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  1. Went on a 4 day road trip with the editor of Total911 magazine last weekend. There will be a story in the magazine about the trip in a coming edition. A friend of mine had hired the Abbeville track in France for the whole week and invited a bunch of friends to join him. He took a 10 cars from his collection including a DP 935, 930 Turbo S Flatnose, 911 SCRS, Ruf CTR Yellowbird, 964 Cup, 944 Cup, etc. We drove my Touring and my GT3 RS from the UK across to Abbeville. I also got my 964 RS trucked to the track. It was a fantastic two day playing with the three cars on track. We then drove from Abbeville to Spa for two days track work in the Touring and RS. Weather was largely atrocious. No more than 4C with a whole half day lost due to snow! Only managed to get 1 dry 45min session in over two days. We covered 1,600kms over the two days including 400kms on track. A total of 700 kms on track across the three cars. Notwithstanding the bad weather it was still a fun trip. Living the dream!
  2. Honestly, more often than not, it depends on what day it is. The order last week was 964 RS, 991.2 RS, 996 RS, 997.2 RS. This week it's 991.2 RS, 996 RS, 964 RS, 997.2 RS. The only thing that doesn't seem to change is that I pretty much always rank the 997.2 RS last. There is no doubt that the 991.2 RS is the best car by a country mile. The things you can do with that car are extraordinary.....BUT...if I was only allowed one of these cars for the rest of my life....I would most likely chose the 964 RS.
  3. Sharing the love around this past weekend. Out driving the roads around the hills behind my village. First in the 991 RS on Saturday and then the 996 RS on Sunday. Glorious! It's a great time of year to be in the UK. I will miss this when I get back to OZ.
  4. Fantastic drive through the Chilterns yesterday in the Touring in unusually good weather for the UK.....sunny, blue sky. Stopped off late in the day at the Ibstone Common opposite the cricket club. Very English!
  5. Together at the top of San Bernardino pass.
  6. I have own both at the same time and done thousand of kms back to back including driving the Furka, Grimsel, Susten and the San Bernardino passes..plus others. I have also tracked them back to back at Spa. IMO, the 991.2 is a genuine step on from the 991.1. it’s angrier, louder, rides better, turns in better and pulls much harder at the bottom end.
  7. That's Michelle Gatting! She was my instructor at Leipzig for 2 days a couple of years ago. She is a very good, very versatile driver having competed in German Carrera Cup and the Scandinavian equivalent to DTM and Nascar. And she is good fun.
  8. When I move back to Australia this year I will be living in the Melbourne area. I attend quite a few track days each year in Europe and want to do the same here. After searching the web I see that there are reasonably regular events at Winton and Sandown but nothing much for Phillip Island. Why is that? Lack of a suitable organiser or some other reasons?
  9. Congrats on the sale. Hope you got a good price. The car deserved it. FYI, I just sold my Touring in Europe too. Gradually cleaning out my garage in preparation for my return to OZ in a few months time.
  10. My friend competing in 2litre Cup at Paul Ricard.

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