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  1. Yes that dash is a strange one, no resemblance to 911 at all. Here's a better pic of the finished product
  2. I went turbo on mine, was the first lego I'd done in 2 decades and very satisfying, took around 10 hours - (reverse the wheels using the centrelocks for a fat deep dish!
  3. Absolutely Lee! I'm not much of a fan of the look of a standard 986 but it didn't take much to man it up. Jeff's V8ster will be a tough little beast when finished. I've had a variety of pristine AC/WC 911's yet this Pcar is the most all round fun I've had by a mile. Absolutely low cost so zero fuchs given when I'm on the edge with it, and the way it's set up stiff light n loud it feels like a fun event just exercising it to the shops. Plenty of grip and go for the track, and in the hills roof down engine singing 2nd through 4th and the smell and close feel of the bush, it's one of life's joys, fast or slow.
  4. Nice photo Martin, white looks quite stunning. She has a nice stance, nice part of the world to exercise her legs too.
  5. Speed yella, she's a looker Rob. ^^^^^^ this sound 👌👌
  6. Should have been lunch Raven! Absolute vermin up here around my place in Olinda. Tribes of them in the state park opposite and 5 or 6 come through my back and front yard twice a day at the moment and other times of year, destroyed most planted garden. I've had many near encounters with them in my car and friend wrote off one of my cars here a few years back when one jumped out. Same friend was baled up on our street by a huge stag one night, came close to real trouble. Government do F all about them despite years of complaints. So yes cute ones look all squishy but most are best suited to the dinner plate imo.
  7. Thanks Stepo and definately as fat as I could fit under there off the shelf and legally
  8. Been sitting for a while. Checked oil n water filled the tank and headed off into the hills. Nice run, F all cars on the back roads - the sun comes out and the roof comes down! Spent a nice half hour coffee break checking the ambience of Emerald station complete with Puffing Billy full of Xmas cheer
  9. 550, I'm unsure if your suggestion would make much difference .... Here's my post to Michel back in Feb, the exhaust sound here is pretty accurate, a cheap mod and a great sound on a 3.2 https://imgur.com/a/Bfrd758 Or click on the movie file to open and download IMG_3407.MOV92.6 MB · 6 downloads 1" pipes welded from exhaust pipes into tail pipes, And also 1" holes in all baffles. Done by punching sharpened 1" x 12" bolt (Bunnings) inside the tail pipes. Don't try drilling as it is a PITA and will take you an hour of frustration. Try and hit the bolt in as best you can at a 90 degree angle to the muffler as the first baffle is curved. Complete the first application of "punching" with sharpened 5'8 x 12" bolt and then repeat with 1" bolt. Don't hit the bolts in as far as possible or you'll go through the back of the muffler, only go in as far as the bolt head level with the end of exhaust tip, maybe even not that far. II's a series of hitting the bolt in 3 or 4 inches, then wobbling wrenching it back out, then hitting in further, then wrenching back out etc etc. F all $$$$, no drone at any speed, and glorious noise!
  10. If she's in any way amicable, If he can keep solicitors out of it for the most part Woka, could be the best. Sooner he chats with one the better though.
  11. Took a look at it when it appeared at the Healey Factory a few months back, overall the package looks really good with the tail, script, rims etc but just at a glance through the front windows the pasha definately stands out even from 4 or 5 metres
  12. Sorry mate, Hahahha haven't had my first coffee yet, hence my disconnect re you and podcast in your car, my Homer Simpson moment for the day
  13. Podcasts, youtube, whatever you want guys! Internet at your fingertips at all times with the tracking device we all carry.

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