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  1. Troubleshooter

    Bikkies too big to dunk?

    As it does when we're bored
  2. Troubleshooter

    Bikkies too big to dunk?

    Colin furze
  3. Troubleshooter

    986 Boxster option/s "P60"

    News to me too and not a bad thing. Welcome to the Coxster club!
  4. Troubleshooter

    Spotted Thread

    Crept up on a very nice 964C2 black (maybe midnight blue?) Mt Dandy Rd Ringwood yesterday. Looked like it was sitting nice n low
  5. Particularly with types of cars that have a reasonable market ie.. plenty of the car styles and plenty of people that usually buy those styles SOLD. That was quick....
  6. Troubleshooter

    Home Built Z

    Milestone Jeff, have a beer!
  7. Troubleshooter

    Car Seat bling - Tartan me up!

    This is very cool for your car Phil, and the below below one is pretty hot, could look just right in your rod, lots of personality in that combo!
  8. Troubleshooter

    991 GT3 Market watch

    Just human, Australian. I personally am happy for anyone to spend their cash or take a risk to take any legal and moral opportunity to make a quick or big buck
  9. Troubleshooter

    986 Boxster option/s "P60"

    Edgy, I strongly think it may be an internal code - otherwise known as "hero colours" ie the launch car colours and rims. Black top will definately be black canvas not a hardtop. ,y 2000 S has exactly those colours and (had) those rims, and is optioned very well according to the sticker but no mention anywhere on sticker etc of "P60" or Appearance pack in any literature I've got.
  10. Troubleshooter

    Datsun 1600 Appreciation Thread

    Looks to be a top example Niko, Lots of $$$ especially compared with what else could be brought. But for the Datto enthusiast certainly one to own..
  11. Maybe a legit price drop but hardly seen like that so quicky, I think the last half of your sentence Dave, and like DT said above, is more like it - maybe he now negotiates upwards to near the initial price
  12. Troubleshooter

    996 GT3 Purchase

    I've looked at it 20 times and I'm sure the tyres start squealing after he brakes and the tyres squeal for half a second before the car starts to veer. I know I must be wrong but looks like he puts his left foot on the clutch and doesn't move his right foot to the brake prior to the swerve ... gotta feel sorry for the dude, using it for what it's intended, looks like he has a nice RS to compensate
  13. Troubleshooter

    987 engine issue from mechanic report

    Report also reads "no service history present at the time"... does that mean the car has no stamped service books?
  14. He dropped the price $13400 about 2 hours back... must be taking on board all the trolls offering "$30000 cash maaaaaaaate"
  15. Be interesting to see if they get near that figure, a couple of years ago $500 - $600 seemed to be around the mark