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  1. Great buy, you don't often come across 996 Carrera with such low ks … IMSBearing in store for her? and while you're in there, clutch, RMSeal …..
  2. Great build mate, the other side will be a breeze, you have the patience of a monk!
  3. Fair price for a good job . You'll be scaring kids and outraging women in no time 😱
  4. Yeah I probably do it's been a decade or two. What are they then? Mafia? Don't look Italian, and they don't gob off so can't be Italian. They don't talk and the passenger dude with a concrete head looks like an angry Russian. The driver looks like my old headmaster and he was a sour old c%#t too. Good driver though - didn't learn those moves driving a donkey hitched to a Lada Niva, although the Charger handles like one!! Aren't Russians always the bad guys in those yank movies?
  5. I love the cinematography, suspense, soundtrack of the chase, and Steve McQueen, love the sinister Russians in the bad boys black charger too, and Mustang fastbacks - but seriously the Mustang sludgebox 390 4speed would struggle to do a quarter mile in under 14 seconds with shit all traction but it sounds a treat and 10 minutes of cool!
  6. Arne you’re somewhere Mt Evelyn way? I’ve had a couple of Gundo hacks done on early Boxsters from David at lilydale exhausts, good prices quick turn around. He mentioned to me once that they’d done similar stuff to above and opened up some bmw mufflers For some good noise....
  7. And Chris Lilley x 4 shows as well - honk honk clown world🤡
  8. $2000 for the car - cheapest "part" you'll pay for in the entire build
  9. Amazing! CNN actually reports a story factually and true!!! Freakin censorship, modern day book burning, been happening for a few years now😱 And Gone With The Wind - home to the first black woman to win an Oscar! World's gone mad...
  10. Deep deep down every man wants a truck!

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