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  1. I attended the Ice Driving in Finland in 2016. Its 4,700 euro to share a car plus a 3,300 euro supplement if you don’t want to share which is the option I took because I get car sick as a passenger when a car gets flung about. The cost includes all accommodation and meals for 5 days. On top of this you have the cost of getting yourself there. I went two days early and spent the time skiing as the hotel they put you in is right on the slopes of Levi which is the biggest ski resort in Finland. Porsche bus you to the training facility each day. It’s huge with a number of exercise areas for slalom, drift circle, etc, plus around 12 different race/training circuits carved into the ice and/or thru the forest. You do not have to book through a dealer. You just go on line to the Porsche Experience website and book. Typically, all the classes get booked out within weeks of being released so you have to be quick. 2020 is sold out. 2021 will be online later this year. It’s an awesome event and possibly the most fun time I have ever had driving a car.......If you can withstand the cold. One day was -20C! Overall, the event cost me around 13,000 euro/AUD$20,000. So yes, it’s damn expensive but I enjoyed every second.
  2. Ok, so if I understand it correctly, this is your car that you would import into OZ under your name and then resell. If so, it’s going to be a very hard sale to make especially with those kms, a new LSD required and potentially new rotors because if it has spent all it’s life in Singapore, 80,000kms of driving in constant stop start traffic would be roughly equal to 120,000kms+ of driving in Australia. So I would guess that the car is worth no more that 250K, at best, in the OZ market.
  3. A couple of comments. That’s a high price especially considering the kms. i would want know what country the car originates from. Originally a Singapore car or some other country? It has ceramic brakes so with 80,000 kms on the clock, I would want to have the discs measured to see how much life is left in them because a new set of rotors will cost you $20k+ Besides all this, you will not be able to bring into OZ under the personal import scheme if you have not owned the car for 12 moths overseas and driven it 6,000kms. And even then, if it qualifies, you will have to pay 10% duty, 10% GST and 33% LCT on top of the $370K which means once landed, the car will owe you at least $470k making it completely unviable as a resale into the OZ market. CTS recently had a 16,000km car for sale for $350K and it probably sold for much less so the starting price on the Singapore car is OTT.
  4. WGA

    992 C2S lap times

    So far I have spent two days in a 992 with Porsche at the Nordschleife and two days at the Porsche factory track at Leipzig and I can tell you it is a very, very competent car on track. Certainly not as quick as a GT3, but not that far away. Indeed, in a straight line and out of some corners, it’s quicker but does not brake as well or carry the same amount of corner speed as a GT3. As an all rounder, IMO, it’s unmatched. I am very much looking forward to the 992 GT3 and the GTS. Especially the latter which promises to be a weapon if the C2s is anything to go by.
  5. The orange 997.1 RS in the photos is not my car. Mine is a 997.2. Although I must admit that it looked fantastic. RS Orange is one of my favorite colours.
  6. Under the rules I can only bring two cars, one for me and one for my wife so I have to make a choice.....so I have decided to bring back my 964 RS and 996 RS...my two favorite cars...at the moment at least.
  7. Kyle Fortune will be penning the story so will be interesting to see what he ultimately writes but my personal views from the day were... There is no doubt about that the 997.1 is the better car but the 996 RS has 1000% more character. Its pretty much the last RS that retains the typical bobbing nose and you can almost steer the car on the throttle alone e.g. a small lift off results in understeer and the car drifting wide whereas the 997.1 nose is more pinned and less sensitive to throttle on/offs. As a result the 996 is more of challenge to drive but ultimately the more rewarding car. Another big difference is sound. The 997.1 was the beginning of valved exhausts and what is now regarded as “the Porsche sound”. In comparison, the 996 is quite muted...as were all 911s pre-997. So while the 996 was preferred as the drivers car, the 997.1 was preferred for the sound and the theater.
  8. Spent a fun day with the team from Total911 magazine doing a road test/photo shoot of my 996 GT3 RS vs 997.1 GT3 RS. Will appear in a forthcoming edition of Total911.
  9. The RS at CTS has an after market front axle lift fitted which is an odd thing to add so I would want to know the background of the car in detail before diving in.
  10. My Touring butt to butt with my mates chartreuse Touring.
  11. With 130,000 kim’s on the odo. Wonder how much was on the original and what the true total kms are.
  12. My Porsche dealer in Mechelen Belgium, with whom I had a great relationship, has just kick of a program to make a donation to a save the Koala fund for every Taycan sold. They are a great dealer full of great people. Would appreciate it if someone could bring this to the attention of the local papers. 🐨 | SAVE THE KOALA. We are launching a unique action to contribute to the natural disaster in Australia, for every sold porsche taycan we will make a contribution for the benefit of the Australian Koala Foundation. "The Earth is what we all have in common." #PorscheCentreMechelen
  13. ex Alan Hamilton 911 3.0 RS for sale in the UK. https://www.maxted-page.com/car-for-sale/1974-porsche-911-carrera-3-0-rs No price listed but most likely in excess of AUD$1.5m considering its 1 of only 6 RHD ever built.
  14. WGA

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    I am convinced that the only way forward is the widespread adoption of the GT4/GT3 class. It would allow local operators to race a car almost out of the box, especially in the GT4 class, at a low entry cost. The crowd at the Bathurst 12hr promises to be huge so presumably the support is there to support a national competition.
  15. WGA

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    Don’t you think it’s about time they ditched the V8 Supercar formula and adopted GT3/GT4 class racing?

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