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  1. Doesn't seem that many Pcar owners ticked the Atlas Grey box but to me it looks the best of the greys on certain models, you'll love it
  2. I'm tipping last night at dusk Murwillmbah, Chillingham, Tyalgum then back - or the reverse ....
  3. Maybe not everyone's cuppa but suits my diverse sense of humour - from the United States of Amerincubator
  4. Yes, new media release this morning states very clearly amongst other things some new laws now, no leaving the home for anything recreational (except exercise) like "hobbies" etc etc. Glad I got a short drive in yesterday so now I'll only be driving to my psychiatrist
  5. Last week she ranted and raved like a lunatic fish wife against the 2 Trillion dollar stimulus over there and then immediately voted yes for it DOH!! Oh, it also included 25 Million of pay increases for congress, funny that!
  6. Some calming soothing soul massaging with a 2 hour relaxing spurt over the hills today. F all traffic too - bonus!
  7. Agreed yes they do, our gals in the garage can be quite temperamental if not taken for an outing every now and again! Good exercise for us blokes' mental health as well. In fact after buying a couple of Ctek 5's from Repco today, me n my gal had a little 100klm spurt across the Dandenongs this arvo
  8. Not breaking any law, you alone in the car driving through the hills (or anywhere for that matter) . "Not supposed to" is a recommendation not a law. The recommendation is "not supposed to" leave home unnecessarily and for various reasons, NOT "not allowed to" leave home. If I want to get in my car by myself, stay in my car and drive anywhere in Vic I'm going to. Of course probably not a good look for 5 Porsches tailing each other through the spur and inviting some sort of police attention, never pays to be or appear to be a dick. But one guy in his car, staying in his car, and maybe buying a take away coffee in a town, sitting in car drinking it and then driving home is absolutely reasonable and not breaking any law in Vic. Of course if a cop stopped you and said get on home there would be no need to give him a 2 finger salute and if you were smart no need to incur his wrath and invite a roadworthy check over - Courtesy works wonders ..... but going for a drive in isolation I don't see a problem.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished product.
  10. The green machine is not much of a looker with those guard mods ...
  11. Yanks, Poms and Belgians love this country, I meet heaps of them everywhere I (used to) go ….. Sick of this isolation eating 2 minute noodles - I'm hopping in the 911 to Yanktown to get me a hotdog, on to Pommytown for a 'alf cod n chips and then to Belgiumtown to pick up some chocolates. When the China virus backs off I'm listing my new subdivision and marketing mostly to the Yanks n Poms and also towards the Belgians …..
  12. Also the most relevant from your referred article Mr Bear is this …. "Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, said the move was designed to protect Australian companies from predatory behaviour. Aussie businesses have taken some big hits through the COVID-19 pandemic," he said. "We need to protect our most vulnerable from authoritarian states angling for bargains through their business fronts".
  13. Noticed on my Scumtree Porsche feed this morn that Lorbeks listed 6 or 7 high quality low klm GT and turbo collector cars last night. Not sure if same are on CS or on their floor. All priced pre China virus.

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