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  1. Desirable car...but...at $600K!!! Absolutely not.
  2. Yes it’s expensive but….fully justified IMHO if it turns out to be a manual Turbo. That’s not just a trim package but a genuinely unique model.
  3. WGA

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Yes, Clubsports are great fun. I have previously done 2 days in a Clubsport at Spa and 2 days at Hockenheim. My fingers are crossed that by the time I get back to Spa in April, the GT4 Clubsports have been replaced by the new 4RS Clubsport because it would be a bit of a disappoint to spend 2 days in a 500hp 4RS and then immediately thereafter have to step back into a Clubsport with only 420hp. From my last stint, about the only thing I walked away thinking that the car needed was way more power. The 4RS Clubsport solves that big time.
  4. From reliable sources in Germany. Regular 3.8 Turbo engine (550hp) Not the Turbo S engine because manual box is torque limited. Manual only Turbo body but with rear induction vents closed. Bubble roof. Duck Tail. Very limited production with a price in Germany that is 20-25% more than a Turbo S.
  5. WGA

    Cayman GT4 RS

    And just to make you all even more jealous, I have also just had confirmation of a further 2 days on the Nordschleife with Porsche in a GT4 RS. Also in April. It's going to be a big month!
  6. WGA

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Just had confirmation of 4 days at Spa Francorchamps in April with Porsche! First 2 days in a new GT4 RS and then next two days in a GT4 Clubsport. Very excited. Can't wait to drive the 4 RS at my favourite track and see if I can match my 3 RS lap time.
  7. WGA

    Cayman GT4 RS

    No. Its still there.
  8. WGA

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Hmmm...considering that we have all known my info on the engine was wrong for 3 months now, you are a bit late to the party! 😉
  9. Oddly, I never disliked it from the get go and, in the flesh, it looks pretty aggressive. I don't think it will take long for people to accept it. I actually wanted to get a 992 GTS Cab as I had previously owned a 991.1 GTS cab and really enjoyed the car. But, Australia won't be receiving any 992 GTS cabs until 2023 and with 2 summers between now and then, I went out and bought what I think is the next best thing - a M4 Competition conv. I have only had the car 1 week and in that time it has become my "go to car" I have not touched the Boxster GTS 4.0 or anything else in that time. It's that addictive. It's got huge performance, rides pretty well, sounds terrific when you are up it and quiet when you are not. Indeed, after only one week I am seriously asking myself do I now want a 992 GTS cab at more than DOUBLE the price. I reckon its a performance bargain.
  10. For the moment, yes. The Touring will join the garage...but....I am just not getting the use of the RS that I used to get in Europe and the UK with my green one. So I may move it on and get something older. I especially want a 964 again (just a C2 not an RS this time around) but all the cars that tend to come up for sale in Australia are pretty much rubbish so I will probably get one from trusted sources in the UK.
  11. Sorry to disappoint you but.....it's PDK. I have been there and done that with a manual in my 991.2 GT3 Touring....and I have to say....irrespective of what Chris Harris says....to me, its not the GOAT that everyone seems to think it is. I had a somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the manual box. Especially 3rd-2nd which would seriously baulk in left hand corners when the car was heavily loaded....and 4th-5th which had a bit of an awkward "across and up" action. In chatting to other owners, nearly everyone who had experienced a money shift, it was accidentally grabbing 3rd when they wanted 5th. I was one of those. So I am not automatically a manual romantic...nor am I a manual luddite.....because at the same time I also owned a 964 RS, 996 GT3 RS and a 997 GT3 RS...and never had a problem with any of those boxes. Also, having also owned a PDK 991.2 GT3 (with wing) and a 991.2 GT3 RS, I came to the conclusion that you can extract much more of the character of the engine....more of the time....with a PDK. Oh...and yes, it is Shark Blue.
  12. My spec. And it’s coming a bit earlier than expected. Late April delivery!
  13. Hooooray! Just got a March build allocation for a GT3 Touring! Now need to spec it!
  14. I hear on the grapevine that in the last week or so people are getting their GT3 Touring allocations confirmed with build dates. So far it's been pretty much crickets from mine so interested to hear from anyone who has had a 992 GT3 Touring allocation confirmed from their dealer.
  15. The engine in my 991.1 GT3 threw the notorious CEL at 210kph through Blanchimont at Spa. Almost crashed as I was momentarily distracted by the dashboard message. At the time, it was not a known widespread problem (I was one of the first) so I simply took the car into the dealer the next day for a check. After 3-4 days they told me that the engine would need to be replaced....and it would cost me $30,000 euro because it happened on track. After a bit of a tussle with PAG, they finally agreed to do a top end rebuild with all the new DLC coated parts (lifters, cam lobes, etc) and a newly designed head under warranty. So I ended up with a G Series engine via a rebuild rather than a full engine replacement. Little did I know that it would go on to be a global issue it subsequently became. I had the car for another year or so and did multiple track days on the engine. I eventually sold it to chap who had it for another couple of years and, AFAIK, the car has run flawlessly without any further engine issues to this very day. Over the following years, I met many 991.1 GT3 owners who had their engines replaced and, AFAIK, not one had a repeat occurrence. I also met many 991.1 owners who had later builds who got the G series engines as part of the build and not one of those had a problem. Similarly, none of the 991.1 GT3 RS owners that I knew ever had the CEL problem. A couple had engine replacements but not for the same problem as the 991.1. They were completely different random issues. Indeed, the 991.1 GT3 RS engine overall is very reliable.

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