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  1. Troubleshooter

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    Again with the green huh, the colour straw poll doesn't lie! HHahahaa I always loved that type of green and brought a Tarago the same colour in another lifetime....went to trade it and the salesman offered me half off retail..."It's shit boat anchor dark green, they never move" . Well my green 67 Mustang had a lot off love and moved pretty quick when I sold it. Yours is a beauty mate, I'd love it in my garage
  2. Troubleshooter

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    Elon is a bit of a troubled soul atm, he's been quite erratic over the past few months and slowly melting down for the moment as the reality has bitten deep that Tesla is a failed project. I admire the guys that dream big, risk their own readys, entice investment and pull it off and add to our lives. Unfortunately he's going down as a waster of others funds as so many do and he'll come out the other side with his fortune intact in Majorca or some safe haven but with a trail of government funds laid to waste in his wake....he wont be the last... Ok, now he's playing the victim card and the drug use of Ambien is mentioned, that is really evil stuff!....His actions are the Karpman triangle in an obscure way, first rescuer, then persecutor and now victim..... https://www.canberratimes.com.au/business/companies/the-worst-is-yet-to-come-elon-musk-confronts-his-fateful-tweet-20180817-p4zy5c.html
  3. Troubleshooter


    Yeeeep Lloyds, would rather buy off Ebay
  4. Troubleshooter

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    Cash in your day job Andy and pick up the Kodak full time. You shoot your car in the best way mate, brings out the best in it….. even though it's green
  5. Troubleshooter

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    Elon Barnum Musk is up to his tricks again. Saw this developing with first report a week back when he said he was taking Tesla private and the sell was "securely Funded" raising the capital of the company, and therein lies the problem/crime. He hates anyone talking down Tesla and by stating that to the world he's attempted to and succeeded in raising the share price falsely and stiffing all the short sellers. Tsk tsk tsk it's a no no when he was lying about "funds are secured". The Tesla board knew nothing about the announcement.... now he's doing the usual snake oil diversion and claiming another fantabulous scheme of tunnelling - this time across LA... and by his so called Boring Company that hasn't actually done any extensive boring and is best known for selling flame throwers. I kid you not. Two lawsuits launched by short sellers and he's being investigated by the SEC...Go back to supplying submarines, oh that didn't work either, just a big case of propaganda and virtue signalling that one.... Tesla is on a one way street going the wrong way.. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/11/a-look-back-at-elon-musks-very-bad-week-lawsuits-sec-unsecured-funding/ https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/16/sec-elon-musk-probe-short-sellers/ https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/16/elon-musk-avoids-tesla-woes-with-l-a-traffic-scheme/
  6. Troubleshooter


    I think it'd suit a type of track day racer who's relatively inexperienced and may be afraid of a raw cup car but wants a big boys car that impresses and has the capabilities that well surpass his driving that he can grow into. Better for him to track an 80k gt3 than a 150 - 250k gt3 with not as much value to loose over the years of tracking. Don't know about other states but can be driven time to time on a month permit in Vic from 7 til 7 if it's for the purpose of repairs etc....A niche fit for a niche bloke.
  7. Troubleshooter

    997 GT3 Market Watch

    If I see my son wear anything yellow, that's it he's outta the home!
  8. Troubleshooter

    997 GT3 Market Watch

    Can't look at the yellow console but could certainly look at the yellow body all day long in my garage
  9. Troubleshooter

    the New 992 911!

    Hhahah they answered their own question to the problem of the too large run out of options 911 with the GT4. Tweak up the power dept and turbo it for, respectively, a GT3 and Turbo/GT2 replacement and tweak down the body adornments for Carrera replacement. So easy huh! It'd destroy the Porsche marketing and they'd need to come up with the 2020 mod 928 to save the company!
  10. Troubleshooter

    the New 992 911!

    Hate the front "Air conditioner" grills, back grills, razor thin back lights and out of proportion lengths from bottom of windscreen to both bumpers. Never thought I'd say it, time to change those proportions, move the front cockpit back, ditch the back seats, engine forward and shorten the overall length. Bloody easy, what could possibly go wrong with my plan hahhaaha No from a Fujitsu split system
  11. Troubleshooter

    EV owners : they're on to ya!

    What a positive article, good news, great we are a decade behind and lagging and snowballing backwards. I'll be happy if we never embrace EV or the infrastructure and never have the government fork over a heap of hard earned to support it in any way. What a fear mongering article and everything mentioned is "urgent" and "we must be compelled" or enticed (with our own dollars) to engage or or or or or …. or what? What would happen in effect if we never embraced EV's? - nothing, business as usual. Electric Vehicle Council is not a government body of course and they have a huge financial agenda to push this, so I take their urging with 10 grains of salt. "Behyad Jafari, chief executive of the Electric Vehicle Council, He said embracing electric cars could lead to improved public health, better energy security and increased economic activity. Really? "Improved public health", I don't buy that for a minute, want better health? Exercise and don't eat shit. "Better energy security"? Hmmmm tell that to SA who have power security problems now and soon to be in VIc. And how is all the increased power needs produced that is required for an onslaught of EV's, when we are already at basically maximum production of power atm. "Increased economic activity" Yes into Behyad's bank account... And activity out of our wallets and not into our wallets..... I'd love to see the article supply notations and links to the data that supports his word salad of propaganda. None listed or stated of course.
  12. Troubleshooter

    Custom 914 Project

    Yep, and if doing a chop, needed another two inches outta the windscreen...…. Great effort with your car Luke!
  13. Troubleshooter

    Alonso retires!

    From the Webber book, he retired at the top of his game like Alonso. He was able to move into a real team (all on the same page) in the WEC and cited being sick of the incessant politics and team media demands, the lengthy season, travel and his portion of time not being able to be spent with family - (his aging parents and siblings) after decades of their full support while he was chasing the dream. Kimi (Mr Personality )will be next and the sport will be worse off for that. Greener pastures for Fernando no doubt.
  14. Thread hijack, sorry ...… I pretty much agree Peter, IMO the arse end with the melted tail and also front end on side profile looks "droopy" and the headlights are not the best style and I really dislike the joins in the panels where the guard meets the bumper under and around the headlight to the bonnet especially on any colours that aren't dark. The bonnet is too short. BUT when standing back and looking at various angles of the car together I think it looks pretty much perfect in style all over. The hips, height of panels and the length of cabin vs length of front guards are all perfectly proportioned and pull it all together beautifully. Overall in the looks department it is a beautiful tough 911 turbo shape. Time doesn't stand still and I think from the 930 through the 964 993 996 to 997 the Turbos are all pretty much perfect in style for their eras.
  15. Absolute luck that I brought when I did Scott, I wasn't even actively looking for a Porsche. No if I still had it I wouldn't be a happier man with the above scenario, I'd sell it. I sold it because I brought it as a daily driver and did just that, put 10000ks on it first year and then business snowed me under the following year and I just didn't have time to get it out hardly ever - usually drove my van. Couldn't justify driving a car worth $250 because of the thought of damage, vandalism, accident and risk of everyday damage to the car. I then brought a 996TT for a fair bit less than half what the 993TT sold for. BUT …. I have a pretty different view on owning Porsches than most I think. I'm happy with driving Boxsters or 996's, I'm always after value and would never buy one unless I buy it at wholesale rates or I think it's on a good upward trend. If I was absolutely passionate with a particular model (under 2010) at around $100 and just had to have it, I wouldn't worry about losing a few bucks by how many ks I put on it, I just love driving. Porsche sports cars are great value and if you buy one that's not on the depreciation curve (2018 to 2008/9 etc), if you do your homework and buy well you can put 15ks a year on it and not lose $$$$ or not too many of them, and sometimes make some. I think most guys here if they had brought a $100k car they loved and still loved years later, that was now worth $120, 150, 180, would drive the pants off for enjoyment and not worry about not making as much on the future sale.