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    Troubleshooter reacted to Harold996tt in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Totally the same. Have always loved a car with a bit of history to it. Would be an awesome car to restore back to when fitzy actually raced it. That's a true piece of history right there that can be taken to cars and coffee. 
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    Troubleshooter reacted to GUT in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Love it. Alas I’m car rich cash poor and can’t bring myself to sacrifice one.
    My type of car though
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    Troubleshooter reacted to symsy in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Don’t worry Terry will take a little knock on ur door later .
    Right I reckon this blokes havin  a proper Giraffe 
    Easter, look at body kit , that’s outrageous , those wheel arches are all wrong for starters, that’s what happens when you try to make a 997 as tasty as a 992 

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    Troubleshooter reacted to symsy in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Instagram enquires 722
    Facebook suggestion they might buy 317
    Whatsapp enquires 71
    Slack requests 17
    Line Msgs 11 
    Wifeswap offers 412
    People with cash not talking about the falling house prices welcome 
    Can organise Orange stripe if ur thinking of a colourful car 😀 
    I think financial membership might be paid and shit didn’t vacuum it prior to some scammer listing it on  Carsales
    If u wanna talk about available fast cars get in touch Boost Beast also available 

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    Troubleshooter reacted to LeeM in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Meh...full of salt being so close to the ocean 
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Kerry in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Well spoken Kerry and thanks again for all the effort, and also to everyone else
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Kerry in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    OK, some facts here.
    Fraz, your post was never uploaded, and was never deleted.
    I can confirm that your post never registered on the backend of the forum, and therefore never showed on the front end where everyone would have seen it. I understand this has been related to you by various moderators since the above comments.
    I can tell you that I have had several frustrating times when I have written a post, hit the SUBMIT REPLY button, walked away, only to find later that my session had timed out and that the post I thought I'd sent, hadn't, and never made it to the thread. I would suggest this happened to you.
    For your reference, the way that questionable posts are dealt with by the moderatorship is in accordance with how we originally set up the forum, and as a commonly agreed community imperative: the responsibility for these transgressions is dealt with by the moderation team, not by the administration. It is almost impossible for a post to be instantly deleted as it would require me or another admin to sit by the terminal and as soon as we see an errant post come through, smash it out! We just don't do this - who could possibly have the time?! The process is: the post is hidden; the attending mod or mods review and discuss; then a PM is sent to the member advising of the transgression. 99% of the time the member didn't realise the requirement of financial membership in order to make an advertising type post, or, their membership had lapsed without them knowing, but almost without exception the member is happy to rectify the fee, and the post is unhidden. This means that respect and the presumption of innocent behaviour is our default position. I can without question tell you that this is how your post would have been dealt with if it had been uploaded. Which PFA moderator doesn't know you, and wouldn't have deferred to hiding the post and then a PM?! BTW as soon as a post is hidden, it is still viewable by all the admins and moderators...
    As to your, and it would seem other's, righteous question: is this a social forum or a business?
    It is a business, and it has to be so for legal reasons. It is not, as some believe, a club. Indeed, it was as a reaction against the hierarchy and power structures of the club environment that the PFA was conceived. It is also not a FB page. But let’s be clear, because it is a business doesn’t mean that it is run as a profit making enterprise, if it was I would have dumped it about a week in and moved onto something far more financially viable. Instead, what I found was that the hobby project I started took on a life of it’s own, with members around Australia frequenting and contributing, leaving me in the role of guardian rather than entrepreneur. And just to bang that last nail into this question: the fees from the membership and the advertisers don’t even come close to paying for the expenses that the PFA encounters, but the deficit is something that we are, and have always been, happy to cover. And to be clear, these expenses do not include the time that AnneMaree, Orlando and I put into this venture on a daily basis, for the last 10 years. So why do we do it then you might ask?! I can only offer you the original rationale: to provide an independant platform for discussion and social connection for the local Australian Porsche community. 
    Which leads me to the question of volunteering...
    The forum would not exist without the time and effort that many people have generously offered over the years as moderators, as event organisers and assistants, as SMT leaders, as conveners of all sorts of social encounters, as media content contributors etc etc etc. I will take this opportunity to publicly, genuinely, and honestly thank you Fraz for your volunteering over the last couple of years. This is not something I expect people to continue with ad infinitum (some present mods excluded!) and I know this also as I have found myself waning in enthusiasm and application to certain charity commitments I have made over the years. I will say the same to you as I say to all the moderators, which applies to any PFA volunteer: it is not a life sentence! Contribute as and when you can, and if it doesn’t suit, it doesn’t suit. A great example of this spirit was HB2 where all concerned were told that it was a passion project, and all services, products, locations, and time contributed was done so at one's own expense. This was a 9 month long pre-production project by the PFA organisers, and the venue supplier, all in the name of creating something fresh, new and exciting for our membership, as well as the broader Porsche community. The result was a unique event where there were no entry fees, no over-riding commercial agendas, the opportunity to independently celebrate our passion, along with the option of making a charity donation, and to support of the local Lions group. All brought about by volunteerism and generosity of spirit.   In conclusion, I note that you have re-upped your financial membership, and placed your beast back in the Marketplace for sale, to which I wish you the best of luck! (I wish I’d known about the sale of your last car a little earlier! 😳😊) Next time maybe you might have some faith that those people on the forum that consider you a friend, myself included, would afford you a little more consideration and respect than to “instantly delete” a post because it didn’t meet our rules - we’re a pretty chilled bunch, and that's just not the way this forum works.   Some might consider this post as hijacking the thread, and for that I apologise. However, I feel that as these comments above were made in the public forum, it is only fair that I have the chance to respond to the same audience.   Kerry   Postscript: offered as a possible laugh, and poignant addendum - I wrote this post yesterday. It took me several hours to get it right. I left it for another hour or so and then came back to it to make some small corrections. I then hit SUBMIT REPLY, and the next window told me my session had ended. I said ffffffFFFFFFF*********#######KKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! such that multiple people came running into the room. I hit the BACK button only to find your original posts quoted above, and none of what I had spent hours writing and finessing. 🤬🤯🤢🤮😵   The good news is that this version today is actually much shorter! 🙄😉Anyhoo, it's Good Friday after all, time to enjoy this ridiculous sunny weather!  
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    Troubleshooter reacted to MFX in Home Built Z   
    It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.    
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    Troubleshooter reacted to wilson59 in 997 GT3 Market Watch   
    I’m going with hot cross bun . Happy Easter 
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    Troubleshooter reacted to hugh in One out, one in   
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    Troubleshooter reacted to HH1 in CnC GC 3rd Sat of each month   
    Easter Saturday Cars and Coffee Gold Coast. Let's make it a great morning and a fantastic start to the long weekend. 

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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Skidmarks in One out, one in   
    Going backwards to move forward huh!
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    Troubleshooter reacted to WGA in Where did you drive your Porsche today?   
    Went on a 4 day road trip with the editor of Total911 magazine last weekend. There will be a story in the magazine about the trip in a coming edition.
    A friend of mine had hired the Abbeville track in France for the whole week and invited a bunch of friends to join him. He took a 10 cars from his collection including a DP 935, 930 Turbo S Flatnose, 911 SCRS, Ruf CTR Yellowbird, 964 Cup, 944 Cup, etc. We drove my Touring and my GT3 RS from the UK across to Abbeville. I also got my 964 RS trucked to the track. It was a fantastic two day playing with the three cars on track.
    We then drove from Abbeville to Spa for two days track work in the Touring and RS. Weather was largely atrocious. No more than 4C with a whole half day lost due to snow! Only managed to get 1 dry 45min session in over two days. We covered 1,600kms over the two days including 400kms on track. A total of 700 kms on track across the three cars. Notwithstanding the bad weather it was still a fun trip.
    Living the dream!

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    Troubleshooter reacted to Skidmarks in One out, one in   
    So, the next bit.
    The 991 RS is with the new owner and I’ve got the 997.2 RS.
    Picked it up, drove back to work.  Those straight through pipes!! No muffler after the cats.  Just like my race car.  The thing sounds like a Cup Car.  Then smile fades as I contemplate the drive down the coast ...
    Anyway, then went to grab my 9 yo and take him to tennis.  As I turned the corner there he was with mum waiting outside because I was late ... so I did what any self respecting Dad would do.  Dropped it into first and took it to 7000!  He starts jumping and yelping and when I pull up there’s Mum shaking her head at me and the boy ... “awesome Dad!” 
    Peak hour traffic down the Nepean Highway.  Nice test.  Was OK actually.  Wouldn’t do it each day if I had a choice but I could.  But that’s me.
    Then down Pen Link and jump off to head to the destination.  No drone or buzzing so whoever made the pipes knew what they were about.  Could hold a conversation no problem but that wasn’t happening as the boy was listening to music.  He’s got a bit of an eclectic play list on Spotify.  Ranges from the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and ... well ... Rammstein (lucky the lyrics are in German!  I do agree with him that they sound good when the car stereo is at 11).  Maybe him listening to Rammstein means that the pipes aren’t so good and I’m suffering from progressive hearing loss! 
    The backroads showed what the car is about.  Smooth roads!  Man, was it moving around.  Bumps in the road?  “Dad, I think I just lifted out of my seat!” (Laughing).  And the sound?  Did I mention the sound??  It was 28 degrees so down came the windows and listened to the snarl, scream, pop and crackle for the last 10 minutes of the drive.  
    Better than Rammstein!
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Andy73 in 996 Turbo six speed manual.   
    my biggest fear is that I'll die and she'll sell it for what I told her I paid for it.
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    Troubleshooter reacted to StevepGT3 in Gas standby generator   
    First real emergency averted                               
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Skidmarks in Calling all Porsche's - Flinders Sunday 21 April, 2019 Flinders Motoring Heritage   
    I have it from a reliable source - me - that if you roll up, you’ll be welcomed. Have a go at registering but if not, tell them that the Event Chairman said it was fine!
    Looks like the weather will be kind to us so really looking forward to seeing you all there. 
    See above
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Andy73 in 996 Turbo six speed manual.   
    What are you talking about? I had a great time last time you sold a 911... 😂
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Dave986 in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    It's the algorythms
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    Troubleshooter reacted to edgy in One out, one in   
    Perfectly timed post, as I just decided to remove my 7 GT3 sale listing last night... it stays!
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Mik001 in So I just bought a 928 GTS   
    She arrived on the weekend. Condition is really exceptional. Looking forward to her first run 
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Fraz in 996 Turbo six speed manual.   
    Looks good mate GLWS
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Raven in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Philbee in Spotted Thread   
    Not sure if this is a reference to the driver or the car.... 😱
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Fraz in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    It's the algorythms

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