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  1. Frank, you have a seldom found gem there. And it looks a fuchin treat! Whilst a sporto doesn't do it for the masses there is a buyer out there for your car without a doubt and at a reasonable price. The masses also will apply the import $$$ deduction in their minds but to the right buyer it wont matter (as much). By the looks of the car it will drive and present beautifully for a vintage Porker and I think the best way to get your best dollar is consignment or similar. I know CS etc doesn't do it for you with the tyre kickers but it's a necessary hassle to put up with a private sale and will unearth a buyer when the price from each side is right. Auction will probably find a buyer at your right price but maybe not. Auction buyers don't get to PPI it, don't get to drive it, can't see it on a hoist and just hear it running and all in a limited timeframe and setting. An effective way to sell a cheap to fair car that wont stand up to the utmost scrutiny. I think present the car the best way for the gem that it is. Let a professional have the hassle of dealing with the punters, it can be PPI'ed, driven, hoisted, extensively inspected and anything else, and that will be an important handful of your cars best points, and a good salesman will clinch the $$$ for you. I'd suggest a visit to The Healey Factory and a chat with Rob. He's a top bloke and very realistic to achieve a fair to top dollar sale. He has a tremendous diverse range on the floor and looks for first class vehicles for sales. I don't know how the consignment type of sale works there but it does.
  2. Being a huge Shitster fan, this will be great to follow, sounds like the standard Audi donk will out perform a hotted S3.2 straight up. Interested why you're keeping the 5 speed instead of using a Cayman S 6 Speed? And will be interesting on the weight comparison from the 2.5 to the Audi. Anyway, you go good man, give her a clean and bolt her straight in - this'll be a cinch, what could possibly go wrong! Or
  3. Thanks Jeff, really informative, hey at least the IMS bearing held up well!
  4. Yep, 1" pipes welded from exhaust pipes into tail pipes, And also 1" holes in all baffles. Done by punching sharpened 1" x 12" bolt (Bunnings) inside the tail pipes. Don't try drilling as it is a PITA and will take you an hour of frustration. Try and hit the bolt in as best you can at a 90 degree angle to the muffler as the first baffle is curved. Complete the first application of "punching" with sharpened 5'8 x 12" bolt and then repeat with 1" bolt. Don't hit the bolts in as far as possible or you'll go through the back of the muffler, only go in as far as the bolt head level with the end of exhaust tip, maybe even not that far. iI's a series of hitting the bolt in 3 or 4 inches, then wobbling wrenching it back out, then hitting in further, then wrenching back out etc etc. Cheap good noise!
  5. Here's the exhaust sound Michel, sound here is pretty accurate: https://imgur.com/a/Bfrd758 Or click on the movie file to open and download IMG_3407.MOV
  6. Shit, reminds me I forgot to floss this morn
  7. You're not on your Pat there Niko, I stop at the old cemeteries in tiny towns for a wander and all the old war monuments too
  8. It's been asking that price for about a year, seems to be in no hurry.
  9. It's the closest I can get to freedom Jason (and financial freedom) .... Great easy mods that'll enhance/transform the car without breaking the bank - better brake fluid, Pagid pads, adjustable coilovers, 295 rears if your rims are wide enough, 10 mm spacers, a good exhaust, short shifter
  10. Coastr said it 👍 ... Bluey as single men we don't have to justify anything, you want a 5th, get a 5th. Do what you want. That's the reason I'm single and will never go back to "the darkside'
  11. Looking hard, covid hinderance, then it pops up next door - It was meant to be!
  12. Not at the moment, the 3/4 pipe car is in Qld and I may get to do a clip of the 1" one next week
  13. Just for comparison Michel, both my Boxsters are 3.2's and both have the same system as yours albeit the pipes run along the "top" of muffler so can't be seen. One has 3/4" pipe. The other has 1" pipe and 1" holes through the baffles via each tailpipe. They both sound pretty similar to yours at idle but the 3/4 is a bit sharper and barky at mid high revs than yours, and the 1" is very similar to yours but deeper and better sounding deeper at revs than my 3/4 one. Neither drone at any speed and I'm happy with both
  14. 25 distant photos of the car angles and none of any other part of the car, books etc etc....... but hey, he's got people talking about his car!

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