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  1. Jeff, How many Boxters do you own?? I thought yours was black?
  2. AWESOME!!! Let's go back this weekend!!!!!! Great edit @Andy73 Nice background track selection also.
  3. Interesting and invoking of the the question...WHY???
  4. Thanks, first time for me on these roads. They were a little rough in some places, but not at all bad. Little snow steaming off the road in the morning, but overall fantastic run. We're very lucky to have access to such awesome roads. Great scenery and variety of tight and technical to high speed sweeping curves.
  5. Victoria Alpine Run - Porsche playground. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. More to come soon.... And the Roc Star!
  6. KG

    Garage Find

    Nicely done Bruce! Now you can drive down to next year's Luft. ?
  7. @Troubleshooter out near Healesville.
  8. Loving this Melbourne spring weather!!
  9. @Troubleshooter Love the collection (916!!) My 1980 Desmo 500. Rocking the 80s lines. Ducati and Porsche are definitely good stable mates... Bring on the summer!!
  10. Couldn't make this one unfortunately. Thought I'd could make a late entry, not to be. Have fun guys. Send pics/vids!! Hope to make the next one.....
  11. Here some footage from the Tecoma to Noogee run. Fun morning with nice selection cars and good company. Thanks @RA987 + @Andy73 for the set up.
  12. Glorious Melbourne sunshine today. Took the 993 out to wash off the last run from a few weeks back. Drove out to meet a mate near the airport and found a car wash out there. Few pics post wash out by the back end of the airport...
  13. KG

    Spotted Thread

    32°C in LA. Perfect cruiser for soaking it up.... Not looking forward to Melbourne weather tomorrow morning ?
  14. I was planning on viewing this car about a month back when coming through Brisbane. Made contact with the owner but unfortunately he was up north while I was there. Might go back and have a look in the next few weeks. I'm always concerned when it comes to drive side conversions, really need to understand the best practices and what to look out for. Has this car been discussed at all? Any history? https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1970/SSE-AD-5439915/?Cr=22 Fresh paint job and also has the gauges in the correct position (unlike the '73) Nice!