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  1. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. Gavin I appreciate the references, I had both Cavacos & EMD in mind. GC9911, that's an interesting comment, as a coincidence I was in Nowra yesterday with my 911 at a mates mechanical workshop!! I wanted to check out some underbody work and unfortunately he couldn't get the vehicle safely onto his lift....too sharp an angle! As I'm not far from Nowra, any chance you know the address or close to where you saw the 930 turbo, I could check it out? Thanks Dennis
  2. Just a new owner 996 C4s and would appreciate any recommendations for reputable Porsche service south of Sydney? I'm located on the coast, approx half way to ACT & Sydney & due to other options, I'd prefer heading north to Sydney Region. I found "City Central Auto Repairs" in Wollongong, however couldn't gather info/reviews regarding this business. Appreciate some help, thanks.
  3. Great day for a drive, I was working in the study......Going a bit too fast for a pic saw a 996 or 997 GT2?? silver heading north on Mitchell Pde, Mollymook Beach about 4.30pm today. Heard them enjoy the revs/exhaust up the road as they had navigated past all the Xmas beach parking!! Happy New Year. can't wait to go for a run myself. Cheers Dennis
  4. Hi Nicco, I have same narrow garage issue you explained and just recently acquired my 996 C4s. Attached is a few images and a dimension drawing of my situation. I'm 172cm tall and 75kg so not a big guy, I find the 320 mm gap for my door access just works for me. I have the left hand mirror gap of 140mm to save getting too close Hope this helps with your plans. Cheers Dennis PS: to make car width exact = 2450 less 140 & 370 = 1940 (outer mirror to outer mirror - unfolded.) Dennis

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