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  1. I am no expert on mid-70s 911s but is the rear deck model badge the wrong script and in the wrong position?
  2. Yes there is a big price differential but the two cars appear miles apart in terms of condition and money spent on each. From an international perspective, it doesn’t necessarily seem to be too far out of the ball park. And just as a side comment, I can’t help but get the feeling that this forum is full of Darryl Kerrigan “how much ?!....tell him he’s dreamin’!!!!”. It doesn’t seem to matter what price a car is put on the market for...it’s always seems to be too much.
  3. What are peoples thoughts on this car https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1975-porsche-911-s-manual/SSE-AD-6793893/?Cr=0&gts=SSE-AD-6793893&gtsSaleId=SSE-AD-6793893&gtsViewType=showcase&rankingType=showcase
  4. I have driven all three, extensively. 991.1 GTS - had one for 2 years as my DD before I replaced it with a 991.2 GTS which is my current DD. 991.1 GT3 - had one for 2years before I sold it for a 991.2 GT3 991.1 Turbo S - two days on track at Spa doing the Porsche Master driver training followed by two days on track at Portimao, again with Porsche, doing Super Sport training. So overall, I think I have some good context. The simple answer to your question, "what is more exhilarating to drive?", is without doubt the GT3. Driving one of these on track at full tilt is a mind altering experience...and similarly on the road, you always feel as if you are in something special due to the way it sounds, rides and goes. I was never 100% happy with my 991.1 GTS largely because it always felt a bit slow...at least it did to me. The GT3 is way faster...by a huge margin. And strangely enough, it rode worse that the GT3. One of the magical things about GT3 cars is the sophistication in their damping. IMHO, its is one of the things that Porsche does better than almost anybody else. i.e. make focussed track cars that ride well. They are magicians. I also thought that the 991.1 GTS was a bit obnoxiously loud. It just sounded a forced to me. But again, that's just me, other people loved it. Overall, it was a very good car with a couple of flaws that annoyed me. But my wife loved it. It was the only car she was happy driving...which says something about the car I think. And as a side comment, I much prefer my 991.2 GTS to the 991.1. It is soooo much faster due to the mid-range grunt of the 3.0 turbo and it sounds pretty good too. Plus it rides better. 991.1 Turbo S is freakin' fast and a huge giggle the first time you hit the gas. On track, its scarily competent. Due to its 4WD, out of corners and in a straight line, it monsters GT3s but loses out under brakes and corner speed due to its weight. It's a heavy bastard and you certainly feel it on track. But wow, the power is a real adrenaline rush. So GT3 - first, Turbo - second, GTS third....although I would understand if some people swapped the last two around.
  5. Thanks. Thats a bit more helpful even though not all the comments pertain to the same car.
  6. Interesting 72 2.4E for sale in the UK. Originally a OZ delivered car only recently exported to the UK. Anybody know this car and what it sold for in OZ? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1236209
  7. You can all retire now and just get your daily fix by taking a daily perv at the Instagram account @porschedailygirl https://www.instagram.com/porschedailygirl/?hl=en
  8. Here it is amongst my other cars from a recent photo shoot for a magazine.
  9. AFAIK, the rear wing was not an option so has probably been added which begs the question, non-std wheels, wing, ????, what else I wonder.

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