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  1. Local to me a small untidy nondescript shop was set up for a year or 2, with no name or signage etc on the bare windows except Chinese texta words on A4 stuck on the door. Just pallet loads of the stuff all over the shop floor, boxed and ready to export to individuals. Vans unload heaps of the stuff and only one guy in the shop boxing it all day and night. Never saw one customer walk into the shop. There's money in white powder, but maybe more $$$$ in cream powder!
  2. I once picked up about 3/4 ton of redgum in my old one ……. was speaking to an S2 owner on Saturday who used his for all the paint n stuff during a reno. Incidently my old one I sold a couple of years back is on carsales, I see a few of the problems still not resolved - half the reason I sold it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1985-porsche-944-manual/SSE-AD-6109729/?Cr=14
  3. Yep Australian Gold the choice of all Aussies, just like Fosters 😵
  4. Nah that's for kneeling on so she don't graze her knees …..
  5. Just as well she remembered her handbag to go shopping
  6. Definate maybe most probably will be there, awaiting some travel plans....
  7. On the info provided I think it's priced about right
  8. I think high 50's would be fair for a buyer all things considered - and $65k fair for a dealer...

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