's on the way up). IMO overall mad Max won the cup fair n square in a nuanced final coupla races. In the final race - Masi fucked up a bit bending his rules, Mercedes fucked up a bit not pitting when red bull did and the Gods conspired against Max when Hamilton cut right across a corner and never gave Max back the half second advantage he gained (even though instructed to), and then he ran up his arse when Verstappen did the right thing under instruction and slowed down to let him pass.... Stiff shit for Hamilton and his front wing coz him and his team weren't tuned in to what was happening. Who dares wins and Verstappen had his elbows out the last half of the season. First thing and main thing is to cross the line first then worry about the finer details. Example near end of last race: Wolf on radio to Masi "they are racing rather dangerously Michael you should warn them" Masi reply "It's called car racing Toto!" I'm with you hoping for a more even field too Jeff and tell me you weren't in the UK 23 years back? Lando is the bloody spitting image mate
  8. Looking forward to the season. Just watched the current Drive To Survive and whilst it didn't enthral me like last season's episodes, It was a bloody good watch and the production is first class

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