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  1. I am biased but I believe 911's are just too large nowadays.
  2. Long term (as in 15 years time) I think the 993 in all its variants will be worth serious money. Most cars will be electric then, so many cashed up people would love to have a car that has the looks and feel of a 993. Especially people who will be about 55 then and were too young/couldn't afford one previously. I sure hope it happens like this anyway!! Whether it does or not, I don't care. I just love driving my car.
  3. Nothing wrong with that. I used to have a W126 S Class because all the bad guys from the Hollywood movies in the 80's had one, eg Lethal Weapon 11, Beverly Hills Cop and many others.
  4. I'm glad this topic has created interest. Some wonderful responses. The question was asked about how my interest started. Mine started from a 930 picture on my wall as a boy in the 80's. My parents were battlers who saved hard to send me to a very nice private school on the Gold Coast in the early 90's, whilst mum drove an old Nissan. Almost all other kids parents had a Merc or BMW. One guy in my class mum had a white 80's 911 convertible. It made a real impression on me. Always wanted a 911 from these times onwards but never thought I could afford one. Lucky enough to have one now. The wait was worth it, they are as awesome as I expected.
  5. Hello. I am interested how peoples love of Porsches began? Was it from childhood, a poster on a wall? Family had Porsches growing up? Driving a friends and realising how great they drive? Motorsport heritage? Bucket list to own a Porsche? There are lots of ways to get hooked on Porsches!! Interested to hear how the love of Porsches began amongst fellow forum members.
  6. I did a shart once. Worst moment of my life. Oh did you say Scart...............moving right on then................
  7. I watched this last night. Whilst the movie was mostly rubbish I could relate to Ronalds difficulty to obtain meaningful employment as a young fella and not being treated with respect. I was cleaning toilets for 12 months after school, had left home and didn't have a dime to my name in 1995. However I didn't steal an EJ, or a 930 (or anything) for that matter. Sadly the charismatic star, Jon Blake, was brain damaged in a car accident in 1986 and passed in 2011.
  8. This works out to be less than 20,000 km per year. My 2013 VW Up has 183,000 km on the clock already. I am a firm believer that whatever you drive, whether its a Bugatti Chiron or a Ford Festiva, its a car and was built to be driven. Well done to the original owner, they got their monies worth.
  9. Hard for me to answer as the 993 is the only Porsche I have ever driven, however I love the size of the car as it is quite small, but plenty of room in the front and little seats in the back that my nine year old daughter can fit into.
  10. My favourite era is from around 1993-1995. 928GTS, 993 and 968. Exceptional build quality in this period.
  11. I recently purchased my 993 Cabriolet and wanted to give my thoughts on ownership from a different perspective to most owners. When I was a boy I had two pictures (not posters, dad wouldn't let me use blue tak...) on my wall, one was a Countach and the other a silver 930 Turbo. These cars were dreams that I only imagined in my head, never believing that I could have a car like this. As I grew up I always loved cars but am honest enough to admit I have limited mechanical knowledge. My first car was a 25 year old HK Premier that I loved but being young and stupid within 5 years I had ruined it. Since then like most I have got married, have a lovely daughter and a mortgage. Whilst I have had the odd old car a Porsche was never considered as it was way out of my league. That 930 on the wall was an almost forgotten dream.... This year I was lucky enough to come into a bit of money, and my wife encouraged me to get my dream car (with limits, of course). I never forgot when the 993 first came out, I was 17 and thought they were great. Again though, I never thought much more about them as I was about as much chance of owning one as flying to the moon. However now I started looking at them, and fell in love. I guess where I differ to most on the forum is that I am not a Porsche "purist". I will never track my car, and whilst I am a decent driver I am no Fangio. I just wanted the car for fun, and to live a once forgotten dream (I know, its not a 930!!). So for me, it didn't have to be a coupe. It didn't have to be manual. I always wanted a convertible so a Cabriolet seemed ideal. I love midnight blue, so when I saw my now car for sale I knew it was the one I wanted. Getting the car delivered was almost like a dream. I seriously couldn't believe it was mine. I still often look in the garage in amazement. Driving it is heaven. I love taking my nine year old daughter for drives, and its a great way for the family to all enjoy getting out and doing things together on weekends. In a nutshell, I feel I am the luckiest man alive!!
  12. I bought my 993 Cab 5 weeks ago and my intention was to use it sparingly, as it only had 92,000km on the clock. I have now added 2,500km to that.....so much for driving it sparingly!! Its too much fun to sit in the garage. I have no regrets at all and I no longer care when the odo goes past 100,000.
  13. Hello. I have purchased the below 993 Cabriolet last week. Its great fun to drive.
  14. Yes it certainly has been very wet here, although as I look out the window the sun is coming out. Might have to go for a nice drive after work, taking the long way home!

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