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  1. Hey Don, I'm really sorry to hear that they stuffed the options list on your incoming GTS :(. In regards to the contract you signed, i know you ordered from PCW, and i ordered from PCSS, but part of my contract was some half assed clause which said that they would try their best to ensure all options were correct but couldnt guarantee it. Or something to that effect. Because my sales guy told me that upfront, i was pretty religious about getting printed out spec changes every time i changed something. I would read the fine print in your contract to check to see if they had a similar clause at PCW. If they dont then you could really play hardball i guess. But it sucks that you would have to damage the ongoing relationship with clearly your closest Porsche dealer
  2. I was thinking along those lines, and then adding I'm a Porsche owning wanker = it's my fault x 10. Thanks for the insider cop knowledge Niko Much appreciated After she left and I was talking to everyone else while waiting for my wife, I begun to think along similar lines to what you said above. She was dropping her mother off at the hospital. She probably is under some stress with her mother's health. So maybe I should just give her a break. Even though it doesn't excuse her behaviour, it could partially explain it. --- Thanks for the thoughts/comments everyone. Who would have thought venting on a public forum would be such effective catharsis!
  3. So today I had to pick up my wife from the hospital where she works. I was waiting for her outside the entrance, sitting in my Boxster parked in a line of cars. A middle aged lady who is dropping her mother off at the hospital pulls up beside me and bangs her drivers side door against my passenger side while getting out in a hurry. She see me, but as she is helping her elderly mother out of the car, I don't bother her while she is assisting her. However after helping her mother she hurriedly gets back in to drive off. I now have to make a snap decision about whether or not to take her license plate details down. I see that there is at least one bit of visible damage, so decide to take a photo of her rear license plate. At this point she opens her door and becomes verbally aggressive. "How dare you take a picture of my car?" "It serves you right for parking in a (completely legal) place where you can get hit by a car door" "Maybe you should think twice before parking there again (never mind the entire line of cars who are correctly parked in a similar position" I'm half attempting to reason with her, and half attempting to block her door from hitting my car again as she swings it open again to get out. She then decides to get physically aggressive, and tries to repeatedly shove me. Keep in mind, she is about foot shorter than me and 15 years older at a guess. So the shoving is somewhat comical and definitely ineffectual. The shoving and yelling is enough to attract the attention of the hospital employee who stands at the front entrance. He is telling her to calm down and to at least pull her car over to an empty space in front of me to stop blocking the entire flow of traffic through the hospital entrance. But nope, she is busy blocking traffic and taking photos of me and my car, like I have somehow terribly wronged her. By this time I have had a bit more time to inspect the car. Her door has luckily only hit the plastic side air intake, and I have already managed to buff most of it out. I'm sure I can get it looking perfect at home. Even though the lady is acting like a complete loonie, I'm quite happy to let everything go. Anyway one last serve at me before she drives off. The people outside the hospital and the driver behind are sympathetic to my situation, and give a couple of kind words. I'm mostly just happy that the door has hit the plastic rather than the paintwork. *sigh* Crazy crazy lady.
  4. Congratulations on the car Don. I presume you are looking at an April 2019 delivery? I live a 5 minute drive from PCW, so I'm pretty sure I'll see you in your shiny new GT silver 718 CGTS driving around the neighbourhood very soon
  5. Are they trying to suggest that they only had a single 718 GTS build slot available to them, which is now gone? I haven't been in the Porsche world very long but that sounds kinda strange... When I was ordering last year in October, everyone in Sydney (PCW, PCSS, PCP) was offering me Jan build slots similar to you. But if I was slow and the slot got taken it just meant a later build date, not a breakdown in the entire deal...
  6. Did you put down a deposit today? If so, please share the build!
  7. Hi donR, and welcome to the forums! I've seen your name a few times whilst lurking around the P9, Rennlist and 718 forums. I was in your situation October last year, and took delivery of my 718 Boxster in April this year. From your posts in the other forums, you appear to have done your research / due diligence. It seems a 718 is definitely the right car for you, since you don't mind the sound/4 cylinders, and you prefer the power delivery/torque of the turbo. If I understand right, you are asking about the final wiggle room at the end of negotiation when the price has been settled upon? I don't claim to be an expert on the matter, having only one new Porsche purchase under my belt (from PCSS). But I asked for and received some Porsche aviator sunglasses for the wife ($4-500ish in the online store), and then the sales guy threw in 2 motorsport bear plush toys for our 2 kids ($160ea in the online store). This was on top of all the standard stuff - free track day and I forget what else now... So i think you can definitely ask for more than just a cap on Monday
  8. Thanks for the recommendation edgy! LSR were really prompt and professional with getting everything organised. Lots of phone calls and an email keeping me up to date as well. Exclusive Body Werks was the other well recommended Porsche approved repairer option... but LSR is 10 minutes from my house. So that along with your recommendation made a big difference!
  9. The first thing the other guy did was accuse me of hitting him...
  10. Fark.... The new boxster just got T boned by a BMW into my passenger side just in front of the rear wheel. Which is now pointing 15 degrees the wrong way. Currently waiting for a tow truck... So... who are the good Porsche repairers in Sydney?
  11. Someone is sleeping in the dog house tonight!
  12. Ian718

    Buying a 986

    The force is strong with this one!
  13. The Cahill expressway circle on the northbound approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completely free of traffic after returning from a nice Sunday lunch. The G forces put a smile on my dial
  14. Pricks. I'm really sorry to hear about this total scumbag move which got pulled on your car Which car park was this? (I'm a Sydneysider too)
  15. Ian718

    Buying a 986

    Yeah. That is my guess
  16. Ian718

    Buying a 986

    I can only answer your xenon headlights and washer headlight question. Apparently in europe, the need for headlight washers is dependent on the wattage of the headlights. So using the latest boxster model as an example it has these 3 headlight options: Base headlight fitment (not offered in Australia, but is available in Europe/US): D8S 25W Xenon dipped/high beam H9 65W Halogen additional high beam 2 LED Daytime running Bi Xenon AFS/PDLS (is the base in Australia): D3S 35W Xenon dipped/high beam 2 LED reflectors additional high beam 4 LED Daytime running LED AFS/PDLS auto range control: LED dipped/high beam LED additional high beam 4 LED daytime running ---- The 25W Xenons are not required to have headlight washers. The 35W Xenons are required to have headlight washers. The 25W Xenons are also supposedly pretty crap, and people complain about them a lot. Although possibly easily swapped though.
  17. Ian718

    Buying a 986

    Hahaha! So if fake carbon fibre with black alloys screams young bogan, then what does yellow scream? Good luck in your search btw. I'm sure your patience and diligence is going to pay off in the end!
  18. I only took delivery of my first Porsche 4 weeks ago, but since then there has been a huge difference in being 'noticed' on the road when compared to driving my previous car (Audi A3). Most of it has been positive, but today I had the opposite experience. I was doing the work commute along the motorway (100km/h speed limit), and some guy in a ute decides he hates the idea of a guy driving a new Porsche convertible with the roof down. So he tries to dirty the car, and I presume get some water in the open cabin. Now if I was trying to get water onto someone's car, the easiest way to do it in my opinion is to drive in front of them and activate your windscreen wiper fluid. But this genius of a man decided he had to try something different. While in front of me, he put his driver's window down, took a big swig of his water bottle, and tried to spit the water out of the side of the window. If he managed to stick his head fully out of the window, he might have actually successfully completed his mission. But this budding rocket scientist did not. In the end, the water did what you would expect water to do when being spat out of a car window at 100+km/h. It went mostly back into the cabin and into his face. To his credit, I think a tiny bit hit my windscreen. Anyways, I drove past him laughing my head off. He at least was smart enough not to try again
  19. Congratulations Trent! I just picked up my first Porsche 1.5 weeks ago. So I kinda understand how excited you must be feeling right now
  20. Picked up 1pm Friday. 9am Saturday - dropped off for paint correction + ceramic coat. Then I picked up at 6:30pm after having a professional detailer wash/clean/work on it for all that time . Did you go for any films or ceramic coatings deano? Thanks Lucky Phil! Damn straight! I'm even looking forward to driving to work on Monday morning!
  21. Thank you everyone for all the help I was given in this thread! Sorry I took a while to respond... I have been preoccupied with driving. Sometimes driving purposefully to a destination. Sometimes driving with no destination in mind. Sometimes driving along completely unnecessary detours to reach my destination. But always driving with a stupidly large grin on my face. I am not good at linking pictures directly to the forums... so I gave up and made my first ever instagram post (its like a free image hosting service really...). It is not a fancy shot, it's just sitting outside my driveway. I am not a photographer... but I still think the car looks beautiful no matter how bad my camera skills are. PS I woke up in the middle of the night last night... and I went down to the garage and just sat in the car for a bit. Like a lunatic.
  22. I'm picking the car up tomorrow... and I can't go to d*mn sleep! I feel like I'm 6 years old again and it is Xmas eve...
  23. Thank you for the replies and advice everyone. I woke up this morning slightly embarrassed that I had over-reacted yesterday. A phone call was made. Pride was swallowed. Apologies were well received. All is good. AND I SHOULD BE DRIVING MY FIRST PORSCHE IN A WEEK!
  24. An update on the car's progress, and also a question for the forum: Was I justified in being angry today, or was I just being a d*ck? So I found out today that I was given the wrong ship name, and that I have been tracking the wrong ship like a complete idiot for a little over 6 weeks. What made it even worse in my mind, was that I was a little doubtful about the ship name being correct last month when it started to head towards China instead of towards Australia. So I sent a specific email 4 weeks ago asking if they could check and reconfirm that they had the name of the ship correct. And they rung me back the next working day and told me that yep, everything was correct, everything was fine, nothing to worry about. So to me, the situation was either: (1) the person chose to not bother to recheck anything, and then lied to me that they had rechecked it. (2) they actually did recheck it, but were so lacking in competence they made a basic reading error twice in a row To further aggravate me, I decided to check when this ship actually had docked at Port Kembla. According to sites like marinetraffic/vesselfinder the ship had docked at Port Kembla on 7.4.18, it had already left and is presently docked in New Caledonia (which it reached on 10.4.18). Yet the PCSS email update on 10.4.18 told me that it still wasn't docked and that it was due at Port Kembla on 13.4.18. And even the email I got this morning told me 'oh wait, the system just updated, the ship actually docked at Port Kembla on 11.4.18'. So even the update this morning was still inaccurate, and they sat with no knowledge of car being on land for 5 days. So I was pretty pissed off this morning, and I sent an angry email (CCed to GM and General Sales Manager) detailing (a) I didn't like tracking the wrong ship like a damn fool for 6 weeks (b) I had issues with either lack of competence (if an error was made twice), or lack of trust (if they lied about rechecking when I asked them to 4 weeks ago). (c) They were *still* making mistakes even on the email this morning! The email was angry enough for me to receive a phone call from PCSS within 15 minutes of sending it. I was further pissed off during the phone call because there was no apologetic tone, it was basically "Why am I so angry about a simple error? Simple errors get made all the time in business. You really hurt <the person who made the error's> feelings. I shouldn't hurt people's feelings." That sent me over the edge, so I (very unusually for myself) raised my voice during the phone call to further reiterate my points, since he didn't even acknowledge my issues. I did not step over the line into swearing however. To give specific details, he thought the ship's names were very similar so it was an acceptable error: Glovis Companion vs Glovis Challenge. I personally thought that was ridiculous. If they mixed up a Porsche Cayenne with a Porsche Cayman, I would be pretty livid. And also the error was made twice, after I asked them to specifically recheck the ship name. In regards to his Port Kembla docking date mistake in the email this morning, he did explain that the Porsche system that he uses actually said 11.4.18, and he could taken a picture of the screen to prove it. He said they don't use external tracking sites like marinetraffic, and they shouldn't be held accountable for the delay and errors in Porsche tracking system. I had calmed down a bit by that point of the phone call, and I was happy to accept that explanation as a valid one. He then made a very good point. The most important thing now is to try to make the impending pick up of the car a joyous occasion, not one where I am very angry and pissed off while picking up the car. I was in 100% agreement with that. I want to enjoy picking up the car. It is really in my best interests to just chill out a bit, and try to enjoy the experience of my first brand new Porsche. In the end I said I apologise for the tone of the email, however I still felt the contents and overall message of my email were valid. I still received no real acknowledgement of any of my concerns. On the bright side, I should hopefully pick up the new car by the 20.4.18. I just need to chill out, arrange my insurance, ceramic coating, etc, and enjoy the pick up process. So... what do you think - was I justified in being angry today, or was I just being a d*ck?

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