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  1. No mention in original advert of matching numbers, the left to right convert, or not so important on a resto like that maybe not the original colour. No doubt a great car and great looker too but I think the price was fair - about right for both parties (depending on their circumstances)
  2. That's it Jeff you've lost it now... " feels like a quality car" Mrs Jeff tick of approval👍
  3. Perfect, what a looker .. I'll be disappointed if the next shot isn't with your missus draped all over it!
  4. My bad Vin ... tried to find a youtube clip myself to no avail, thought it would be the usual case as it usually is on the earlier cars (I have no magic crochet hook tricks) Good news for Prodigy
  5. I'm sure you'll have to remove them from the rear so it'll be bumper off...
  6. Troubleshooter


    Was a good day, Haunted Hills is a great place to have a little fun at low speeds ... and photo credit to @Nick S thanks mate
  7. Pity but it's all part of the game buying a good Pcar. Sometimes it's a bit of a wild goose chase and other times it's a seamless process. If it was me I'd be opening the wallet another 20k or whatever the figure and buying JB's 4S - it's an absolute pearler!
  8. Talked up by most of the owners and talked down by most of the hunters 😂😂
  9. Such fun what’s not to love, can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one 👍🏻 Overall it’s usually my choice of weapon when the garage door opens 😀
  10. 238 mudgeeraba rd mudgeeraba. I’m sure it’ll be on in feb, organiser Sohan @HH1 will chime in I’m sure. Always a good morn and lots of diverse makes n models, I try to get there every time I’m at the gold coast starts at 6 or 7. And when you leave you can smack your cars arse around the numerous mountains next door for hours then finish up on a beautiful beach!!

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