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  1. The worst thing about the PDK in the 997.2 is that the up/down shift pattern on the centre stick is the wrong way round. Its push forward for up and pull back for down. Totally counter intuitive. They switched it around for the 991.
  2. WGA

    Advice on Hans

    Thats not the case for me. I always tighten my belts super tight (or often have someone to tighten them for me)….but I have slight frame and have worn enough to know that lighter is more comfortable for me. In and out of the car.
  3. WGA

    Advice on Hans

    I have both a HANS and a Simpson hybrid. I tend to wear to the HANS when in my RS with 6point and of course the Simpson in cars with regular lap sash belts as that is what it was designed for. Overall, the Simpson is a more useable safety devic because you can use it in all cars with all types of belts and know you are safe. Some find it a bit uncomfortable in the middle of the back where the support is…others not. Recommend you try one on before buying if considering. If getting HANS, for me, overall comfort during the day is very much dependent on weight. When purchasing, pay attention to the weight because they vary a lot, even within the one brand. Try and get the lightest one you can afford.
  4. Ironically, the new Singer Turbo build is still based on the 964. Allows them to use all the knowledge and technical bits they have developed for the 964 Classic.
  5. Never thought I would say this but one of my favorite features of my 992 GT3 Touring is the GPS memory FAL. I have to use it to get in and out of my driveway and at the end of the street onto a main road. Now it just remembers both locations and automatically activates it.
  6. All 991.2 GT3s have the pneumatic lift. Only the 991.2 GT3 RSs got the new hydraulic system.
  7. I was offered an allocation but after owning almost every RS since the 964 RS I turned it down this time around. While it promises to be spectacular in performance (and in price), my driving priorities/preferences are changing so I am waiting on a 4RS and…..something a little older.
  8. Reluctantly selling my beloved 991.2 GT3 RS. For various reasons, just not driving it anymore so rather than just sit in the garage, I have decided to sell it to someone who will enjoy it more than I. It’s in pristine condition with only 7,644 kms on the clock. Guards red, Aurum wheels, front lifter, folding carbon buckets, etc. Full frontal PPF. Warranty has just been extended with Porsche for another 2 years. Asking $485,000. The imminent 992 GT3 RS is going to be a $600K car so I think these 991.2s are going to be a bit of a bargain. Happy to answer any questions.
  9. I know for a fact that it’s not sold that’s why I am seeking any info.
  10. I am quite interested in the 964 cab at PCM but am hesitating due to its lack of history and owners manual. So thought I would reach here just on the off chance somebody knows this car. Anyone?
  11. I get where you are coming from but if it’s not hitting the track then I think it’s wasted and would rather move it on. If I ever do recover the fitness to venture back out, I can always call on my 992 GT3 Touring. It’s not going anywhere. And besides, if the RS sells, I have another brand itch that I just may have to scratch before I can’t.
  12. Due to recently being diagnosed with the Big C, I have not driven my 991.2 RS for a couple of months and it’s unlikely I will be able to do so for quite some time…on track that is because of fatigue and reduced ability to concentrate for extended periods. I can still drive on road ok at the moment and I have a bunch of other cars to satisfy that. So I have taken the very, very hard decision to sell it while we still have a decent market. Its a 2019, August delivery. Guards red, Aurum wheels. Red stitching, belts and door pulls. ODO is currently around 8500kms. Not looking to make a killing. something in the high 400s which is what I paid for it new. So on the off chance some one on this forum is interested, message me.
  13. Either didn’t sell or back on market at PCM. Just took a quick look. Seems to be in pretty good condition but has zero records and went unserviced for 10 years.
  14. My friend in Belgium just won first and second prize at the "Concours d'originalité" during the "50 years RS" meeting at Le Mans. One Touring and one Lightweight both in white/green.

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