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    Troubleshooter reacted to Jasone07 in My 1980 911sc   
    I I’ve had a few porches over the last 10 years, some I’ve sold (regrettably) some I still have. My dream ride has always been either an SC or 3.2, and for the past few years I have been looking sparingly, been caught up in a few unsuccessful offline auctions or just missed out. 
    Late last year, an opportunity came along to acquire a completely original, 2 owner Aussie delivered car. It was advertised on Carsales, without much info. The owner wasn’t a car guy, had owned it for 28 years and drove it every day. I was up early, to paint my deck before work. Saw the add at 6.30am, and decided to call. Thought I’d be leaving a message but to my surprise he answered! He told me the gearbox needed a rebuild, car needed a repaint and front seats needed to be recovered. He was a great guy to chat to and I immediately transferred a deposit.
    He being in Brisbane and I being in Melbourne, I planned to fly up the next day, inspect, pay the balance and have it transported back. I checked specs and numbers with Porsche Australia and all seemed to check out. Matching numbers, guards red coupe with a red and black interior? I thought the interior was black. I called him back to ask if it had red piping? He said it was red and blue TARTAN! (Photos had seat covers fitted)
    We had a few conversations over the next day and I couldn’t fly up (pregnant wife, two kids 3 and 1yo and a business). He was very genuine and I really wanted this car. I skipped the flight. The balance was transferred, car picked up by a transport company and after the longest 10 days of my life, it arrived just before Christmas.
    Here it is as arrived;

    It really was all original. Down to the toolkit, spare, full set of books and service history. The toolkit still has the gloves included. Has had a few panels painted but mostly original. Dash uncracked. Suspension never changed. All panels, trim, carpet was untouched and beautiful. Paint was faded, had light scratches and stone chips all over. Gearbox has absolutely no second gear. Engine had never been washed (looked awful) few minor leaks. Man I felt blessed. It looked old and ratty but was an absolute beautiful well loved and well driven car. 
    Deciding to maintain its originality, my first task was to correct the paint and give it a good polish. I wet rubbed and cut 1 panel at a time, masking all edges and taking care not to rub through the paint. Some panels took up to 5 hours to get right. I followed through with a polish, washed it and left it at that for the time being.

    the following week I took it over to Chris at Weissach Sport and the engine and gearbox was dropped and left there. I took the car back to continue working on it, while he rebuilt the gearbox and went through the engine.

    the engine ran really well but had a few oil leaks. The culprit was some bad oil lines and valve covers. Fixing these items were on the agenda as well as;
    Replacing all oil lines
    replacing all service items with new genuine Porsche items
    replacing all ignition leads
    new top and bottom valve cover gaskets, valve adjustment
    complete reconditioning of alternator and starter motor
    media blasting fan and shroud, replating all brackets, pulleys, straps, bolts, nuts and powder coating tinware
    fitting new original exhaust
    and a few minor items along the way

    attention to detail is amazing. We planned a patina restoration, and couldn’t be happier with the result. The gearbox was completely stripped and rebuilt. Second and third gear sets replaced, dog teeth replaced. Casing cleaned, not hydro blasted. Mount powder coated. Fork replaced. All parts linished and plated.

    whilst all of this was getting done, I was working on the car after hours. 
    I replaced the shockers with Bilstein B6, fitted a turbo tie rod kit and installed some new ball joints. Brake lines were looking old so replaced them and the brake fliud too. I gave the under carriage a thorough clean and fitted some potenza re003 tyres.

    a check strap replaced in the drivers door, a new sound Matt installed in the engine bay and a broken sway bar mount repaired.
    i replaces the front windscreen and seal (genuine). Behind the windscreen was absolutely perfect!!
    I removed front the seats and sent off for retrim. Only the face plates of the front seats were recovered, using Porsche 683 vinyl and tartan fabric sourced from Germany. The backs and piping of the front seats remained original as they were in perfect condition, as did the rear seats. The interior was thoroughly cleaned and seats reinstalled. A small patch of carpet was replaced.

    today i had a friend of mine that runs a touch up and polishing business run his well trained hands over the car, polishing it once more to remove any missed fine blemishes and apply a paint sealant to the car. I could not believe how well it turned out. It was then trucked back to Weissach Sport for the engine and gearbox install. New heater pipes and a new clutch will also be installed. Getting really excited now. Hopefully all goes well with the install tomorrow, can’t wait to drive it!

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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from MFX in Home Built Z   
    Go and treat yaself to a beer or 5 Jeff, job well done. Your face mate when it kicked then rumbled into life - your smile priceless. I was ginning ear to ear for you. I remember that feeling, building the engine and it kicks first time and then bursts into life. Sounds tough too 👍👍👍
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    Troubleshooter reacted to hugh in HUGH! PIC'S!!!!!   
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    Troubleshooter reacted to MFX in Home Built Z   
    I finally get it started!!! Wooo Hooo!. I had to cobble some bits together, but it starts and runs!
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Uncle in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Yeah I dunno. I had 11 phone calls between Monday and Tuesday for my 934. All from people who didn't read the ad or wanted more photos so they could work out if they didn't want to buy a car they didn't intend on buying anyhow. 
    I've cut that down to 2 guys.
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Jason E in Parking excellence   
    I would suggest (or almost guarantee) given that the front right tyre is blown out & there is right side front fender damage, the driver has had a prang somewhere close by, fled the scene & are now trying to get the car stashed away before the Piggers patrol by.  Most likely the prang was caused by to much Sake given the erratic behavior ...
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Airhead in Garage Envy   


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    Troubleshooter reacted to hugh in Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive   
    That's why I love hill climbing, due to the technicality of most tracks, HP doesn't compensate for lack of driving ability. You see guys rock up in big money, high HP cars and get completely schooled by a 60+ yo guy in an old cooper S packing a 1/4 of the HP! 
    Very humble and grounded bunch of racers as a result. 
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    Troubleshooter reacted to LeeM in Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive   
    Sadly that's motorsport on nearly every level...How fast can you afford to go?
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    Troubleshooter reacted to LeeM in Parking excellence   
    Got a Cayenne and need a bigger garage door? No problem
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    Troubleshooter reacted to crsedge in Accommodation Tips w car trailer between Brisbane & Sydney   
    More importantly, what are you bringing back?
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    Troubleshooter reacted to LeeM in Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive   
    Yet did you record that conversation is the big question? 
     'Honey...do you remember you said about taking in the GP on our next holiday..'
     'Nope. We're going to the flower expo all 4 days that weekend and staying at mums' 😫
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from LeeM in Next generation Porsche Macan will be full EV only.   
    Can't leave fuchin well enough alone can they, he'll probably transition halfway though the movie and identify as Jayme or pronoun Zi or Xe or them, they
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Tips in Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive   
    Watched the rest of this series last night, really enjoyed it. Surprised to me was the mrs sat down and watched the last 2 episodes with me 😲.
    She liked it as it wasn’t over technical quite entertaining with a good mix of racing and the behind the scenes stuff. She then shocked me with a comment of “maybe we could try and include a GP on our next OS holiday”..... 😍 love her words....keeper
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from JV911 in Next generation Porsche Macan will be full EV only.   
    Can't leave fuchin well enough alone can they, he'll probably transition halfway though the movie and identify as Jayme or pronoun Zi or Xe or them, they
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from edgy in Next generation Porsche Macan will be full EV only.   
    Can't leave fuchin well enough alone can they, he'll probably transition halfway though the movie and identify as Jayme or pronoun Zi or Xe or them, they
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from hugh in Australian delivered 1965 912 restoration   
    Excellent choice!!!!!!

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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from GC9911 in Memenbership question   
    I'm sure it's from date of purchase - for $25 P/A you'll have $2500 of value here 👍
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    Troubleshooter got a reaction from Kerry in Memenbership question   
    I'm sure it's from date of purchase - for $25 P/A you'll have $2500 of value here 👍
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    Troubleshooter reacted to JLD in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Shame it can’t be registered here... Singapore import bought in New Zealand. The Aus Delivered purists would have a heart attack at a double import! 😂😂😂
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    Troubleshooter reacted to WGA in 991.1 vs 991.2   
    I have own both at the same time and done thousand of kms back to back including driving the Furka, Grimsel, Susten and the San Bernardino passes..plus others. I have also tracked them back to back at Spa. IMO, the 991.2 is a genuine step on from the 991.1. it’s angrier, louder, rides better, turns in better and pulls much harder at the bottom end.
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Coastr in F1 2019   
    What about the guys in the yellow vests enforcing the ‘1 drink per person’ rule?  I bet they are getting paid.
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    Troubleshooter reacted to daveyoul in The 996 search   
    So the API results are in. 
    Drumroll please... 
    Aside from a few small items, and some ongoing wear items to be seen to in time, Ken has been given a clean bill of health. 🎉I think I'm going to do an oil change in the next few weeks. The dealer said they did one, but I think I'd rather know it is done, and know what oil is in it. Good opportunity to check out the filter carefully at the same time. 
    Other than that, the instructions from AH were to just drive and enjoy. They weren't pushing me at all to do the IMSB, so I think I'm going to drive it for 6 months, then book it in for a good service with them, get a few of the items noted on the "API" seen to, and attend to the IMSB at that point in time. 
    Thanks @amanda, don't wait too long on the 996 purchase! The word is out and they are becoming harder and harder to find.  
    I had to come back to work tonight for a few hours - hadn't driven Ken since the API, so was having withdrawals and brought him out, even though it looks like more rain. Car gets dirty... car gets cleaned. Didn't buy a 911 to have it sit in the garage. It's a car... drive the bloody thing!  
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    Troubleshooter reacted to JWM in F1 2019   
    It’s a wonder Bottas even shows up for that pittance 😂
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    Troubleshooter reacted to Mike D'Silva in 3.0 Engine Rebuild - ITBs - EFI - AEM Infinity - Bringing it back from the dead.   
    Another short vid.. taken yesterday. Trying out another experimental muffler.. getting close to finished!

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