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  1. They probably initially suspected you carjacked the red rocket!
  2. Ah maybe it is, I was semi interested in the hardtop and had never heard of the place so checked a map and a few images.....
  3. You got the treatment huh ….It's the cap or the beanie Hugh
  4. Finally … welcome to Raven's "PornscheHub" Been flitting around the edges but now he's getting daring! No going back now mate, I'm all eyes!! I'll check in daily!!!
  5. Sometimes they pop up around 40k if you keep your eyes open ...had a few mods and 148klms but looked like a good buy
  6. Hahahah we all experience that. I have 2 x 986 S man, one a mild racer and the other a modded daily. Best low cost bang for buck on a Porsche platform with no mods... and even better with $5000 of mods thrown at them. All depends what you like...
  7. Re 987.1 Boxster S - What's being asked and what they are selling for is way apart. Late last year I sold a 2005 auto Boxster S Black on black 83000ks, one owner and full good porsche dealer history with every good option. I listed it Car Sales, Gumtree and Ebay in July and started at $45000 neg. Over 2 months I lowered it bit by bit and besides cheap crap messages of offers of $20k to $30k, I did not get a call or genuine message until the price hit $37900 neg. I then lowered it bit by bit again over a month and had a couple more calls and messages and started the game with all the tricks in the book to get them to come and look. Most of the 5 or 6 calls and messages I got were when I hovered the price up and down from $35800 neg to $33000 firm. One guy came and looked and was just looking as it turned out. The only other guy who came and drove it was the eventual buyer who we messaged back and forth over 3 weeks from me holding at $33500 and him at $31500 and then up to $32500. Sold it at $33000. I had not had another call or message for 3 weeks! I'm not sure a manual would have been any different. From my sale you can probably work out an average sale of non S. When they get cheap enough, say the same car I sold but a non S and a manual with no real good options, sale price would probably be about $22000. About the same as a 986 S. My belief is that in general in the low 20's manuals would sell way better than autos - a little different market overlap as the prices get lower than in the mid 30's maybe ....
  8. Ah you brought the auto from Tugan/Currimbin. He finally got realistic on price after a while, looked good and was on my radar for an auto DD. Arena red one of my favourite colours, GT3 rims suit well, looked very nice.
  9. Lee will try and buy it from you, he's keen as to move into the modern era hahhahahh. Nah seriously, welcome to the forum and have a look at this, might help...
  10. Mate, find a couple of private sales not too far from you and go look and test drive. no obligation to buy.
  11. Service an 86 every 10000 ks or 1 year? Cost? Service the Boxster every 2 years or 20000ks ... minor service $700 independant leapfrogs Major service every four years $1400 independant. I've got a semi racing manual 986 S which I drive as hard as I can and a daily manual 986 S which has it's fast moments - owned them both for a couple of years and done around 20000 ks in each and only paid for servicing so far, no repairs. Maybe I've got some $$$$ spending coming up hahhhaha......Get the Boxster S!
  12. Video very well done Andy, the weather sure did throw a bit of everything at you guys - no offs, all good!

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