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  1. Similar to the advert they put up for mine, no mention of options and was priced well without them but one call and I find it's a one owner, full Chellingworth history, optioned with Sports chrono, pasm, heated sports sets, full leather, bose, and a few others.... jumped straight on it.
  2. We all have our experiences I guess but I had an extremely well priced car delivered from Westside sight unseen and it was way better overall than they indicated. They were honest about every imperfection and actually exaggerated a few blemishes here n there. The salesman was pretty hopeless and on his first day I'd reckon, but the manager went to all sorts of lengths to get it on the freighter to Melb late on a Friday arvo...
  3. I think it'll work quite ok... quite good how he just "knocks up" a perfect manifold... as ya do....
  4. Below from the advert ........ And no inclusion of a signed photograph of Tomnus or a lock of his hair! WTF???? Might be a deal breaker...... Also included in the sale: Porsche Certificate of Authenticity addressed to Magnus Walker US Certificate of Title signed by Magnus Walker Magnus Walker-signed manuals and books Original digital artwork of OTLW produced by Avedis Djinguelian and signed by Magnus Walker Original Black painted Fuchs and Hoosier Tires Original steering wheel 2x Copies of Duck & Whale Magazines, featuring OTLW Original LHD front light lenses Photography of OTLW from Autohaus Hamilton Photography of OTLW in Paddington Photography/film from 'Last Days of OTLW' Photography of OTLW in Bronte Photography of OTLW by Magnus Walker Photography of OTLW photoshoots Photography of OTLW Drives
  5. A wife saying "don't sell the toy" she's a keeper mate! GLWS, such a beauty
  6. Have always admired the well structured tight undercarriage on these models
  7. clown world honk honk 🤡🤡
  8. Out of interest Dave did the Carrera have original paint or matching numbers or service books?

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