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  1. The GTS and the GT3 both use the wide-body and both have RAS so both are equally weirdly although the GT3 front end is noticeably sharper. The RS uses the turbo body which is noticeably wider.
  2. I am fortunate enough to currently have all three 991s in my garage (GTS, GT3 Touring and GT3 RS). I have spent considerable road and track time in all three and right now, the GTS is my “go to” car. It’s extremely versatile and out on the road is just as quick as the other two. Indeed is some circumstances it is quicker such as out of slow corners, especially if they are uphill. If I had to pick only one car to live with on a daily basis, it would be the GTS.
  3. 968 Club Sport originally from NZ for sale in UK. Looks very tidy. https://www.jzmporsche.com/used-vehicle-details/Porsche-968-U1674/
  4. PSCB brakes were announced for the Cayenne in Sep 2017 so they have been around for awhile. New Turbo only has the same hp as the previous Turbo Performance Plus model but actually has less torque (550 vs 600).
  5. WGA

    My new RS

    Sadly, 5 days later and 1200 kms of driving (and lots of fantastic food), the car goes into storage for the next few months while I head back to Europe.
  6. Without knowing the specifics of the spec, it looks to be. good 40-50K over list price. I would wait. Prices will come down as buyers choke on the increase SD.
  7. WGA

    My new RS

    Thanks for the compliment. I am lucky enough to also have a Lizard Green RS based in Europe so the excitement factor wasn’t quite the same with this one. Yes, I was very pleased with result. It really surprised me how much more gold the wheels look.
  8. WGA

    My new RS

    Finally found time to fly home and take delivery of my Aussie based RS which has been sitting at the dealer for over 2 months.The only special items outside of the normal options list were getting the Arum wheels clear coated. The std Arum wheels are more of a dull matte bronze finish but the clear coat now makes them look much more gold and really pop in the sunshine. I also got red door pulls fitted to match the red belts and the red deviated stitching. And black PORSCHE lettering on the wing.
  9. Interesting Outlaw based on a 68 Australian body shell modified in the U.K. https://www.dukeoflondon.co.uk/product-page/1968-porsche-911-outlaw
  10. I like this! Nicely done Monte Carlo Vic Elford tribute. https://www.paul-stephens.com/current-availability/porsche-911-monte-carlo-tribute-20s-1967
  11. Correction. I now hear that the Anniversary Boxster will have the same HP as the Boxster GTS 4.0l
  12. For those of you who are interested, this video of a Porsche 964 Carrera Cup race from 1993 at Hockenheim is considered one of the greatest Carrera Cup races in the history of Porsche. Track limits? What track limits! When drivers were allowed to race. It gets wilder and crazier as the race goes on.
  13. Both Chris Harris and Dickie Meaden agree that the 964 RS is greatest Porsche made. Take a listen to this podcast by Chris Harris discussing the 964 with Dickie Meaden. You only need to list to the first 10mins.
  14. Great thread. I genuinely think the 964 RS is the greatest Porsche ever made. Although I am possibly a bit biased considering I own one. Here are some photos of my 964 RS and GT3 Touring from a story Total911 magazine did on my two cars last year. The contrast in size to the modern day 911 is stark.
  15. I recently spent 2 days on the Nordschleife in a 992 S with Porsche. Great car. Very fast. While not as fast as a GT3, you can certainly give them something to think about..especially out of low speed corners and uphill sections. Ultimately, it loses out on braking and corner speed but its still a very, very competent car.

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