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  1. I don't know if your allowed to send in pics of yourself 😜
  2. I'm in. Ticket booked (Only 10am entries left) I'll be in LA on the Friday. Looking forward to catching you guys then.
  3. Awesome!! Maybe I should fly in to Seattle and come along shotgun 😉
  4. I'm keen to do this again. I'll most probably pick up a Porsche for the weekend and do some touring. The whole city fills up with Porsches this weekend, it a cool scene. West Hollywood is def my choice for accommodation. I'll confirm closer to the date, but those interested in a canyon run on one the mornings, you're welcome to join pending an available seat (Or bring your own car 😊)
  5. Jeez, these retired guys are so much busier than us working folk 😉
  6. Damn, I'm also outta the country ☹️ Calling for a re-schedule!!! 😎
  7. Hey Phil, What was the conflicting feedback? Having only driven a few 993s previous to mine, I found the RS mounts to add a lot to the driving experience. A much more solid feel to the car (although there are many other factors to my set up also) Keen to hear your feedback @D-banger
  8. Thanks @LeeM, was worried I'd get into trouble with the locals for that. @D-banger Yup, Fister 2s + Fabspeed x-pipe and headers. I've got some stage 3s ready to be fitted.....one of these days
  9. Does anyone know the history of this car? @DJM when did you see it offered before? Does anyone know the history of this car? @DJM when did you see it offered before?
  10. @Philbee Thanks for organising. I'll be heading down Friday ...to Apollo bay. Planning to get some twisties in before the event on Sunday 😁 Super excited
  11. @hugh we might need an attendance list up dude. All these old guys (including myself) are struggling 😉
  12. Whoops. Me too. Also with a different email. Sorry organisers Do we have a indication of car count attending? Will we all fit!?!?

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