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  1. On the Melbourne City link, rain pouring, flight delayed a few hours..... Bring on California and all the Porsche fun! See you guys there....
  2. I don't know if your allowed to send in pics of yourself 😜
  3. I'm in. Ticket booked (Only 10am entries left) I'll be in LA on the Friday. Looking forward to catching you guys then.
  4. Awesome!! Maybe I should fly in to Seattle and come along shotgun 😉
  5. I'm keen to do this again. I'll most probably pick up a Porsche for the weekend and do some touring. The whole city fills up with Porsches this weekend, it a cool scene. West Hollywood is def my choice for accommodation. I'll confirm closer to the date, but those interested in a canyon run on one the mornings, you're welcome to join pending an available seat (Or bring your own car 😊)
  6. Jeez, these retired guys are so much busier than us working folk 😉
  7. Damn, I'm also outta the country ☚ī¸ Calling for a re-schedule!!! 😎
  8. Hey Phil, What was the conflicting feedback? Having only driven a few 993s previous to mine, I found the RS mounts to add a lot to the driving experience. A much more solid feel to the car (although there are many other factors to my set up also) Keen to hear your feedback @D-banger
  9. Thanks @LeeM, was worried I'd get into trouble with the locals for that. @D-banger Yup, Fister 2s + Fabspeed x-pipe and headers. I've got some stage 3s ready to be fitted.....one of these days
  10. Does anyone know the history of this car? @DJM when did you see it offered before? Does anyone know the history of this car? @DJM when did you see it offered before?
  11. @Philbee Thanks for organising. I'll be heading down Friday ...to Apollo bay. Planning to get some twisties in before the event on Sunday 😁 Super excited
  12. @hugh we might need an attendance list up dude. All these old guys (including myself) are struggling 😉
  13. Whoops. Me too. Also with a different email. Sorry organisers Do we have a indication of car count attending? Will we all fit!?!?
  14. Jeff, How many Boxters do you own?? I thought yours was black?
  15. AWESOME!!! Let's go back this weekend!!!!!! Great edit @Andy73 Nice background track selection also.
  16. Thanks, first time for me on these roads. They were a little rough in some places, but not at all bad. Little snow steaming off the road in the morning, but overall fantastic run. We're very lucky to have access to such awesome roads. Great scenery and variety of tight and technical to high speed sweeping curves.
  17. Victoria Alpine Run - Porsche playground. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. More to come soon.... And the Roc Star!
  18. Nicely done Bruce! Now you can drive down to next year's Luft. ?

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