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  1. What a car! The beautiful headlights look quite at home and complimentary as well.
  2. Not bad and a quick quote - 4 x rims n tyres, Melb depot to Coolangatta, 4 days $269👍
  3. Imagine banging that along through the ranges on an smt in the group ... two mere mortals waxing nuances blah blah - all the while the beautiful best just sits there staring menacingly and angry daring the viewer "cmon just try me". "I'll be the master not you".....
  4. Good, I'm tagging along the info, need a set of rims n tyres sent to Coolangatta
  5. That's the model with the bigger twin front airbags huh
  6. Big hairy balls expert driving there, the very real threat of binning it into the rails every second!
  7. Yeah I agree Lee, usually takes a few months of sitting and shit offers to get towards reality
  8. Leem Christy Bazza whatever ... The pasha is a bold statement the seats look horn but tartan maybe a better look. Am a fan of the 18 fuchs on that and the Carrera script oddly works better than I'd ever have thunk. 20k off would be nice so offer him 50k like everyone else will be Lee and press him for low 50's
  9. Nice photos gents, tis the weather for these early morning targas now we are free (almost)
  10. The more I see 356's the more I like em. Nah still not allowed outta Vic til 23rd
  11. Troubleshooter


    Best colour mate
  12. Pearler Mark! Now we await the modifications - and the track results....

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