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  1. Hope your insurance company came to the party Raaf..... 281kw is only a 20kw addition over standard S, the X51 kit adds 33kw on paper.... BUT with a non S it'd bring KW up to 272kw, so maybe on the S it does only add 20KW. Very very rare to see an X51 powerkit on a 997.
  2. Very shiny nutmeg over tan narrow body mid 70's on the Ringwood bypass this morn, very very shiny!
  3. With the most terrible 60's yank tank suspension set up ...and shit non boosted drum brakes and a steering box like the the SS Minnow
  4. Without checking maybe that's an original colour of that year but It doesn't look like an original colour, just a strong gut feel, nothing more....
  5. Hahhaha the lesbos took over the Subi icon from the greenies as they infiltrated Northcote. Had a beater 318 Charger for a year and did a wheelie at every corner never let me down, sold it for $1100. Your son might grow into it as the Millennial childhood/uni life passes and he grows into the reality of life.
  6. Gotta love those drum brakes, old seatbelts and skinny tyres, thank God this one has radials not conventionals ... amazing half the population didn't die! Circa early 60's, just hook up the van with the 4 kids in the back, hahahha youngest on the parcel shelf, no seat belts, and baby on mum's lap and head on up the Hume with every other maniac .. tremendous feat to make it to the other end with no overheating or injury!!
  7. Pisser of a car Lee but the drum brakes will kill someone one day - they're either on or off! All orig 2 tone green int and ext, I call it a 3 tone. I cruised back from Ballarat a month back in it... 4 speed wind down air cond worked a treat! This is not it but it's the same....
  8. And it's extremely unmarked compared to the heavily marked paint all around it
  9. Well my 25yo daughter has some sense, and her first car was an all orig '66 Ap6 valiant in period green, great for her and her inner suburban type friends hahahhaha.... I'm selling it for her soon and she's now looking for some comfort and easy driving in her '05 Imprezza wagon $5000 special (black of course) to blend into her Brunswick surroundings with all the greenies BUT she has her eye on my 911 and says it's a battle to the death for it with my sons in a few years time .....
  10. What Smitty said ^^^^^^^^. i don't understand people too worried, scared to offend by putting in a low offer. If I wanted to knock 30% off a price I'd have absolutely no hesitation in giving my price (respectfully) to a seller and getting the "hahahah piss off" . Wouldn't worry me in the slightest. You've gotta start somewhere and I'm never offended when they overprice their cars 30% ..... so all's fair. It's all in the delivery to not offend....

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